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The album is notable for including the title track, which became Warick’s first top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Also featured are three tracks which appeared on her first album, Presenting Dionne Warwick issued the year before: “Don’t Make Me Over”, ‘”This Empty Place”, and “I Cry Alone”. These three tracks are exactly […]

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New Year Revolutions

gym rota and diet, mirror is tired, grab the toothpaste, squeeze it awhile, mess it up, you needs a new you, sort it out, gargle with bourbon, doesn’t it smell great,

, join the French legion, least you’ll see the world, buy a one way ticket, forget about coming back, waste money on dumb stuff, buy your neighbors

a drink,

reinvent yourself, do it quietly, might upset your friends, Old, using a wheelchair, checking  the time, every second minute, children late again, with the visit,

times you were there, dinner ready for them, now you wait and wait, getting agitated and annoyed, can’t move fast enough, can hardly move at all

amazed the entire lot, will be good enough, book into a most expensive hotel, rest was temporary as fate, again they planned, to sort you out, tired and drawn, you eventually gave in, had their pound of flesh,

no one has it easy, amen.

Isn’t hindsight a great thing!

Jesus was a rebel too

Thanks For Blocking Me, Babe — Thought Catalog.. re blog, moving into 2020.. a new dawn, a new decade looms, look up…


Thanks for blocking me, because honestly, I was never going to be the one to do it. I was never going to give up on you. I was going to continue fighting for you, for us, for what we could potentially become. I was going to keep chasing you and chasing you until my heart…

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Everything You Need To Know About The Spanish Omelet Tara Jessop Sometimes the simple things are the best, and anyone who has tried a warm slice of Spanish omelet, known locally as ‘tortilla de patatas‘, will have to agree. Read on to discover everything you need to know about this national culinary treasure, from its […]


Secrets of the Heart…

They say your real treasure lies in there she said, while pointing to her heart. Gloria was with her grandson at the kitchen table, the family having come on a holiday visit, in there she said again, this time, tapping her heart with her forefinger, her thumb pointing  up towards the sky, sign language.

Bypassing the daily stuff, freeing the mind, giving your self inside space, the ability to absorb what is lasting and eternal, against the flow of that which perishes. Solomon was reminding himself, the ancient words are so life giving, but because their meaning had been lost in the mad world so many tried to cope with, it was not easy finding the space, and even harder at times, keeping the space once found. He compared it with a parking meter, into which you had to put real coins, it had to be topped up regularly.

The mystery of God was and is the greatest mystery of all, how does it work, why does a bird simply fly at will, why do humans worry so much about the material, when only the Spirit is eternal. Solomon was listening to music, and wondered ever more, how music was so calming, and free.  His heart could be moved to a time and a place, with the mere lyrics of a tune and a sweet rhythm.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to wrap up my year in reading and give a shout-out to my favorite books of the year. First, some stats. I read 131 books this year totalling 44,265 pages. That might be a new record for me, at least since I’ve been keeping track. If […]

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I can see clearly now…

The angels are making a cake, they are already celebrating, and singing “I can see clearly now the reign has gone…”, no opticians in my way…..” Those in the inner circle are smiling, Mother Nature is getting a second wind, there is hope for all, and tyrants everywhere, and those of evil thought and mind, are feeling the uneasy Heavenly squeeze…

Young pop star moans, what will that do to my ratings. God overhears the thought, a smile crosses his, her face, my children. They see the dark come, they have to come in, don’t they know, that light follows, patience.

Where Did the Spirit Go…???

There is no booze in the cabinet, the shops are closed, the head aches, and I need a re fill. Honey he shouts, where did the Spirits go. She never listens, she is fumbling with the dirty dishes in the kitchen, they never listen, she has a thousand things to do. Being a Mother, her work is never over, her mind is always immersed, like her hands that moment in the soapy water. She continues to work away, the radio hums a tune she knows well, it’s an old one, was it the first time or was it the second time, she is trying to link the tune to the birth of her children, they are in their twenties now, anyway, it puts a smile on her face.

Where did the Spirits go, she hears his footsteps coming near. She hid the booze after he drowned the first bottle so easily. Some brain cells are better than none. Where did the Spirit go.  Every mother knows, she only has to look at her child to see if baby is okay, doesn’t need to interrogate or question, real love does that naturally. The leaves begin to droop, the tree is ill, the birds disappear, the environment is not that well.

Solomon asked himself the question regularly, where did the Spirit go, the one that came from Heaven. After Christmas, the work begins, after the marriage, the real love begins. It’s a climb, till you find the plateau. Reading old scripture, the words of Jesus, the words of all the Prophets,, it’s always pointed, towards, the well being of Spirit, not the control of those, under the guidance of those, of the organisations, that enacted so many rules, they almost drowned the Spirit, but not quite…..

Well, what are we without the Spirit, usually very poorly.