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Stop telling yourself, “I can’t do this. It’s too early; it’s too hard. I’ve had too many setbacks”. You can do what you want to do. Don’t miss your destiny because you didn’t want it bad enough. What God put in you is worth fighting for. It’s worth being uncomfortable; it’s worth having to stretch,…

Destination 😁✨ — Kindness – Wisdom

Your Father in Heaven

The signs are guides, indicators, over the centuries, they have been set out, to assist all who want to believe, to seek, you will find, faith is tested, God knows us inside and out, tries to help us, correct ourselves, wants us to make the grade, the steps to Heaven, learn the ways of the Holy Spirit, they are not hard to find, apply them in time, you can’t do it all at once, patience, has a mother ever rushed a birth, who provides a safe space in the womb, who gives sight, who provides the light, why does Jesus tell us, not to fear, but to Fear only God, the father in Heaven, the one who has the final say, don’t be alarmed, it’s not impossible to turn towards God, think of Saint Paul, think of the miracles that are happening, stay the course, your helper, the Holy Spirit, has arrived. Jesus spoke such words, the helper will arrive, the helper has arrived, and angelic beings are making it known, so how can we help ease our troubles, help inside the heart, find freedom,. find internal piece.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the rule of God, Love God with all your heart, all your mind, and put God first in your life. This focus, and the Holy Name, will give you great comfort, for those passing on in faith, the ease of the transition, the new life, how to make it happen; one step at a time, the Great God is merciful, sends the help, signs, sometimes to awaken us, knows the plans of those who try to usurp the holy Spirit, those that try to confuse, the Mighty God of Abraham and all the Holy Prophets, is testimony, place all you trust in God, allow your heart to fill with life giving thoughts, move to a new world inside yourself; and if you find it difficult, it’s meant to be, since the Most High God, tests, every spirit, amen.

Remember, the space inside, is it ready for the Most High God, amen, is it filled with loving Spirit, this is the very basic, build it up, strengthen the walls of the heart, be on guard, the enemy is weak in terms of God’s Eternal Power, Heaven is the safe heart, wherein lies the Spirit from above, keep it clean, no hate filled thoughts, amen.


Praying and Us

Its a big question, how to pray, or more importantly,being able to look someone in the face, and feel honest about what your going to say. Why,the need for honesty, before you ask, or why the difficulty of not knowing, when your unsure of yourself before you ask. I’m worried you think to yourself, or you are worried for someone else, what is your worry about, them, or your inability to help, so you ask another to help you out, a prayer in deed, you are hoping someone will respond. So you send out your request, sometimes the request gets lost in the ether, the energy around you might be heavy,there is a sense of lifelessness, you need hope to begin with, a level of expectancy, that’s the testimony in the old books, you need reminders of the type of surroundings you need, Jesus reminds us, so after all that, what is the point?

Preparation makes it better every time, you are inviting a friend to listen to your thoughts, you need to dwell, is it peace of mind you seek, there is comfort to be found, when you pour out your thoughts in prayer, sharing to begin with,acknowledgement that you are not alone, help when you need it, and lessons learned on how to keep it, the connection, once you find it. Heavenly help will not burden you, will not tie you to a cult or religion, it will guide you to solutions, which is the choices you make thereafter.

Finally, you have to imagine, that you are a simple vessel, a holder of Holy Spirit, yes, you, the space inside can hold loving spirit of the real kind, not the bought version we get used to,but the real Spirit, and once you have that little bit inside you, the space you create for goodness inside you, allows your Spirit to connect with similar Spirit, life giving, kind, all the gifts of the higher spirit are life giving,enhancing, the obvious traits you might say of those that want to connect with the higher eternal Spirit,amen.

To conclude, its hard to pray if your heart is full of hatred or hateful, can you seriously imagine anyone wanting to listen to such a heart, no hatred, a prayer to God is a request for Love, so how can you receive love back, if you are hateful, where will it reside inside you,you have to have the space,thus the need for a clean conscience or an honest one. And as any child would feel, well imagine so, if you approach God with a light heart, meaning, a heart with some good in it, you will make your request with more truth and passion, and if you include your neighbors as they are defined these days, think of the bonus factor alone, an enhanced prayer say; in nutshell, when the child comes in the door after school with a good report from the teacher, the boy or girl has no problem asking for a treat, in their hearts they have earned it, that simplicity works, amen.

The lighter the Heart the higher the call.

Sully’s Dream

Sullenberger here, we got a problem, the air traffic replies, roger that, how do you get out of this mess Sully thinks. No engines and no airport in sight, concrete below, and only water, a trickle. Sully has faith, he has been training all his life, now the moment comes. He thinks of all the lessons in life, the answer is there, dig. What did so an so do, what did that book say, the parts begin to join up, he can see a happy solution, just needs a few extra seconds. Yesterday and it’s worries, what is there to worry about, tomorrow, won’t it be fine.

The terrified souls, the plane going down, no safe place to land, the options, where do we turn to, Sully eyes the water, how he had the calm, a job is a job, and God’s job, well, he worked out okay. Prayers said, please bring us home safe, please the sigh, the event turns out fine, amen.

Solomon sighed; there were souls under pressure, the life too much, the flow nearly extinct, where do you go for relief; The words of Jesus were on Sully’s mind when he was at the controls, not fancy talk, but the walk of one who tries to believe, boring it might sound, but when your life is in trouble, to whom do you run for safety, why the words of eternal life, the holy name of Jesus. In times such as these, chaos and hopelessness abound, the tricks of demons on the divine thread, the souls feeling relief, no taking for granted, there will be plenty to count, when the harvest comes in, amen. With signs from above matched to events here and now, it’s time to reflect, the words of the prophets on many minds, words that can’t be judged, instructions to a better life. How do you ease the mind, how do you ease the flow, how do you calm a storm, Solomon smiled, he’d seen a lot of that stuff before, amen.

So he prayed; Protect your children dear Father, amen.


Waiting, the dress, the night out, does he love me, the next drink, who is he watching now, can i trust Him, what who is he talking to now, another drink, she blurs, can’t focus, the other girl, the idea has gone, she fades, her glass empty, what, another refill, what, can you speak up, what, another drink, the next, the next day, the next year, the next twenty years, what have i done with my life.


Too famous to show weakness, too proud to admit, too much living in the self, as for love, the tricky part, how can you love if you don’t give up some of yourself. The mantra in the head, the power she has, fills the needs for now, the needs of the heart, well, that’s tricky, the thought of a new man, anxiety, can I go through that again, she wonders. Love. The issue is too intense, she returns to her safe house, the stuff she has around herself, as for love, it keeps coming back to that, at least I’m thinking about it, amen, she hasn’t given up.

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Freedom, freedom, the song fades out, the play list, it’s on automatic, she is immobile on the bed, hasn’t moved her head for an hour, an assistant comes in regularly to move her, the threat of lesions, it’s her experience, her life, freedom she pleads, her head a minefield, the music keeps her distracted, but it never lasts, more more more, the song intro, she likes the beat, old times, and old tune, those were the days, glad for the distraction, momentary peace in the head…

Freedom, will I ever meet someone who loves me for being me, why do I have to change all the time, these thoughts enter her head while she gets made up, another show as they call it, hours away. What is the choice today, she glances at the box of pills, three of those and she will be her other self. Freedom, to be accepted for who you are, including the pain inside.

She waits for him, what will he want today, the disfigurements, he likes me like this, he likes me like that, what will work the best, she wants to please. The radio comes on, did i push that button, the voice captures her attention. It goes like this…

“the problem with men and women is not that they are men and women, it’s that they have differing emotional needs, it’s been too much one way traffic in favor of the lower love, while totally disregarding their inner spiritual self, they have to give themselves away to be loved, it’s how they framed the world, they presented children as being the property of the Father, when that is formed in the head, men are led to assume, they hold sway over women, hence their aggressive attitude, where does a woman go to find true love, rather than the attitude of a cat walk model, he picked me, when it’s like holding out yourself to be sold..Many even believe and have been told, as shown by society too, that money power and sex is what controls the world, check the newspapers, it’s full of that message…

She continues to dress, money power, that she could do with, the other part, she would like to meet a friend when she goes out, rather than one of those, who have one mind set, the magic between men and women. Freedom, what is it?..

He’s on his way, the Jewish people hear the news, great events are being reported, a messiah has arrived, so the feeling goes, freedom thinks the farmer, amen. She is listening to the audio book, Jesus, what can he do for me, what was he. So she hears a voice, a sweet sound, she begins to relax, she has never heard this before, relax, don’t you know, this life is a journey dear, there is a great reward at the end, what she sighs, freedom. Allow the Spirit that brings the healthy fruit to enter your heart, build up a treasure of good works, the Lord above hears the prayer of the contrite sinner, amen, freedom she sighs at last, amen.

Solomon sighed, the gospels had been shown to be the conduit, that holds the gate open for the sheep to enter into the higher world, live the word, be a living witness to the wonders of God, how to start was the issue for most, so many burdened from their sin, afraid to accept, the reality of their divine potential. A gift from above, peace in the heart, those that endure, will save their life eternal, amen.

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