Vanity and the Demon

How often does it go on. The growing number of narcissists across the world, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The confusion that is caused to garner support for extreme white minded thinking, even the fear that’s caused, to create a feeling of insecurity. The union official is causing trouble, he is given a support job in Government that is supposed to help him, with his so called principles, years later the results clear, the world on the brink. Does the promise of a pension seal the ear, at least i’m looked after. The reality of divine power,showing across the world, backed up, by reference to early prophecies, and proof that the gospels of Jesus, can be shown to be true, should be enough to remind all, to adjust their ways, while the reality continues to play out.

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The way we see the world, has to change, and it’s proper, we remind ourselves, of the 11th hour promise of Jesus, it’s like the circle of life, your never too late to join, apply the teachings of Jesus and read the warning of the prophets,amen.


Ruination of souls, what is their fate, those that allow themselves to be used….

Harm, God’s Kingdom, there are those who try every day, to destroy the spirit of all those who believe in the Most High God, it’s a daily experience. Now that the signs from on High are visible to all, matched by the efforts of many concerned souls, who daily try, to improve the lot of those most disadvantaged in their communities, so what is their fate? Tampering with the will of God, surely they didn’t think it would be allowed to continue, the inner bullying, the fear spread, so what is their fate, and are there any precedents to refer to?.

The condemned are always given a chance to improve their prospects, Jesus, and the 11th hour promise, there is time, if you amend before having to. No Father can send another to do their bidding either, yet, its written, by the prophets of old, you can assist the fate of those gone before you,by your good works, so the prophets of old said and prayed. Is there a future for those who intentionally offend God or His servants. Thinking about it, could turn your thoughts to jelly, just imagine it,the eternal power, who would dare offend it, amen.

Burning Heat

Burning heads, the thrill being filtered to children, this is life, the focus on how your made, so that is how you do it. The thrill some get, interesting the young in sexual matters when they are not able to drive a car, or write, it’s everywhere, it’s normal, it’s Babylon.

The earth burns, it’s on view, record heat, water is hard to find, while in other places,children weep, the famine in Yemen, and other places. What is the focus, our vanity or our God, amen.

Those that know, know exactly what is happening to the inner child, they are enjoying the destruction of the safe places inside, devouring the space for Loving Spirit to dwell. The future as Leonard Cohen writes, blurred to say the least, amen.

Solomon sighed, if only they listened to the words of Isaiah, amen.


Human frustration across the globe, is there one honest government out there, or have you given up hoping, it’s not a time for cynicism, but it’s a time to listen to history, not the spin they sell,next time we will get it right, stuff you want to believe, you hope, and they let you down again, and the dose is repeated, perfect for those who don’t want to imagine, the world to come, meaning God.

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Not one government free of this disease, the reigns of power, deemed to be the right to steal, with no shortage of helpers, who will stuff their snouts into the trough, knowing they will never get caught, or so they think. Is there a country free from the hand out, with a greasy palm the permission arrives, without, you are left to hang, until you pay up, the pressure on those who try to abide by decency in their dealings.

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Corruption, it’s written, the time of our Lord, corruption will recede like the flood in Noah’s time, truth will find an outing, religion will not be necessary, as God’s light will be all that is needed, this is written, the ancient prophets tell us.

The company boss, he was always a hoarder, greedy in other words, will such a man act with integrity, form says no, but that’s why he became the boss, the promises he made.

She doesn’t have the social skills, but she has the attractive legs. Their minds are so soaked in the image,they can’t get it out of their heads, that desire,a right they feel. She will be so corrupted in so short a period of time,she will not have time for anything emotional, amen.

Solomon cried out, Dear Father in Heaven, your children are calling out, enough is up,they are not going to be able to withstand much more abuse, and they cling to their faith like drowning sailors, can you do anything they ask. Every day that passed was a lost opportunity, many were getting lost in extreme nationalism as a result, scurrying for help, wasn’t it time to remind those corrupt in positions of authority, that this world is yours, and not their possession, as they try to insist, by violence and other means amen.

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There will be more disclosures, but how will the news affect you. Remember, this is written, times such as these are meant to happen, hold tight, your faith will sustain you if you remain in God, amen, the eternal promise, amen. As Isaiah said, words will be written, and justice will prevail,amen. And Jesus, always referred to Isaiah, amen.

Lobbying, The Politician and his off shore, their, what, your money, accounts…corruption,

What, you have to declare your interests, he reads the form, ticks the box, no off shore hiding place, besides he smiles, totally secret, not even God can get into this account. The check arrives, he passes it to the accountant, it’s wired to the Cayman’s, nice and clean, the voters, idiots he thinks, they haven’t a clue.

How much does it cost, corruption.

Education, health care, social services, the hidden costs of corruption. What does it matter if you can’t do anything about it, better to try and capture the fresh air some say. Another expert says, well, were running out of that too. Esdras, the prophet, is told by the angel,that a time is coming, when corruption will be overcome, never says the pragmatist, his feet in both camps, he only backs winners, besides, you can’t beat it, it’s like a black man trying to find a jury of his peers, where. It will never change shouts another, it’s always been this way, why bother, your going to lose.

Scientist wears huge smile. Something new is discovered in space, and it’s not just new, it’s part of the new awareness, nothing like he’s seen before, is it the God particle they wonder. Two planes land on water within 12 months, all passengers survive unharmed. Why are we given such experiences; is there a message been given to mankind from afar?. accidents. A rock from space shaves the earth, a bump and we’d have been pole axed, scientists breathe , a sigh of relief. World goes into lock down, A worm of a virus, who planted it. The Chinese economy booms, blame them, it will slow them down. Another bout of assaults on the asian population, as die hard conspiracy theorists, are foaming at the mouth, every word that comes out of their mouths, gibberish. Can this really be happening, the experts shake their head, while many of the worlds voices go dim; they are clueless and don’t want to make fools of themselves; their emperor naked before the world, and doing all he can, to hold onto power, but loses anyway. Suddenly the unthinkable happens, no, not the off shore scam, that will come to a close, it’s all right to think of well being as normal; socialism is now being thought about in the United States, who can believe it, and they say, nothing changes. As Jesus and the prophets say, hold on, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Technogenics, well how else do you describe it. James hadn’t heard the word, it wasn’t far from eugenics, but with a technical twist. The modern world was good AT coming up with new words to explain things; there was texteese of course, the new form of short hand, twittereese, short version twitter, and there were the different ways your interests were fished; was that the right term, fishing, or was it a word used to describe theft online, hard to say, in a nutshell the more we know about you the better we can help you, or if your a robber, the more we know about you the easier it is to rob you, perspective of the thief, and in a world where, technology allows for the easy theft of resources from other human beings, Solomon thought that a NEW TERM be devised, to explain this new phenomenon; dare we say, Technogenics.

If you lose your instincts to think, you stop thinking, if a machine does all those all your thinking for you, you lose you ability to think; it’s all connected. The doomy gloomies would blame the techy companies; but wasn’t it just a case of pure laziness on the part

of the consumer, who wanted a simpler life and more time for other things?.

Human Nature

We can alter your genetic code, we can change the way you think, we can do all sorts of stuff, it’s just a case of being a spy. Clever people, the days when the water was clean, wasn’t good enough, the speed with which we communicate, wasn’t fast enough, the progress that we need, the days that could not pass soon enough, the reach for the top of the pole, human nature, have they learned anything at all.

Solomon read the story of our Genes, the history of DNA, the view some took, usually, a very rich elite, who assumed they could breed our problems out of existence, and gave so many tyrants an excuse. 2020, the rate of addictions accumulate, the reality of this, anyone’s guess, where our habits are leading us, did they ever listen to the ancient words, or the wisdom of Jesus.

Solomon sighed, if only we could slow down, stop for a week, even pretend it’s Christmas, or any other festival, how could it harm us, to slow down, before our thoughts of the next stage of progress finally drown us. Reading the old scriptures, Solomon listened to the warnings of the prophets; this world belongs to God, we better get used to it, amen.

lets get Serious!

Jim, you can’t hide your shotgun under the bed, there’s three in the closet, and I’ve got an automatic under the pillow, what if I reach down in the middle of the night, looking for my cigarette lighter, and the damn thing goes off, what if you happen to be stepping out of the bed at the same time, what If Jim!, Honey replies Jim, you know when you have that cigarette, It’s because you are after..Oh Jim, you are my honey…

Three nights later, the mooing stops, Linda reaches for her after the moment cigarette, she accidentally drops her lighter on the floor, reaches under the bed, the sidelight is out, the bulb Jim never fixed. Boom, she triggers the shotgun instead, lucking Jim only had his left foot hanging over the side of the bed, he only lost four toes, not the big one…

I told you smoking was bad for your Health dear moaned Jim, while in the ambulance on his way to the medical center. Linda sighs,m seriously Jim, you should have fixed the bulb, then this wouldn’t have happened, daH!.

Solomon wondered about poor Jim, his distraught wife, their small tragedy, their life. Being Gun Heavy wasn’t so smart. Well, it’s the same as leaving your Porn Collection on the dining room table when there are children in the House, you’d never do that, unless you were trying to influence them that way. Does that sound logical.

Safer to keep it out of sight on the Phone I suppose.

The Emperor

There are no problems. Behind the wall, amid the security, servants on demand, sycophants in the circle, all afraid to say it straight, too comfortable in their world, the crumbs from the table, sustaining them all, The King fakes a smile, he knows they all fear him.

Solomon was reminded of Daniel, the Prophet in times of old, the only one who could interpret the Kings dreams. It was the story of many fairy tales, all is well in Denmark she said, then a little child stands up, and said, can’t you see what is going on!.

Fear, or what, Solomon read a story, a true history, not a propaganda exercise, it told of many truths; truths that others in the past tried to tell, but were afraid of, or when they did, suffered the wrath of the sycophants. That which is hidden will be revealed, the worlds of Old.

Being a day of remembrance for those who died in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, a horror that should never be forgotten, it being part of the History of the Human race; It was important to remind ourselves, of the lesson, how minds become twisted, how emotions are interfered with, and how a perfect storm can erupt from a combination of circumstances, whether the emperor likes it, or not.

The machines of war, made possible what happened, same as the nuclear devices, that some nations use as threats, amen.

Man Woman Love God

The old man read the report, the old guard, loyal but out of touch, he read the words again, Luigi, bring me a brandy, make it a double, are you sure Father, the old man nods, who needs to read this stuff, he throws the paper on the table, grabs the brandy, his young assistant smiles, he didn’t think the old man could move so fast, like a spider about to zap a fly. Man and Woman he cried, what have they got to do with love, it was my creation from the beginning, what do they know. He holds out the brandy glass, Waterford crystal of the old days, heavy lead, not that brittle stuff they call crystal these days.

Men of God, the old man sighed, what had women and men to do with it anyway, they are just instruments, all of them, mere instruments, so they live in harmony when they are good to each other, who in the Holy Name doesn’t know that. In another corner of Rome, two other men sit in front of a roaring fire, sipping old wine. There will be no women in the brotherhood Jack, not after that book you wrote. The Young Cardinal smiles, they are two men tied to an ancient past, but who failed to understand, that God was the Love inside them. They plan on seizing control of the world.

It could be worse, say a big pharmaceutical

research company owning say, an old folks home…well…