A world divided

Well thats a good idea!

more of this more of that, well get dave in there his sidekick as well, we’ll get rid of the refugees, we’ll have their jobs, we’ll get rid of welfare, there’s work for everyone, we’ll ban the muslum, the irish if we¬†could, we’ll divide the kitty among the few, soon you’ll have no friends, in a world divided, amen. Come on Mrs Clinton, the women of the world need you, children need a world united,

the world does not need to be divided, as some would say. The national front celebrates the UK disaster, the ordinary folks shake their heads, is this what we voted for, amen.


Fast forward motion

He looks across the room watches her move, the turn of her head the knowing smile, she’s interested and he is overwhelmed, later that night it begins to unfurl, next morning, she has an appointment she rushes to work, he puts it down to one of those nights, fast forward motion not what it was in the past. She aches for a man who will give her time, but the modern world prevents it well so her friends advise, can’t have it both ways they say this is the way forward, clothes on the floor heaped carelessly just a few i suppose. How love dances the fast track, how people end up in pieces, a little of them here a little of them there, their love spread across the world but the heart going no where.

solomon was reminising, he ate piazza with a friend, just a munch party a movie and a smile, no grave intentions no exras no half glance moments just being there. The fast track world does not have time for the slow romance, it’s the fury of the mayfly and the one night stand. nature teaches us he thought when we allow it time, it’s the story of the butterfly, starts out weird and ugly and ends up the most beautiful of flies, amen.


Not good enough, too many images to look at, reminders, the hole inside the void, will some one come and fill it she sighed. Solomon watched the heart fill slowly, it was tall and ungainly at first, moved like a giraffe, but slowly the confidence came, the eyes began to open, the heart began to smile, till she was a full blown soul, ready for the world and all it’s challenges.

He reminisced about a girl he knew while sitting outside a cafe, and then a beautiful friend came along, the earlier nervousness gone, a gleam in the eye, confidence, did she know that he prayed for her, and her friend. There are angels about he smiled, and he’d a few watching him all the time, will he ever get it right, amen. I want a latte!, thin

Flowing Water


Fresh spring water flows effortlessly down the mountain side, sweet to taste and thirst quenching, locals seeing the picture build a little dam, a side pool that fills with cold fresh water in summer, a pool into which it is safe to swim and sit, some complain that it is interfering with the flow, how dare anyone attempt to interrupt the waters flow, critics and zealots old teachers and their supporters, they have the resources they dampen the protesters, you will never find a job around here, they throw their shawls over their shoulders walk menacingly away… the spirit, the Holy Spirit was flowing, and it was part of the divine plan to let it flow, Jesus goes from town to town aware of the threat but keeps on doing it anyway, he was the flowing spirit in that he passed it on. but as ever, there were those intent on obstructing the way.

Solomon wondered, he had been reading about ancient civilizations and the Holy Men who had come their way, always to guide and inform, directing them. Men though, well, they tried to control the outcome of events, power over come them, and the spirit just flowed away, amen. still, these ancient structures exist all over the world, amen, they were telling the world a story, of a celestial world, the same world that directed the three wise men over 2,100 years ago, and that my friends is real, amen.

The Focus

He turned on the radio, his head was a dredge, mowed over, his sleep wayward, but satisfying, not more of it, one of those days, where am I, is everyone on the make. he’d an appointment, wasn’t sure, that muddled, least he thought¬†he had an appointment. so wasn’t that muddled after all. He was breathing. Being honest, he wondered if his hungry neighbor’s need for a filling breakfast was more important than the maybe interview, he was focussed, it was the interview, if he had one. a fast phone call, had just enough credit,Two-tailed Swallowtail (1 of 1)-3 bloga shriek, what, you mean i do, well, how, well, he looked at his watch, damn, there went the breakfast, do we always leave the needy behind, are they too slow for us, whatever, drive for God sakes, the driver was a foreign national, the meter wasn’t running, one of those, yeah, usually the meter thing was pressed, this was a cash job, he did a deal, fine, all smiles, he was on his way to be interviewed by a gentle soul, he’d his head full of reasons, they called it job support he called it something else, the car pulls up, he jumps out, the rain begins to stop, in the door, hi he smiled, i’ve an interview, about to look up, about to frown, then saw a beautiful smile, how did that happen, must focus more often he sighed.




Schemers screamers well intentioned idiots guru types new age poet celebrity twit, the race the chase the pay off the reward the applause and your soul, did you sell it today for a price, did you turn your back on your neighbor, did you pretend to seek help when you were only seeking to harm, did you help your needy neighbor did you hear her alarm call.

solomon was ramping up the appeal the visit from the Holy Spirit was more than a warning. The demon was in hiding, doing what the cowardly always do, they hide behind laws or regulations letting others do the ordering, solomon was having none of it, this was a spiritual war and there was going to be an outcome, not another pass off to another depressed generation, the buck stopped here and he was demanding answers.

THE ONE TRUE LOVING GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH WAS POURING OUT THE GREAT SPIRIT, AND REVEALING EVERYTHING, AMEN….solomon encountered the Spirit, followed by many events after, it was important people of all persuasions knew the truth, those that caused evil and schemed could be guaranteed a visit, those that held to the truth, would be encouraged, you are not alone, and that was the void in so many hearts, amen.

She’s A Mover

well, it’s true, see the way she slouches, she’d make anything interesting, their eyes follow every move, she enjoys the attention, pretends not to notice, has a control factor, uses the common denominator, assumes it will always work, it does usually, ask the TV repair man, it’s her way of coping, she’s learned not to trust anyone, she’s a mover all right, and she’ll be moving all her life, amen.

Orlando Murder Spree

Solomon read the news report, the details vague the outcome savage, blood on the dance floor, a new nail in the coffin of hate, as politicians and others rush to judge, the act of a mad man nothing more, same as that pilot on the Lufthansa flight, driven into the mountain then disappeared, the world was fraught with dangers, so the report seemed to say, no safe place for certain individuals.

Across the Mediterranean a mother flee’s, it’s a rickety boat and she’s hopeful, the cost of remaining home slavery, she takes her chances and flee’s, she’s a brother in Germany others further afield, the boat starts to lurch, the passengers begin to panic, the boat keels over and the boat disappears, the plight of the many millions forced into this, a report on a boring old U.N desk, soon forgotten

How we re act to tragedy, in a world stunted in love, where the real stuff is rare, is usually an out pouring of grief. Understanding that there was much that was wrong ,was a far better approach than blaming someone, then letting it all happen again, amen. The demons never encourage forgiveness, always push the very opposite, encouraging the fear everywhere, amen.

The world was in need of healing and forgiveness, and so Solomon hoped, the Orlando tragedy would be a watershed moment, not another reason violent reaction, as those of the evil minded had hoped, amen.


The Great Promoter

1,000 rounds a minute you should see this baby in action, ain’t she cute.

The salesman has the smug grin on one surrounded by firepower, rendering himself safe in all situations, no one can touch me. The young man holds the powerful gun, thinks, 1,000

rounds a minute, he wonders how it’s possible.

The bodies lie in heaps, blood coats the floor, so much potential gone so much pain has risen, the usual suspects rush to the scene, the politician uses the moment for his own gain, doesn’t have time for pity, power doesn’t have any feelings at all, never had, when it was from men it came.

1,000 rounds a minute, is that the equivalent of a bomb dropped from ten thousand, probably a lot worse. Padded shoulders, two holsters, Armour coated body, infra red head gear, so much is spent on the great promotion, the war.


school yard blues

that’s a nice song, so catchy, that’s a nice song, so catchy, so many catchy songs, but as Neil Young says, they don’t change those school yard blues.

If you have Faith, it can move mountains, the children missing their fathers, well, they had faith in their Father’s, faith in Their God, wasn’t it time for the wake up call, amen.

He’s not calling today, and father’s day is fast approaching, he see’s all the advertisements in the shop window, wants to break them all, this kid.

i guess it’s just a dose of the school yard blues. hey kid want to try some H. What’s H then, try some says the dealer and you’ll never feel anything again, really, amen.