He’s Home

the wait was worth it, she was in the company of her father again, the sadness forgotten, the healing began. The sunshine arrives, and the smiles with it, almost magic, well it was, but sometimes we take it for granted, the way real friendship is. Solomon was reflecting on the events, the sense of wonder, the hope is real not imaginary. It was the child he sighed, the heart that is restless till the news arrives, your father is home, someone to stand up for you. The void in the hearts of so many, the vacuum that is waiting to be filled, the dealers and their syringes, the online trolls and their hatred of all that is good, imagine being a lone parent child, always waiting, imagine them as being connected to God, as they are, their calls seen as prayers, well i did give them the talent He says, what have they done. I’m a good child, i do what i am told and i clean up, i help, i do all the stuff, so where are you, your not home.

There were many in situations of influence who needed to be wary, at last. The signs from above, indicators of the existence of divine influence, it was just a question of heart and prayer. the door opens, the child lifts up, i can’t believe, the smile is huge, that’s the way it should be, amen. when they start making excuses, it’s time to close the ears.

Another Line Please

Great stuff, go on try some, it arrived in the stomach of a young girl

trafficked from Honduras, one of many who made the trip, she survived obviously, but they are lining up to take the chance. Your line is bigger than mine, he adds more, can you see the crystals there, it’s actually crushed glass, it add’s weight but it does give the glittering affect, see those crystals sweetie, just for you, He holds her hair as she bends lower, doesn’t want to disturb the other lines, his friends, well friends is too strong a word, once the police break through the door they will not know him, they will publicly disown him, next please. She rubs her nose, the glass begins to irritate, she’s part of the club now. I think we have a role for you young lady says the script writer/seducer, would you like another line, Please!

Sharing the Wealth

leadership by example, well, I’m going to give all my supporters a half price stay in my Clare golf resort, Doonbeg, a free round of golf in Scotland to all who contribute to my campaign, a ticket in the national lottery to everyone, free mini skirts to all my female admirers, and that’s just for starters, and by jeepers, that’s going to cost me a lot of dollars, smiles Donald, did i leave anyone out, a new apartment for … promise us the moon while your at it, the children in Detroit are still waiting, while the land of the billionaires passes the buck, but it’s not their bucks, but they use them widely to alter your opinion of them, they own the TV station your watching, act as if they are God’s, while never sharing the wealth, amen.

The role of women sighed Solomon, least they were fully connected to their children, and unlike men, or many of them, they didn’t dump them for a younger love life, willingly become part time fathers, modern world thinking. If there was a step in the right direction, it was the last election, and the issue of color

, and responsible fatherhood, well, often was the image of Barack, with his family. Now it was the time of women, and their role in the world, not that elections would alter all that much, but once respect for women was elevated, as it would surely, a new outlook would be imprinted in the minds of the young, despite the old boy’s brigade attempt to control everything, sharing the wisdom was better than sharing the wealth, amen.

In My Way…

He side steps, doesn’t notice her, doesn’t notice her eyes, if she smiles, the frowns, way she dress’s, nothing, he notices nothing at all, he’s programmed, a robot, she has nothing he wants, she’s in the way. He stares across the counter, wonders what he needs, will he buy her a gift, will he buy some wine, will he, well if he wants something he usually gets it, that’s his way.  Modern successful man with ambition, everyone is in his way, can charm as good as Donald, builds up the network, works it day by day, if you are of use to me, well that’s the way the world operates he says, all busy just don’t get in my way. his relationships, they have never been successful, his children tell him what to do, his wife threatens to divorce him regularly, she’s got a good job doesn’t need his support, but he brings out the thrash and is warm on those long cold winter nights, no wonder, he wants it his way, some of the time.

looking for an excuse, you will be blinded by the options, there are so many who just want to blame someone, someone just as you, and me, and him and her, Donald

trump if you are a democrat, Hillary if your the other side, God if your an insincere prayer, it’s just one big circus out there. Solomon was reading an article, the outrage at what, last years hurricane victims forgotten, the fifty million killed in world war two, faintly a memory now. It starts with beginnings, and today was and is, the beginning,  amen.

Buried Love

Buried Love, burden inside, the weight of loss, another inquiry perhaps, the screams and calls, must investigate this, what if, more questions, years later same question, same painful answer, what if perhaps, so many carry this weight, it eats it grows, hidden in addictions, passed onto generations, time to stop, and resurrect the love, women in particular, men also, childhoods lost, the children given away, the children lost, the hard decisions made, isn’t it time, a day of peace, to ease the heart, admit the past, put the love to rest, allowing hearts to grow again, an inquiry is no solution, damn inquiries, a lawyers opportunity, day of prayer and understanding, amen. God Most High is all mercy, society isn’t good at that, and when the time comes, he’ll or she’ll have one question to ask, what did you do to forgive and heal, and that includes yourself, amen.

Push Me

Don’t you enjoy being pushed

Made to do things you don’t want

Told to obey all those stupid rules

Feeling foolish when you’ve been had

Don’t you enjoy being pushed


Not anymore never like this before

The Heaven man is back on earth

No more putting up with corruption

Too many got away with that

Don’t you enjoy being pushed


Child man woman and the old

Tired worn had enough I’m told

Well get your skates on folks

Changing times are all about

Don’t you enjoy being pushed about


Grey sitting told to eat medicate

Great feeling being told to do

After years working it’s too late

Smile it’s your day off wonderful

Don’t you enjoy being pushed about



Point The Finger

Point the blame


Nails, floggings, hangings, crucifixion, persecution and betrayal of neighbors, butchering of women and children, sounds like Bosnia, Nazi war effort, the guys with the white sheets KKK, sounds awful no, it’s much simpler that that, and it should be of great assistance to those who need an internal and spiritual awakening, these are some of the old habits of St.Paul before he became a man of God, and as a man of God, he was chosen, by God. His outlandish behaviour is well documented, and mentioned regularly, in bible scripture, Holy Scripture, and it’s something we ought to remember. God’s wisdom is not anything we can imagine, not in todays world. Here is a human Being, who does everything to halt the progress of God’s message. And despite all the hurt and death he caused, God Most High chooses him, forgives him, and fills him, with the Holy Spirit. If there is a lesson in this, it’s simply this. Not only did God allow us to crucify and torture his/ her son, but he also raised up another Son from among us, who had in fact been anti God, why would you in all wisdom imagine this being the case. It demonstrates to each and everyone of us, that God is merciful beyond comprehension, that he is forgiving beyond human abilities, and that as the Greatest Teacher of  all, that if one wishes to follow the master, one must not become greater than the master, as the Devil has tried to display here on earth along with the fallen angels, but one must try to imitate the Master as best we can, while leading our normal lives. In a nutshell, there is good in everyone, no cause is ever entirely lost, every situation even the impossible is no longer impossible, when you follow the ways of God. So don’t condemn, learn, don’t hate, love, don’t bare resentments, forgive, don’t boast but become humble, and ignore those who suggest otherwise, amen. Check the image in the sky, it’s real. it was taken on a perfect day, there are five more….