The Love Dare


Good Tidings

Bad reputations unearned,

good reputations stolen,

networked across the globe,

using every trick they can,

vulnerable souls everywhere,

who simply don’t understand,

until things go wrong,

religious too political minded,

an effort to remain strong,

networks using every group,

are sexually elite too,

the basic instant well tuned,

they have to be perverse,

it’s how they get along,

contacts everywhere,

no one can undermine them,

they prey on whoever,

don’t get in their way,

they decide and that’s it,

only business they say,

the children they provide,

who cares about them anyway,

their reign grew from land to land,

they were supreme in command,

but they fell into one mighty trap,

their conceit became them,

and none of them are getting away,

spaceship or no spaceship, amen,

the pictures before you, look at it very closely, it’s one of a set taken, God Most High is with you, there is nothing to fear anymore,  Heaven is real, the nightmare scenario, the one they tried to banish, the hope that true love exists,IMG_5757IMG_5755 and that’s as good as it gets, the demon has been defeated, it’s just a case of cleaning up, amen.

~I DO Care~

words matter, so does the tone of your voice!

Peace of My Heart

I have felt very convicted over a 3 word phrase that I probably use every single day. The words aren’t ugly or said hatefully, but I believe the conviction came because they imply an emotion that could be perceived as hurtful.

Wanna know what it is?

“I don’t care.”

Whenever the kids ask me for something, like a snack or to watch a certain show, rather than give a simple yes, I typically say “I don’t care.” I’m not really sure how this came to be and it never stuck out to me until recently. But I don’t like it. Why would I tell my children I don’t care about anything?! Because truthfully, I DO care…about every little thing that concerns my people.

Out of curiosity, I googled the phrase. The results really hit home.

“Saying “don’t mind” sounds very polite and gentle. It’s like the person is saying “It’s…

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The Price

Medicated and traumatized, they stroll  streets, their resources stolen, repeat after repeat, promise after promise, the theft continues, another 100 million gone, another service cut, mentally anguished adrift, no room for them, unless it’s a crisis, medical staff overworked, no time to give, worried about forms, give them more medication, the roundabout turns, the price visible to see. What do you do, a society creates a system, hides and deceives, privatizes what it can, is there anything to sell, well sell it then, short term gain, the long term ignored, the scandal of legal medication, a stone on everyone’s back, the price we all pay, the regular violent actions, evidence of it everywhere, amen, imagine what the Guy in the sky thinks!IMG_5757



Fuddy duddy, awkward slow, not always, available 247, always an ear, financier of sorts, now I’m here, surrounded by strangers, family everyone busy, not the way I was, never thought I’d end up here, my pants soiled, my heart tearing, no one listening, diagnosed with an old disease, so easy to get rid of, a statistic and consultants report, they wait for me to end, but I’m not giving up, there’s a star waiting to carry me off, if I could see then, amen.

They call early, change me again, it’s their routine, there’s many of us, what I did for others, they do for me, I’d prefer it to be family, but it’s not possible, whose the idiot, that invented old peoples homes, turning humanity into business, it’s just we never notice, there’s profit in it, everyone is doing it, it’s a good investment, is that all I am, seems so at the end of days, here’s your pills Doris, she swallows another one and another amen.

Mental Wealth

Mental health a priority, fill their heads and fast, don’t want them thinking,  wont be good to work, and if they prove difficult, invent some new medication, drugs work, here’s the neat paperwork, see that signature, a world expert, who can’t be bought, mental health for children, condition of the mind, drugs for that as well, the actions of marketers, who set out to deceive, you want a promotion, that’s TV that’s internet, we can’t control that, mentally controlled almost everyone, till the sun came shining, then signs appeared from the heavens, numbers and messages repeating, reform reform reform, must be something in that, spiritually speaking that is..amen……propaganda half truth, misleading news items, set to incite, what do children assume, what about the child that is slow, that’s what prison is for, suppose you haven’t given it much thought, too much of this world less of the next, must be something to that, mental wealth is a life long journey, amenghandhi