The Access Code

The heart that loved was the access code, there was no other means, it was that simple, just as said 2,000 years earlier, and it was where Holy Spirit dwell ed, in the invisible soul, as invisible as soul, unless you were aware of how it manifested itself. The movement of nature, who could control love, it was very similar. We imitated life around us, our spirits, some had it strong, and more didn’t, most of it greedy, amen. It all started in the heart, and the prejudice.

There are no divisions, just man made regulations, as spoken, 2,000 years ago, amen.IMG_5757



Gay Bums and Ass’s

A bum or an ass, the corruption of language, the double meaning, it was about the context, the timing changed the meaning, over a cloud, upon a cloud, under a cloud, the meaning of sky, who could understand it, only those supposed to understand it, amen.

Betrayed with a kiss, saved by a kiss, it was all very strange. Was there someone watching, how we rush to judge, prepared to react, how fickle the mind, how weak the heart, it ran hand in hand.  It was easy to assault the senses, particularly if wound up emotionally.

There were those who read minds, understood our ways, could plan our reactions, fallen angels some of them, others too. Solomon ignored routine for good reason. It wasn’t accidental. Twin worlds, two halves to every life, male and female, which one dominates, decided everything. Finding balance, never easy, especially when pushed.


I’m For The Birds

Baby bird sits quietly in the tree,

waiting patiently the way a baby bird be’s,

starts to smile when he see mammy in the sky,

coming home with dinner just for little old me,

wont be long before he fills his little tummy,

and the next day mammy goes out does it all again,

she don’t get distracted or lose focus,

she’s a mother and that’s her responsibility,

dad bird comes smelling of beer and sweet perfume,

mammy stares over  doesn’t have to wonder where he’s been,

of course that only happens to the human type,

animals birds fish and others of the species don’t have this problem,

next time you are called animal assume it a compliment,

it’s not the birds bees fish or anything of the animal world,

that has been raiding their own environment,

with the view to exploitation and profiting from it,

I’m for the birds,

just a thought on a Monday .Featured Image -- 1110228067Featured Image -- 1110227877patrick the oldest and largest living wombat (2)che2IMG_5757IMG_5222IMG_5507

Soaring suicide rates, murder and forced to live by the roadside on scraps: How one of the Amazon’s oldest tribes faces being wiped out by ranchers scaring them off their land in a ‘silent genocide’

for the sake of beauty products, our habits are achieving misery for so many


  • Thousands of members of the Guarani Indian tribe have been aggressively evicted from their ancestral land in Brazil
  • Guarani people claim land owners – or ‘ranchers’ – are paying mercenaries to assassinate leaders and scare them off
  • Violence escalated recently as groups of Guarani tribesmen attempted to retake the land that was stolen from them
  • 400,000 lived in continent when European colonisers made contact in 16th Century – but tens of thousands remain

One of South America’s oldest tribes is being wiped out by land owners who pay mercenaries to assassinate its leaders and force them off their ancestral land, human rights group Survival International has warned.

More than 400,000 Guarani Indians lived in sprawling communities throughout South America when European colonisers first made contact in the 16th Century.

Only 51,000 remain in Brazil today, while their population in Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia has decreased by…

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