Ten Years Old (TYO)

Just a kid doing the sums, they said I had a talent for numbers, so i am doing the math. Ever watch a ball game, how many assists did you have, how many throws, how far did you run, number of timeouts, nearly remind you of a diet calculator, yeah, but that’s life. Well, I am preparing a case for my attorney,  I have a case, not a suitcase, I mean a court case, and I plan to sue the foundations of the Internet, for all the stuff they exposed my to, since I was four years old. Well, if a man can sue a company for exposure to asbestos, why can’t a kid sue the internet guardians for exposure to all the risky stuff online, It’s just common sense. They say assaulting the senses is the most subtle of all forms of harm. So being a TYO, I am doing the math. How many times have I had to endure adult stuff?… he takes out his adding machine, it breaks down. he runs to the kitchen, Mam Ma, look at the numbers, millions of times.

No Panic

I don’t get my way, that’s it, the child thinks, scream and they will come running. Scream bomb on the subway, and they’ll run, paranoia. The oceans are fine, there is no problem with new strains of virus’s that medicine can’t deal with, the warming

temperature is a sign of better weather, those extremists, those nationalists, they just want more home time, no panic, and the cloud picture in this blog is real, no panic, God Most High is real.

Solomon was reading, the old masters words. The Kingdom of God is not a jet arriving from some far off place, it’s not him over there, it’s not that loud idiot over there, relax, it’s inside you, it’s always been there, no panic.

Don’t talk to Strangers

Good parental advice, the world is full of deviants, now follow my advice, don’t talk to strangers, the four year old’s are listening, why asks one child, a little more spirited than the others, well, the teacher has a check list, well, they might kidnap you, steal you away and bury you in a forest, steal all your Christmas presents, and… The child is smart, wonders what is in the head of the teacher, paranoia.

Child tells himself, it doesn’t make sense, is everyone really going to kidnap him. Who pollutes the mind he wonders. His friends share their stuff online, weird he thinks. His older brother and sister are always talking to stranger’s online, and no one has kidnapped them yet. paranoia.

Prop them up with fear, well, can you really get away with slapping your child mentally everyday, there is bound to be a reaction sooner or later, children are not stupid. How silly of you, says the head of school, did you not hear of the boy who was grabbed off the street, he was never heard of again, terror.

Feeding the fear, and paying for it later, Solomon sighed, they said the same of Jesus, all those years ago, he was considered a danger to society all those years ago, by society and it’s rulers, an upstart with opinions who challenged them all. Don’t talk to strangers, engage with like minds instead, Solomon sighed, the ghetto mentality has proved worthless, created borders, fired all sorts of hatred, encouraged bias, fueled envy, no.

Enlightenment, amen.

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God said: Beloved, a sense of incompleteness seems to chase you, as if there is something you are missing and may never find out what it is. Yes, you have a longing, yet may not know, for a fact, what your longing may be. For all you know, you could be longing for a longing. […]

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The Head Liners

The stuff the head fills with, the recall, the continuous reminders, the little triggers, the wearing out of the resistance, the cry of a child, that won’t give up till it gets your full attention. Escaping the fear, the words of threat, where do you go, the authorities can’t be trusted, everyone can be bought. Inside, the thoughts swing over and back, the lion and the hyenas, they are fifty of them, One lion, they wear him out, the constancy of their efforts, he will have to fall, will tire him out, eventually he will set down and be taken. The stuff that gets in your head, you haven’t got this, you ought to have that, as for your car, the subtle reminders, you are just a consumer, targeted, played. It was the same story all those years ago.

Solomon was reflecting, the children were on their way back to school, moms and dads were getting them ready, new books, the uniform, new shoes, all the bits you need to fit in, no child wants to be left out. He recalls the times of the early believers, and all the appeals by the early apostles, to their growing numbers of believers. They were having a hard time, they were being taunted, goaded, where is he then!. The parade of wealth before them, the ancient roman empire, and how it rewarded those you were servile to it, well, Caesar triumphs over the world, long live the emperor. The troublesome believers, a threat to the old religion, a threat to Rome, the pressure is applied, examples are made of the most vocal, to put off any new recruits. Two thousand years ago, no computers, no red cross, no united nations, just the promise of Jesus, hold tight, the kingdom of God in inside you, you just have to believe.

Today there are great changes going on; the world is topsy turvy, the old regimes are loosing power, and the Spirit that is crossing the world, points to heavenly powers. Solomon could vouch for it. He encountered the Spirit, and held firm, saw many wonders, don’t forget, fill the space inside you, will loving thoughts, death is not the end, just the beginning of the next leg of the journey. As for the head games, ignore them, they too will pass. One thought and they could be transformed into babbling fools, amen.