Modern Day Extremism

It’s the perfect storm, the breakdown of agreements between nations, the movement of refugees and migrants, the miss information going on, the divide between men and women, the gap between the poorest and the wealthy, and the non involvement of many, while there are those tying their careers to extremist popular politicians, using the issue of the environment to draw people to their causes. May the Spiritual leaders out there respond, with great waves of compassion. Amen

Solomon sighed, say the prayer, think like a prophet, then read the news in the papers, amen.


I Don’t Need an excuse….

Am I allowed to have thoughts of my own, do I have to follow what my parents did, and if I decide to do different and get it right, do I need to excuse my parents thinking, surely not, we are all different. Jesus had the same issue with the early followers, the way they castigated those not of their small flock, how come they can do it, as if they were jealous, of the others preaching the coming of the Kingdom. Jesus of course reprimands them; if your spreading the good news of Heaven your helping the cause of love and Spirit.

The child is in the back row, raises her hand, tentatively, unsure, she has the answer to the question the teacher framed, but is shy, doesn’t want to be noticed. Eventually she takes her small hand down, someone at the front got in first, another time she thinks. We all want to shine, we want to be noticed, we are human after all. Solomon was remarking on how our Spirit is often quenched before it gets to fire. He was recalling the old words of wisdom, from Jesus, how those who are supposed to preach inclusiveness often end up putting heavy weights on their own followers. Was it any wonder he told the parables in so many different ways, knowing that the story would be passed on, while mere regulations would be over ridden. AS Solomon had learned recently, there is no we in Faith, you are compassion or you are not, see you then,


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Dr. Kelvin Lee, Chair of the Department of Immunology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, shares the groundbreaking potential of CIMAvax-EGF, a lung cancer vaccine developed in Cuba. What we know so far: 0:00 The innovation that led to CIMAvax: 1:09 Benefits for high-risk patients: 2:02 The future of CIMAvax: 4:12 The science behind CIMAvax: 5:15 […]

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Spirit Woman

She screams but no one hears, it’s inside her, the torment, find me peace of mind, where, a thousand thoughts a second pour over her, it’s as if she is being bombed mentally, everywhere she looks, for you for you for you, I can’t get my head around this, she pleads, give me your peace, she can’t understand what is wrong, then she hears a voice, spots a face, her calm returns, she feels God is with her.

As Jesus said, we need space for the Spirit to reside in a healthy state, tell us, it’s something we all know, peace of mind, priceless. Solomon was remarking on the many souls he encountered on his walk through life, all of them, the descendants of past generations, habits and mysteries passed on. How do we create space when the world is on top of us, the bills, the education of the children, me time, sorry but the holidays have been cut, what, her thoughts interrupted,  I was trying to find space, she hears the mail drop into the box, what this time, she is anxious again, her money is short, what do they want this time.

So many walls are built to prevent us reaching the peace of mind we so badly need, so many give up and accept it, and those who protest about it, well, they are radicals. Solomon recalled years ago, all the weirdo’s, the strange stuff, well, it was never strange, was about longer than conventional religion, it was just never explained to us.

Is it possible he sighed, to set aside a week, one entire week in our long journey, to figure out how to slow this train down; Mother Nature is tired, the water is not what it used to be, the birds are getting pissed with us, even our own children are on the streets, protesting about it all; As said, Children will teach us all, perhaps it’s time to listen.

Dreaming Black Friday


books are banned, look this way, they are not us, the rules we are imbibed with, it’s as if our thoughts are decided for us, there is a sale, we all look, is there any place where we can find peace. Dreaming, what we recall, do we see the life out there, and more importantly, there is more to you than you think. As for white this and that, what is a color anyway. It’s Christmas time, the memory of the Birth of Jesus, the refugee, on the move, the local tyranny, the Roman empire, trying to impose control. Now it’s the Friday to shop your life away, the big stores prepared, the small shop a poor relation, well, they don’t sell it, but at least they are local. How we sell our lives, and our community away, to satisfy a short term need, is this what we did to the environment.

Jesus taught us, we are Gods, all of us, but you have to create space inside, a clean up in other words. Solomon was trying to get his head around this Friday thing, all those minds with bargains on the mind, what a way to treat your life. If it was pink Tuesday, well, what does it matter, amen.

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The Buddhist Tantric master Garchen Rinpoche explains an abbreviated version of inner flame meditation, as taught in the Drikung Kagyu lineage of master Jigten Sumgön (1143–1217). **Notes from Garchen R’s teachings** Abiding in the ultimate meaning is abiding in true nature, buddha nature. However, discursive mind follows after thoughts, wind energies in body follow after […]

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