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Edge of Heaven

the edge of heaven,  feel the potential, inside the gates,  it’s even better and eternal, those who find the path, stay on it, there are those who try to persuade otherwise, heaven does not exist and it’s only a dream, what love have they shown, usually none, heaven exists for those who love,   the story of the ancient scriptures,  very real, what’s a little hassle,  life eternal awaits you, amen…there are many wines, good ones are rare, pure loving people, are like those rare wines, when you find one, you’ll never be satisfied with anything less, amen…IMG_5757

Texas Inmate Set To Die Thursday For 1996 Slaying

executing the mentally impaired!, does that happen these days, yes, if you live in Texas

Black America Web

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — Robert Ladd was paroled after serving about a third of his 40-year prison sentence for the fatal stabbing of a Dallas woman whose body was set ablaze in a fire that killed her two children.

Four years later, a mentally impaired woman in East Texas was strangled and beaten with a hammer. Her arms and legs were bound, bedding was placed between her legs, and — like the Dallas woman more than a decade earlier in 1980 — she was set on fire in her apartment.

Ladd is scheduled to be executed Thursday for the 1996 killing of 38-year-old Vicki Ann Garner, whose burned body was found in her Tyler apartment. His attorneys insist Ladd is mentally impaired, and on Wednesday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to step in.

The high court hadn’t ruled on the request, but a federal appeals court late Wednesday rejected another…

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Rustic Estate

wisdom in words

Poesy plus Polemics

Photo from hochstetlerloghomes.com Photo from

ponderosa pine logs
set mortise to tenon
organic esthetics
hewn craftsmanship
old as the bible
sweet domicile
trussed for a legacy span
bearing high pride of shelter
for countless descendants
generations of households
embraced by a warm
earthen finger-laid chinking
each lifetime absorbed
into honey grained wood
adding layers of life
a progressive patina
of purpose and promise
of laughter and love
fieldstone fireplace
gatherings find
conversation and argument
personal narratives
graceful and awkward
by turn sweep the hearth
with their histories
bundled and broomed
keeping tidy and neat
the comestible content of
iron-hung pots and potential
the foodstuff of character
timbered and toiling
to fatten the future

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Sex Crimes


Edgy topic, room becomes hot, the talk ceases, does he mean it, no one speaks,  hush, before you open your mouth, not allowed discuss this, her perfume is potent, his response electric, immediately interested, suddenly listens, others notice, only sex they remark, used to be love that connected us, upstairs fourteen year old surfs, technically advanced, gets around protective software, in a another chat room, strangers without limits, he’s excited, footsteps, he closes page, doing my homework mam, she retreats down the stairs, elsewhere, young boy watches television, understands the connotation, giggles and laughs, this is the adult life, can’t wait to get older, can’t grow up fast enough, elsewhere, campaigners on street, seeking another sort of device, privately twisted publicly upright, eventually it merges into one, child become devious adult, father has affairs, the marriage becomes an arrangement, the wife becomes medicated, can’t deal with it, her world is sexually saturated, intimacy isn’t deemed important, can get it in online, society can’t agree on it, civil libertines I suppose, your here for a good time, it’s not about prudence, it’s control, it’s not about desire, it’s the sheer scale of the need, when half the world is totally addicted


Big bright eyes that melt you inside, open wide trusting unafraid and loving, the beauty born inside every new born, the joy and simplicity of seeing a little shine, those little pair of eyes that give you a look, am I doing it right is what he asks,

And you are supposed to pretend it doesn’t matter,  to be cynical like the rest, it’s the next stage that  upsets, the adult vices small children are supposed to accept, those little engaging eyes full of innocence and hope, curb their ambitions and deny them, but exposing them to pornography daily,che2 seriously offensive to God Most High, and that’s the bitter truth everyone will have to swallow, regardless of the Buddha or any other divine teacher, doing nothing about the problem is not really feasible, it’s just a matter of standing up. When God sends the Holy Spirit he is on your side of the equation, and he’s here. Amen, he’s in the Love, everywhere, it’s that simple.

This is the Day

This is not two thousand years, this is the opportunity of eternity, this is not waiting for Godot, this is the heart of every child waiting, hoping to see love come in the door, this is the woman deserted and unloved, this is the call of all lifetimes, this is not sentimental or unfair, this is the call for great change, this is the bell that needs to be heard, this is not a time for timid behaviorIMG_5757, this is not a time for settling scores, this is the time to give it your all, this is the day you are reborn, this is the opportunity few ever get near to, this is not an escape but a future, this is now and love makes it happen, hiding behind numbers and games of scrabble, it’s simply not acceptable at this time, the signs are in the heavens and sky, the messages the reminders the repeating numbers, it’s called doing and believing without doubts, when God Most High calls you take notice, the image of the men in the sky, it’s 100% real, amen., you are not expected to get ready, when you are called you are deemed ready by divine authority, its’ really that simple, amen. One God One Love No Religion No Fear Pure Wisdom. If you want to be like the Pharisees of old, accept their fate…