Press Comments

A reason to be critical, the paper editors smell blood headline and massive increases in revenue and audience participation. The rubbish, the past, trolled through, any thing to use, the Tory leadership campaign, or any election where change is likely, and the lines are drawn. Kick them, push, tame, whatever, it’s sport to some, the press comments, amen.

Healing the issue, the comments are sensitive, others are called in, a new thought process, a gentler use of words, mindful engagement, the ratings set aside, a better outcome for all.

Solomon sighed, there has to be a line between news and entertainment, and the blurred line, often confuses the reasoning in children, and that doubt, often ends in extreme thinking, so press the comments, with the evidence of Heaven to deal with, it just might help, amen.



Good for the digestion, inside health, the green ways, a little patience required, the taste, worth it. I can’t help the environment, why should I, a thousand I can’t helps, add it up, and the changes just multiply. The council votes, the stage is balanced, another vote needed, the deciding vote comes in, more, the changes are there, inside, be green, every tree counts, amen.

The Fisherman

The rod is assembled, the flies attached, he chooses a stretch of river, lets the line out, waits, draws, pulls it in, casts again, the line ripples, something, wait, the line returns, the process is reported, the process is repeated, the fisherman casts again, the line is out, the eyes on the line, any movement, wait, a bite, something there, he will try that spot again, there is a fish waiting to be caught, so the fisherman dreams.

The bait, the fish can spot the disturbance overhead, wiggles about, goes to the surface, has a closer look, not real, the fish goes back to the bottom, waits until he is more secure and certain. Testing the Spirit, the fisherman is getting on, three hours, the waiting continues, another bite, the line snags and releases, the fish took the bait, but the way he took it, nibbled it, not into the mouth.

The fisherman, the evenings end, the light is fading, the water darkens, nearly time to go home, one last cast, the line on the water, more flies on the hatch, the fish getting ready for their midnight feast, this time. A rise to the left, before him up river down river, the plop, the plop, a jump, a splash, the fisherman looks about in wonder, so many fish to catch, he decides to leave and have a good night’s sleep, thinking, fishing, with the clean water, it’s always worth thinking about, amen.

Sensitive Habits

The sages report, the angels sigh, the changes on high, the new life, the potential, possibilities. The child, the boy, the girl, the habits they are adorned with, the effort to imitate, the learning, the school teacher, the method, the preference, they, the way they dress, the changes, reasons to see things differently, the harboring of grudges, the old war wounds, the anthems, the hope of changes, what do they all mean, these sensitive habits. The cold weather on the arctic shores, the warm weather in the Azores, the habits the food, the timing, the days long and hot, the days short and dark, why is the earth so sensitive, so many seasons and types of weather any given day, a one degree increase in temperature, the need to seek help, the body temperature goes above a number, and the doctor came, what makes us so sensitive.

Solomon sighed, the foundations, the gaps, the pot holes that need to be filled out, how sensitive we are when we put our foot in it, and the tale to the environment, and the tiny increases, what a difference they make. We are sensitive to changes.

The headline was a little confusing, what will we do, our church needs to adapt, what will happen, Solomon sighed; work to increase the well being of the Spirit, it always works out.

Captured — Christina Anne Hawthorne… re blog, poetry flowing….

Courtesy: Pixabay She cast smoke on fire, music playing in the trees, the memory she sought to capture touching her lips beneath the leaves. She danced in a meadow empty, her steps inspiration, the moment recaptured never straying from imagination. She stopped in a time gone long, covering her eyes against the light, the dream […]

Captured — Christina Anne Hawthorne

Peace in the world

A cup of coffee, a warm day, the connection to friends, a chance to play, without having to think or do anything, being. The boulders we gather and bring with us, put it down, there is no point bringing trouble with you, it all works out.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the voice, the little pal, those that are fearful, the lost chance of friendship, the lack of trust, the fear where there was once joy, say it straight, the Lord Almighty is on the ground, in the hearts in the minds, while the heavens are sending signs, to remind all, that Heaven’s power is at hand.

Conflict areas, decisions, the Spirit needs to live, and the Holy Spirit has God’s promise, so turn to God, as Isaiah says, the prophet Jesus referred to regularly, to announce his mission and to inspire those listening to him, connecting the dots.

In a nutshell, Trust in the Almighty God, who has dominion over the soul, now and forever, think this, our actions today helps the journey of the Soul, think then, and turn your hearts to that which lifts the Spirit, amen.

Our Struggles

One, our world One, the options, to care for it, the reasons, it’s written about, it’s Jesus, it’s the divine truth, amen. The troubles you endure in the name of Faith, the welcome, after the journey, the joy, it’s not been easy, many live with great difficulty, but don’t be fearful, the proof of the Almighty, is written in lives every single day.

Lost Heart, the fear that many have trouble dealing with, whom to fear should be the issue, Jesus says it very clearly, trust in the Heavenly Father, help is at hand. The memory of sheer terror, in the heart of a little one, it blanks out so much, the heart by passed, the willingness to reach out, restricted, as if out of breath.

How do you live they say, does not the Redeemer answer, the God of Abraham, the prophets, come to the rescue of His children then, the taunts, why look at them, don’t respond to fear, think of Jesus, David, Goliath, there is a world that has peace in it’s heart, it belongs to those of God Almighty, so relax, learn the ways to the truth.

The trouble in the world, alarm to some, anxiety, opportunity to others, when you know it’s written, times such as these, don’t fret or worry, this is just as the prophets wrote about, and if the signs remind you of other times, think of the world ahead, and the great reward waiting for you, amen.

The child is at the machine, the nature of our addiction, how imitation works, so practice the habits that bring life, and pray more often, you will soon feel the positive affects, amen. And when in trouble, or feeling harming or in doubt, call out to the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, it will summon the help, amen. Jesus complained many years ago, the need for the Spirit, in short, the meaning of Faith, how it connects to the light, amen, and brings healing, and say thanks more often.