A Mid Summer Nights Dream…part two..alive again

The great bard, Shakespeare, put our character and flaws on stage, where no one could point to the villain or victim, they are only characters the crowd thought, while the learned and their sneaky minds fully knew, the lessons within, not just a summer nights dream, much more real. The use of words, how they travelled from the bards pen, to days like this.

A mid summer nights dream, the world wakes up in places,former freedoms returned,the great dictator, the virus,seemingly overcome. The freedom so treasured, being able to meet a friend,gather, no police harassing, the very thing we seemingly escaped from, a fate so many struggle under, mostly alone.

The dream, the emergence of light minded people, who want to brighten the road they travel, free countries, no more dictators, food to eat, and non bias sexual minded souls all around, a mid summers night dream. Are you allowed to be…

Jesus said it simply but it wasn’t simple to achieve. Men and women died,burned, crucified, in the Holy Name, it wasn’t the spin of a modern day PR expert, no pretending in other words, the real you, that inside you, more space required the general call, amen.


My Struggle

Empty, fear filled, the phone rings, her heart is thrilled, a friend, someone to listen to, thank you God she pleads, her anxieties answered, correctly,for once. She has been trying to get rid of the impostor for a week, she’s a vulnerable young woman, her social skills, under developed. Too young, too young, she didn’t learn the way she ought. The void, it has to be filled, it’s not a song either, this is real. What’s in it for me, the thought never entered her heart, not once. I have to get dressed, her mood is totally different from moments before. She no longer feels alone. I gave so much for you, she looks at the ceiling, where were you, she is talking to her imaginary God, she ends the thought.

An unsteady hand applies lipstick, it’s crayon on the face,as a child would do, smeared. The panda bear mascara gives her a comic Gothic look. The walk is unsteady, the nerves in her feet, altered, too much alcohol, but she is trying to deal with it. She has the ability to overcome it,but like all traumatized souls, she needs a little help. Her head held high, she is going to do it.

The grey shows through the hair, she can’t afford a full hair do, and the dye she applies when she is able, is not always, fully applied, but she tries.

Solomon sighed, it was the remembrance day of a friend or two, those you meet along the way. Those in between moments, the gap as they call it, it’s the same with the movies, the story develops, incidents. She always set aside time for others more vulnerable than herself, and everyone who knew her, knew that too, they will come to help, they are great on human rights, well, so they tell their pals, and their opinions, they consider important, same as the mirror they stare into each morning.

My struggle he said, what struggle, brought back to life, more escapes than Houdini, at least the demons he encountered had been dealt with, and with a prayer, he could send them into a spin,same as the light from above, wisdom, you got to love her. How we get through life, without having to take advantage of another, a very difficult exercise.

Jesus called out hypocrisy, regularly, would there be any faith left he asked, when the great return occurred. Well.

Penalties for Those who interfere with the well being of the Holy Spirit, according to the apostles, and Jesus himself…….

Jesus turned to the fig tree, it’s fruit was bitter, he cursed the bush that produced the fruit.The very next day, the apostles are passing by the bush, now withered and dead, and wondered, the power in Jesus and His words. Esdras prayed for his people when he realized, the trouble they had landed themselves in. While Jesus even named the demons he encountered, not to familiarize us, but to put in words, the stark identity of demons, amen.

Solomon reread the old words, those he had written himself. He told the old monk of the experiences, even though he knew they watched, he wanted them to be reminded; that the Holy Spirit had come, amen. When God passes out blessings, changes usually follow, when blessings are ignored, that also goes on record, as when the books are opened.

So are you a child of the devil or a child of God. Do you bring light into the world, amen.

Jesus and Mothers Day…

Jesus opens the newspapers, Jesus turns on the internet,Jesus goes on holiday, what would He make of it. Jesus on the environment, Jesus on the habits of children, Jesus on the treatment of women, Jesus on the treatment of immigrants, Jesus on famine, Jesus on poverty and wealth, Jesus today in a nutshell. Given the large numbers who believe, there ought to be a lot of opinions out there,don’t you think, or is it all, bankrupt, amen.

The Fear Makers…

What dread they must feel, those who incite hatred, the horror of their deeds visible to all,the confusion in so many hearts, women attacking men, color fighting color, race wars, the chaos in so many lives, few knowing whom to trust, while predators take advantage of any vulnerable souls, the mayhem the fear makers created. Hate Russia,hate china, hate this and that, then the truth comes out, and it’s a certain group taking advantage of it, amen

Off shore they hide their stolen wealth,helped by vigorous servants of greed, always ensuring the trial ends with them, yes, helping to keep the poor even poorer, who would rate their chances before God, as no lawyer will be able to represent them, the fear makers,amen.

Solomon encountered the cloud, the sign he asked for before he set out on the mission. The old man warned him, they will try to turn you, they will do whatever, Solomon listened. Wasn’t that the reason the Spirit from above came, it could out do all threats, while reminding all of God’s Great Power, so it has proved,amen.

Yes, in the beginning,they laughed at Him, what’s love got to do with it, it’s money you need.Eight trillion later and counting, money doesn’t hold the same cachet anymore. Well, if the stuff can be printed or mimicked with paper,what’s there to it. Just stating the facts.


Families pray, mothers deep in grief, praying aloud, Jesus help us, give us closure, amen. A real life scenario, the hurt many carry all through life. How do you feel, the comment is off the cuff, inside her heart trembles, how could they possibly know, how do they know what pain is. Factory scale murder, it could be all the young girls who disappeared in cuidad, Mexico, it could be the genocide in Bosnia, there are so many examples,it’s not difficult finding magnificent failures of the Human Race,but we have to be optimistic.

Mothers, they understand the loss, they carried the child. Freedom from pain, is it possible. How many numb themselves daily, how many wear their pain as their identity. How easy is it to forget, the news reminds them daily. We are victims of the sponge that fills the head.

Freedom, is finding space inside for the light to shine. It’s only possible when you trust in the higher love and the words of Jesus; don’t fear death, it’s not the end of the road. If you hold to your faith in life eternal, you will find all the freedom inside, it’s that simple,amen.

As Jesus is reminding us; The Father will settle all accounts, this you can be sure of.


Push the extremists over the cliff, the effort they go to create trouble, how the ordinary people put up with it, the point in time, Solomon had choice words, double their salary, they know what they are trying to do, there is no reason to assume otherwise, and since life hereafter does not seem to matter to them, as their tactics testify to,  and as the angel said to Ezra, why worry, when they realize that God Most High exists, they will cringe in shame, amen.

Solomon was weary, and saw the great u turns, how lives are played with, how faith is battered the way a woman in a domestic dispute is smashed to the floor, while her children watch on, since the battering man acts with impunity, since he has done it again and again. Real faith was like that woman, beaten and taunted from every direction. How long had the world put up with the treatment of women in domestic arguments, a world outside the world, that few ever dared to enter into.

These are testing times he sighed, and there were many very weary, the long wait for a cure to the ills of the world. The virus was like a manifestation of all that was wrong, and had gone on for far too long. Those in the power positions had felt immune to the edicts they passed on, and the ordinary man and woman were powerless. Not anymore Sighed Solomon; the signs were pouring out, and the modern day pharaoh’s who felt untouchable as in the times of Moses, were feeling the affects. Moses was able to handle all the dark magic he had to contend with, as he had been chosen. Solomon sighed; the Great Spirit that gave Moses that authority, was still in existence. Create the Space inside you, for all that is good to dwell, and listen to the warnings of Jesus, the advice he was giving to all that cared to listen.

The Emperor

There are no problems. Behind the wall, amid the security, servants on demand, sycophants in the circle, all afraid to say it straight, too comfortable in their world, the crumbs from the table, sustaining them all, The King fakes a smile, he knows they all fear him.

Solomon was reminded of Daniel, the Prophet in times of old, the only one who could interpret the Kings dreams. It was the story of many fairy tales, all is well in Denmark she said, then a little child stands up, and said, can’t you see what is going on!.

Fear, or what, Solomon read a story, a true history, not a propaganda exercise, it told of many truths; truths that others in the past tried to tell, but were afraid of, or when they did, suffered the wrath of the sycophants. That which is hidden will be revealed, the worlds of Old.

Being a day of remembrance for those who died in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, a horror that should never be forgotten, it being part of the History of the Human race; It was important to remind ourselves, of the lesson, how minds become twisted, how emotions are interfered with, and how a perfect storm can erupt from a combination of circumstances, whether the emperor likes it, or not.

The machines of war, made possible what happened, same as the nuclear devices, that some nations use as threats, amen.

Where Did the Spirit Go…???

There is no booze in the cabinet, the shops are closed, the head aches, and I need a re fill. Honey he shouts, where did the Spirits go. She never listens, she is fumbling with the dirty dishes in the kitchen, they never listen, she has a thousand things to do. Being a Mother, her work is never over, her mind is always immersed, like her hands that moment in the soapy water. She continues to work away, the radio hums a tune she knows well, it’s an old one, was it the first time or was it the second time, she is trying to link the tune to the birth of her children, they are in their twenties now, anyway, it puts a smile on her face.

Where did the Spirits go, she hears his footsteps coming near. She hid the booze after he drowned the first bottle so easily. Some brain cells are better than none. Where did the Spirit go.  Every mother knows, she only has to look at her child to see if baby is okay, doesn’t need to interrogate or question, real love does that naturally. The leaves begin to droop, the tree is ill, the birds disappear, the environment is not that well.

Solomon asked himself the question regularly, where did the Spirit go, the one that came from Heaven. After Christmas, the work begins, after the marriage, the real love begins. It’s a climb, till you find the plateau. Reading old scripture, the words of Jesus, the words of all the Prophets,, it’s always pointed, towards, the well being of Spirit, not the control of those, under the guidance of those, of the organisations, that enacted so many rules, they almost drowned the Spirit, but not quite…..

Well, what are we without the Spirit, usually very poorly.

Is it possible….

Dante writes, he saw turmoil in the fourteenth century, when men of the organised religion lived like prince’s, sided with wealth, and often condemned innocent men and women, to all sorts of horrible existences, sometimes death, under the cover of the cloak of God they wore, which they used as a tool to control fortunes and  lives, when they were supposed to promote peace and goodwill. Not all, but those who sought position, in other words, those of the Ego.

He wrote of Venice under a flood, and today I am reading the words Dante wrote, his epic poem, translated of course, and Venice this day is under the most serious of flooding ever.  Oddly enough, this flooding, is reminding us of our neglect of the living environment, same as the signs that are appearing, reminding us of our divine inheritance, amen.

Solomon  sighed, we are being directed towards the Father of all creation, and while that Spirit flows it’s time ourselves, we too, are in the vineyard, and as in Venice, a major clean up is required, amen.