God in a Nutshell, part 1



God in a nutshell – Part 1


God, how we make him smile, ever see sparkles in a little ones eyes, tears of joy in one who lost hope, who finds it again, life is more than a game, it’s a love match, a balance act between hearts, it’s the part we play in life, getting it right, not all the time, we are expected to mess up, it’s why we are born again, Jesus didn’t get on with too many Pharisee’s, not many of today’s religious leaders,  or those that deem themselves above those they serve, spin doctoring won’t save you, honesty might, judge it for yourself, the chances of making it to heaven, these topics of interest to you, suppose they are, just a question of believing, loving, meaning forgiving readily too, and acting in that fashion. Reminding others of their faults is an invitation for evil to arrive, the bitterness it creates even if you don’t show it. Seems so simple, what is water, very simple, source for life.

Check out the picture in the Sky, and don’t press your nose against the screen, stand back, and you’ll set it all clearly.


A Pause to Inhale Roses

A Pause to Inhale Roses.

mother nature needs all the help we can give her, if the planet is to survive, and chemicals are choking her to death, and the rest of us go, where she goes, follow your nose, and put those chemical sprays in the bin, asthma rates have increased at an enormous rate, due to the use of sprays indoors, and the latest trick, is the sealed house, or the energy rated house, basically, you are poisoning yourselves on the quite, and it’s been proved to be 100% true, happy new year, let the fresh air in, it just might save you…

Understanding Love

Understanding Love

  1. everyone needs it, it’s never yours, don’t abuse it
  2. it’s a gift
  3. the only one


and at the end of your life, you’ll have to account for it, did you hold it too tight, did you bury it under the mattress, did you distort it, were you outwardly an angel, a devil in the dark, love is the only intangible of Interest to God Most High, the guy in the Sky picture, he’s divine and connected as they say, so when he taps the door, will you hand him a bowl of sorrows, a fridge full of  excuses, or some refined love. It’s not often we get warnings in the sky, perhaps it’s time for wholesale change, a limit on behaviour, a wealth limit too, as too few with so much distort an awful lot. I hear your reaction already, share, you got to be kidding, horror, I’ll have to sell my private jet, not even close, more more more, well, you can’t carry it into the grave with you, the Egyptians tried that, and you see what happened there, the ending wasn’t the one they planned for, and I don’t see why that will change, unless we all change, and the picture of the Man in the Sky, is a calling to all, from a divine source, amen.Image

New b Attitudes

Sift through the mould in your mind, ready the hump, the new year is upon us, banish the hurt, banish the blues, unless you sing, lift your spirits high, raise your eyes to heaven, those stars are yours, all of them, they are smiling back at you, God Most High is looking on, have no fear, divine help is here to stay, you just have to believe it, and many great miracles these last few years, are testimony of his divine mercy, and love for us all, we children of the sun, everyone alive on the planet, have been given a chance to shine again, and love is the drug that you need to be on, and it’s working wonders everywhere, love is power for the heart, and as it thickens up, everything changes, and blossoms, the same way you water a plant that is thirsty, we have all been thirsty for love, and the lack of love, is the reason for so many mishaps, and this can be proven. Accidents happen, but nothing that God Most High decides upon, is accidental, the same way two pin drops created everyone of us, we have a chance to make good with God Most High, and love as they say, is the only intangible, despite what they say, no one has yet to buy it, you can’t hire it, you can only pass it on, make it your new years resolution, and perhaps God Most High, will give us time, to comeback from the abyss, we have been staring into so often lately, love up, and that means, the needs of others, and the impact you make in all that you do, it’s why we are born again, because we never get it right first time, amen.  If you have any doubts, check the image of the man in the sky, it’s real, not a photo shop exercise, or a spin doctors dream, besides, I have encountered the Holy Spirit, and you don’t mess around in those circles as they say, happy New Year. Image

Mother World

Mothers of the world, rejoice, it’s been heard in the heavens, and the change in the status of love, is yours, days of control are over, God Most High has heard it all, and he’s been seen in the clouds, just a warning to all those who sexualise motherhood, wherever they are, or whoever they are, the loss of love, the pressure on nurture, the super human efforts of mother’s everywhere, has been the greatest love shown, apart from the others, who stood up and tried to be men, the cries have been heard, the tears in the hearts have awoken the great spirit, and changes are going on everywhere, so don’t over react when you don’t get what you want, it’s been character forming, and it’s not lost on the one whose love is the greatest of all, the children lost will be found again, and your heart call has been heard all over. From the days his son was sent to the cross, the vision of the weeping few, all mothers, and a few others, is a sentiment, an eternal flame that has never gone out, praise God Most High, amen.


 Christmas humbug some say, commerce, business, too much, it’s not about what you do, it’s not about you, it’s a gift for children, that’s the reality, not a pagan festival, not an adult party, it’s children who are supposed to benefit, and love is the main beneficiary, and when we buy gifts for others, big children, we add to the joy, we give love a life, mother’s a rest, basically it’s love on steroids time, and it’s God Given, not a religious gift, not a conquest, not a local authority, not anything human, it’s divinely inspired, to recreate the love of the creator on earth, thereby, weakening the impact of evil, the dark energy spirit menace that threatens everyone’s existence. Imagine a world where children are put first, and Christmas is that time of the year, amen. It’s a time of less of the self and more of others, basically it’s the growth time for love.