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Editor’s Note: This is well worth a repost, my friends. Please read, and BE… InJoy! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ L’Aura Pleiadian Being Present involves truly being consciously awakened to the now moment. Being present and entering the 5th Dimensionally consciously ~ WILL require everything of YOU. A complete surrender TO BEING 100 percent present as the true you. This […]

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Call Me Naive

What, you can’t be serious, who wants to be called naive. She looks at him, this man is crazy, what about your inner self esteem, people will walk all over you, and treat you like a fool. He waits for her to finish. In the middle of her discourse, he hears a baby cry, the call of the heart, it’s a feed me cry, he listens to the child, immersed in the little needs. What he says, can you repeat just what you said. She looks at him as if he had horns coming out of his head, he is ignoring me she thinks.

You called me Naive he says. She is flustered. And you can’t remember what you just said, he adds, that’s exactly it, what do you call that. She sneers at him, looks him up and down, not even good shoes, I wonder if he flosses.

Solomon was reminding himself of the early martyrs, and the troubles they had, and the words of the prophets; they will taunt you, despise you because of me, and do worse perhaps, stay the course Jesus said, it will all work out.


She slams the door, we watches her walk, bitch he sighs. I only encountered the Heavenly Spirit dear; women, they never listen. Stop that, you are judging people again. He rebuked himself. Inside he loved her, dam, love can bring out the worst in us. When we treat it as a gift, maybe, just maybe, we will get to see it’s full potential. He looked up at the Sky, the sun bursts from behind a cloud, cheers…..learn fast he sighed!

What Makes Someone A Good, Softhearted Person?  — Thought Catalog


1. Respect. Respect for other people, animals, and the earth. 2. Honesty. If people are honest with themselves, then they can see that the flaws in others are just part of being human, and not really flaws, or something to be judged. They no longer feel they are the most important person, but that they…

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Tyrants Anonymous meets..

The organizer, a three year old child, a little boy with a big heart. He heard a voice. Get them together, and tell them what you heard. The boy told his pals, we got God on our side, lets organize a meeting. So the first meeting of T.A was organized. Being organized by children, it attracted a most unusual crowd, what was the interest. They stretched around the corner, and ran for miles, the bullies.

The children look at each other, how are we going to deal with this lot. A tramp appears out of nowhere, I know where they are heading, a reversal of fortune, he says. The first will be last, the last will be first. That’s what Jesus said!.

Who are you the little kids said. I’m the overseer he replied. The children nod, That’s God or one of his close friends. You never know who you meet these days. Do Tyrants eat popcorn asked a voice, a young girl with entreprenerial skills. Well, we might as all well feed them, give them treats, before they have to visit that other place.

New World Feelings

The end of winter, the woes of the past, a learning curve, doom, put those bad feelings away. She looked at him, that sounds too easy. Well, you are smiling, how can that be bad, I suppose she said. Why do we attach ourselves to misery.