Thought Police

The duality, the inner you, there are those who know the secrets of invasive thought. A million thoughts cross the life of everyone, almost daily. What are these thoughts made up of, do you feel manipulated, made to fear, how those emotions trigger reactions. The thought police, how they plant evidence, the ideas, The reality of confusion; the deluge of news, little wonder the world is in such a state of flux, while those of God, appear to be calm. a phony war of division; why not, those who worship the material, are not pleased by the heavenly signs, amen.

Mental Well being…

Well being, the new buzz word,well being,not yourself, others, same way Jesus taught about love and prayer, be wide, think of others, well being, the one word on all the to do lists of policy makers, human capital now seen as the essential, their well being,more than a word, but a better outcome for all, as for those handling social media,will they have to deal with predators, or will the tech companies finally get it together, or just plug the holes,the same way a road engineer fills in pot holes, knowing the problem is there for all time. Mental well being, will the Spiritual leaders finally come together and agree on the signs that aim towards Heaven, at least enlightening their people about what is actually going on, amen?

January 2021

Is this the new beginning. a potential unification, of God’s Holy Spirit, the eternal source of power, not man made, the Chilean nation, a new youthful leader, a new hope for many who suffered for so long all across south america, will their nations form a common flag, and unify,the same way the EU has become a sanctuary for so many, amen. will the struggling Turkish lira take a bold step; adopt the euro currency in terms of their own currency same way the Hong Kong dollar was linked to the $U.S., averting the currency crisis, that has strangled that economy.

Women and men, will they agree to put the interests of mothers ahead of themselves, without arguing.

Will the offshore trading stores, banks in other words, be reduced, or will transaction taxes be applied,relative to the gross amounts of cash they keep from social needs; people are worth far more than money.

will the widespread mental abuse of children be halted; growing up is usually taken in stages, not leaps. Time, if everything is grown in stages, why the rush these last twenty years to sexualize the planet,we are more than sex,and there is still beauty that exists.

Lastly, the record numbers of signs from above, how will spiritual leaders and the believers reply to this call from Heaven, amen.

Jesus and the Coin

Lessons, Jesus taught us many, and his teaching upset the local authorities of the Faith, the local pharisee’s. who had their own flock to attend to. A bit like a Mother who has many children, all of them needing her care, but some needing more. Jesus asked of us many questions, what we really stood for. He represented his Heavenly Father, the pharisee’s were attending to their enslaved people, we need to be understanding. Today we play politics with issues, we use them as footballs, who gets hurt doesn’t matter, who gets the results does, a very 20th century mindset, now that we are in the 21st century, and hopefully a lot wiser. Facing daily criticism, Jesus had much to deal with. Why wasn’t he a violent threat to the oppressive roman authority, why didn’t he get rid of them all, he was supposed to be the Messiah after all, so they probed him with questions, each one a little more off, as they tried to push him into a corner, trying to undermine His teachings. Look he even didn’t go to college, how can he be called a teacher. Put another way for want of example, imagine the strain on the heart of a mother knowing she can’t afford what her children want at this time of year, while being able to afford, only what they need, we all like to be spoiled.

Anyway, this last trick will put Jesus in trouble with the five o’s of the time, the roman governor in particular. This Jesus is talking of a Kingdom on it’s way, that’s treason in roman talk. So they pose the question about paying taxes, in a nutshell, pointing out to Jesus who really is in charge. They show Jesus the coin, Jesus points to the two sides of the coin, one with an engraving of the governor, the other side bare. Jesus examines the coin, looks at it, then says to those trying to trick him; well pay the governor what he is due, and pay God what he is due, no arguments.

Given the season of giving that we are in, the advent of the holy birth, the exchange of gifts; let us not forget, the One True God who gives life to all, amen.

Sell me some misery please….

Anyone got misery to sell, everyone looks, I got some of that, a lawyer overhears, this is a class action suit, there are millions of sufferers out there. He goes to his office,big smile on face, his secretary asks him, you mean i get paid this week. The door opens next day, it’s straight from a Grisham novel, even better, he is going to get rich quick, selling misery on. The first lady comes in; he has been driving me mad and has me in a constant state of misery, have I a case she asks. Big smile, double big, of course you do, but he doesn’t want to wait, sign this, what she says, it’s my share, I promise I will settle this quick. Another version of misery enters the arena, heard it before he says, while allowing the glasses to slide down his nose, well, he has been practicing the expression before the mirror, does that look caring. The next, the next, the next, the never ending supply, it’s impossible but true, so many make a fortune tending to misery.

The one call, the one noisy voice that got the attention, decides they are not miserable anymore, can’t understand what the waiting is for outside her attorneys office,she just going to change her will, Listen if you got ears, amen.

How wandering minds play ball with all that resentment stored inside,little wonder Jesus spoke forgiveness, as if our spiritual life depended upon it, amen. So how will you explain your pain to God, will you leave the juicy bits out?

The Historic Cemetery at Ringwood Manor — National Parks With T

Welcome back to National Parks and other public lands with T! Ringwood Manor and its surrounding 479 acres, including the historic cemetery, became a national historic landmark district in 1966. The Ringwood Manor district and the nearby Skylands Manor comprise Ringwood State Park. The history of Ringwood is rooted in its colonial era ironworks. Robert…

The Historic Cemetery at Ringwood Manor — National Parks With T


What matters, what forms you, what characters enthuse you, do we ever do checklists, clean out the closet, ditch what is always undermining, that leaves you with low self esteem. Are the examples of today, uplifting, do they encourage us. Solomon studied the influence people have on others and communities, and the clannish way so many navigate into certain networks, assuring themselves, this is a good move, then get embroiled in the crisis’s of others, then finding out too late, what they have actually succeeded at, and the years they spend trying to escape the influence,of their so called network.

Who are your role models. There is such a gap in the lives of many millions, so many unable to find trust, so many being put under mental duress. Fly by night guru’s pop up, to fill the gap, well, the gap in their own wealth expectations mostly; if the message sticks as they say, it’s working. Today, we have seen the social networks take advantage of the lowest common denominator, hurt and anxiety in their product presentation, while boasting about it, in private, acknowledging, they could do it better, create less harm. Oddly, the media in general, has been actively trying to undermine nations, by targeting those, that are not like them. It was all there, the hurt and the anxiety in these other populations, and now social networks are doing it, on a one to one basis, undermining the mental welfare of so many, it’s carnage.

How will the human race be judged, even by later generations,when this wicked truth is known by those who in all probability, will be trying to work out, why this disaster or that happened, will they call it the second Babylonian experience. Jesus had to die on the cross, and what that means, you can work out. But if in those times, the Almighty God of Isaiah and the Holy Prophets, was willing to put Jesus through the agony of crucifixion, does it not tell us, that there is no time for complacency among believers, given the example of Jesus, the messiah, first time around. Since all are judged fairly, it’s up to those of us still believing, and word is still, not all who claim to believe do, lets not make fools of ourselves, there is already too much delusion out there, while overwhelming evidence of the Divine God, amen.

Head space

Right thinking person encounters ill thinking soul, dropped into their life scene. The harmony that was, is turned upside down, the right thinking person is grabbing for the oars to escape the intrusion. He finds his solace in the words of Jesus, and is soon in command of himself again. I thought that was a friend, but he soon realizes, she was an attempt to unhinge his well being, no friend at all.

Solomon wondered if those who encouraged such intrusions in life had any idea of the Heavenly power that exists, or the reality, that the Kingdom of God had arrived, why else would they be trying to disturb the spirit. On a global scale, it made him wonder at the propaganda poured into the minds of millions daily. It’s easy to upset those already hurting. Turn them into babbling fools Dear Father, those who try to disturb the Spirit.

Like Isaiah, Solomon’s prayers reached the heavenly powers. He hoped those who upset the spirit had read about the Golden Prophet, whom Jesus referred to regularly, amen.

emotional damage

dreams, the goals of millions,thrashed by corruption, the choices sickening,join in or your next into the coliseum, the clever spies, the spirit they interfere with, the ways of God they have no time for,bought,sold, their gains stashed off shore, does it need to be said,the meter of emotional damages arrives at the Holy Door,the howling wind,the storm,the strange events, God loves his creation much more than anyone living, why those corrupt men,they never thought the day would arrive,when signs from the heavens could clearly be seen, to investigate, those, who do emotional harm. Why, well, that’s for your head to wonder on, amen.

I don’t need God, your breath fails you, your heat beat changes, your fear internalizes, and whom do you ask for help, the number of times, who can keep count.

The child loses the smile, is not cheerful, has become snide, has seen his dreams disappear, and we wonder why horrors occur; those who harm the spirit do so much harm, and while the lawyer might give you advice,he or she can never forgive you, that harm.

Solomon watched the dreams pass his eyes, the hope, there was real hope in many eyes, and small children were more alert, all knowing it seems, as written in olden times. And we need to provide space, for those lights.

Solomon heard the rantings of a so called preacher type, you can’t impress the Almighty God, little did the man know, was he trying to be the wedge between man and God this man, farming them for his own good, probably, amen.


Man using fear to control the environment, hardly welcoming, but these are the rules the penitent says, stuff he read in a manual, do you encourage the loving spirit, do your children witness intimidation at home, is living severe, the welcome, Jesus was sought out, invited to enter the life, and now that we know, that Jesus and his teaching brings peace, should we not try to imitate that feeling.

Solomon sighed, there was a lot of depression among some women who lived under the threat of religion, and were treated like the chattels of men, possessions in other words. Solomon wondered if those who read about the life of Jesus and what he taught had really listened hard to his words. Even the book of revelations had words of great meaning. There are those who lives make them worthy, there are those who will ill treat others, there are those who will continue being evil minded, in a nutshell,there are many types of humans, and not all want to believe. Remain in your best towards the Almighty God, for he judges everyone by the same standard, and as for those who oppress you,remember, they will be judged accordingly, don’t worry, fear only God,amen.

Recall the words of warning Jesus gives to all in positions of authority, their added responsibilities towards those they shepherd, it wasn’t written to discourage anyone from being ambitious; just be just in how you deal with those under you,there are consequences, in a nutshell,don’t dare drown the Spirit,it’s Holy Ground, amen.