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This is an opinion about Writing does not equal riches:
if women understood the pain of childbirth, how many would actually volunteer, if men understood the pain of love, how many of them would run out the door. Writing is story telling, the voice that resonates, the reason you listen to some people and not to others. All too often, we allow critics, those that never put their soul into anything, to dictate, and because they have the kings ear, the same way we allow patsy spin doctors to decide on who goes to war and why, does that sound good enough. The war in Iraq lead to the deaths of millions in that country, the war in Vietnam destroyed even more, and the world is still paying the price. People write to inform, unless you want to titillate and arouse passion that’s only personal. Today, there are over 100 million electronic books waiting to be filled, it’s never been a better time to be a writer, artists or creative. When the mind is filled with self the other half of the mind suffers, and this is exactly what happened to the world, we failed miserably. Knowledge of famine is no longer the sole activity of the news we used to rely upon, oh we didn’t know, doesn’t work anymore, this attitude of ignorance. Writers make known what is already going on, the same way artists raise our awareness levels of issues deemed important for us to know. When the cocaine was flowing, bank credit was easy, our minds were not focused on others, but on the self, and its why the world is in a state of chaos, and unless we start to listen and start reacting soon, only God knows what will happen next. Given that God is fully aware of the sexualisation of the world, and all the other abuses, i’d say we writers better up the tempo, and quickly. If you have a voice and the story is a good one, he listens. So write the wrongs and come up with the cure. Put in a nutshell, and this is only one stupid but honest comment;
The so called war on drugs could have been solved twenty years ago, quickly and easily. The american government know this, and many other governments know this. The only reason they decided to allow children become infected with the problem is this; too many people involved in the solving of the problem, the cure would have meant joblessness to all those so called warriors, consultants and advisers working to solve a problem they all know was easy to fix. This is just one issue. Big pharma has a case to answer too. Because i know that God most high is very real, what do you think will be his answer to those who plead ignorance. Writers unite and tell it as it is. The same governments could solve issues like child abuse online, they don’t want to. The more you worry the more a consumer you become, cause like when the going gets tough, we all seek distraction. God does not do statistics, God does love, and we as world people, ain’t showing much of it as they say in Hollywood, so lets at least write it…
If you were ever in doubt about the world and the wicked group that attempted to control the game as they say, think about the notion of whistleblower legislation. Imagine, a world so devoid of truth, that they had to come up with a law to protect those who wanted us to know what was really going on. Personally, I sometimes think I come from Mars. So writing is vitally important, if we want to come into the light, otherwise, most of us will stay in the dark, remain ignorant, and die, without having used the gifts bestowed upon us. And if you don’t use the gift wisely, like the parable of the talents, you won’t be given anymore.

God Laments

I don’t need indoctrination any form of misinformation, call it distraction, I don’t need to pretend that one day someone will come along when everything will be made right, I’m not the child that needs resuscitation, who waited for false inspiration, the gobbled news carriers sweet suggestion, all they do is delay our moment of escape as we wait like we always wait, for that final determination from God, we were told to believe in the faith that took centuries to secure because of the hyperventilating of those masses of people so called political types who sold out position like those wall street finance cheaters, how can they sleep while the world heads to oblivion, and what will I tell my children, the truth is their compensation, I am a father a brother a teacher a communicator, I deal with the evil that is overcoming civilization and I can’t afford to wait much longer, and this is just an introduction, my petition of sorts and it’s the first of many of that I am certain…

God answered my call, with wisdom I asked, he told me of the written works of thousand year old dispositions, the myriad of beliefs that grew up, nearly all from confrontation, when all he ever asked for was love, we responded with power and a fierce determination to overcome other nations without mercy or any such emotion, placing our faith in similar type situations, when war was met with war, hatred grew out of all this misinformation, and today we are united he says, not by love as was his only and persistent call, but by the fear of self immolation. Blessings he stored for us like a farmer for future exploitation, originally given for our own determination, and as such he could not let out the gifts in the manner that he planned, because the Good hearts became like much sought after wine, nowhere to be found and outside the reach of us, who were more interested in our personal reputations, self made to self we prayed, for the poor and hungry of the world can offer proof of this total degeneration of so much of the entire, of the so called human civilization. Many were sent, hope joy opportunity and blessings in magnificent amounts, all betrayed by those in political office or such, trusted by these self same cultured nations. If I work through the heart he said and the heart cannot be trusted anymore, there is nothing I can do about it, as the heart is my only form of communication. So, before you dwell in pity, bitterness or fear, don’t you ever ask yourself what you did, to bring about this atrocious complication, nothing I suppose like so many in whom the gift of life was given, is one billion to one not good enough for you, before you thought you could overcome all that was divine for some other interpretation…..
The signs have been appearing for quite sometime, a warning a wake up call, do people notice, do they remember Babylon, it’s not the end of time but the harvest is getting closer by the day, and like all good teachers we are warned before we reach that fateful day, oh forget Peter, lets head to the casino, I hear 22…..

Come Together Now!

This is an opinion about Facebook aims to take over the internet:
Nazi Germany planned on taking over the world too, The Titans of Wall Street planned on taking over the world too, almost made it, (God is all powerful and doesn’t like those types),
certain religions have tried to take over the world, and failed, The roman empire thought they were the world, British empire once owned a quarter of the world, (they are now heading into a deep and even deeper depression, watch the news), The government of America tried to dominate the world (look at china taking the pole position), And Apple computers almost went out of business before they almost took over the computing world. First there was america online (how much did that media company pay for it, how many billions wasted on what turned out to be junk), then Bebo, where are they now, those who try to take the mantle of being first in the world don’t have a long stay at the top. The view might be good, the power so wonderful, but they seem to forget, That the one who created the world, can take any one of them out of the game at will, so don’t be alarmed that Facebook might want to take over the world. Think of all the money that was spent on a service, that will in all probability be surpassed by an even better service, Samsung even, money that could have been put to wiser use, empowering the mothers of Africa, counteracting the sexualisation of women and children globally, and think of God most high. We are in the arena of Judgement, so whoever attempts to be the number one brand online, will not have too long to linger at the top. Can’t you hear the children cry, no food, the mothers in despair, no hope, the ears of God most high, who sooner or later will have enough, and say stop…unless we begin to love as it was intended..then you’ll never worry about Facebook again, and those who allow children to die needlessly, to put it mildly, no amount of Valium will ease the mental anguish they will all have to bear. I’ve seen the golden city, the faces in the clouds, the dogs bollix as they say, no need to be alarmed, just prepared…
God is all powerful, and when evil reaches a peak, it’s called the stop loss junction, and we are so near that point, we should all stop worrying about the little bitty services like Facebook, and keep on pouring out hope as fast as our mind hearts and fingers allow, as God most high, is into one thing and one thing alone, not your shadow, not your reflection, not your bank account, not your friend list, nothing that human, just what did you do to create real love, what did you do to protect it, and what did you do to sow into the minds of others, in particular the very young, everything else dear friends can be bought, now isn’t that really priceless, move over MasterCard!! don’t you need a sense of humor sometimes…

I was asked, if i could, what I’d like to change about my life and why?…

I started with a plan, that only a dreamer could have imagined, when justice was real, love was everything, and hope sprung from the most ungodly of places, and like the movie, I’d get the result in the end, so i planned what i assumed to be possible, partly because my life was given back to me, relatively unscathed, from a death defying car smash, that would in all probability have delivered anyone else into the next world, sounds dramatic, then again, all good stories are just that, and all lives well lived, are like that, dramatic, and if you follow the stories of the old prophets and wisemen and women of the world, divine intervention is a real event, and not a script writers fantasy. Having been delivered from certain death, I had friends in very high places, and so i assumed, and so it appears, even my friends agree with that. At the time of my near escape, i was on the verge of a fruitful career, and when the internet arrived in real time while i was in recovery, I knew that the reason for being we all have, was not just a thing, but a real mission, a mission we get waylaid on, for various reasons.
Without going into detail, i imagined what the new world would be like, the social consequences, the problem areas, and the fruitful fields, and so it was, just like that, and so I persevered, despite having met treachery and betrayal from close friends and others. I knew then, that those who interfered with the works of those trusted with wisdom, faced justice of a divine kind, so it proved.
In the middle of the many trials i had to endure, and the wisdom acquired, I retained my Faith in God most high. As soon as one door closed, another opportunity appeared, still does. I continue to practice wisdom acquisition, and i encourage all my friends to follow this plan. Learn something new everyday and you will grow up wise. Do one thing good every day and you will become a friend of God most high. I put the belief system into action, asked for help, it arrived. I suppose, in a nutshell, i went a little further in my plan, that no other right thinking person would undertake, alienated people close to me, (they agree with me now), and when they all caste me out so to speak, I was deemed a rebel of sorts, it was only when i was up against the wall, nowhere to turn to, that i picked up a book, the holy book my grandfather used to use as one of his reference books on God, a book by an old italian jesuit priest of the 1900’s, that did not agree with all the church teachings, (priest was silenced later in his life too) a book I have read about three times. At the same time I started reading this book, my faith in God increased dramatically, and it has not changed in the longest time. My only regret is this; If i had been educated widely about the meaning of God in our lives rather than the importance of religion, as is the case the world over, how much happier we’d all be, and how great would be our friendships. Sadly, I saw the greatest of plans thwarted by close acquaintanceship with those I deemed to be of good standing with society as a whole and all that is right, only for horror to occur. And when i hear the old sayings, one in particular stands out, for all the wrong reasons; “the road to hell is filled with good intention”..so beware, not all that you see is ever that black or white…

Goodbye Storylane hello L.A.

This is an opinion about [Goodbye, Storylane.]
The lamb was eaten by the tiger, and all that we were left with were memories, that’s the ending submitted by the evil doers, not the ending that is written in the books of love. To raise the hopes of the carers, to widen and gather the agitators, round them up in a certain location, and attempt to wipe them out, either by emotional or other means, sorry, God is King. Your neighbor is every person you don’t know yet, and the bible has the answer to most of the questions we seek answers to. If you search your heart, you will find the answer, and if you understand the bible, be warned, times they are a changing, and it’s real. be glad we had time to spread the love…

There is light in the dark…

This is an opinion about Light in the dark:
I read this young persons poem, story, lament, and it woke in me, the reason why we need to encourage, and try again and again, never give up, never become despairing, much of the world tries to make us despairing, give up and be like them, they who live in the dark, never see the light, they are those who never see the good, see only themselves, my life, me, as i said to a friend many years ago, when it’s about me, the romance with life is usually over or heading for the proverbial cliff. having been there on more than a few occasions, i can tell you with certainty, love is the light that will heal the world, it’s really that simple, but i guess we all know this, but being human, we get a little down when the love moves away, and in our hopelessness at those times, we seek consolation, it’s why we often seek affairs, anything to keep us seeking, for fear we just might get there…happy Easter,

St.Patrix Day…

The world is beautiful, Have you ever thought about it, the world that is, is it not beautiful in places. We call those places national parks, so many miles of ocean across all frontiers, touching each other in special places the way the sun used to be, and still is in those extra special spaces, now we get burned frozen or flooded instead, except of course for those special places, and the bank manager we wish him dead, the women and their faces we can’t stop looking, the hours spent grooming their façade well look at TV no frowns allowed can’t you tell, a little perfume on the hips lipstick on the lips, as mothers seek safe refuge to build a nest as well, then an heirloom arrives the result of love so they said, children of course keep on watching and waiting, it’s a show they’ve already heard, Disney shows written by old pro’s words they use children in the viewfinder, they used to call it inspiration, today they ration the dead, literally and bury them live on TV, I won the lottery the dredge is no more, no smart opinions to get high on, pure doesn’t give you headaches, it kills you instead, don’t tell Santa he said.
But it’s a pity really, having tossed so much of our future away, the consequence of pure greed that the poorest will pay for instead, they’ve cut back the bird crumbs this week I heard, poor crow, shot at three times dived bombed by a sparrow hawk, a busted wing he hung on, two miles up the road and he’d be fed, earthquake on the TV, the world is falling apart, live on TV of course, you’ve guessed it CNN they are the first to call to help, world latches on cameras roll on carelessly, footage is worth more when you’re dead, no point saving the sick across the world, cant get them together like a Spielberg movie, we’ll rely on old footage. Isn’t the world beautiful he said, the luck of the Irish they always said it was worth waiting for, amen. He said if they gave up the drink, shur they could do anything, well…

disclaimers….and Lawyers….

This is an opinion about ‘Hear Ye’ – ‘See Ye’:
My storylane friend seth, wrote about his “higher powers”, and the need to disclaim, or to put a notice to disclaim, in the event of anyone making the suggestion, that his words could be mistaken as the policies of his superiors, and while i agree with seth in principle, it reminds me of the small details on a loan policy or policy of insurance, you don’t read them, only lawyers read them, and they are written, in order to give the loan company or insurance company, a way out if possible in the event of you or me making that claim..
I thought about this issue, and how the world is being victimized, one person at a time, by those who wish to do good things for us, but who then find an excuse to blow the deal as they say. I had direct experience of this, with dire consequences for many millions of people sadly, and in order for the same, never to happen again, i started to work on solutions to this huge and rampant form of cancer, that has for years played with all our lives. I’ve studied elements of the New York bar, and legal issues, not like a dentist, but as someone interested in things affecting all of us, and rather than read playboy, hustler or the other raft of material out there, and readily available to all and sundry, I vowed to make an impact, even if i didn’t profit personally from it, and here it is. It’s called the concept of Honest Mistake. It does not appear in law, but the concept of Honest Mistake, will dilute the
earning capacity of every lawyer living on the planet. If you make a claim against a hospital for example, and if the lawyer finds the tiniest detail in the clients favor, no matter how small, the lawyer then goes to work on the Jury, playing the emotions the same way a dirty lover can escape the wrath of his other half, by targeting, basically, hit them where they are most vulnerable, lawyers make juries emotional, that was your child on the operating, no credit is given to the work to-date of the doctor or nurse being blamed for the smallest mistake or error. Honest mistake, allows the jury reflect upon the balance between human error and history of errors, thus allowing the jury consider the case in broader details, rather than from the point of view of right or wrong. If you ever get to the gates of heaven, as i am sure it exists, this applies to every living soul, i’m sure you’d like to be judged, on what you did overall, rather than on the one time you made that mistake, that might keep you in doubt all your life.
With this thought in mind, I wonder what happened to all the good souls, many living, some still alive, who had to work in dark areas, with dangerous people, in order to help expose evil and other goings on. You worked with him, didn’t you, so many of those comments out there, it’s no wonder God is wondering, looking down on us all, do any of them forgive, but i’m sure he doesn’t think like that at all, didn’t he give us stories to deal with this situation already, some folks just didn’t read the fine print as they say….thanks Seth, your disclaimer
was rather revealing in the questions it poses for mankind…

It’s All About Change….

Religion war, war, war, god, Christians united, Muslim, Jewish ness, the whole lot was a mess, and undermining life globally and locally for everyone who just wanted to get on. You had to be in some ones gang when it came to religion. You stood alone, you were bait. Harry had been taking notes on it all. How religion, oil, business and the media had merged. ROBM, rob’em he called it for short.
Magda even agreed with him, her English was improving too. She’d help with women’s issues she promised once she passed her final exams. Love, the one issue he’d yet to come across on the TV, and it’s thousands of channels. Dating, mating, weekend flings, out door sex, partnerships, open marriages, conditions annexed, he’d seen loads, been taken to places he never knew existed, been inside and outside discussions on it, but had to date not seen the most endangered of species of late, the loving human being. Seen lots of movies on the issue, syrup was thick, sentiment missing as usual. The hourly news blasts reinforcing what he already knew, no money in peace when it came to the middle east, love was totally at odds with everything to do with power and money. Suicide on the increase, drugs and alcohol too, the gap between rich and poor lengthens, the smirk of a banker, as over and over he chews, on the fillet of people. Love was not an issue known to make the news. Many had sung about it, written lines too, tried it out even, for it has a hunger know one knew, or so powerful, free too, freaky that you don’t need insurance for it, to save it even. Love was the most powerful drug of all figured harry, who’d put it all down on it, everything he believed in. afraid to do it on his own, he’d signed up with a religious order. With time, his mistake was well placed, as now he was thinking of going out on his own. Magda, could as easily have been Magdalene, mary in fact. The da Vinci code had everyone worked up. people got quickly bored with it though. how would he approach his superiors with the news. Magda told him to use a cyber name, to keep his job, and to do his thing online. The worreld is going all electric she’d say. He liked the idea of the anonymous prophet leader guru type, who connected with his followers through advertising. Wasn’t sure how it would work online. Easee peesee was magda’s response to everything now they were almost a couple, almost. Working together was as good as sex, almost, they were going to be getting closer and closer. The dam would burst one day soon she hoped. Imagine, a woman running the world, it was time for a turn up of epic portions, maybe magda was the one….