New Girl

She wanders in,

checks the money,

hopes it’s enough,

how much she enquires,

enough she orders one,

 sixteen she’s been with friends,

 it’s late in the evening

she’s anxious about going home,

 I told you she was

 no use she’s late again,

 her mother shakes the bottle,

go to the off licence she grins,

throws the bottle after him

don’t have a small one

the chips are steaming

filled with the smell of vinegar

she bites they are so hot

won’t be going to dance tonight,

let me get through she sighs,

a star flies across the sky

was it meant for her,

she dreams and smiles,

don’t understand man

I left my money at home,

bar tender remonstrates

goes over to the boss instead,

Johnny smiles ollie smiles back

 it’s fine he shouts,

Johnny is on his way out,

chips are done

she reaches her street,

tucked into her tummy

she’s had enough to eat,

freezes when she see’s him

her mother’s new boyfriend,

 the bag that he is carrying

 can be heard by everyone,

coming home at this hour,

mother from the top of her lungs,

 Johnny gets in on the action

no respect for your mother,

even yourself darling

 a can you can hear pop,

 she climbs the stairs quietly

 her feelings held tightly  

one day she hopes

 a prayer in her heart,

 one day and I’ll make a new start

 When children want to run, it’s usually for good reason, listen. Image


The Wanted

Rolling the waves of love,

can sweep you anywhere,

sometimes off your feet,

heady heights that place you with stars,

the downward spiral when it falls,

never give up life is a long tale,

heart is meant to be growing,

not an object of desire but a living feeling,

that is meant for all,

in between we are beaten down,

the news and the views the sleazy storm,

the apathy of the intelligencia,

and the way they beat us all down,

the fickle and sold out types,

using feelings to undermine all,

it’s the way of life 

they so often repeat,

the constant beat  is  mantra,

 steal it some one will want it,

 not the plan God Most High wanted,

but it’s so hard to avoid,

particularly when the talented sold out

the sleazy grin of the cheating father,

the presents he gives,

the love he stole,

the wife unwanted,

a bearer of children and little else,

 she puts up with it,

cause children need her, well,

heaven is real

 God doesn’t cheat,

particularly if your one of the wanted. 


IMG_5243To the thankful, where do you start, the joy of a great mother, a miraculous escape, the ability to walk unaided, the smile on a friends face, the greeting of a friendly heart, the emotion of a tearful welcome, a merging with another heart, the help from mystic sources, when my head is on a plate, the trust of some great angels, the love that went so many places, the hero’s that light my path, the sacrifice of many over the ages, glad to eat regularly, the sureness of hope that eases worry, to the thanksgiving, great to celebrate near and far, freedom to chose freedom to dream, laughter that’s contagious that wants to last and last, certainty of Love that has no replacement, but just grows and grows, and that’s what I call a fairly normal day, there’s a lot to give thanks to, just don’t forget to include the great One, the Lord God Most High ruler of all ages, amen.

The Power of Love

ImageThe power of love

potential of the human heart

The fear that love can create,

The hurt that never forgets,

Rejoice if you hurt inside

It means you bleed sometime

a luxury if you still feel that way

not the cure of a therapist

they are always looking for victims

the excuses we come up with

the experts who all agree on the matter

the threat that is used if they tell the truth

the power of love can overcome all that

and will leave you happy all day

the power of love

when you use it right


purely divine

God Given


The Flight

use your imagination



The Flight of the Spirit is Far More
Than this Fragile Heart may Comprehend,
Learning in Limbo, while my Conscience Pretends.
Soaring throughout the Vast Chasm of Life,
Seeking Enlightenment Poured out from Strife,
Capturing Fragments of Illumination,
While Skating o’re ponds of futile stagnation.
The Flight of the Spirit is Ever Beyond
Understanding Creating this Eternal Bond.

Beautiful Original Artwork: Unfinished_Circles_by_ArthurBlue

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Let Mother Be Mother

Mother’s Do


Mother’s do it .

all the time,

they never give up

never on love,

it’s why we need them,

more of them around,

couldn’t imagine them,

plotting to revolt,

were making it hard,

for them to be mothers,

the work only they do,

 nurture, esteem,

wash and clean,

prepare and console,

love without borders.

that sets us free,

in the silly season ahead,

Christmas is about sharing,

 whole thing about love,

it’s  giving that  works,

 mothers do it 365,

sometimes we don’t respect  enough,

 guess it’s a debt ,

everyone living person will never repay,

if every day was mother’s day,

only in a fairy tale my son,

well mother’s make it mothers day,

every day year round,

why can’t the rest of us,

do as mother’s do,


Fear in his eyes

The first wince of a child, should bring tears to your eyes, or do you look away,

The tight grip of the heart, the fear that passes once the drama subsides, memories that  last a lifetime, repeated again and again, first time he’s heard sharp raised voices, doesn’t understand but sees anger all around, damage that will later appear in his reminded mind, as it happens again and again, were genetic after all, send him to prison the judge shouts out, good riddance adds the local journalist with a smile, a headline for the front news tomorrow, Oh small heart we are so sorry for the agony caused to you, agony that you could not deal with cause you did not understand,

the silence of so many down through the years, and the expectations that will be raised and will fall, as the memory in the heart cuts so deep, oh small heart my tears are yours, so many chasing opportunity when they could be helping you, God Most High’s holy angels have been spotted in the sky, oh small heart please cheer up, it wont be long before all is happiness and joy.

Those who judge others will be judged harshly, those who don’t judge will be listened to, it’s in the great scriptures it’s the story of the man in the sky, check out the image..Image

titans of evil

the game is up, your methods are known, in the realms of the kingdom, he hears all kinds of stuff, your labored

attempts to fool the masses the situations you create to deceive and create torment, every child who suffers

will be on your plate, and the welcome that awaits you will be your reward for all eternity, see the cloud and

the man with the holy scripture, your names are not on it but then again you never expected it, 

and you thought that you would get away and mix with the good of this world,

well, no one fools God Most High, 

the light is real,

blinds you, 



Justice Monday

(great name for a detective)

Three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen whatever age whatever the reason, we plan for it but do very little about it, it’s being repeated and repeated year after year, it’s the ozone layer of our times, the most pressing issue in the world, the discomfort of young children and how it continues to soar, nothing original I’m afraid, just more calls for volunteers, a situation that is expected to worsen, any wisdom out there, it does not appear so. Children vulnerable to adult vices copying what they see, how fast they cotton on, that’s a smart child. There was a time when children were considered a Godsend, a blessing, more love to give, imagine having to put aside your personal needs for another one, that little bit weaker, that was long ago. Now we have a list of explanations for the child and the role of the adult and society, a lot of dumb people out there who need to have the basics explained to them it seems, all relating to the rearing and wellbeing of the little heart. And all a child wants is to be esteemed and loved, with a little encouragement they’ll work things out. Society has created a series of excuses and future excuses to justify all that is unwell with the rearing of children, more interested in what others are doing, always pointing the finger, it would be worse if they lived over there, that’s the same as telling the child in the bad neighbourhood he’d have more comfort living in Beverly Hills. The madness of it all will bring about the downfall of society, as God Most High has warned, and if you are a suffering child, an enslaved woman, a hungry mother with children to feed, a father without work, a truth chaser, it wont happen soon enough. Is it possible to shut off the flow of love, it seems it is for many, maybe we should try to turn it on again, live in our hearts for awhile before we forget it altogether.  A just idea for a Monday, being honest for awhile, seeing with the eyes of a child, not the type who says, they are not my problem, we are all aware of those types everywhere. God Most listens to the hearts of children, and his ears are buzzing, when will the love flow again, when will they realise they are all gifts, each and every living soul. We build care centres to help those with medical needs, how come we are silent when it’s the child next door, perhaps we have to see blood before we do anything, just as it was all those years ago when they nailed the only great man to a cross, and many great men and women that came after him, dumb is getting pure dumber as they say.