015 One year of being vegan — Arjun Khemani… re blog, history

Credits: game changers movie 3 weeks ago—6th July, 2021 marked one year of being vegan for me. It’s been a great journey and I intend to keep it going maybe forever. Here’s why and what I’ve learned from being vegan for a year. Note: This article is not intended to persuade anyone to be vegan. […]

015 One year of being vegan — Arjun Khemani

The Wolves are set free…

We will get to the bottom of this. Demons and their assorted armies, converge on God’s people, ground hog day, this has happened before. The Almighty crushed them, and then the Kingdom was made safe. Words spoken against the Holy Spirit, is an eternal sentence, Jesus’s warning.

Angels and those of Spirit,come under assault. The demon mind gamers, seek leverage, a trouble spot inside those, committed to God’s way. It’s hard to sleep, when you have fear inside you residing. It’s not fear, its anxiety on account of those you know well, whom you hold dear in your heart. Spying and undermining, Jesus had to deal with it regularly. So, imagine, what it has been like for those who try to follow in his steps.

Help, Jesus wove power in His words, and gave all credit to another, humble too, to the Father. So, what you might say; Think of the seventy two that went out and came home rejoicing. We gave commands to demons, and they obeyed us. Think yourself a follower of that divine source of power, amen.

The arc of the covenant…

Under man’d, short of equipment, frightened, the Israelite army walks onto the battle ground. A vastly superior army is ready to slaughter them. DON’T LET BIAS CONTROL YOU, THIS IS WRITTEN ANCIENT HISTORY AND A LESSON TO ALL.

The arc of the covenant, the tabernacle of the Almighty, accompanies the Israelite army. The rest is history. When the power of God is with you, what is there to fear.

The covid crisis changed lives, but it also came with blessings unseen, until the crisis became manageable.Space inside which isn’t a wasteland of poor choices is priceless, when it comes to finding a lodging space, for the Holy Spirit to dwell. Pharaoh all those years ago, had to go through many forms of plagues, before they set God’s first chosen people free. In short, produce the fruit that nourishes and encourages Holy guests, amen.

hot summer nights….

twisting in the bed, water, heat, how can I live with this. The four seasons. There was a time, the weather beat, regular, the slow down, the thaw, the warmth, the cooling autumn, it worked. Clean water, how we took it for granted. The thoughts in the head, wondering, will this stop, chaos and change, the result of global warming and the exploitative nature of man.

The mind needs be at peace. You can’t live unless there is. In the deserts of Tigray, and countless other places hot summer nights, a daily experience. Access to water a must. Can’t sleep, alone in the heat, mind chasing away a thousand thoughts. Going through the library of experience, so this is what happened. Give me peace you ask, where, the destination, choices.

So you care, while others try to ignore the awful horror; we did this to ourselves. No extreme condition, no dictator could have done this, even if there are those who would rather target the individual rather than the cause; a habit picked up from the spin masters and those they worked for, the habits we chose to pass on. Is there an answer?

The prophets tell us, when we think we are in charge, how we forget how we got there. Eaten bread is soon forgotten. And Jesus being the bread of life, his words nourishing, his words of advice, life changing. Not enough of that influence in those places where decisions are made. The pharaoh mindset of those addicted to power and themselves. We don’t need anyone, their common response; well God does not exist to them.

Summer heat, summer hot, Jesus was able to cure the spiritual thirst.

Jesus and the transformation

He is gone mad, they send for his parents, brothers sisters. 2,000 years later, we are still discussing Jesus, what a transformation. Few characters in history have had as much written about him, apart from his Father in Heaven.

The lesson; Jesus was transformational, is and will always be. He wasn’t static in his thoughts. He wasn’t fixed or tied to a point. He pointed it out simply. Regardless of the threats against Him. Find the space inside you, treat it like a hidden treasure. Imagine the Holy Father living and working, from that space inside you, amen.

Evening Prayer 7.25.21, Ninth Sunday after Pentecost — The Daily Office… re blog

Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. The nave of Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden. (Wikipedia) Let my prayer be set forth in your sight […]

Evening Prayer 7.25.21, Ninth Sunday after Pentecost — The Daily Office


The old and the new, their times and ours, grandparents, we all have them. Do we need their help today, how would they deal with the confusion sown in these changed times, don’t you ever wonder. No money in looking back, the mortgage has to be paid, and the last time I mentioned love to a bank manager, as if it was important, they look in his eyes, why would you think like that, love, what, money is more important. The words we are forced to endure.

The epic pace of life on the planet, the old folks neatly kept in houses of their own, while many wait for their journey to end, well, we all must pass, why waste time on the past. The old sages, or prophets, were frantic in their efforts to warn their people; you can’t live like this, offending the nature of love, ignoring the One to whom all is indebted to. Grandparents, the advice they tried to pass on; you can’t be greedy, otherwise you encourage more of it.

Throughout the world, new relationships are being formed, new ways of understanding needed now, the concern, the dissolution of the Spirit within, our lifeline to eternal help. So what would your grandparents think; have we pushed it too far, have we ignored the voices of those who have been warning us of these tough times. You should have listened to your elders, those trying to put you on the right track.

Solomon had the dream years before; a mission of escape, the great calamity, and the threat to children. There were more than one way to interpret the dream. The shepherd leads the children of God from destruction. A return to spiritual thinking, rather than exploitation, which had for many,become the norm, and led to the current environmental crisis’s, amen.