Veins of Soul

It sounded like a fish dish, could be a song, even a plate of sole, veins

of soul or vain of soul, what the difference a letter makes, and how different meanings applied, Solomon was thinking aloud, and the way words and meanings played such a role in life, the same way the tone of a voice allayed fear in the listener. How you said it, how you did it, was not what mattered, you did it, that was the vein of soul, it laid tracks across your heart, added to the wavelength, the more you practiced, the better you got.

The vain of soul were interested in the immediate, those with veins of soul were interested in the outcome, not just now, but down the road, laying the vein as they say, the way Jesus did, his deeds speaking for them selves, all credit to the giver. Solomon sighed, it was the influence of those who went before that laid those golden nuggets, the way wisdom was laid in the strangest of places.



Small Child

Eyes are big, first day at school, new friends, a new beginning too. It is the start of the big adventure, building friendship, learning, developing relationship skills, progress. Teacher is under funded, has a need for an assistant, the little learners need time, they don’t all learn that quickly, and the teacher needs to be stress free. It’s children here, this is not math.


he off shore thieves, how they let so many small children down, choices, amen.

Where is He!

A child is born, the system isn’t working, for years the boy is assisted, becomes a full grown man, but still has needs, can’t operate alone. How did God allow this a man asked, a carer who knew him for many years, it was a fair question, everyone seeking answers, reason, how was it possible, why me!, why him, why her, why this, why that, well!

Solomon was listening, the points were valid and the man needed an answer, and Solomon was the man to provide the answer, well, why can you explain it he pressed, the answer had to be instant, well, you believe, give me an answer. The oceans are acidic, fish are being born with two heads, children had more issues from birth than ever before, the mind is weaker than ever, how is that for an answer sighed Solomon, do you suppose God destroyed or polluted the atmosphere, well, the man had no answer, humans did it obviously. Blame God, Solomon

heard it many times, why, how can you have faith. what person would poison his own children. Well, online traffic is very pointed, who pushes your buttons, your heart or your personal desire or need for pleasure. Surprisingly, when your heart is engaged, you think of other people, and that is called, love, amen.


Over expanding empire, the usual suspects, no, no, it wasn’t anything christian, it wasn’t christian at all, it was man, the idiot who polluted the skies, demonised women, the ego thief, who started more wars than there is time to write about, crack head, fool, twisted header ball, that twat, yes, woke up one day, hung over, the local priest with his wench girl friend, she’s his wife, he has a vision, we should be doing this all over the world, riding in golden chariots, living in palaces, servants, even kings bending down to us, come on, get celibate chaps for awhile, they’ll never be able to beat us.

It was mad, and is still mad, and will always be mad, to ban what love is, giving. amen. Look what has happened in the meantime, a world that became addicted to everything, and a warped sexual output, well, online traffic is rather pointed on the matter. Solomon was thinking, wait till the boss arrives, those guys are going to have a bath that never ends, amen.


It all begins today, as it always did. She turned in the bed, slowly, a little arthritic, she is an ageing woman, early seventies, but today is the day she lives for, it has always been that way, she is a mother, and will always be. The porridge is her first chore, and she is proud of her cooking abilities, as are all who eat at her table. Being a mother, being a guardian, being a carer, today is the start and end of everything. Far off places and pension plans have no part of her life, it’s being a mother, today.

Solomon was reminiscing, how those that give it all, are the forgotten hero’s of yesterday, the tireless mothers, who worked

and slaved for their children and a better world. He wondered what the “men” of the world had been doing these last twenty years, the social destruction obvious, the stress in children’s lives relentless, the pressure as near to the Pope as love was to hurt, everywhere. If only, come on Mrs Clinton, the women of the world need a voice.

John the 23rd

23, the number of books in the Koran, john the 23rd, most respected of christian leaders in the last century, let us live and understand our differences, don’t force anyone, the number, a reminder from above, and the need to build bridges between all believers, and so his track record proved. On account of the poor showing of the catholic church in France, during the second world war, where some bishops in Paris, some, sided with the Nazi occupiers, John the 23rd, a peasant farmers son, was sent by the then pope to France to rehabilitate the relationship between the catholic church and those who lived through that horrible period, and successful he was, he later became Pope when he thought he should be retiring, i’m getting old. He was a stop gap pope, the filler in between. It happens that he turned out to be the finest of them all, because he stuck to what the role involved, being a shepherd and not the sheep owner or politician. I wonder if his example, is possible to imitate today. In a world of political correctness, he was not correct, said what was needed ,that was John the 23rd, and he was pure spirit, amen. Among all the religions out there, is there a John the 23rd, for the world needs you.

Solomon was reading a book, that retold history. So many politicians, so few leaders was the gist of the content. When he looked around the world today, all there was to see, was so many politicians and so few leaders, remarkable he thought, considering what was possible.


Well, what does history say or what does it mean, usually comes with more baggage than a jumbo jet, the past, the mistakes, the reasons not to trust, a cause for concern, fear comes to the top too easy, one day you’ll learn how to forgive and wonder what you’ve been doing all your life. Anyway, there is much to be said for history, the victors usually write it to begin with, but there are also those who correct history, and are known to suffer for it.

Solomon was reading about the Jewish dilemma, and the blame that was afforded them for the crucifixion of Jesus, and how for centuries and millenniums, they were blamed, for the actions of a few. Those pointing the finger, were supposed to be “Fans” of the crucified savior, and what did he teach them, what was central to it all, forgiveness, the lessons history teach us, amen, few people ever listen, even today.

How often we condemn whole nations and peoples because of history, as if history was an indication of the future. No cars then, no mobile phones, no air planes, no contraception, no off shore accounts, history is so indicative of the future.

The World of Yesterday

I hear there is a planet called yesterday, it’s a far off place, seems few even get there, and what happened on yesterday is yesterday’s business i guess, so what happens on yesterday, the chance to do something new, to do something about it, not on yesterday though, I wonder what happens today on yesterday, is this confusing, all the stuff I could have done if i had been on yesterday.

Solomon was reminding himself, today was the day everyday, and hindsight was useless, he thought about the old prophets, and how they wrote their messages and wisdom’s, at a time when few could even write, let alone read, so that coming generations could read what they wrote, in order that we lived today, rather than yesterday, amen. Are you listening he sighed, oh, that was yesterday, wasn’t it! The affirmation came as usual, it was the Monday feeling, if we only listened he sighed, rather than wished it was yesterday!

Mind Games

Doubts, Anxiety, appealing to our greatest fears, the risk to love, the murmurs of friends, raising the stakes, and then the mind readers, or spies in our company, using the tactics, the same ones they have seen on TV, and that is plain evil. Solomon sighed, every one of them was on the radar, thank heavens he smiled, it will soon be the end of them, all.

Poison the heart and destroy the soul, the damage done to love every day

, outrageous!

Sowing the Seeds

just an idea, why are you saying this, i thought you liked me, he looks are her, why he wonders does she behave like this, the sowers of doubt, where does it come from, a previous experience, and the harm it caused, she’s been tossed around, used in the past, it is her hidden history, now she uses it like a sword to cut the heart up, of others, getting even, seriously. I never knew you he said, why didn’t you tell me, amen.

the words of old, the resentment passed on, getting even, isn’t that a mantra, which we are regularly reminded of, the wars started in anger, and the legacy they passed on.

Solomon was reminding himself of the destructive nature of being unable to forgive, the legacy issues he was trying to point out, forgive forgive, his words went beyond what they meant. In anger or stress, he knew how human behaviour worked, we retreat, to that other space where we had that similar feeling, it was a lesson he was passing on, unless you forgave, you passed on prejudice and fear.

Donald Trump are you listening, amen!

solomon shared company, a distorted soul trying to cause a divide within a family, he listened, and played along, listening, there was a demon in her mist, he was listening.

Guess who I saw with peggy sue dude!