The arc of the covenant…

Under man’d, short of equipment, frightened, the Israelite army walks onto the battle ground. A vastly superior army is ready to slaughter them. DON’T LET BIAS CONTROL YOU, THIS IS WRITTEN ANCIENT HISTORY AND A LESSON TO ALL.

The arc of the covenant, the tabernacle of the Almighty, accompanies the Israelite army. The rest is history. When the power of God is with you, what is there to fear.

The covid crisis changed lives, but it also came with blessings unseen, until the crisis became manageable.Space inside which isn’t a wasteland of poor choices is priceless, when it comes to finding a lodging space, for the Holy Spirit to dwell. Pharaoh all those years ago, had to go through many forms of plagues, before they set God’s first chosen people free. In short, produce the fruit that nourishes and encourages Holy guests, amen.


Samples of Reality…

Real moments, so much is man made fantasy, the weekend is coming, the distant outlook, rarely today,today, well, today is just today, sampling reality. The warnings of Spirit, was it ever more starkly put, by Jesus himself. In his own town, Jesus doesn’t perform any miracles,the reason he says, the lack of faith. It’s like an electric cable,it’s able to carry the electric power, it’s tested, it’s double checked for safety,but if there is no power connection,all you can do is look at it, nothing is going to change until you power up, or in human terms, you need to have belief, and belief is only true in actions,amen.

To conclude, those who undermine the Spiritual well being, can never be of God, so don’t be surprised, if you come up with dissent, as the prophet Ezra pointed out, through discourse with the angel Ariel, faith is not as real as spoken of, and Jesus says, not everyone who calls me lord knows me, or the Father.

Samples of reality, we are given many stark reminders, some horrible to contemplate, in the prophecies of old, reminders, there is a battle of Spirit ongoing in every human heart, the odds of you overcoming this battle, is close to zero if there is no belief in you, and as said by Jesus, there has to be room for Spirit, otherwise, you are a container ship at sea, top sided with empty containers, appearing to go somewhere but going nowhere, but you still look like a ship, amen, lessons in reality, amen. Wherever you finally dock, there will still be nothing on the ship.

What am i worth

No, it’s not about who is the richest and therefore, the most responsible, no, it’s the plight of an uneducated boy or girl,fifteen or sixteen years old, what’s my worth in this world. No bank account, no economic assets, no home, no clean water, just about surviving, and glad at that, what am I worth they ask, who values me, in a world that puts the material first nearly every time. You need proof, we think better than that,well, the gap between rich and poor is so vast, it’s the distance from Hell to Heaven, whatever that is.

What am i worth, i want to feed my sisters and brothers, but education is in short supply, that tyrant the west supported stole our wealth and gave it away in binding contracts to others, their friends, what am I worth. A side note, if the tyrant acted against the wishes of his people, there is a good chance that all contracts the tyrant signed,could be voidable, just thinking outside the box. Criminal behavior is not in the interests of any nation. Mass tort lawyers, there are hidden gold mines everywhere you look, open your eyes, think fees, wow, doesn’t money get your intention. I just won a load of easy cash,everyone hears, is someone sowing the seeds of envy,or worse, are they doing it intentionally, amen.

The old chestnut, she knows what other girls do, will I she wonders, her choices, now very stark indeed. A big smile, the plane is loaded with cash filled pockets, the money always appears, but there has to be SPECIAL reason, your own pleasure. She dress’s the way the others girls do, attention is instant,is that all there is. After your first time you will soon get used to it, but if your nervous,try these, her old friend hands her some pills. Pills she says, looking at the dots in her palm, i don’t even drink. Her friend frowns, but tries to hide it, she will learn soon enough she thinks.

Hello, this is God’s world, not ours. even that piece of paper that says you own this and that,it will all be forgotten quickly, when you are given reminders of the last great interview in this life; what you did with it, amen. Is the environment strong, is there clean water, change subjects, how about the human environment; mind gamer’s, our fixation with our ego, change the subject fast, we are all in this together, then you remember the kind old lady who was a giver all her life, you immediately think, eureka, we are not all the same, and whoever peddles such stuff, is one global liar,amen. What am I worth you ask?

New Ideas

How we learn,ask a child,the past they tell you, this is what I learned. There isn’t enough money in the world, even though it can be printed night and day, the child continues, there is talk of hunger, but that is all price related too, the child knows, he goes shopping with his mother, has noticed her squirm, when she can’t afford things, leaves her depressed awhile, so the child notices, you continue to listen, as for Jesus, who really follows the words he used, the child shakes his head, example man, tell me where to find it the child asks.

Solomon sighed, in the store as he calls it, this can’t be real, the store, an emporium of chance, at least that’s the game, and a game is all it is. Those of light, and those who try to upset,the focus has to remain on the cash, others loss, the proverbial vacuum cleaner. Maybe these reminders, these emporiums, are a pointer to our addictions in general. The mind gets into a fixed state of being, what is in it for me, nothing, move on, amen. So and so won this, words spoken too loud, perhaps a number mentioned, perhaps there are those who believe in the mantra of repeat repeat,same as those taunts from Donald and co, amen.

can’t get it out of the head, where your kept most days, without ever noticing, locked in your head, and all those thoughts and ideas that camp safely in there. A crisis, your an expert at it,all those frightening blogs you read,enough to fill an encyclopedia, all in your head, and you wonder,where the new ideas come from,amen.

woe betide the treatment awaiting those, who try to harm the inner well being of anyone,amen.

The Fourth Wife Syndrome

Desolation,the carnage, what,thinking of others,with number four it’s hard to remember the name of the first, the leavings, he only walked out twice, did they make college, one of his ex’s had two children by another,how were they faring, was he expected to remember them, the number of birth days, you’d need a secretary, number four, much simpler. He will never go astray again, he made this promise so often, this time he is sure, as sure as all the other times. commitment, if it works out fine, who wants you to suffer. One last gamble, the current arrangement, wife number five, a little more exotic, earns money on the quite, has put thoughts into his head, he will go legit, this girl works, amen.

The weight some women carry, the inner kind, Solomon smiled, with all the signs,they will hopefully be treated better, amen. Destiny with the light, who can pass that app, amen.

Later,wife number six was very understanding; she met him on a prison visit, she being on the committee, he serving six for slavery, amen.

Refugee Girl

She stands with the older women, no permit no job, no food, no life, the refugee girl, how she would benefit if those off shore tax havens didn’t exist, the dictators who forced her to run, do we need them, of course not. As Jesus said, you can’t have two master,he was referring to money and God,it was incompatible. Those of the Spirit, don’t allow yourself to be swayed by sweet arguments.

She finds a rest, a man who treats her with respect, she is over the moon, can sleep at night without worrying, amen.

Jesus has words we all know well, how often do we apply them is the question to ask oneself. Solomon saw the signs, there could be no doubts. The Kingdom of God is real, what are the consequences of that, well, it’s the most important question you’ll answer, only with your deeds, amen.


The crowd lines the street, the thirst, it’s not often you see violence for free. Is it the fate of another, the huge amount of emotions that churn away inside you. Glad it’s them, you are safe you feel. All your thoughts of humanity, saved for far off conflicts, safe to keep them there, those who put their heads up, a target for every neurotic out there. Compassion you feel, but it has to have a name, it’s better to think them and us, less of the emotions, until you put a face to the event, then it’s another life. The difference between evil, hatred and forgiveness, how do you untangle their meanings, how do you protect yourself more importantly.

Hatred is like an enemy soldier, when one falls, another replaces them, him or her. It’s the plague you can never cure, another conflict appears, more hatred, in a nutshell, it’s too easy to enable another with your grief, and there are those who thrive on bad news, same as any addict. And the supply in hatred seems endless, so if that is your topic of choice, there is no limit to how it can affect you.

Evil is a condition, it just exists, it’s not hatred, hatred has to have roots, amen.

Forgiveness, the means of off loading hatred, while keeping evil in chains. Where do you take your rubbish, surely you don’t keep it inside, what a stink, exactly, think of your inside health with all that hatred floating around, amen.

The benefits of a clean inside health; no need to escape yourself,firstly. Easier to deal with addictions, no worry about next time, you need to have a clean bit of health with yourself, simple.

Compassion, thinking in the shoes of another, forgetting about yourself, learning how to do it better, then you try it yourself,the advice you give others, then more compassionate you become. Why, you realize that advice alone never works, more compassion, then the habit grows,and automatically you feel better about yourself, amen. Practical and practice matters. A clear head helps you see the signs ahead, not the accidents that you recover from, not that again.

God is a just judge

Undermining emerging democracies, encouraging tyranny, selling guns to unstable leaders, acting like a gangster, forcing those under your influence, to follow your orders, removing leaders who disagree with you, selling propaganda to millions, listening only to those who have money, the crimes of humanity are many, and lessons are taught regularly, the repeat offender syndrome, we got away with it so often, worry, we are invulnerable too, expanding, sell new product to the customer, using bankers to disguise the money trail, crushing dissent,and now the question, what sort of society does the above paragraph represent, here are the options, no need to worry about winning a prize, it’s just a quiz.

International Terrorism, International tyranny or your home country, which one do you choose. God is a just judge, imagine how your nation fares in this, and if it looks like a thorough conviction, maybe it’s time to encourage healthy compassion, before it goes too far, amen.

Happy Mothers Day

Rejoice, there is talk of change in off shore tax shelters,meaning, more help for schools, teachers,and better support for all mothers. Well, as Jesus used the words of Isaiah, regularly, it was the words the prophet used, that Jesus reiterated, as if to say, with pure words from the prophet, we can re engineer the entire world, well, there is precedent for it, amen, with the word,the world became, with the word, the world changes, and with the word, well, lets use them carefully,amen.

ESDRAS and Today….

Those with no time for matters of God, those with an interest in current times, those who have their children in mind, might we wise, to examine for themselves, the words of the old testament prophet, who warned of times such as these. Esdras is not mentioned too often, Ezekiel another name used in reference to Esdras,gives a clear description of the end of times as we know it, and reminds all of true faith, to hold firm to the end, as the people of God will survive the catastrophes predicted by Esdras,as explained to him, by the angel,Ariel.

The decadent lifestyle does not get much of an applause, and those who exploit the earth,fare as badly. Given the super natural signs from above evidenced by numbers,and patterns, apart from recent scientific discoveries, that have put the word, God’s atom on many scientific minds, an anathema to those who are non believers, sadly, but recent discoveries, the hidden land made visible, the confused times,chaotic leaders, makes Esdras a very soothing read for those putting effort and time, into events eternal,amen.

Have you noticed the babbling leaders lately, the nonsense coming out of so many TV voices, well, maybe you should begin to notice, as the angel says to the prophet;

Those who are rich spiritually, have eternity to look forward to,amen.