He’s Got The Code…

What, he escaped with the code, how is it possible, we have to get it back. The chase begins. Where is my car, if only, where are those other things, where are they gone, he speeds around, the thoughts in his head, we have to catch up with him. Get him to give you a ride, she gets into to company, worse, he converts her too, the chase continues, what is he supposed to do, they look at each other, convert them, how simple is that. They were supposed to boost the harvest not weaken it, sounds familiar, Jesus on the Pharisee’s 2,000 years ago, amen.


Sunshine on Demand

Is that a TV channel I can subscribe to? The prophet smiles, it’s a condition of the heart you can get used to!

How asks the child?.

Solomon sighed, the journey, the Sunny Sundays, the preacher, and the Child, how it happens, when you put a smile on a certain face, amen.

Thorn in my sides…

She is on the run, the spirit, they have their own beliefs, they are satisfied now, she struggles, like the Master on the Cross. Awkward, she does not try to convert them, she wants to hang onto the Spirit she has, it comes with saving gifts. The end of the Journey is eternal peace, there is much evidence of this, but she’s aware, there are those with darkness inside them , that can be fished at will, she understands the chase, her belief sets her apart, but like the living words, the Spirit must live too, to connect to the ALL DIVINE.

The in people don’t like the challenge, their party is not the same, mingling. The roman commanders of their time, felt the same way, even worse, they were under threat from their own commanders, a double jeopardy. Being of Faith is not that easy, but when you find the operating software, it’s purely manintenace.

They appoint one well chosen in Faith, they know his follies and the influence he bares. They listen to him. He’ll be replaced when the time is right, but while in situ, they will support him heartily, and wait until the balance is restored.

Solomon sighs, I hope they can read the signs from the Heavens, they tally with the Holy Books, maybe it’s time for a re education, well, that’s a fair option, what else can they do,m, when the Heavens answer, amen.

Good to your own?

The casting of the net, reaching out, the net fills with fish, the blessing for those that help others. if you on;y help your own, what sort of blessing would you expect. Your are not reaching out. The countries that sent out the Missionaries all those years ago,m in particular, think of the Irish Monks who set sail in the seventh and eight centuries, in order to assist the faith, recall them, they had no computers, and if you have doubts about the faith, think of Daniel in the lions den, and how the Lord rescued him, while the then King of the People, Nebuchadnezzar, converted all the People, to believe in the God of Daniel.

An Easter thought. you believe before you receive, amen.

The Head Turners

The horse wears blinkers, he can’t focus on what’s ahead of him, the trainer is discussing the chances of the horse, if only he could concentrate, he’d be able for it. The owner listens, while patting “Jack” on the shoulder, reminding him to pay attention to the voice. The horse listens to the advice, and wins the race, is fed a double helping of his favorite grub, and eventually puts two and two together and comes up with five, like all clever accountants. If I do this regularly, they might let me take a trip across the oceans like the others in the stable, “Jack”, hearing all the tales of what it’s like over there. In school, the child is given a chance to learn, more time and aids are applied, his performance improves, while his parents enjoy, their child, who is now as fast as any other of the pupils.

In life there is responsibility, and that’s the wise use of the talents. There are many ways to be distracted, the successful ways of some, lead to the destruction of others, the lesson, you don;t have to be like that to be be successful, but if you follow those who do it that way, chances are, you’ll end up having serious regrets as you near the gates of Heaven. Is it rock in the bag, of kind thoughts that you bring. In order to encourage us all to get up and not let the past define us, Jesus falls three times on the way to the Father, in short, we all need to be reborn in the faith, don’t give up. Think of those who got it wrong, then made up for it, as they learned the true path, amen.

She wants attention, is used to it. The effort to keep relevant, makes her take unwise decisions. Without having to, she is already made, she cheats. This necessity to be a head turner, does she not understand, we all have to age, amen.

Solomon smiled, the ways of the Lord and how lessons are taught in everyday events, amen, listen. Not everyone is the same, even if we all have similar needs. Jesus tells us this clearly, it’s why the talented have to be more than wise, but responsible too, amen,especially to those of the Most High God, amen.

The Followers

A modern day lesson in guiding those lost to the right address…

There was this man, in fellowship with the Almighty, the times were difficult and people all over, had adapted a very individual approach to their Higher Identity with the Lord. There was despair in heavenly places, the sheep were being lost, and the path strewn with all sorts of debris, temptations and sights, that dragged the heart in all directions, if only I had this, the head goes racing in this direction, if only my intimacy with my partner was this, they go looking for a replacement person, and so on, the saga continued. Over the years along came many bright hopes, this is the one to place trust in, and as they climbed the ladder, reaching for the light, it was a case of them being removed illegally, or under threat, that avoided their rising any further. The All knowing demon could pounce on them whenever, and made it clear to those sort of followers, how things could be fixed, often proving this clearly. How were the children of God going to overcome this, and reach their heavenly path. The saga continued, with crises raised at crucial times, the faith weakening, the words of Jesus becoming clear, will there be any Spirit left, at the time of the renewal, the saga continued, it’s a question of wait and hold on, the time will arrive, while the inner despair continued.

Treasure Box

One day a very lazy boy is sitting in his bed, trying to think the matter out. What is the despair so many follow, why do they put themselves down, what are they afraid. The boy, thinking to himself, a boy with ideas and with a creative gift, asks the almighty, for help and understanding. He’d received the Spirit, and supposed, well if you ask the One who sent it, chances are you’ll come up with the answers. He studies the gospels of Jesus, there are four of them, and they all have lessons, and in the study, he adapted the mind of a successful fisherman who intended to catch fish and not get himself wet all the time, he being a lazy boy, he was going to look at the nugget of truth rather than the entire manual.

In his time, he reads of the Gospel of John, the living words of the Almighty, what did the words mean, living the words, and Eureka, like many other things, it’s just like it sounds, live the words. In this thought, he looked at the understanding of others, who were trying to build their own pathway to the Heavens, and saw the same thinking being applied, but from a different starting point. The educated person from the start may have an advantage, but those that learn from not having an education, may learn the way, without having to accept the known bias’s that are everyday events. You are this, we are that, children don’t have this way of thinking, until they are schooled in it.

Anyway, by adapting the characters in the Holy Gospels, the lazy boy learned how to become closer to the Almighty, and in doing that, he learned how to direct all who came his way to the eternal light. So much so, that those who rode his ideas, for their own good, were directed to the source of all creation, the Great God of All mankind, amen, and what a great surprise is that, when you have a wealth of good deeds to your credit, amen.

The light comes on, the conscience inside opens, the stuff that they were trying to hide, which they were told they were safe of, burst into the arms of the creator, and what a mess it was, while those of the green shining light rejoiced, our faith is being rewarded, amen. How long is eternity one of their lawyers asked?

The Penitents Prayer

The headline, the amount of money spent to control the world, the armaments industry, on a scale of trillions, the countries taken over, the just leaders replaced, the propaganda spun, the nation building, the cry of the soul, is there anything you can do lord to stop this. The off shore creaming of the funds, the scale of the wealth, the same cry goes out, is there anything you can do lord, the scale of changes these last ten years, and the signs from above, there is unseen help, don’t give up. Those that sell conspiracy, how they are so well provided for.

The request of the family, their child is ill, they ask, those players who are supposed to step into the shoes, their time, as if it’s a chart thing, you do us good, we look after you, the tour of the aging politician, we are looking after you, cheer up, the friends, only you will have access to, their club.

Nothing can be done, mantra, mantra, the troubled, forced to seek refuge in dangerous places, where many hide, they are all like that, the call of some politicians, as if you only have an economic value and that is that, this is how the world works, get used to it.

The Romans hung the early believers on cross’s along the path to the towns, see what faith in the Messiah will do for you, you’ll be up there soon, so shut up. Then the lesson of David versus Goliath, who wins, those with support from the Most High God, and then the military junta’s, that oppressed the poor, in support of a social thinking regimes, how awkward, they were difficult to buy off, and the lessons go on.

Now we have extremists, who use all the tools of the advancing world, they scare the ordinary folk into believing there is a plot against them, while the sheep are returning to the fold, the prophet asks, there are those that need help and those that need to be suppressed, and the time is now, the call on many hearts, we see the light and we are going to improve, well, don’t get there too soon, amen, listen, don’t get caught up in things that are too emotional, its easy to be used, amen.

Esdras, the prophet, recalls times of confusion, it’s meant to happen, calm minds, amen. Read his words and think about improving the future, you’ll be glad you think that way, amen.