Artificial Intelligence and The…

The machine breaks down, does not understand the words, no meaning, it starts to smoke up, the discs spin but nothing is coming out, is this, 2001 space odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, where Hal, the computer, loses the plot, and puts the whole world in danger, or under the rule of an alien entity?.

Jesus sighs, Father, what are they doing to your earthly paradise. The prophet smiles, once the Eternal Father in on the job, what is there to worry about, apart from, Pleasing the father, not by pleasing the father, but by loving “His Creation”. It’s easy to confuse the young.

The stories of Kubrick tell stories of the impact on the mind, from many sources, especially those we are conditioned with. The appeals of the Prophets, are direct calls to the Almighty, to come to the aid of His people, amen. Whom should you put your trust in?. The machine breaks down is what the report said. Those listening were not impressed with the cold words?.

Show compassion and gather up the graces, amen.


Migratory Route of the Bumble Butterfly..

The honey butterfly is a rare butterfly indeed. Artificial intelligence experts, are working to identify the mystery of this great secret. Billions of Dollars have been invested, in tracing the route of this rare creature, so rare, it’s hardly been mentioned in the books of nature, that have been written since Darwin.

In order to support this rare butterfly, perhaps it’s in hiding, waiting for the conditions to improve, it’s very sensitive, and does not mix too well, with the other creatures, that have become accustomed to the chemical environment. It hides in cliffs, like the last resting place of King Arthur perhaps, anyway, in order to encourage it to come out, or attend a self help group, butterflies are in need too, may we all tend to the care of the environment, and give the bumble butterfly the right conditions to spread it’s butterfly tendencies, amen.

She rages in the door, anger, it’s all an act, she is trying to get reaction, why, what spirit drives her, even the prophet is uncertain. Blame this, blame that, create envy, avarice, whatever, she wants a reaction, that’s all. The space inside has to be filled, and it’s not the space in her head, amen.

The prophet sighs, the state of the heart, it’s a case of nurture, amen.

Seriously speaking, in times of great change, there comes along, those, who try to take control of the thinking of others, now that many minds are wondering what is happening. It’s a farming of the emotions in short talk. With the mystery of what is going on overhead, the usual doubts are laid aside, and genuine wonder enters the hearts, these signs, they are spoken of in Prophecy, divine understanding in other words, the notion of eternity, the wonder of that thought, where will it lead you, what are my chances, what do I have to do, how do I please God etc.. In these times, the sharks come along, in order to mislead, and they use magic of the dark kind to fool many people, and this trickery, is written about in the “Holy Gospels”, so before anyone leads you astray, pick up the holy books, and immerse your self in the life giving water of “Jesus Christ”. The forecast of deception, written in the same vein, as the “Jesus Gospels”, are there to advise you. Beware, you can only worship the Almighty in Spirit, amen. Ignore the fake news, it’s confusing.

The Wonder Horse

History gives us great horses, great events, trials, tribulations, but there is always the hope, that someone or something good comes along, that lifts the spirit, the giver of hope, it might be a fast racehorse, recall, those stolen when about to start a second career, I recall Shergar, the wonder horse, who romped to a 10 length victory in the Derby, 1980 approx, then kidnapped, only to disappear, the mystery yet to be solved, anyway, lets get to the wonder horse of the 30’s, sea biscuit, the lifter of hopes, the rejected horse, who in the right hands became a legend of that time, so much so, he is better known than many of the so called eminent men and women of that age, usurped by a horse, all those tall reputations, apart from the President perhaps.

In those times, John Steinbeck, wrote the story of the dust ball years, when there was mass migration and poverty in the western united states, and many were left to wander, their story told in the “grapes of wrath”, a history of those days.

Committed to telling the story of the struggles of mankind, Steinbeck, whose birthday it is today, is recalled too, and in affect, his Spirit, still felt to this day. Thank you John. The Lord sends the help, may we learn to recognize the signs.

Solomon sighed, an early morning in Paris, on the way to the graveyard, Pierre la Chaise, to see the resting place of Samuel Beckett, a sort of tip the hat moment, and to a place, that you would expect to find, inspiration. The metro to this space, in the middle of the City, the resting place, of many who served the almighty, great tombs to the men and women who served in their life. Anyway, time in short supply, another journey to make, Solomon arrives at the spot they laid Beckett, (waiting for Godot), only to find it, one of the few places, or graves, where there were fresh flowers left, who could make it up. The artists interpret so much for us, and they ping our conscience when required…

The prophet in the fields, a prayer and a journey to make years later, a sign he asked, there will be doubters, arm me, in the space of a few minutes the cloud you see in the blog, arrived, apart from other signs before, that would have amazed the prophets and holy people of old, amen…

Happy 121st Birthday John Steinbeck — Waldina… blog, the grapes of wrath

Today is John Steinbeck’s 121st birthday.  I first read “The Pearl” in high school.  I know I read “Of Mice and Men” and “The Grapes of Wrath” around the same time, but it was “The Pearl” first.  I had never read anything with that narrative before, he compelled me to care about those characters, to […]

Happy 121st Birthday John Steinbeck — Waldina


Whats on the mind, the policy maker, says jobs. The poverty index, the direction it goes, a talking point and reasons to be angry, or an excuse. What sort of minds use bad information on certain people, to coral them, into a united voice, or how they use the rage they themselves planted, for their own evil uses.

Thinking, the town is turned around, the combination, is it spirit, is it money, what is behind it. Well, the signs have been coming from a heavenly source, which some are trying to claim credit for, this is written, in times like these, where there are changes outstanding, there will be those, who will be misleading and confusing, in order to remove the faith of many. Why are we warned about this.

In short, if the truth was written so long ago, and with no doubts as to the Gospel of Jesus, it follows, that the teachings of Jesus, are the ones that shine a light on our current situation, amen.

Solomon smiled; the stories that teach us. The child, early fifties, or sixties, the TV a new affair, entertainment wholesome family affairs, the policy safe guarded, nothing over the top until after the late hours, not for children in other words. Years later, its as if its all grafted into one, and with so many dependent upon it, the screen, can we do anything about it.

Solomon sighed, it’s the car in the early stages of use. After many years and after much destruction of the environments, we now are going electric, clean energy in other words, amen. As for those who want to see a world that is on the recovery trail, lucky those, who have leaders who point them to the ways of the wise, amen. And the children in these places, their trust in the future, makes them keen to learn all about it, great foundations for a future world.

Help with Negotiations

It’s all about, various forms of communications, or reasons to justify policies, the more voices in your corner, the more media support you have, in a world that thrives on what enters the mind. Old men, lets say it clear, they are nearing the pearly gates, the shivers of hope and worry, what do I do to gain admittance, what is it that I must do, is there a way to get around the issue.

The wars that should never have started are plentiful in time and history, while those who try to be peace makers, often find themselves pushed and assaulted in various nefarious ways. The customer, the plant, the new idealist, whatever, the peacemaker is often pushed into taking a stance that goes against their own well held views to justify their concern for other causes, while alienating among themselves, those who held the original view.

In the meantime, there are those who support the peacemakers, who are put under pressure, after extending themselves, over borrowing of the spirit, the spirit then weakens, and after a few shocks, confidence in the peace makers dwindle, giving space to another form of thinking to take root. To help in negotiations, the wise peace maker, has a back up plan, to deal with such dissent, putting in place, the skeleton service, the background needed, to retain the confidence shown.

The EU was set up to stop all wars in Europe, and in the world in general. The largest industry in the world, is the war munitions business. This is conflict of a business scale that can undermine the world. Or are there those, working together, while pretending to be enemies, who were testing the resilience of that peaceful union, amen.

Solomon sighed, the words of hope he was given at a time of great testing. Remain in your trust in the One, who has dominion of the soul, now then and forever, or in short, surely you want your actions today, to help the struggling souls gone ahead. Ma, of course you will do your best for me, amen. The parable of the rich man, who calls out to Abraham, who is enjoying a relaxing sip of cool icy water, for a taste of that water, then, when told it’s not possible, asks the prophet to send help to his own sons, so that they don’t make his mistakes, and therefore avoid torment, after passing from the body, worth considering, amen.

Reasons not to hate…

The simple story told over, the claim, we are different, we don’t accept blood, we don’t eat this, we worship Fridays, you do it Wednesday, the differences, as if, the greatest teacher of all, apart from the Almighty, or the almighty working through the spirit, said it simply in a range of stories, that were child like, and child friendly, if only they’d take the advice. Imagine the scene, this upstart, 2,000 years ago, those in business, those in the “Spiritual business”, then, they agree, this pest has to be got rid of, so they hoped, his persona gone, they will soon be back to normal, regular conditions, is it not the same many years later, this teaching, as the apostles called it, difficult to them, those who witnessed the miraculous, how they found it difficult, how could they, or as some religious leaders might say today, if that sort of thing happened today, what doubts would there be, none, so you’d assume.

Reasons not to hate, the use of religion to justify wars, what does Jesus say, and to those who put man made rules in place of the heavenly outcome, waiting for all who put their trust in the “One”.

Well, you may have many personal differences, and there are many ways to live, according to circumstances, we all didn’t grow up in the arctic, we’d be all wearing fur coats, or whatever, it’s climatic.

The truth about Jesus, and what was taught then as now, is that there is no room for hate. We don’t allow blood that is not ours to be used, etc, maybe it’s the Spirit that was the real area of contention, how else could you interpret the story of the good Samaritan, the one who goes to the victim, who covered in blood etc, is tended to by the one who stopped to help, while those who passed on the other side, used a variety of reasons not to help, we will become infected, that’s this and that, or a reason to justify their actions, while Jesus posed the simple question, who did what was right, and of course, the answer being, the one who went to the aid of the victim.

Years later, there are groups divided, we don’t do this, we allow that, the child is in need of a blood transfusion, we don’t allow that, the crash victim on life support is given blood in the emergency room, filled and refilled, the transfusion keeps him alive, in gratitude, he tells those afterwards, what the almighty did for him. Others might claim, well, what sort of blood did you get, etc etc, what happened, there are those that accept well meant teachings, the spirit of error for want of words, who misinterpret the meaning of “The Spirit”, as being pure, and therefore apply it to blood etc, well meant, but in short speak, it’s easy to put a human figure in place of the almighty, amen. And in what is human there is no perfection, it only exists in “The Almighty”.

IF it’s called the spirit of error in olden times, perhaps it’s also a get out clause for those who want to amend their teaching, nothing more. Another reason not to hate, amen. In short, you can only worship God in Spirit, amen.

My Life

What is my life, what is it, does it end when the body gives up, when does it end, the most vital of questions, the poet asks. The poet wonders, plays with the words, thinks the emotions, reads other poets, takes his heart to other times, dreams of a better future, as for legacy, what they leave behind, has the mystery of the eternal, words. In terms of the legacy, here is a poem by a really …

this is a poem by a friend of mine, deceased, one of the finest human beings there was, Ann M Dooley, died young, despite the odds…

despite the odds, 
i get the jobs
i do the goods
i rock the gods

i make the mark i have to make
i take the “takes” i have to take.
i pull in fast i pull in hard
and try to hold the winning  card

i fall tall
i fall firm
i fall strong
i fall fast

despite the odds

i’ll make the mark
i’ll make the grade

because after all

this is my life at stake.
despite the odds!

I Hear Voices…

No, it’s not voices, it’s the vibration of others, your sensitive, you have a gift, the flow of spirit, has many meanings, ask, does the voice remind you of Jesus teaching, or is it, angry, is it your own anger mixing with the thoughts of others, what is happening, stop. In these times, it’s written,

“they will hear the voice at night..” Ezekiel and the Angel Uriel..

Stop, does the voice make promises, is it trying to take control of you, does it give you something first, then after awhile, get you to think of what is dark, in short, are you being used by another, who takes over your space, in doubt, simply read or listen to, the words of the Holy Book, it will explain much, David Suchet reading the Gospel is light for the heart.

In short, tune your heart to the light, amen.

Day 3706: Happy — The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally…. re4 blog, tips for the …future

I’m happy to wish a happy birthday to my son Aaron and to my cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem! 🎉🎉🎂🎂🎁🎁💕💕 Yesterday, I was happy about the results of my annual check up with Dr. Salem. He said he wants to see me again in six months because “seeing you makes me happy.” Tufts Medical Center is […]

Day 3706: Happy — The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally