No More Prisons in 2016

stuck to the keyboard can’t escape,

mother on the iPhone child awake

bin bong bang the thrill of the chase,

toot toot toot another one escape’s,

put that on Facebook why don’t you,

there’s no getting away from it,

technology has become a prison mate,

room in the cell for any amount,

keep packing them in for God’s sake,

sounds like there’s a need to break out,

no more prison please in 2016 they shout!


do you ever wonder where it will all end,

the four year old the five year old,

the older children and the pure absurd,

a little less technology our only hope…

well, getting to know real people takes time



All Along the Barriers




between minds,

fouled up,




along comes,



what’s that,

it’s for others,

child frowns,

hears stories,

see’s toys,

smiles everywhere,

except home,

just a day,

these barriers,

isn’t it time,

we tore,





who can complain if children of all types and religions, get the opportunity to play together, who wins, everyone seeking peace,


Why Christmas

an excuse to feel better about yourself, giving,

an opportunity to express your love, simply,

the chance to reconvene with friends, neighbors,

the chance to spoil children, occasionally,

opportunity to unite people for one purpose,

to give thanks and show it,

why Christmas,

the ability to feel good about life, amen…

something all children should share together!


wow, she’s such a tramp, dresses in such a provocative way,

look do you see what she’s wearing, aah, practically nothing,

did you see that, it’s unbelievable has she no shame,

did you see that other one, she’s worse than the other,

yeah, yeah yeah, all of them attention grabbersFeatured Image -- 1110228057 the lot,

scream roar complain give out shout mouth off,

did you see the way…..stop stop stop, i heard enough,

the complaints of all the zealot minded globally,

while ignoring the fire at home, at least they can mouth off,

complain till their throats dry up, being a diva,

at least they don’t suffer the opinions of others, amen.

free love

free, what do you mean,

don’t you have to earn it,

work hard for it,

where does it come from,

free love,

damn idiots,

someone will invent free air next,

free love,

prefer to die first,

than get anything,


business man shakes his head,

free loveSupport 2




can’t afford that either!

small boy walks the street with mother hand in hand,

stops to look at the windows but simply doesn’t understand,

Santa can’t afford that either son she says with a damp sigh,

he turns his head and asks still wonders mom why can’t I,

i wrote a letter like all the others he believes in the good,

passes another shop window looks in with admiring eyes,

a train set and it’s all done up even got a few figurines,

nope son Santa can’t afford a train he’s got a bus pass son,

goes home wondering what can poor old Santa afford,

his head drops and he is all sad his Santa plan is going down,

and when children loose that dream, it’s something gone,

and Love itself, and we can’t afford that either!


Facebook founder giving it away, today the child waits,

well if he wants to put a smile on millions of faces!