What Am I Looking At!

Implants in the rear end, who wants to look at it, that’s where the other stuff comes out, who are you trying to offend, have you lost your marbles entirely, do you realize how stupid it has become, encouraging the young to view from the rear, when it’s the heart that means everything. Bend over and twist, it’s as if we are appraising racehorses at an auction, well it’s for sale is

what it’s saying, good enough, well label it honestly them, stop trying to confuse the world, after all, what am i looking at, amen.

Solomon sighed, if there was problems in the world, there are other places i should be looking for the answer. What did the almighty think of it, gifts, it all adds up, amen.


The Chef

A walk to the market, sizing the veggies, she feels them, feel  ok, drops them in the bag, a short walk, health and well being on her mind, she feeds people, wants to make them feel well, it’s a struggle sometimes, but she perseveres. The half hour over the boiling pot, the regular twist of the spoon, doesn’t want it to get too lumpy, dips her finger in, tasty, she wants a little more spice, just enough never too much, you can add more yourselves later. She watches the door, they will be in soon, lunchtime, she knows who is well and who needs extra, she has a heart that tells her she is a mother, her food is prepared that way. amen.


Call Out Loud!

scream, it’s not the neighbors, again, turn the TV up darling, who wants to listen to that, he flicks through the channel, will they ever give up, he’ll be thrashing the furniture next, broke a few vases last week. i’m going to report them for disturbing us, if the keep this up you wont have to, call out loud, who are you kidding, they will only call trouble, amen. Young child, young woman, young man, young, you can be eighty with the feelings you had at sixteen, the anxiety that you store inside.

Solomon wondered how hard it was for some to call out, the trapped souls, the trapped inside, the worry, the reaction of neighbors, the feeling of vulnerability and how others react to it, just one of those days. Everywhere there was vulnerable there came the vultures. I was time the human race reconciled itself, they were all in the boat together, and he had seen the round cloud and a few other ones. Numbers were repeating, it was going on for a few years, he wondered about the others too, had they not noticed. Amen. It was time to call out loud, the power of God Most High is within reach, heaven exists, amen.

Getting Older

sagging tummy, droopy knees, i told you i’d divorce you

for getting old dear, those breasts, they only fed the children, but they do nothing for me anymore, i’m an old fart and i take Viagra when i need one, what, i even changed my eye prescription so i wouldn’t have to look at you, but look at it this way honey, you’ll have lots of friends with you, i’ll give a regular check, and if you get something like a tummy tuck, well i might give you another year or two, how about that, Donald you can’t be serious!

Let it flow

May Day Love


not about me, love is not me, it can be about me, can be about you, and her and him,  evident in the smile of a young one, and do they recognize love,  have been taught to, before they are born, can you imagine that,  being born to love, we are born this way, it’s just love, how simple, impossible for many, to understand, pounded reminded everyday,  by media of otherwise, that doesn’t report love, bar the few channels that do, those who are wise, understand it, love is not about anyone, it’s the way the world was organised, it’s the one responsibility you can’t ignore, though many have tried, and those that can’t ignore it, sometimes find themselves caught, been hurt by love, go on to form addictions, in order to hide, but it never works out, as so many have found out, then there are those who sold love, a totally different lot altogether, one day they’ll have to account, did  they deceive themselves, God Most High, love divine, gives the gift of love, we ourselves, our own natures, fall prey to other intentions, we climb the ladder, often fail in love, the outcome of which, the splintered world we live in, it’s the beginning of May, the year is 2014, perhaps it’s time to learn again, put the smile on, let the heart tingle, watch the joy of giving, begin to feel good, once you get into the swing of love, it’s self fulfilling, it becomes you, just love, and when you do, there is nothing to depress or upset you, cause all that just love you have inside, has an outlet, the same way a river runs into an ocean and life is returned to the sea, just love, could anything be simpler, of course, when you try to control it, does it not fall to pieces, he died,Image her love came alive again, ever wonder why, let it flow, amen.

Keep the Head

Marie Antoinette and King Louis, all their friends, close relatives in fact, associates and advisers too, later after layer of them, lived the good life to excess, very happy in deed, let them eat cake she pleads, toast of the world, even feted to this very day, splendor we still admire, they indeed had great style, their lives a reminder, of all that can go wrong, lessons in love, don’t ignore endings, it might cost you your head, be happy but responsible also, wisdom is dispersed to be used, not funneled in one direction and abused, not shared we all loose, choices are made, on these we rise or fail, worm feast or heaven, God makes sure to feed the birds, everyone hasImage including those above, amen.

The Guru

That’s who I am, she’s a character, he’s a guru, lets believe in him, busy the head, banish all other thought, whatever he says, she’s where it’s at, new guru follow that, she got married, pity about that, new guru is free, lets follow her, who am I, where’s the medication, grab me a beer, she got married too, he’s got a girlfriend, I thought he was a guru, what do you mean, forget that, getting a new award, party afterwards, whatever that means, meet you outside, little pissed little drunk, thought you were interested in me, initially took you seriously, disillusioned dream chaser, he’s just another guru, therapist in disguise, talking you out of money, nothing new, amen.

We can get you to focus, we can success you, they can  also train a dog to focus, nothing new, just remember, it’s you you must believe in too, not just the Guru, lot cheaper too, I’m setting up a listening service, everybody wants to chat, but no one wants to chat to you, guru man, guru international, guru, it’s a name, we can change it.Image