Climate Change

Slave trading


Culture of confinement,

process is mimicked

carried out relentlessly,

passed on by generations,

why the freedom fighter emerged,

turned a doctor into a rebel,

and hero for the world,

Religions have got away with this,

not the individuals involved,

systems they continually protect,

regardless of the human cost.

Governments helping the process,

on the understanding,of support,

end result merging of evil with good,

the death of real love everywhere,

ignorance shielded love’s potential,

insuring the continuity of a system,

 till the earth almost blew itself apart,

environmental disaster recognisable,

warned of forty years ago,

now they control nothing,

the system meant to support us,

only the escape routes they plan,

while your children suffer,

the image of the man in the Sky,

has changed that for good,

new era is happening worldwide,

titans are being curtailed and silenced,

previously untouchable networks in disarray,

new system Godly wise, end of the affair,

isn’t that a nice story,

take a look at the picture,

just imagine what it means,




Rules of Love

six years old grow up so she is told,

12 years old acting the parts of her idols,

eighteen with a boyfriend she fears and dreads,

not the plan she had when she sought love,

does anyone hear me her prayers are loud,

horror of wars  all the blood that flows and flows,

but no one to give her the time to find love,

bombs get more attention than broken hearts,

vulnerable young and totally used so what,

the system baby it’s the way of the world so,

great introduction to the world of love and Joy

well cheer up dear God Most High hears it all,

and the rules of love are changing everywhere,

man meets her he’s a little more educated and cold,

she’s still vulnerable  it’s her look  he knows her mind,

i’ll take care of you baby your fine with me,

she begins to feel good even secure for awhile

not too long before she’s working for him,

he fills her emotional needs so she feels,

beats her when he feel like it robs her and steals,

she deserves it so she feels it’s the price of love,

and why do men and women treat love this way,

answers we dont want to hear because….

it’s the question no one ever seems  to ask,Image


(so many travel the world and tap into the hearts of others with nothing but malice in mind, their goal being, the control of the heart within and sowing hatred, evil spirit dressed as Love, well, God Most High has marked them all, amen)

The Groomers

TV bang slap images in my head,

alluring teasing enticing new,

haven’t seen that before,

eyes trawl across the screen,

power cut medication gone,

programming suddenly stopped,

someone put the breaks on,

does anyone understand,

the assault on the young mind,

okay situation is fixed,

eyes glued to the screen,

barbie doll esteem and empowering,

what else do you expect them to say,

who comes up with the slogans,

usual spin doctor of course,

the children we groom so easily,


Power Brokers

power brokers movers and shakers,

money bags full total fakers,

buying the talented children,

upsetting natures balanced well,

causing disharmony and upheaval,

looking after themselves,

God Most High Angry,

repulsed and acting widely,

babbling fools the outcome

for destroyers of young,

the fate that awaits,

who undermined the young,

you have a voice, use it,

wisdom use it wisely,

same for talents given,Image


Mr Dylan

Bob dylan what you doing I’m young one and under attack,

You sang about war worry love what about the very young,

Talk is cheap and record sales matter what about the heart,

Young and tender under pressure and no one standing up,

We thought you had guts and would do something with talent,

Have you forgot where you came from have you had enough,

Come on Mr Dylan get the lyric sheet out and talk about it,

The battle for the soul is the last war on earth worth winning,

And the young ones are in the firing line and very exposed,

Just one voice is all we need to hear how about you and young,

It’s be a great combination and well worth the effort involved,

More important than anything else you have ever done, Imagechildren to care for,

Well add my voice to your chorus and sing with Mr Young,

Be the voice that cries stop  to this war been waged on the young.

Neil Young

Stop I’m five years old and your allowing them to destroy my mind,

What’s going on here am I blind or is there something strange around,

Violence aplenty sexuality everywhere what are you doing to me,

I thought ye all cared about children but it’s just words see it my way,

Blind stupid I’m the Kid on lease and your treating me  if I was meat,

Time to change your ways I’m telling my God about what’s going on

You all pass the buck and them pass it on to someone else to allay,

Not good enough this attitude of all of you I’m praying hard today,

What are  those talented people doing to protect my young mind,

Seems they are all doing nothing that’s as real as it sounds,

The war I’m involved in  the big folks doing nothing to lend a hand,

 how else am I supposed to see it when all those images endorse it,

Neil young when are you going to arrange a song that moves them,