Twin Peaks

There is always one mountain that is higher than the rest, there is also the Spirit, that is higher than the rest, the bigger the power station, the greater the output. There are economies that thrive, there are economies that seem to thrive, but they are not like the rest. A restaurant opens, the man starts small, builds up the trade, eighteen hour days, his family support and work, their toil keeps it alive. Then there are the restaurants that appear to be a business, but are not, they compete with the 16 hour a day owner, who has to struggle to raise cash,while his competitors sail on regardless. The staff in the sixteen hour a day operation, are living locally, they don’t change too often,they are loyal to the boss, while the staff in the seeming to appear like a restaurant, their staff turn over regularly, their loyalty to the owner, non existent. Twin peaks, success seems to be real. Twin Peaks, Spirit seems to be real. What is the point to the story.

Jesus had to overcome the bias of those who controlled the religious rackets that were going on. The priests at the time,controlled access to the temple,commerce in a nutshell, and when Jesus complained, they were using the reputation of God to cheat people, he earned the scorn of those who had the population under control. In a nutshell, you served God, you lived for ever, you served money, you didn’t, amen. Before world war two, and soon after it started, the Nazi party made it clear,what they intended doing to those who disagreed with them, {we don’t need to remind anyone of the horrors}. But once the world got wind of such pending danger, the red cross was invited by the Nazi’s, to come visit a town, they specially constructed, in order to convince the concerned people of the world, that they were treating these concentration camp prisoners,wonderfully, the rest is history.

Where the Spirit of God is at work,blessings flow.When that Spirit is harmed in a serious way, the protection of God walks away, well, since they don’t want that sort of Spirit around, they don’t have their eyes set on eternity, amen.



The noise from the press, the habits of Donald, all over it, hasn’t there been enough. Looking forward, the new leadership in Israel, would remind you of the state of affairs in Northern Ireland,before the peace,arch enemies who swore they would never get on, they put down the swords, began a harvest of Peace, so while those directly involved, might feel threatened by extreme leaning leaders; they are most often honest in their intentions, but their religion, if its true within them, will force them to listen to the words of Peace. If you encourage hatred of others, you harvest the hatred of others, not the life for your children to follow.

Solomon sighed, he’d had it on his mind awhile; there were those intent on harvesting hatred and they intended to grow extremely rich from it,they obviously didn’t understand the ways of the light. So many signs, verified by odd results, numbers too, and a huge number of other changes’; will anyone living ever forget 2020, or doubt the possibility, that it could happen again. Solomon recalled the words of Isaiah, if they turned towards God, how happy they would all be, amen.

The Virus Story…

over a year of disturbance, limited movement, having to live with oneself, no escape route, isolate and live, the numbers disturbing, but there is an upside. Considering the huge numbers of people of head medication, there must be huge issues lying in wait for so MANY OF US.

The virus story, the world slows down, and all the stuff that had been swept under the carpet becomes visible, along with the deep seated hurt so many store inside,from generations of systemic abuse, only the world stopping for awhile, has given us a chance for a happier future.

The real winners, the new generation, who wanted desperate environmental change, amen. Mother nature, sighs with relief; they have changed their focus from making money, to saving their living environment, should we be getting awards for trying to save ourselves?

THE Spirit of Light…

The empty feeling, the clouds that threaten, the worry, will it ever be the same, imagine, the power brokers in the times of Jesus, 2,000 years ago, their man is safely nailed to the cross, their threat has gone, back to business,or so they thought. The story is rare, it has never been forgotten, and all the evidence exists, it’s all real. All these years later, the crisis the entire world faces, accompanied by signs that only divine power could make possible.

All those years ago, they denied the horrible truth; THE man of light was murdered. How do we go on, what must have been in the heads of those in control, the earthquakes, the sky darkens, the message clear AND simple, you have done the unthinkable. Centuries later, they are being oppressed, anyone who dares to believe. What is the problem; How do we take it in; you could add up the long list of martyrs, and reason they had good reasons, for dying for the cause, their God, amen. Are there others we recall from that time, if we are honest, very few indeed.

Jesus promised the 11th hour get out clause; there is time in other words, don’t be late, don’t leave it to a time,when there is nothing you can do, this is written a long time ago, the writer is putting his flavor on it, simplifying, what others try to enforce with rules. How do you distinguish between the light that comes from Heaven, the Holy Spirit in other words, and the Spirit of deception, in other words, the Spirit that honors the purely material, amen.

Your tired, the day is long, the washing is piling up, and there is another load in the machine, how will you get through it. The ironing board is set up, the work continues, it’s long past closing time, if you want to compare it with a regular job, but the work of a loving mother just goes on and on, regardless of tiredness or not. How does this relate to our friendship with Jesus you ask. Pause, there is always a smart ass, who wants to use the words, i said that, as if it matters, possibly it does, we all need a sense of well being and being esteemed. Anyway, this mother doing the chores regardless of time, knows the limits of her family’s needs. They come first, amen.

In a nutshell,Jesus is there all the time, and here is how you do it. On your knees you are immediate, you are asking for help, you are humbling yourself. God loves the humble. As for the mother in our stories, no one got here alone, they dedicate their lives to the welfare of their children when they are of the right mind, amen. They are light in our lives, same way Jesus is, always.

when in the company of the light, the time passes effortlessly, your worries disappear, and afterwords, you feel full yet empty, you want to hear more, cause there is no burden in the light, no one is trying to sell you something, no one is trying to get you to join a cult or anything else, that’s the work of deceivers, no matter how clever their words appear, amen. When you are tired pick up the Holy Book, and once you get lost in a parable, time will fade away, as your interest will be piqued by the wonders of old, and when you set the book down, you will dream life not fear, amen.

Solomon sighed, he was adding words to the journey, both as a moment of relief for those who suffer unjustly, and as a warning to the deceivers, who use the Holy Names to take control of the vulnerable, amen.

Jesus and Mothers Day…

Jesus opens the newspapers, Jesus turns on the internet,Jesus goes on holiday, what would He make of it. Jesus on the environment, Jesus on the habits of children, Jesus on the treatment of women, Jesus on the treatment of immigrants, Jesus on famine, Jesus on poverty and wealth, Jesus today in a nutshell. Given the large numbers who believe, there ought to be a lot of opinions out there,don’t you think, or is it all, bankrupt, amen.

The Fear Makers…

What dread they must feel, those who incite hatred, the horror of their deeds visible to all,the confusion in so many hearts, women attacking men, color fighting color, race wars, the chaos in so many lives, few knowing whom to trust, while predators take advantage of any vulnerable souls, the mayhem the fear makers created. Hate Russia,hate china, hate this and that, then the truth comes out, and it’s a certain group taking advantage of it, amen

Off shore they hide their stolen wealth,helped by vigorous servants of greed, always ensuring the trial ends with them, yes, helping to keep the poor even poorer, who would rate their chances before God, as no lawyer will be able to represent them, the fear makers,amen.

Solomon encountered the cloud, the sign he asked for before he set out on the mission. The old man warned him, they will try to turn you, they will do whatever, Solomon listened. Wasn’t that the reason the Spirit from above came, it could out do all threats, while reminding all of God’s Great Power, so it has proved,amen.

Yes, in the beginning,they laughed at Him, what’s love got to do with it, it’s money you need.Eight trillion later and counting, money doesn’t hold the same cachet anymore. Well, if the stuff can be printed or mimicked with paper,what’s there to it. Just stating the facts.

Time For The Spirit

Pandemic, has anyone considered the other side, meaning,the revelations of old, and the current times. Demons were aware, its their only fear,God’s Holy Spirit, it is why they try to interfere with the growth of what is life giving, in the eternal sense, as there is no cure for evil ,it’s why so much doubt and confusion is being sown. Where do you look for help, whom do you trust, when you see chaos everywhere, you grab the first piece of sound advice.

The sheep are rounded up, they run to the first place they find comfort. However, there are lessons written, over, 2,000 years old, about times such as these. There will be doubts, there will be chaos, and false leaders of the Spirit will present themselves, as chosen messengers, hoping to draw the interest of those who truly believe, hoping to lead them into a state, whereby, their Faith in the one true God will be replaced, by a God of the demon’s making, don’t be fooled, hold tight to the truth revealed by Jesus, God’s Kingdom lies inside you, the clean space, where the Truly Loving Spirit, resides. It’s why your habits become you.

Time for Spirit,what does it mean, or how do you make time for the Spirit, can evil dwell in God’s Holy Place, or put in a nutshell, it is written, that strong men will try to takeover the hearts of all, however, it’s written, they are guaranteed to fail, amen. So create a life style that is in rhythm with the divine plan, one of compassion, empathy, this is a basic, and never forget, Love does not have a color preference, those who say otherwise, deceive everyone.

The Harvest

Somethings on, suppose it’s the Harvest of the Spirit, being interested in a spiritual blog, the term should be, clear, what we bring with us from this life, in a nutshell, the well being, the joy, impression, it’s not hard to imagine. The fork in the road, left or right,did you live a worthy life, how did you deal with the challenges life dealt you. It’s not a bank account, it’s the affect your life has had on others.

Many would be glad to hear, from the guy who tells them, your all fine, great, you made it. That’s a lie of course, but come the time, many will follow the guy who gives the soft answers, amen.

Don’t deceive yourselves, amen

Judging Others

I only buy Gabriel, the look and cut of their range is like no other. The three friends are having afternoon tea, the shopping trip, their first after the lock down, the streets calm, people socially distant, men making room for women, the elderly clearly respected, in fact, its as if the pace of the fifties has been inserted into their heads, they sip tea politely, while pinching little cookies from the platter, the dainty daisies as colorful as the rainbow.

Mary, i don’t think that bun is going to help your waste line. Mary ignores the comment, the bun is dispatched in one movement. Mart dusts her lips. From the covid crisis she learned the power of patience…. to be….