end of days rubble everywhere, innocence lost hearts worn out, religious zealots celebrate, camera crews around, to watch the city torn down, a great victory they shout, while all the mothers weep, their children lying in a heap, while we all look on from afar. what’s going on, madness.

Afghanistan was so necessary, Vietnam Cambodia chile too, the list is endless but you get the picture, and awful lot of harm has been done, all in the name of democracy, the merry go round of death continues, reliable as a corporate jest in a hurry, perpetual and life changing

spying in now acceptable and global, incestuous in some places like Detroit that gambled itself, world stumbles and falls UN declares, nothing happens but it seems to be real, all the diplomats go home happy with zeal, job done something good at last, so the spin doctors spurt out loud

dumb or just naive perhaps both, world looks on believing everything they hear, just blood and guts on everyone’s sleeve, excuses aplenty to explain it with ease, we all seemed to have caught the Damascus disease, what was once so beautiful, is suddenly turned into a memorial, poor memory this Damascus disease..


can’t hurry love

22 trillion sounds like a lot, would feed everybody from here till the end of the earth, i’m hungry and my tummy hurts, mammy is gone to work and it’s after eleven, i’m covered in hurt and don’t seem to have much worth, can’t understand the poverty i feel with all that is about, painfully my brother deals with his lack of a father, no one to guide him and help him grow up, i’m six years old and i still don’t know, why on earth do we struggle when so few have so much, so i prayed to the divine one, and this is what he told me, don’t worry child  you will be all right, those that have when there are those without, well, there is a waiting list you see, and those that make the change raise the hope of the hearts, well, they are close to me he said, watch it all work out, then the rain stopped the sun shone and i felt a sparkle, inside i knew the meaning of the words, and you worry about material wealth, well take it to the grave with you cuddle yourself in it, and think of all the lives you could have helped the love you had at your hands, and you just threw it out, well, there is a story about this..Image

Egypt and Rome all over again



I’ve had time to consider and ponder all of the options

Our carefree abandon our contemplation of ourselves

The wayward children and the world in disarray

The excuses poured out the reasoning that never solves

I’ve listened to them all and don’t care much for logic

Time to reassess and explore other methods of success

The roman empire the best example of excess


Gone gone burnt to death never to rise again so what

A new leader holds the reigns till we’ve had enough

Replace replace there has to be someone much wiser

Spin doctors research consultants spend time together

We’ve arrived at a new dawn this one will do better

Hope rises we’ve learned from the past this one is sure

We ply them with praise before they ever deliver


Roundabout new age past wisdom and despair

We soon return to square one fate worse than ever

Masses grow weary we spin again she’s so much better

Confident smile gleaming white teeth and she’s a size ten

Women come round new woman in town a no header

Give her time they spin and time we give and she’s no better

We put up with it again while they try to fill the shredder


No ethical response children violent men chase the leg

A young child emerges and tells the truth even poets listen

One so young with a mind undone by example is so much better

Teens agree granny smiles no bribes to pay or ransoms

Gets the job done is answerable to no one and is handsome

where did they go those in charge long ago no quip or answer

once the truth comes out you don’t have to shout or pander


why can’t we find people genuine and honest to lead us,

is power such a drug that it’s all we can crave for or need

why do sin doctors pour lies in order to disguise what’s real

so many wise people where so many live in despair

does anyone fear the one and the power of the sun

are we complacent when it’s their problem not ours

pretend your living in roman times when it’ll end in tears…

Egypt is on the floor

After The War

After The War

my problem your problem their problem a media problem a solution,

nelson walks free south Africa strolls into a repeating nightmare,

we’ll have an inquiry we’ll invite foreign correspondents over there

they stayed for months the reports were looking very good,

finally a smile we got the  funds okay we  smiled they flew away.


now it’s spread the fear has been exported to other shores,

Egypt Syria we’ll invite them all to settle old scores,

 for months the reports are good we all looked around,

heard it all before the stammers and the foreign correspondents,

but they flew away in comfy jets we smiled again that day


the gaza strip is not a sex club it’s  a damned place yet,

the world looks on the correspondents wonder what’s going on,

camera’s roll bodies take their toll children blood spattered fall,

no one looks at the way they run as the bombs keep falling

no money there but practice everywhere all that is wrong

so Egypt is on the floor and war beckons silence everywhere!


so where are all the men  the wise and the old,

apartheid gone the passion forgotten cause it left our land,

nelson where are you did you  hear the terrifying screams,

don’ they remember the day you left that prison over there,

too much said too little done people are numbers bombs won

my woody allen moment

i guess it does not matter, you live thousands of miles away, your probably sipping some cheap wine the brand i can’t say, pour me another one I’ve a driver today, she smiles as she fills your glass there is a twinkle in her eye, what was that about Guantanamo bay, as i was saying before you refilled my glass, i’ve a secret report in the office upstairs i was wondering if you’d take a look, she goes to the bathroom he’s hot she thinks inside, a little perfume on the hips and some rouge for those beautiful eyes, i was trying to make you aware of Guantanamo here, is anyone listening, this has been going on for years, the bill arrives and he takes out his card gold plated he’d have it no other way, she tries to hide her growing enthusiasm but her eyes give it away, they sparkle.find them blind them bamboozle and rein them in, it’s easy to confuse abuse them then choose among them, the broken and the despairing the hopeful and the alarmed, just make their lives confusing rue’s and wont’s, get them to a point when they are running around in circles, them you move in selecting and isolating, take out the brains and you take out the power in them, emotionally cripple by means of boredom then offer help to restore them, soon they will be eating out of your hand, little do they know the plans you have for them, like some dinner today we’ll talk about food later, now you are co-operating that’s a good sign, another form of medication but it’s the emotional type so you compromise, the subtlety of addiction, food, it leaves you with nowhere to hide, wonder what they are thinking looking down from above, another days work to be done, and whatever you do, don’t let them find release in religion, God knows that can go on for ever.



Divorce is great

Love is not a restaurant menu, where you can pick and choose, the way so many do the way so many lie. To many it appears that way, and it’s easy to see why, divorce is so valued you’re not surprised neither am I. Apart from making the breakdown of marriage feasible, it’s like planning for a disaster, it inhibits people from digging deeper, in the hope of resolving the crisis within. Abortion is no different in many respects, mountains of justifiable reasons, but in affect your giving carte blanche to any sort of behavior knowing you have a solution in place, should things not go your way or if a new life is an inconvenient fact. If a new life can be cut from the earth legally, what’s left to save, if your God Most High is looking on, not a lot really when you think of it like that. When the imbalance is reached, anything can happen, it’s the pathway to addiction.


Divorce, best thing that happened for the development of society today since the sliced pan, when it doesn’t work out plan D. As they say it’s only business, one house becomes two, children require counseling, real estate prospers, more depression, more of everything bad happens, it’s why Christ Jesus railed against it, it’s bad for everyone, except business, not something people like to think about, why the pain to giving birth, sacrifice I suppose. Time to wake up and see the world around you with a new pair of eyes, something is happening worldwide, can’t say what.