Some songs are bold, some are crisp, and yet others are strong.  This song is beautiful and the camerawork brings out an element of proximity that is magical.  This could be your perfect companion …


Human Waters

we are but water pure gift of the heavens sweet essence enriched by a few mortal molecules moving in thrall to the call of a soundless invisible gravity washing the weight of our liquidness over th…

Source: Human Waters

twenty years later….

a smile a cuddle a sigh a cry a scream a hand it’s a boy,

hold him he’s beautiful your eyes your hair i love you

ready dear hold this opens car door careful now safely in

oops dear nearly slipped here’s the diapers

he’s clean

bottle mix burps a bit got it up relaxes begins to snooze

a fireman maybe a doctor she sighs could be a teacher

images pictures habits relentless the shape of things to come

twenty years later what became of the little man,

anyone’s guess what we do wrong nobody has the answers,


see her head turns looks down want some of that, hey!

it’s the way you rare them i suppose!