What, stop that, the radio, the month of November, the souls, listen, where do you think your influences come from, the young minds are discussing the radio, the padre is with them, he is supposed to lead them not indoctrinate them, the gardener is at the door, listening, Jesus he says, what is he doing, trying to corral them, the gardener shakes his head, the use of cult thinking was supposed to have been dealt with, he shakes his head, there are autumn leaves to gather. Cults, what is the meaning of free will, what is reasoning, why did it take being re born to be of the light, had anyone of them listened at all.

Later that evening he is at home, the smell of soup, freshly made, the odor caresses his nose, tickling him. A full thick broth, lots of chunky bits, a distant memory, the state of the soup. Those days, he hopes they will remember, the pacifier, food in the belly, the odd leather shoe thrown into the watery mix, any form of nutrient added, their rations so poor, as they were slowly degraded, while their Spirit held on, and ..he stops, a spoonful in mid air, she says nothing, those days, she found it hard to believe, then the stories are confirmed.

In another part of the world, there is denial of the cruelty, not through ignorance or anything of the sort, but the imagination, no one could imagine the lengths those people went to, in order to get rid of the divine influence, or whatever they thought it was. Yes he says, rubbing his chin, it’s hard to forget those who laid the path we are all on, so much to give thanks for, and she smiles, it’s not a breakdown, it’s the month of November, time to recall, take a time out, consider the consequences, how did we get here.

The lost numbers have brought a new drive in the local church. The need to communicate, new ideas, interesting ways of explaining things. Solomon smiles, I will explain he thinks, time takes him back. Imagine a reversal of roles, turn the experience upside down. The role of the oppressor way back then, the oppressed now, the role of women, the womeneen way back then, the boss now, the children, the little ones way back then, now the decision makers, on account of the habits they haven’t ingested yet. Remain a child in the eyes of the Father, you will be happily surprised, amen. Just like Jesus says..Solomon sighed, how that name rocks the boats and calms the storm at the same time…who can do this they asked?

Later, Solomon sighed, the use of modern day propaganda, the emotional traps, that drive top form hot spots of opinion, then the harvest of ruin. They will come to listen, then the welcome. In parts of the world, food was still a war front issue, amen.

“there was a time, when food was used as a religious weapon of influence”


Spare me a thought?

Bamboozled, over worked, children that need routine, a partner that demands more attention than a new born, dirty laundry, is that a stain on the carpet, another bill drops in the letter box, the phone rings, the child is crying, another bill, the letter open, the threat of a law suit, the pressure mounts, she flips back a long string of hair, the dishes are in need of a wash, the children in school will be home soon, the spuds needs to be on the pot, and her hair is streaking grey, a wry smile, she will enjoy the visit to the hairdressers, amen, busy woman.

Food on the table, cutlery set, better off doing it herself, they will only argue, she opens the fridge door, no milk, who will she send for it, the youngest is four, the eldest in eleven, three in between, it’s constant work, she rushes out the door, it’s a five minute hop, back in five minutes she says, they all ignore her, Out the drive a swift maneuver, she is careful, no sudden accidents, she recalls pissing in the back seat of a taxi, once, but she has never forgotten, it was a joke he was telling her, the taxi man, she parks, runs in runs out, back in the door, as if she never left, going strong but under pressure, amen.

Pressure, its a constant; what you haven’t got you want, you have enough, you want more, a big thrill, does it go higher, more, the buzz, don’t feel it anymore, more buzz, the pressure, that void has to be filled, how else can I forget.

Solomon sighed; the struggle to hang onto the Inner Soul, the demands from outside, the anger we store inside, like tenants waiting to get an audience, waiting for the right opportunity, more pressure, its constant. Jesus and his life, tells us of this constant pressure, and also reminds us, of the reward that awaits those who hold onto their faith, amen. It may seem a struggle, but eternity is a very long time; save some for later, amen, you will feel less pressure too, amen. patience helps?

Was Confusion enough for the world’s children, do we need more?

Jesus warned all who listened; turning children away from God was a non starter. Open your eyes, the news, if trust is in short supply, and if reason seems to have disappeared, surely its not the education you would expect for children, ignoring the consequences of it, amen. Confusion, the whole world seems gripped by it, the covid crisis lessons on the news front, replaced by, a new struggle, it’s too much, the harm it’s doing to the well being of Spirit inside. Trying to find calm, where do you look, in consumption, the overdose that is already killing nature, our appetite for more. With signs from above, not the alien ships, but the movement of the stars, the revelations, is this the warning from Jesus and the prophets again, were blind, deaf and ignorant to everything, interested in only what directly affects us, amen. At least when we think of our neighbors, were thinking of others, it might not sound much, but at least we lose those narcissistic ways that have become so many of us,amen.

Then again, Jesus did utter a lot of warnings. Many of those doing the instructing, were to be taken with salt as regards where they were leading you, their habits not helpful, their pride a burden to those who wanted to believe, Yes,Jesus uttered many warnings. He even warned those who were in the ascendancy at that time, as to the fruits their teaching provided, and what would happen to those who mislead, but most importantly, kindness and compassion, this is how you recognize those with the real spirit,and test them. So if God expects us, to have a dwelling space inside of us, it has to mean, we have some healthy space inside,and not the darkness of hatred, that so many children are forced to ingest, amen. And for all the leaders out there, there is a double jeopardy in store, for those in authority, who misuse their power, well, Jesus is just saying, if you murder the Spirit in quantum, you are marked, amen.


Talk of Heaven, the virus, the new era, the gop, is it turning into a cult, brand trump, what when it goes wrong, deceived perhaps, is your time being diverted, your point of interest that of a sniper with too many targets and not enough time, what, your job at risk, better focus on that, not forgetting coupling, and the huge number of arrangements that can mean,same as the promise of a newbe politician, how long will he remain green, then he bends, fits the picture, the innocent becomes a master of cunning, uses the errors of others to hide his own mistakes, meanwhile,at the back of the mind, these signs and revelations, even the conspiracy theory experts can’t figure it out, pointing to what Saint Paul said before he became saint paul, in order to discredit him, even though chosen, amen.

And if you have a real concern, color, gender, the second hand citizenship of so many women, well men don’t have the threat of sexual violence hanging over their heads, things change they say, even the prophets mentioned times as confusing as these, and as equally testing,both physically and spiritually, has your attention being cornered by issues that will soon pass away, while a greater war is raging, right in front of your face,did you see that,golly can I afford to buy in a shop like that, the money,the cost, the credit card limit,the other bills, the big sigh, at least I have a job, say nothing while the check flows in, well, leave it, life is difficult enough,then the news, your people under threat, the sudden infusion of another energy, thinking of others,less greed, more of the higher spirit,is this what you are being diverted from, while all the other stuff is half junk half truth,a smokescreen to help the entire environment, perhaps. Does your soul matter to you?, it belongs to the talent giver, and like all investments, same as the vineyard, He expects a return. Could say she too, call it what you like, lets argue over the meaning, lets act like a zealot bigot, focused on the exact word, and not the true meaning. So for precautions, do you want your head controlled by the crisis created by others, or will you hold firm inside, and learn to discern instead.

Solomon read the emotional weather, mixed with thoughts cast wide, he wondered how anyone found inside time, other than in the context of pleasure,amen.Men women children, they all played games of an emotional type, with all those combinations of arrangements, add in 100 electronic communications, a dose of daily TV, and whatever else, shopping trips,

In order to hang onto the inner self and not become the prisoner or victim of a cult, one had to have a way, to remove oneself from the moment; Eureka,that’s why they call it meditation, break out the champagne James, amen.


What a concoction, strained misled tired old folks, struggling to pay for healthcare, which is free in most places across the globe, why you ask, we need money, who doesn’t, but health care too, prisons, tax breaks for building them, is there anything you can’t sell, genes perhaps, add in the poor people, of all color, those that want to argue too, a few white love themselves only types, fans of adult Hitler too, led by a cartoon man who knows how to caress the imagination, and has lots of money and supporters he enjoys to tease, and you wonder what happened to the United States, loopers.

Al Capone got lots of fame too, was a charitable contributor too, paid not enough tax, sounds familiar, loopers. The media of course, used every crime or act of Alphonse to sell the papers,while reminding those with little or no prospects,that life is not over, you can be an Alphonse too, and your name will be in the papers too, and we wonder where it all came from, and guess who explains it all, the same papers that helped create the monsters. Jesus would have proper words for them, has, the seeds you sow, the crop you reap, usually your own doing, amen.

So alone, so you think…

She lies in the back of the ambulance, aged lady, breathing into a mask, lucky to have breath, the tank is needed elsewhere, the oxygen, the mask is removed from her mouth, her difficulty is obvious, her need dire, more she breathes, doing all she can, please, have you got insurance dear, money at a time such as this, she has prayers in Heaven, it calms her for a moment,she looks at the seller of the much needed oxygen, he wants ten times the price. A business opportunity, who doesn’t try to take advantage of the vulnerable, many do, think your alone, how much is a bread ration during a famine, stuff you never think of, until your stuck. You are not alone.

He can’t use his legs but his mind is alert, I will pour my thoughts into the world, it only requires thinking about it. He finds strength. Those around him feel lethargic, while he is alive, how is it possible. Jesus told the world, you are not alone ever; there are demons, Jesus even named some of them, putting his mark on them for us. There are angels as every child knows. Do we find it difficult as we get older to believe, or do we need a crisis to encourage us,amen.

How much is off shore, and why has it been allowed for so long, you are not alone, I can promise you that much, amen.

Imagine it’s judgement day..and you have to share your dirty laundry…all of it…and the good stuff too?

So few people living, so few, ever make calculations for the world to come, when righteousness is the norm, and all that dark stuff simply goes away, well, who thinks about the pension in their twenties, usually the very cautious. The bell rings, even the angels will shudder, they too, have to come before the eternal judge, and if this is horseshit, i refer you to the old books.

How big will the laundry pile be, is directly related to you, it’s called the individual battle within, and the ancient prophets refer to this, as do all those enlightened. Those that tell you it’s just another bus ride were not reading the map the right way up, seeing as they can’t make sense of anything, well, awareness of God is awareness of Judgement. Good friends try to remind us of this certainty, there are no hiding places, that’s all folly, unless you are lucky enough to have brought straight to Heaven without having to be tested.

Recall what you are now seeing happening all across the world. Many will and have been totally fooled by a shiny faced liar who is trying to get himself recognized as God, this is happening to reduce the potency of Spirit existing, the spirit, the real one, has a different feel to the lower spirit, it’s encouraging.

More importantly, can you mitigate for the times you were less than good, turning the eye away from need, closing the heart to others, trying to fool yourself, as if to say, there is no God, well, recall the ancient books, there is testimony out there for those interested in looking, well, God loves the triers, the real ones. It will happen sudden, only God knows, but in the times of floods, they partied to the very last day, so if its written, there will be signs, about which you might have noticed a few changes these last seven years, and many people living are wondering what life will be like, after this latest plague, on that point,a plague has many forms, it could be a cycle of greed that never ends, the proliferation of time given to the movement between the legs, while there are so many calling for much needed help, food etc, well, the wise option, tend to the injured before you tend to your own needs sounds right advice, we are not meant to be funless.

So your conscience is like that of a very corrupt leader, politician, signs tell you, your affairs need sorting, we have to get organised, should have stood for something, well, while the rules might save you from your earthly employer etc, but that’s all, and when you leave that priceless job of yours, rest assured, your colleagues won’t be let down, you’ll have been replaced long before they give you the clock or some other trophy for all you gave, as Jesus told all those fortunate to be around him, even the heathen look after their own, so no marks for that, we all breath air as they say.

If this little piece of blog is rambling, its done this way, so as not to burden you, as many hard hearted zealots would willing do, while seeking a mention in your very own will, it happens, the patient suddenly gets the burst of enlightenment near the end, and rash appropriation of assets in times of chronic unease, are very well known about, so rather than be taken unnoticed, as all those ambitious folks say, preparation matters, the very way to success, so they all say, so this is not just my advice, amen.

In a nutshell, this applies to joe blogs as much as anyone else, rich don’t matter, no lawyer can do the stand in on this one, no, these are steps you have to make all alone. Now the point of these words; things are happening, in Space, that scientists can’t explain, and in reality, they are clueless on this. Just in case, those moments when you don’t have your seat belt on, the car seems to give reasons for anxiety, golly, must keep it on, just as Jesus reminds us, be on guard at all times, simply, treat people very well indeed,amen.

And… time, if we are all still here, amen! Where are the lights, gee, that tinned food, is it out of date, how did we end up here, did anyone bring chocolate, at a time like this?

Chaos Love and Destiny…

WE chase love, we have a destiny,and in the middle, we find chaos. Old movies, lessons in simplicity, issues, when were they absent, do you go back to the time Jesus was on the cross, do you find faults and get upset, do you join a movement cause your hounded into it, or is it the after party, the social network, are you correct because of fear, are you afraid to use your real name on the web, have you heard all those horror stories, is your brain at bursting point, are you sick and tired of the rabid talk that gets such a following on line, did you profit from the online sickness, have you any idea how young mind deals with it, have you ever wondered why the so called clever men, we call wisdom wealth, it used to be something else, have you wondered why yet,why the sudden interest in Space travel, given the amount of garbage on earth, that needs dealing with. Confused, who wouldn’t be, amen.

9/11 The Anniversary

One day, breakfast as normal, nothing to think it wouldn’t be otherwise, many souls will think about the time, the sadness visited on so many lives, how life can change in an instant. As many reflect on the could have been’s, the lives cut short, there has been so many changes in the meantime, the world has undergone profound change, the financial calamity of 2008, the election of a TV president, Brexit, the covid virus, and 200,000 deaths, and the anniversaries of so many wars, the entire human race has been put through the washer, and many have suffered. It’s as if the world and it’s ills have been poured into the street and we all have to accept our sufferings.

Take heart in the knowledge, there is a world after this one, we are living in a temporary structure even though we treat it as if this is all there is, be assured there is a life beyond this one, and that those souls who have gone ahead, are all trying to help us realize, that to this other world we may ascend, if we decide to live like good Samaritan’s. In the meantime, spare a thought for the Palestinian People, who have had to live like emigrants in their own homelands, imagine what they have to endure.

REASON IS HOLDEN FABLE — Marlovian… re blog.. worth reading…

Geoffrey Chaucer was possibly born in 1342/43 in London, but then again, no one can be certain, and died October 25th, 1400, in London, and received the singular honour at the time, of a commoner being buried in Westminster Abbey. He was the outstanding English poet before Shakespeare, and has always been described as “the […]