What a concoction, strained misled tired old folks, struggling to pay for healthcare, which is free in most places across the globe, why you ask, we need money, who doesn’t, but health care too, prisons, tax breaks for building them, is there anything you can’t sell, genes perhaps, add in the poor people, of all color, those that want to argue too, a few white love themselves only types, fans of adult Hitler too, led by a cartoon man who knows how to caress the imagination, and has lots of money and supporters he enjoys to tease, and you wonder what happened to the United States, loopers.

Al Capone got lots of fame too, was a charitable contributor too, paid not enough tax, sounds familiar, loopers. The media of course, used every crime or act of Alphonse to sell the papers,while reminding those with little or no prospects,that life is not over, you can be an Alphonse too, and your name will be in the papers too, and we wonder where it all came from, and guess who explains it all, the same papers that helped create the monsters. Jesus would have proper words for them, has, the seeds you sow, the crop you reap, usually your own doing, amen.

ESDRAS and Today….

Those with no time for matters of God, those with an interest in current times, those who have their children in mind, might we wise, to examine for themselves, the words of the old testament prophet, who warned of times such as these. Esdras is not mentioned too often, Ezekiel another name used in reference to Esdras,gives a clear description of the end of times as we know it, and reminds all of true faith, to hold firm to the end, as the people of God will survive the catastrophes predicted by Esdras,as explained to him, by the angel,Ariel.

The decadent lifestyle does not get much of an applause, and those who exploit the earth,fare as badly. Given the super natural signs from above evidenced by numbers,and patterns, apart from recent scientific discoveries, that have put the word, God’s atom on many scientific minds, an anathema to those who are non believers, sadly, but recent discoveries, the hidden land made visible, the confused times,chaotic leaders, makes Esdras a very soothing read for those putting effort and time, into events eternal,amen.

Have you noticed the babbling leaders lately, the nonsense coming out of so many TV voices, well, maybe you should begin to notice, as the angel says to the prophet;

Those who are rich spiritually, have eternity to look forward to,amen.

Men in Black

Guardians by film, guardians by day, guardians by night, aware all the time, no support from a wife, aware of stern rules, has seen them implemented, the men in black have much to deal with. Parents busy, children farmed out, weekends precious, time limited, but the struggle never ends. Outside influences, so many no parent alone can deal fully with it,while planners plan for the free fall of society and living arrangements. Only Spiritual time will fix the overall issue, the look within, how do you want your life to be recognized.

Demons in many forms, age irrelevant, the demon spirit can rise the most ugly thoughts, they can farm all those hateful thoughts that you store in your head. We are warned. The men in black, meet the harm out there, the spite filled soul, those that envy, the greedy, those just bad, the men in black deal with it daily.

Humane thinking required, the stress that is evident in everyday life, apart from the arrival of the virus. Married man loves his wife, but there is a neighbor who is difficult, he tries the gentle approach, visits and calms. The Men in black do the very same daily. Some say, they need that inner support that intimacy provides. But the rules are against them, while those who understand the plight of the men in black, simply follow the rules, amen.

a letter to Pope Francis

Dear Holy Father,

It’s not often we get to hear the truth these days, and no one is to blame,we got lost it seems. Now, today, we have the opportunity to show our true selves, a chance to regain our footing in the Holy Kingdom. Many are crying out, and many souls leaving their bodies at this time,are bringing home to God Most High, their life experiences, so you can imagine, as the prophet Esdras reported, a number will be reached, when the hearts mold into one, thereby establishing Heaven on earth.

How often do we take reports from underlings,and treat them as pure truths, too often. In a nutshell, we need you to be as brave as David on the morning he faced Goliath. The signs are all there, and we have all to be brave. Jesus told all, showed all,the power and mercy of God, Now we on earth must recreate that Spirit;the space within. Hope all goes well,amen.


end of times warnings, the prophets, revelations, the words put down a long time ago, there will be a time, when decadence and all that is ugly will appear to be beauty, have we come to that point, are we near,why the signs from above, why the corresponding numbers, the results, why are we warned, and as for those who speak evil against the Holy Spirit, are there severe warnings for such as those, seriously yes.

Jesus in his limited times on earth, had to deal with spies regularly, those who undermined the inner well being, and tried to turn people away from God, so he issued a clear warning to those who would dare offend God or His servants. 23,000 dropped dead in the desert when Moses returned from the mountain, why 23,000, a sort of 11th hour warning if you want to see it that way.

It don’t come easy He said, to those who found the teaching difficult, but with God on your side, nothing is impossible. In a nutshell, the fact that Jesus complained of the lack of faith shown by those in his home district for the fact that he found healing difficult, should serve as a call and a warning to all. Fortunately, we live in times where ancient prophecy is coming to fruition. Are you compassionate,forgiving, kind, emphatic, cause these are the basics expected of you, well, if you believe you strive, if you don’t believe, you try to harm,amen.

India, America, Off shore finance, and I can go to the beech….

Freedom, I am allowed to meet my friends, freedom, I can visit friends, freedom, there are many meanings to the word, but will the world ever be as it was, pre virus, will there be a lasting legacy, since us humans are prone to emotional inputs, your life is at threat, it’s a big question, everyone for themselves,well, my life is more important than yours, hello, they have just issued a decree, you can go for a swim too, meanwhile, they search for oxygen, just to grasp some relief, many ask, how did it come to this.

Off shore finance, the wealthy list is published, is it the ring the bells moment, any tact, one post shows the price of teenage girls in South America, you ask, what message are they trying to sell, people are dying, it’s no conspiracy, mother earth wins the Irish 1,000 guineas, meanwhile there is post after post about the oxygen crisis; if they can send men and women into space, surely everyday problems such as oxygen supplies, is basic, amen.

Human industry, we have talents, used, solutions, why the constant fear, there has to be a simple answer, space. The Year of 2020 vision, it could not have been any clearer, the beech though, friends excited, fun, we haven’t met for awhile, freedom, what else is there to fill the minds with.

Solomon recalled the readings of old, and the deep truth, a time when Faith was strong, leaders leading, not building empires, there was respect for God, had anyone read Isaiah lately, if they hadn’t they should. Jesus read the text regularly, is quoted, as if pointing us in that direction, Had there ever been so many weather changes in so short a time, amen.

The Gardener

Quarantine, will it ever end, how many times do I have to go through this, the question on so many lips, along with the Holy Names, is what’s going on real or imaginary, did the world really close down, you are not going crazy, it’s as real as those Miracles are. Does it feel like a load, who did this, what might Jesus say, well, if we are required to be as forgiving as the Father is, not once, not twice, not three times, how, no, many times, it’s not recalling the words and repeating them like a child in school doing a recital, we are asked to be like the Father, who is depicted like a gardener, why, the garden needs tending regularly. Maybe in hindsight, when you look back, you will appreciate the time you have all been given, to adjust your former lives. It’s ironic to think, that in the mad rush of the past, we dumped our rubbish and moved on, leaving it to succeeding generations to fix the problems, the previous lot made for them. Now that we can’t escape all this time on our hands, cough a few times, yes, the gardener wants us to do it better, amen.

There are great tragedies, unfortunate accidents, and intentional hurts every single day, and it weighs on our consciences, interfering with the well being of Loving Spirit, guilt in other words as Jesus would put it,does, and this tempers the power of the Spirit within. How is it possible, how is it living, well, the very fact your thinking now, should be reminder enough, amen.


Need to find love, head the internet way. Credit card, the product is a bargain, you are ready to press the purchase button, the first numbers of the card are entered; Stop and think, it’s safer to use a payment system than give them your personal card details.

She opens up online,what’s the harm, she has a cat. he does too, she drives an old vintage car, so does he, she laughs when he tells her the story of the time his car broke down and he had to wait overnight, wow,serendipity, It happened to her too. We have connected she sighs.

Got her credit card name, her address,all we need is her number, we ca use her ID, how many cats does she have, four his accomplices say.One by one they extract the information, the more emotional the victim the easier the take, amen

The Virus Story…

over a year of disturbance, limited movement, having to live with oneself, no escape route, isolate and live, the numbers disturbing, but there is an upside. Considering the huge numbers of people of head medication, there must be huge issues lying in wait for so MANY OF US.

The virus story, the world slows down, and all the stuff that had been swept under the carpet becomes visible, along with the deep seated hurt so many store inside,from generations of systemic abuse, only the world stopping for awhile, has given us a chance for a happier future.

The real winners, the new generation, who wanted desperate environmental change, amen. Mother nature, sighs with relief; they have changed their focus from making money, to saving their living environment, should we be getting awards for trying to save ourselves?

Seeking Mercy…

You might call the early martyrs odd, why give your life up, given the obvious hatred of the roman army, the threat from the Jewish community; it wasn’t the course that many followed, but they went the distance. Having hard core proof of concept was very liberating, what was there to fear when you were witness to the miracles of Jesus, this life is temporary, who do you fear, who do you pray to in times of great stress, who do you ignore when times are good, what do you serve when things look up, the ego mainly. It’s not hard to work out. Jesus knew our nature, underwent constant spying,was surrounded by those who tried to drown the message, who wanted the status quo to remain as was, same as politicians in power, their seat is all that matters. So we cheat regularly, fewer and fewer live in secure homes, sound bytes are taken for news, while children are so confused, even their identity is in doubt. It’s not supposed to be easy, it never has been, the life of Jesus tells us. We are more keen on money and sex than anything else, our thrills.

So with signs, and efforts to sow discord, potential crisis’s in most directions, should we be seeking mercy, or should we roll along with the mediocre, amen, as if we are all powerless. This mercy course of action,will demand fierce changes, spin doesn’t work with the Almighty, amen.

Like a thief in the night, the change comes,amen.