Light Theory

Is certain light used to program the minds of people and change the way they think. What is the use of the bright garish light in the rearing of children, or sitting children who cannot move in front of a TV or screen where they can’t move, therefore intensifying the experience.

Theory .. a cut from Wikipedia, on the use of light radiation.

Discovery and early work

The photoelectric effect was discovered in 1887 by the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. In connection with work on radio waves, Hertz observed that, when ultraviolet light shines on two metal electrodes with a voltage applied across them, the light changes the voltage at which sparking takes place. This relation between light and electricity (hence photoelectric) was clarified in 1902 by another German physicist, Philipp Lenard. He demonstrated that electrically charged particles are liberated from a metal surface when it is illuminated and that these particles are identical to electrons, which had been discovered by the British physicist Joseph John Thomson in 1897.

Do certain nefarious individuals plan the programming of children, in order to heighten certain tendencies, or why do optometrists have serious issues with low wattage bulbs, as the experts in that field, tend to avoid such ways of lighting, the affect it can have, amen. Why do birds view some types of light invisible to the human eye, or who would be able to control such flight, amen.


Old Soul

Dear Old Friend,

To those you assist while on your earthly journey, consider how very lucky you are, to have given, those daily reminders, that is your life, and may I say proudly, like the widow in the temple whop gave the two bits, you are remembered too, and not imaginary either.

Against the odds, he listened to the story of Dr.Noel Browne, a man who was a humanitarian to the end, and was courageous to the end, in his defense of the vulnerable woman and child, a very Jesus thing to do, while stymied by those who were to protect the woman and child, as part of their spiritual duties, amen.

The Strings of Faith

Where does it come from, how does it arrive, is there a code I can use, what makes it that way, why is faith faith, why do we call it that, can you catch it easily, what work is involved, how many strings do I need to make a sound, why did the pickers pick, what was the other strings doing, paying the rent somewhere. Where who why when, how do you catch it.

The memory, where to start, the motives of people, their choice, the higher goals, their choice, what about faith, do they make plans for it, the unexpected. A man turns his life around, goes from doing harm to doing good, brings about the forgiveness of many ill deeds, the simple step, the turn around. We all have the moment, the paper and the preacher who turned from crime to giving, the story of the friend he recalled, trouble no, the journey of deeds, her deeds, how they awakened the soul of many, and the long trail of hope that was laid.

The 19th friend, the example to others, the amount of times, thinking of others, the downfall of herself, but not the downfall of the soul, those times, the efforts to be kind and non judgmental was an inspiration at times as much as it was perplexing, trouble, it was like water on the dry soil, you ignored it, and tried to block others doing harm, what a lesson you left, thinking of others, yes we all need an outstretched arm, that’s the feeling of support, how you are recalled, my 19th friend.

Solomon recalled the old lady who gave the two bits, a widow in biblical times, Solomon assumed aged too, to think that her effort is recalled, no deed forgotten, how it reminds us to give, amen.

Luciani The Great

Not that lucky luciano, the other, not that unconnected either, considering that the luciani without the “O” was bumped off during the night, 33 odd years ago, but timely is the matter, the lessons he left behind, this chosen servant of the Almighty, and how his reforms back then, would have had such an affect one would think, if they had then been implemented, that’s the news, amen. Reformers, zealots, thieves, dissenters, cheats, the usurped, the list is long, and the progress that we call progress, has brought us to the tip of the iceberg, the ease of use of drugs, the break-up of family life, the community that has broken down, the irreverence for the Almighty, and the stress mother nature has had to endure, this is just a cheap account of the current situation, even though, there are green stems of hope sown in places, still the question is what if?

Who sold out the Pope, who sold out, who was bribed, why were they bribed, why was Latin america so dominated by an extreme right wing think tank, why the slurs against certain countries, why have women had to stress that much, and why do men complain when women toughen up, and say they have had enough, even if it costs them their core nature of nurture at times, the quest for survival, amen, how in these times, the Gospel of Jesus has been shown to be 100% true, what is the fate of those who stand against G-D’s Holy People, do they think they can succeed, or did they think they could succeed, amen.

The original kindness that was an every day affair, the common greeting, the welcome that was a given, the community issues dealt with, without the usual angst, now it’s a crime to complain, there are those on the other side who go for the jugular at the first chance, as if to say, how dare you for an opinion, and the others, the by standers who watch, wondering which horse to back once the race commences, what sort of world do you want?

Eight Billion Reasons, what was the population in the early seventies, can the world live like it did in the past, given the pressure on resources, the need to slow greater now, while more children scream to be fed, well, the economist in his cosy office, or the intellectual in hiding, might cling to issuing great advice, but the advice that has lead us to this great conundrum, well, it’s the emperor’s clothes syndrome, they are naked for ideas when it comes to recovery, amen, allow the new ideas in, amen.

Treasure Box

The word is the power, according to the Gospel of John, and the flow is vital, and since there are those, who interfere in the normal thinking and the use of wisdom that flows from it, as Luciani would say, if at the keyboards, change is not just the weather forecast, it’s the future, amen.

Solomon wrote, the rescue was written a long while back, the issues identified, the runway identified, the troubles identified, another luciani, had the second effort to avert the rescue, not been a second attempt to thwart the will of the Almighty, amen, when the issues going forward were clear to the prophets, amen. Or worse, men trying to act like as if they were of G-D, the truth probably, let them continue with the clean up, amen, while the people of the Almighty enjoy their time, amen.

Human Rights and the Alternatives

Great name for a band, the rites and the alternatives, is that copyright she asks looking over her shoulder, her friend at the blog machine, sounds groovy, who could forget a name like that, so popular. Young, enthused, hormonal, going natures way, thinking the way the female bird thinks when trying to select a mate, the dance he has to put on, the number of changes, those colors, that feathery dance, while she swoons at all the attention, not even having to put on a new dress, she the prize, in the children, the new life she will carry, amen.

Now, the proof of Jesus and the Gospels is beyond all doubts, there are none. This is not a question, it’s the reality, and those beautiful flowers, those clean fresh waters, that healthy air, those clean fields, the condition of the car before it came out of the showroom is on, you thought you owned it, but it’s only on lease,, so you have to return it, and you are worried about the excess charges, you even take a picture of the car when you get a foreign rental for fear of being charged a few extra in cash, in order not to be ripped off, imagine, then response, when you try to bluff your way past security at the gate, think about it, so human rights and the alternatives, is it all about your personal freedom, as the song book screams, so sexy too, lets join in, they will share with you, but the yacht is off limits except for, well, the guff and the gaff is fine, but the personal is fine too, but you live in a community of others, and at no time in history has it been made so clear, amen.

Who would plot against the Holy reality, amen? Luciani smiles, someone is thinking of me.

So human rights, and the alternatives, can you ignore the One who made the entire possible?


The head has no space, the crown explodes, the depths of despair, is there a cure. That feeling, no space in the head, how it deforms our thinking, leaving us rudderless, at the mercy of those around us. She thinks, where do you find space. Her illness is getting worse, space, to heal, just have the mind, to trust in the Almighty and the tools you are given. The more you think good of others, is a great first step. Migraine, when the head does not have worry, the pain eases. She needs love, not pity.

Solomon was laughing loud. The butterfly came back to life, who, what when. Then he recalls the story of Jesus. They only wanted to touch his cloak, to feel that loving energy. What’s the issue some ask. In olden times, sexual activity was the by product of love, it was not the love. In the modern world, the love that many seek, is based on the self, not in the giving. Great examples in time, he watches the world famous leader, push his wife in her chair, their tenderness on view. It wasn’t the case of what you can do for me, it’s why do you love me, amen.

In short, you can’t love God unless you love what the Almighty created, amen.

It’s getting late, the time to go home. She is in the company of a friend. There is nothing to be concerned about, when with a real friend, amen.

Where is Barney Gone?

The three legged version of Garfield, the wonder cat, the wild kitten who put the life into another friend, Solomon often asked, where did Barney Go!, well, you don’t often see a three legged cat, he can’t have gone too far.

The Boy acquires a rescue dog, his personality comes out, they become great friends, they mingle, they go everywhere together, that dog knows what to do, and does not have trouble identifying trouble.

The need to mind your pets. Life is a journey, and the friends you acquire, they need to be maintained, looked after, this is too simple, but where does nurture come from, practice says the teacher. In the home, the boy comes in the door, Mother listens, there is news, they chat and explain to each other, their day, and each day the confidence grows.

But back to Barney The Cat, is ever there is a story of bravery, Barney is the cat. As a kitten, he was looking out for his little sister, and mother, the example that cat gave, is still alive today.

In doubts about Heaven, have none. In these times, the truth of the Gospels have been shown to be true, where is barney, the sage answers, In heaven obviously, amen.

November Memories

The recall, the story, the lesson, thinking of those that lay the path, memories. The laughing stock, no, it’s humor, fun, just a day, the writer recalls, those days, the car that broke down, those that sabotaged the jalopy, the meetings missed, the near misses, the strange events, we all love a good laugh, these wintry nights, the spring is not far off, the growth offensive, when Mother Nature comes to life, in the meantime, a chance to reflect, put down strategies for the coming season.

Solomon sighed, a close memory, the story of despair that was not despairing, the tenacity of the souls, how they are remembered, as are those other souls, many feeling lost, thinking of them, it’s easy to forget, but then again, maybe, just maybe, that’s why we need the dark so as to recognize the real light.

A parable of sorts, imagine the Eternal Fisherman, out on the seas, he comes home, the catch is fine, leaves the fishing to others, and after awhile he returns to the seas, not as it is supposed to be, so he sets them top work, those that interrupted the Spirit, or to put it mildly, those that put their talents into the material only and forgot about the talent giver. Solomon asks, how would you deal with the situation. How many have used the divine connection to overcome the minds of others, a typical case, a politician who gains the trust of the masses, and then when power gets to the core, deserts them for the material gain he frowned upon, a common ailment, ailment meaning, there is always a cure.

To this issue, the writer puts down the idea, of the lake of despair, not that it’s a lake of despair, it’s only a despair when it comes to cleaning up the mess, so how do you put words on it. There is talk of the prophets on the news, a strange affair, almost comedy, a wolf dressed as a lamb, the barrier is waiting, it’s a common theme. But the Great One in the story, hands a fishing rod to those who abused their talents, and points them to the pit of despair, their ambiguity caused, asks them to fish out the harm.

Everyone knows of such occasions, no one is ignorant of betrayals, and while their causes are masked in many different ways, the threads are there, there is the power of God that is permanent, not that we ignore the other reality, while at the same time, the gospel truth is played out. So as the great teacher says, get to your roots. Where do you come from,. recall what the old prophets say, whatever about the teachers of those laws, don’t worry if they don’t follow them, accidents happen all the time, just don’t get there too fast, limit the harm, learn what happened to others. In short, think of Abraham.

Years have passed, but the memory remains, that life helping events, and the choices that changed the world, the weather report on the day it mattered, there are many such events. The bag was stashed under the stairs, the clothes were added with time, the help was there when needed, it was her way of life, some great memories, amen. Did they really put all those people in there and torch the place, it happened, in places, let the call of the heart, be one you can dream sweetly with, amen.

What a Waste?

The habits of the man, drinks with all sorts, doesn’t do all the rituals, eats strange foods, sits down with those unlike him, has no time for titles, and tries to give us advice, as for the women in his life, he treats them like equals, what’s going on they ask. The painter at the side of the curb, his talent, well, look what he did with it, he stumbles across the street, while many say, if only I could paint like him, so the comments go, what a waste.

Jesus is reading Isaiah, the story of the great turn around, how the most silliest day in the life of the Almighty is greater than the wisdom of all the sages put together, what you ask. Solomon sighs, the wonder of creation, and while we are looking, what do we do with the waste?

The mother struggles in the heat, the bags are full, sweat runs down her face, she is nearly home, once in the door, it’s all work, not before she has a comforting cup of tea. The preparation is continuous, her job is never fulfilled, she works all her life, had the looks to chose, she chose family instead, was it such a waste?.

I can send a rocket to the moon, i can do mars says another, the boy beside them looks out at the sea, can anyone of you clean that up, they shrug their shoulders, the boy thinks, they look up but never see what is around them, what a waste he thinks!.