The Other Way

I didn’t think it was wrong, it was the way they reared me, i though it was normal, the way they praised me, the treats that i was given, i thought they respected me, then, well, one day they threw me out on the street, as if they let their dogs on me, it was horrible, the normal that i knew, was the normal they thought me.

The stenographer tries to keep up with the testimony. The boy man re tells the story, how he was used as bait, to trap others, his head down, he recalls the signs, told what to look for, the courtroom drama, the silence in the court, this scheme, was it all over the place. They were looking to convict an innocent man, but the Lord of the Almighty had sent along his Holy Spirit, the game was up, but the story has to be told, as it was a common trick, to gaslight people, a game children were playing on themselves.

So entire nations were in the hands of these men and women, asked the prosecuting counsel, the tone of voice, a slight on the words, as if anyone, or any spying agency, would be so audacious as to expect to get away with it.

Well, when you see them, they are just like us, it’s what’s behind, they only could do it though, when they had you subdued, that was their thrill, domination. The jurors are spell bound, could this be true.

Solomon thought of Albino Luciani, the man whose was the key to so many profound revelations, the bright beaming hope, who smile lit up the hearts of all he met, and how that joy, was taken away, just as hopes were rising, what a legacy, whose smiling now, amen.

Whom should you fear, was the question, Moses is on the way back from the mountain, it was time to out the deceivers, demon and beast, amen.


Experiment Experiment Experiment

The readers of thoughts, the monitor of movement, the pawns on the street, the meddlers of hope, transgressors, the mind machine, the invasion of the mind, what the blazes, they control everyone, so they thought, until the word reached the Heavens, and now they are rowing for their lives, it’s that simple.

The lone sailor across the Atlantic, the loneliness of the long distance runner, the metaphors, this need for space, even on TV, it’s shown to us, the mind game experiments, there is evidence, the mindlessness, we are only trying to improve humanity, their excuse, what did they think of Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God, and the host of souls that stood against such roman minded control, well, the ruins were left on the streets of Rome to remind all, God loves his Children, amen.

As the parables say, if only, as Isaiah says, if only they turned to the Almighty instead, how their troubles just ease.

Luciani The Great

Not that lucky luciano, the other, not that unconnected either, considering that the luciani without the “O” was bumped off during the night, 33 odd years ago, but timely is the matter, the lessons he left behind, this chosen servant of the Almighty, and how his reforms back then, would have had such an affect one would think, if they had then been implemented, that’s the news, amen. Reformers, zealots, thieves, dissenters, cheats, the usurped, the list is long, and the progress that we call progress, has brought us to the tip of the iceberg, the ease of use of drugs, the break-up of family life, the community that has broken down, the irreverence for the Almighty, and the stress mother nature has had to endure, this is just a cheap account of the current situation, even though, there are green stems of hope sown in places, still the question is what if?

Who sold out the Pope, who sold out, who was bribed, why were they bribed, why was Latin america so dominated by an extreme right wing think tank, why the slurs against certain countries, why have women had to stress that much, and why do men complain when women toughen up, and say they have had enough, even if it costs them their core nature of nurture at times, the quest for survival, amen, how in these times, the Gospel of Jesus has been shown to be 100% true, what is the fate of those who stand against G-D’s Holy People, do they think they can succeed, or did they think they could succeed, amen.

The original kindness that was an every day affair, the common greeting, the welcome that was a given, the community issues dealt with, without the usual angst, now it’s a crime to complain, there are those on the other side who go for the jugular at the first chance, as if to say, how dare you for an opinion, and the others, the by standers who watch, wondering which horse to back once the race commences, what sort of world do you want?

Eight Billion Reasons, what was the population in the early seventies, can the world live like it did in the past, given the pressure on resources, the need to slow greater now, while more children scream to be fed, well, the economist in his cosy office, or the intellectual in hiding, might cling to issuing great advice, but the advice that has lead us to this great conundrum, well, it’s the emperor’s clothes syndrome, they are naked for ideas when it comes to recovery, amen, allow the new ideas in, amen.

Treasure Box

The word is the power, according to the Gospel of John, and the flow is vital, and since there are those, who interfere in the normal thinking and the use of wisdom that flows from it, as Luciani would say, if at the keyboards, change is not just the weather forecast, it’s the future, amen.

Solomon wrote, the rescue was written a long while back, the issues identified, the runway identified, the troubles identified, another luciani, had the second effort to avert the rescue, not been a second attempt to thwart the will of the Almighty, amen, when the issues going forward were clear to the prophets, amen. Or worse, men trying to act like as if they were of G-D, the truth probably, let them continue with the clean up, amen, while the people of the Almighty enjoy their time, amen.

Human Rights and the Alternatives

Great name for a band, the rites and the alternatives, is that copyright she asks looking over her shoulder, her friend at the blog machine, sounds groovy, who could forget a name like that, so popular. Young, enthused, hormonal, going natures way, thinking the way the female bird thinks when trying to select a mate, the dance he has to put on, the number of changes, those colors, that feathery dance, while she swoons at all the attention, not even having to put on a new dress, she the prize, in the children, the new life she will carry, amen.

Now, the proof of Jesus and the Gospels is beyond all doubts, there are none. This is not a question, it’s the reality, and those beautiful flowers, those clean fresh waters, that healthy air, those clean fields, the condition of the car before it came out of the showroom is on, you thought you owned it, but it’s only on lease,, so you have to return it, and you are worried about the excess charges, you even take a picture of the car when you get a foreign rental for fear of being charged a few extra in cash, in order not to be ripped off, imagine, then response, when you try to bluff your way past security at the gate, think about it, so human rights and the alternatives, is it all about your personal freedom, as the song book screams, so sexy too, lets join in, they will share with you, but the yacht is off limits except for, well, the guff and the gaff is fine, but the personal is fine too, but you live in a community of others, and at no time in history has it been made so clear, amen.

Who would plot against the Holy reality, amen? Luciani smiles, someone is thinking of me.

So human rights, and the alternatives, can you ignore the One who made the entire possible?

The Sound of Music

Who am I, the story, the great love affair, the notion of service, the morning papers, the Italian Nun, who becomes a star, the connections, the reflection, the world cup in Qatar, football in the desert, the page turns back, Moses and the promised land, the rights of man, the many questions, the teasing, the tension, then the world cup goal, when the record is corrected, baled out of course, could there be a better way of saying, Who Am I, what am I doing here, where do I belong, then the small girl in the Bedouin tent, asking her Father, Papa, when is the change going to come, he too progressive, but having to live, like those early light people, under the radar of Heaven, freedom and security, in the hands of the Prophet Moses, if that is what you call the leader, and all descended from Abraham. It’s not a simple answer, and questions need to be addressed, but the words are on many lips, what is the world I can live in, then the environmental cost, well, another issue, more inclusive, could we sort out that one first.

My rights, I was born this way, the three hands instead of two, the doctor is astonished, how is this possible. The later years, the move away from the so called norm as it’s known, the new norm, how we address today, yesterday history. Could we move faster, the pushers of rights, do they consider the rights of others in their thinking, or is it a case, this is ours, when ours only exists become of the others, a man and his wife, not a woman and her husband, who comes first. The issue is pressing, the arguments continue, the effort to assault under disguise, those who disagree with you, how kind, the world cup, the reality of green pasture, huge stadiums, the outcries of the rights lawyers, well, is it not better to bring the issue to the light, when all laundry is on show.

So Sister Maria, becomes the sweet heart of the prince, his children find a father who has rekindled that earlier love, while the reputation of the Great Higher God, rises, not that the music does it alone, but the story, the children get the mother they need, not a dutiful woman, who is a servant of her husband for life. So Who am I.

The picture of the cloud is a real one, have no doubts, amen.

Imagine this, the power of the Holy Mother, imagine, the use of the words, some to define purity, maybe, they are used to display the notion of pure love, but got lost in their meaning, well…Imagine the children who have had to grow up with a mother tied to the house, freedoms restricted, pennies counted, her spirit overtaken, a servant, whom those around her assume to be the role of the woman in this life, amen, Holy Holy Holy, amen, and then wonder whom to imitate, knowing it is wrong, who would not be confused, amen. Who Am I?

Riding the Spirit

The fatal step, the spirit handed over, the bargain too quick, is there a cure. Temptation, there are many, Jesus has the cure, be patient I assure you. There you are, the heads are lifting ideas the way thieves pick pockets, what’s this, the make up of schemes, the lady is running for president, has great hopes, has a world view, a little liberal too, some don’t like, the effort she puts in, the same as raising children, she keeps it tight, understands too well, they don’t raise themselves. How do we get her off the perch, the chat is frenetic, she is going to do a luciani on it, change things. Her close friends, what’s the leak, what can we get into, where is her weak spot.

Jesus knew the schemes of the pharisee’s. They had tricks, they tried it all, that was in a time, when life was much simpler, less of the fantasy, maybe a kiss from your neighbor, the height of it, we have left that a long way behind, now our interests, well of some, lets say, we don’t need explanation now, but in the times of 2,000, 8 billion, prophetic truth, no one has to fear anyone other than “The Most High God”, as for those riding the spirit, i’d listen, amen.

She is in full throttle, her campaign is flowing, her help is strong, then the bombshell, the news that is leaked, the mess, the effort to undermine, the gap in the campaign closes, then the cartoon, has anyone respect for the Most High God?.

Jesus was vert forthright in olden times, imagine today. You’d need…

There are times when efforts are created to undermine, and there are times when you have to account for it, don’t be fooled by those who try to explain it all away, as a game, there is a choice, amen.

The Great Signs

How do you explain, the times are now, great signs for some years now. Clouds, appearances, great events, prophecy, the demand for changes, the new number, a first for the race, the amount of changes, great things are happening, don’t allow your faith to be shaken much, tribulations, and miracles, the end and the commencement of the new era, what sort of person do you intend being, now that heaven speaks to us all, amen.

Well, is that sort of habit, do i need to empty the closet, what should i retain, those strange interests, do i need to encourage them am i safer in a crowd, do i hide well, the reality, there is a God, forget the deceivers, it’s real, so how should I handle the signs, amen.

Solomon sighed, Ezekiel, the prophets, the Talmud, the holy books, all of them, the number 8, the next time we examine the number, maybe our personal habits will have calmed, maybe we will slow down, after all, in times of old, the work was manual, apart from the scribes and those like them, the physical energy burned off, the meaning of exercise, the need for it, the tired evenings, natural, the preparation for the festivals, they were not every weekend, people had to travel, there was safety in the cities, now, that the rhythm of life has altered, the 24/7 world of progress, has pushed the world to the verge, in short speak, time to get back on the road with all four tires, amen.

8 Billion Persons

That’s a lot of mouths to feed, that’s a lot of rethinking, that’s a large number, and given the environment, changes are much more meaningful, and that’s not just politics. The story of the lady who campaigned for the welfare of women, the problems in the Spiritual business, the women who had large families, wondering where the food will come from, the talk of the priest, as if the inability to feed your family is sacrifice, as if the earth didn’t provide for it, the failure to apply wisdom, but insist upon the old ways, same as when Jesus arrived, and the plot to deny the truth, 8 billion is rather a large number.

The first words from the mouth of Jesus, the girl recovers, feed her, give her bread. The loaves and the fish, feed them, it does not sound as if the notion of food is just a current issue, it has always been an issue. What do they feed the minds with, what sort of compulsions do they breath into people, the needy concoction, it’s all about me, me never figured in the Gospel of Jesus, now shown to be true, delivered.

The woman in the story, Vicky, she has a dream, the fate of women, don’t allow it to pass, Solomon wondered about the issues women face. Raising a child should be trouble enough, but add in the stress that they are surrounded with, the knock on affect, and the mantra of before, things never change, it won’t be repeated again, and as for the men, with an abhorrence to the standing of the female, they are lesser than men some seem to imagine, as if we lived in the prairies of the 1800’s and surrounded by hostiles who were trying to steal them, when the enemy is already within, we gave birth to children, we endure the pain, we take care of them, and we don’t forget, would it not be great if men were so dedicated, rather than having to be brought to the brink, before, well, maybe, well, but, that’s cute, it’s time to rethink the game of life, amen.

The invasion of the space inside, one way of looking at the issue raised, what sort of stress causes such harm, why do we have to raise the issue, did the souls of the earth not recognize the growing issues. Now we have 8 billion souls, prophetic signs, and telling changes, amen.

Solomon sighed, the schemers and the triers. Imagine getting to the pearly gates, the load of your existence with you, this is what you take with you, and allowances for the start you had, some had it easy, there is a parable on this, Abraham and Lazarus, but to get to the finish line, and explain yourself, a thought worth thinking about. Jesus raises the Spirit, amen.

Albino Luciani

The 33 day pope, the reasons, perhaps pointed, referring to another, at 33 years, who made the world think of the world above. God acts in mysterious ways, and when it comes to change, usually sends the reminder, like the tax returns, you better see the accountant, as to what the bill is going to be.

Solomon sighed; there are those who seek to subvert, the ways of the evil ones. Getting the boxing term right, when the other fellow has a longer reach, you need to get in close to change the result, it’s not all bad news, but the ways of change or those that claim to be changing, can often be misleading, like the story, the real identity comes to mind, often too late, so the story goes. Perhaps, there were those who were encouraged to serve, same as those that go into marriage, for fear of saying no, or being unable to say no.

The world is at the point of population rush, the need to curb the produce, its not an effort to curb the spirit, despite what some may think. The victim in all of this, is Mother Nature, who had to extend herself in order to provide for her children, the lack of resources, leading to ways that were perhaps not good for the long term, same as those who pick the words from the holy books while ignoring the entire, it can lead to much that seems correct but is in fact misleading.

Now, as we look back, at the characters, it’s easy to see abhorrence in some parts, while making hero’s out of those, with no heart in them altogether, may we be guided by the Holy Spirit, and not the material spirit, that can be so absorbing, that we forget about God entirely, amen.

Solomon sighed, he recalls the day, the cloud appeared, and how the world had changed ever since, as if we are ever alone, amen.