The Impostor

The pied piper, the tune sweet, always enriching, something original, they catch the cloud. The light thoughts bring light and light opens up the opportunities. The study of the man, reveals more, they follow the piper, who knows the tune, the crowd is bigger, or the changes become more obvious, others decide to sneak into the group, there is capital in this, or a drifting soul needs rest, overhears them plotting or learning, it’s for good purpose, joins the other group, safety in numbers, easier to hide among the wolves, so the story goes, the impostor, learns, the impostor finds rest, when the impostor becomes the “real thing”, the impostor then tells the story, of how he or she made it, and explains the story, of the great troubles, the “Spirit” had in holding it together, while informing the world, of the lesser ones, who tried to claim ownership of it all, amen.

Solomon sighed, Saul was on the road, Damascus, the blinding light, the voice of the Almighty, why are you doing this, Paul is now Saul, he turns it around, and starts doing the real work, it was just a case of direction, amen.

The foreigner arrives, the air of suspicion, one of us, or, is he like those who betrayed us before. It takes awhile for the trust to be earned, and then he becomes a better version of those he chose to be like; a real conversion, from outsider to the inside, amen. Judging, be wise, amen.


New Zealand Premier Decides to Move Over…

I cannot give it all, it’s better to allow another in, the time is important, I have a life to live too, and this trolling, mental assault is bad enough, but when you have your own children to look after, and they need the time, (think of those left to their own devices), my time. The lady explains, you need to be authentic, real to yourself, it’s not easy having to worry about the children of the country, when you don’t have time for your own, it’s not good for you, amen.

Solomon reads the story, the young female leader, her children young, trying to fight the good cause while keeping the spirits up. He is reminded of others, surrounded by all sorts of interests, each one trying to be the favored child, it’s not easy.

The young professional enters the office, out of college, degree’d, status, has a secretary appointed, is treated like one above others, the power gets to his head; they will do anything, so long, his education and training make him curious as to how far he can push the power button, and with that curiosity comes the other fixtures of life, the ambitions rise, so does the nefarious thinking, has dreams of being a political leader too, more deviousness required.

Into the cauldron steps the inexperienced mother, experienced, what a word, she is committed to mothering, it’s natural to be, and the problems everyone else skims over, she is willing to expose, in times of change, she gets the popular vote, the new times begin, while our narcissistic hero, the office pro dreams of having her job, for reasons, would we all not like to know.

After bickering, and rantings, as most politicians are forced to deal with, the lady Premier, has time to consider, her spirit drained, she needs to step away, she decides to step down, was there any other way.

Solomon sighed, the notion of twin leaders; why do you have a deputy, unless it’s to fill the position when you want some time off, amen.


it’s our time, the children think, our time, another voice, our world, what do we want in it. The freedom from violence, no one taking advantage of us emotionally, the baby looks over, and says, no adults trying to take control of our minds, that’s so blinding says another. The angel in the company, a newly arrived soul listens, the crevices that need to be guarded against, too much of this mind stuff, that’s a complete no no, such schemers, not always friendly, the role they play, trouble.

Really, the actions that lead to happiness, the class of offenders against the Spirit, are being given a lesson in amending, the tasks are set out on a board, some of it fairly obvious, the other stuff, the place where you don’t want to go. Hospital visits, what’s that got to do with offending asks a notorious offender. Those that became sick because of your dealings.

They all get the point, the intentional harm they caused, it’s not a subject they want to sink into, really. if only we knew in advance?

The children walk the street free of those attempting to preoccupy them in short term release from issues, using the vices to wipe the mind, temporary that’s all, it’s not that filling, really.

Can one person make the difference, the name that attracts, and reminds, Jesus, amen.


Our Teachers

Do one thing for God each day and he’ll remember you, this I am certain of, I’ve seen so many great happenings, all based on the theory of love and giving, it’s the story of the widow in the bible, she gave a small amount, but it was important to her, Jesus you recall told the story, I don’t assume, but he only used stories filled with wisdom to educate not to persecute, it wasn’t a rule thing, you could interpret it as you saw fit, and there was no such thing as a specific religious practice, the point being, if you gave with the heart you were giving to his Father, how simple is that, too simple, or as some would say, that’s too simple Mr Bee, as if our lives depended on the welfare of a humble bumble Bee, what’s a flower anyway. But going to church to stand up for your faith, is faith giving to others, it’s similar to those great movies, specially the Clint Eastwood ones, a parable in everyone, haven’t we been blessed from the most amazing of sources, the inspiration given to so many, from the great song writers as well, the new saints, prophets, teachers,  as I call them, now that’s what God Most High would call friends, amen.

Finding Space

accommodation is the issue, space, the relationship needs time, the head needs space, so much energy about, the ideas appear out of nowhere, darn, finding space, where do you go. The Golf professional, don’t blame him for playing golf, blame him for trying to teach it. She is on the back swing, stop, stop stop, she looks at him, horrified, I’m paying him for the lessons, now he is trying to take charge of me, she is used to getting her own way. That scowl she wears, he is used to it, same as any teacher, once she gets it, she will be praising him later, like the prophets of old. Space he says, you need to have space for the swing to come down. imagine your sweeping the kitchen he says, and.. kitchen she thinks, i have a maid to do all that, he wonders what to say next, finding the words, space.

The stuff, it’s so much to chose from. The teacher recommends this, the parents expect that, she has her own ideas, it’s confusing, she wants to please them all, or not to offend them, they all do their best. I’ll dwell on the moment, she remembers the film, the pretend surgeon who is asked for his opinion, he defers of course rather than risk harm to the innocent patient. Films and stories, what a great idea. She makes a list of great films of the older era, where character was built up, not bought, there must be lessons in them all, she smiles, she will never have a dull thought again, and she has worked out how to find space, or fill the vacuum in other words.

Later she reads a report, how the career changes up to eight times in a lifetime, it makes her think, general education, then the specifics, the maturity that comes with it, the matter solves itself, patience.

Solomon was in the temple, talking with a friend, very deep into the pilgrimage, the need to stretch the interest, so Solomon thought. Jesus told stories to explain things, and writers have been doing it ever since, learning with story. The lesson he said, is to watch the film,. not to critique it, that will come later. Many were afraid to look beyond their own gate when it came to understanding God Most High, in short, they were undermining their space, limiting their understanding, as if east or west, north or south was fixed; it only appeared fixed, it all depending on your starting position.

The preacher smiles, another way to explain things. he was trying to keep the teaching fresh, amen, space in other words, to express the divine word. The Gospel of John he sighed, as he turned out the light, amen.

The Ceremony

The outsider views the proceedings from the point of view of what the ceremony is about, not the goals of the organisation, and what the organisation wishes to achieve, since organisations by nature, are survivalists in motion. Who best to understand this you ask?.

The children of God, the meaning of the ceremony, the vow before the assembly, the altar. The turn around moment, why do they place such weights on young minds, when the minds themselves are not developed in the first place, how can those still in the ascendancy make such promises, when it’s those watching on, who are the supposedly role models. The new world was taking shape, and it was affirmed by, divine help, and it was also affirmed, by old prophecy, in short, a new way of thinking was finding roots; the thirst visible in so many ailing communities, the need for peace of mind, paramount, how to fix the issue, and quickly.

So Solomon thought, seeking wisdom, how to change the depression that many were over coming, and turning it, into something, joyful and life enhancing. First the meaning of sanctuary; there has to be sacred places, where people are free, to express their faith, amen. The notion of the spying police, or those reporting to others, had to stop. The run around to complain to someone higher up,. in order to curry favor, had put a sore spot on the minds of many, when it came to expressing truths; it was a global pandemic of expression.

The ceremony, the need to put the right order on events, not the parade, as the point of being there, communion comes to mind, when parents and others assemble to watch the solemn event take place. It was in the interest of Children, that it ought to be, the parents who are on show, not the other way around. In short, Jesus did not distinguish people based on what they looked like, and was often challenged for being so open, to many, others did not see much value in.

The parents show up, their faith on display, they being, those who now brought along their children, to vow before the Almighty, their promise to rear them, into the beings, that would later live lives, that brought into practice, the lessons learned, in short, the parents themselves, were making a promise, not the other way around, and same as, the priests themselves, make the same vow, before the children, they intend to guide spiritually, as was the intention from the start of their mission, not to control others, but to be the servant of those, who were aiming for their divine inheritance.

Imagine the following; the children are from the various groups that believe in the Almighty. An Islamic child, a Christian child, a Jewish child, they watch as their parents or guardians make the vow, all of them believing in the same God Almighty. The parents, in order to show their respect for the Almighty, are also, offering a form of repentance, while silencing the bias and fears they accumulated over the years and decades, while the children enjoy the notion, that at last, their world has become One world, and not the conflict zone it has become for so many. Imagine the affect of this one change, then think, four years later, when the parents etc,. return, to confirm their vows, amen.

In short, what goes into the delicate young minds, will be taken seriously, amen.

Awareness of Jesus

There is hardly anyone alive on the planet, who is not aware of Jesus. There are many, who live the words, the words of Jesus, are living, they are alive, as in, you practice them, it’s not complicated, and the image, that accompanies these words, were the results of, well, belief is a gift, and when you are ill, or under duress, you move from the lower spirit to the upper Spirit, immediately you begin to feel better. Jesus does not curb ambition, Jesus points you, to life giving ambitions rather, amen.

Young Girl

Away from the crowd, not able to mix that well, cooped up, the voices on TV, she wants to be like the others, instead her thoughts become insular, what is happening to me. The break out, a new friend arrives, in the form of an angel, her life is turned upside down, the door to her life opens, the Spirit escapes from the cage, hope, she sighs, that’s the feeling, new friends, the world no longer one filled with fear, on the loose, she has dreams, the nice things, even the sensuous thought, she is coming to life, as a flower opens to the sun. amen.

You don’t hide a lamp under the bed, the words of Jesus. The lamp being the light of Spirit.

The nervous feeling, a friend is calling, while alone a friend is thinking good of me, the never alone again feeling, she can relax and be alone, she is patient, there is a life out there, and the she is now a part of it, how to get out, she knows it’s just a question of time, amen.

Size Matters

Hilarious, the lady laughs, I can fit into the size 16, it’s just a number, nothing more, a pointer to other, more pressing matters, and the need to have an awareness, that there are issues, depending on the size of a nation or an ego. yes, it sounds like a male thing, it sounds like a man thing, but when it comes to cleaning up, clearing the debris of your life’s existence, when you will have to contend with the eternal stuff, the size matters thingee will really matter, did i really do all that stuff, great if the account is the right one, and not the other.

Examples are all over, the ease of which, what might seem appropriate in one place, might be altogether out of context in another. The size of the nation, the wider the thinking, the more dangerous it can become, depending on what your resources are, the steady hand at the tiller. As evidenced in places, as displayed by some so called politicians, the ability to apply, what you do at home standards, to what happens in others places, is often the coming together moment, that leads to extremism finding roots, that are usually, a disaster. Take the chief of a ntion, where there is a movement towards a more liberal set of freedoms, how those on the extreme, try to exploit the opportunity, and there are examples of it everywhere.

So size matters, your at the shop, you have been on the exercise bike, the jeans look swell, there is a smile on the face, the accessories that you can use, the stuff in the closet you can take out to wear, in short, the options increase. Size matters.

In terms of Spirit, where there is much of it, the options are equally there, the choices, good ones, exist, like the car in the car park, sometimes, smaller is better, as to say, you don’t have to squeeze into the space, and more room for others to exist. In Spiritual terms, when you widen the definition of “The Almighty God”, in that there are many versions of it, depending where you live, the wider the definition in terms of compassion, the easier it is for life to exist, in peace, so to say it in short terms, size matters amen.

A Father with many children, has to think of the welfare of many, the person thinking of themselves, well, is not thinking of others, so the size of the ego matters too!..In this time, when conflict appears to happen in bunches, think before you take advantage of the situation, the cloud with the picture is real, amen.