noble lady

Her love has left her, not that she does not love. She gave her love a long time ago. She will not accept less. Her head held high, she is not as trim as she used to be, but that is fine. How she carries herself, her ways, how she deals with others, she is calm and sure, this noble lady.

Her friends, wonder. This is not happening. What has she done with her life; they wonder. Sacrifice was never their way. They refuse to understand. Like the widow who gave the two bits all those years ago, she is remembered, unlike those who chose comfort instead. Lucky woman, our noble lady is, amen.

Solomon sighed. He was on a visit with an old friend. He encounters an ageing woman, full of the steel of life. There is a twinkle in her eye. How did she remain single he wonders. he steals a glance at his older friend. So this is why you brought me here; to understand.

Jesus said it was not going to be easy. It will be tough at times, you will be oppressed too. Solomon smiled; those words are so true. How the eternal God loves eternal love, why not, if eternity is the end destination. Solomon watches her move. She is graceful and polite. She moves like a premium race horse, has style. The noble lady will live long in his memory, unlike others he will soon forget. Lucky the woman Jesus spoke about, when she put her two bits into the coffers, amen.

The wife’s dilemma

He’s addicted to violence on TV. It’s all he ever does. He craves those films, where there is threat and blood, it gives him a thrill. We used to be intimate,but he lost it. He is now addicted to pornography too. Her therapist sighs; show me who isn’t. She puts out the words she has trapped inside. Her therapist nods; she doesn’t know, but the therapist was acquainted with him; devious minded then in very subtle ways; you’d need to be a crime investigator to know, the modus operandi. When a young man talks mind games before he even qualifies, that’s enough. The progress of the relationship was no surprise to the therapist; those that use people usually end up in a mess. The lesson, love takes time, don’t fall for security, the lesson from Chicago, the source of the wealth matters, how it’s acquired. Even a weed can smell like a flower, sometimes.

Treasure Box

The wife’s dilemma, she wants to believe, her man. Technology expert, knows the jargon. So specialized, he hides the weird stuff, well, if they ever found out. The dilemma, is this what I entered a life partnership with. Too religious minded, she has seen the signals, how he comments on all that is wrong, and how he puts it on thick to impress the company, amen. The wife’s dilemma, the mother of all questions in a world going crazy, amen.

Can a mind soaked in horror ever do a face to face with God,without melting, so hot.


over her shoulder, she does it every few seconds, you’d imagine she was escaping a bullet,a gun chasing her, if only, the blood loss you can deal with, but his eyes, they were cold fear filled and he used them on her, knew the reaction, has a taste for fear. Over her shoulder, that look, she wonders if he can change into another character. Ideas are floated to her, she is psychic, can read thoughts. Once you know the talent, it’s easy. Terror, she moves to a new town, tries to out run him, she can hardly speak his name and when she does she shivers, collapses inside, the terror that he made her feel. She meets an angel, they are surprisingly common, he knows the fear, relax relax, it’s among friends you are. She knows better. He can flip through your mind like a lawyer reading a brief. Pin points the weakness, same as the cyber teams, that target individuals.

No more fear, the signs from above tell of the end of evil, and the mighty power of the Most High God. Nothing, no one, can oppose him. Freedom for the soul, harmony, the terror she used to feel, is gone. The lesson, one from the heart of Jesus. Forgive, don’t allow it to control you. Fear.

Solomon waved the red flag, expecting trouble to arrive. He had the visit from above, the power from God, imagine it. The beasts feast on the vulnerable, while the clever ones target the minds,imagine what is waiting for them, well, if Jesus told us of their demise, who can argue with that, amen.

Mental Destruction of the world…

Sexuality, a shopping experience, confused, the first seven years, the foundation. The little eyes, imitating, their confused parents and their failing relationships, record breakdown rates, while the parents argue, the child insecure,grabbing at anything firm, how this has been allowed to happen, we did this to our selves, and now with prophecies on the radar,the anxiety many feel, why you wonder, did we thrash the world our children and mother nature with it, from a distance, so it seems.

Rivers clean, run like muck, sludge on the floor, where no one can survive, then the misinformation wars, the deliberate harm, while those in position hid their misdeeds, while their sycophants said yes, and nodded, never able to question their boss, why you ask. Truth will be hidden, then when the revelation of God is made read, all the truths come tumbling out,yes, all those horrid habits, known to the Most High God, yes, all that weird shit, all known, and now, we all have to account for it, maybe.

As those on the edge for a long time tried to say; you are all being duped, but you eat it up, whatever it is, just to survive. Well Solomon encountered the Spirit, the real one, not imaginary,and once you realize, that as sure as Heaven exists, so does hell, who needs reminding, when you see it nearly every single day, amen.

Toned Abs lean thighs

Have to build exercise into the daily routine. We need to work the muscles, we need to push the lungs, the heart, we want to look our best, nothing controversial. The well being, that inner feeling, fits nicer too, the clothes. It’s good to be happy with your shape, good for the mental health too, lean, toned abs, nice thighs, attractive to your sex, it’s all connected. The outward and inner feeling, the effort is worth it. If only we had such an attitude towards our spiritual selves.

Why is it so vital that we improve our connectivity to God. Help, without making ourselves worthy, we put the existence of the planet on a knife edge. The heat, the changes, the abs might look good in the mirror, but that won’t make the Spiritual impression so badly needed now,amen, appearances are not everything,even if many think, that’s all there is, along with money.

My Image

Under the awning, coffee and newspaper in hand, the watcher is watching, the movement of souls, bodies in clothing,carrying the dreams of the day, the to do list if that’s what you call it, the shoe shop, dress shop, a stop with a friend, another shop, then home, the bundle of tasks we call life, the stuff you have to do. Where do we find the time for it all, along with the inner trauma inside everyone, the news affects us all,half of the united states appears hypnotized, while the other half wonders how it got that mad, do they actually believe it, the astonished thought on many minds, it all gets to us, this bombardment of news,most of it dubious, or so we are made to think, what does it do to your inner image you think, and your relationship, with the Most High God. We were more concerned with our global reputation, too late for that, what about your relationship with the Most High,do we ever consider it.

My image, sleek dress, tanned, hair well cut, make up perfect, smile prepared, a flash of the teeth, holywood bright, makes it easier for dentists looking in there, anyway. The cafe,only organic is good enough,that other stuff is bad for you, it’s what the vast majority can afford,but it’s getting better. Travel is allowed, the brochures are looked at, the chat is where is the safest, the wild living is having a cold shower, meanwhile you get a stomach ache, is it the diet pill your taking,the new ones, the ache, you suddenly rise from your chair, a fast move to the bathroom door, you pray there is no one inside, the options bleak,you have to get out of there,relief, the handle gives way, the feeling of freedom,as you sit on the seat, five minutes later, your back at the table, while promising yourself that you will give your diet pills the pass.

Shopping, new dress’s, the other bits, lost forty pounds, makes all the diarrhea worth it, a face lift maybe, just the eyebrows, you wonder, the day for your departure nears, rushing around, all those last second things, the stuff you forget, passports, you check the tickets again, to be sure, no repeat of years ago, the phone rings, your foot kicks a chair, no shoes on, only a sting, more of a warning, you will tread carefully, then you hang up. You live like your going to live forever,then you realize, it’s the inner baggage that you will be taking with you, you are aware of spirit. The day arrives, the plane leaves in an hour, your outside the terminal, at last, the mirror outside the door, one last look at your image, a smile.