Part 1

The human race has fallen a long way short of the standard, to merit the positive intervention of the Divine. Some say, we have abandoned true faith in God Most High altogether, and replaced him with materialism, idol worship, and things, stuff as you call it. Faith meaning pure love, active belief, not armchair belief, but doing it. The rulers of the earth, those that currently control the fate of so many, be it through policy or the non enactment of policies that ought to be enacted, to them faith is an inconvenient truth. It’s only an opinion. But as the saying goes, you get out of the well what goes in. The heart being the well where the love is stored, is under constant stress.

When you act for the self all the time, meaning, the ego, the well dries up. You then struggle internally, and your will becomes victim to other influences. It’s why there is often a national out pouring of grief when someone of standing passes, not that it lasts. It’s why people over react during emotional and testing times, or go overboard as they say. It’s purely a release of the emotions they have been unable to deal with, cause they lost the ability to be empathic with themselves. Put another way, we have understanding of situations that need our intervention, but we shy away. We deaden ourselves a little more each time we do that. It’s why we are glad to leave it to charities to deal with the issues. It feels good that someone is doing it for us. Allows us to use the mind more freely, rather than the heart.

The heart can be smashed to pieces emotionally, while the mind can only be disturbed. It’s why soldiers going into battle zones are often medicated beforehand. They won’t cope well with all the brutality if in a normal state of mind. Why do Vietnam veterans, and so many others returning from war zones, have so many problems. We are not programmed to hurt, we are born to love, the polar opposite. The will of God Most High, is love.

The war zone issue raises the ugly issue of child rearing in the 21st century. How many children are going to grow up mentally normal today, very few indeed, unless there is a turnaround in the direction we are heading. While we may be heading in one direction, we should be going in the very opposite direction. So much for boy bands.

I had this dream twenty years ago, so did many others, of fighting my way through the crowd as they headed one way, while I struggled in the opposite direction. They were all falling into the sea, being led blind, the exact way things are today. Pornography is mainstream, idol worship too, second homes deemed a necessity by many, while others have no homes at all, not forgetting those that starve daily, this is factual, no one can question this reality. Saving the situation should be our goal.


The Anger

You can hear the snares of the demon, what are you waiting for, Solomon was listening too, and could hear the words of ancient scripture played out in ordinary lives, where a hate filled void was wreaking as much harm as it could, in order to destabilize the well being of Believers everywhere, when they become like us we’ll win they thought, when they believe in God, they will all win, problem was love was the language of God Most High, the well being of Great Spirit. it was a troubling time in the minds of many, but as was spoken all those years ago, why worry, The heavenly father was with them all, all the believers

. he read about the old priest who martyred himself, on the anniversary of Saint James. James was and is a brother of Jesus, and while the world was in turmoil because of the misinterpretation of wisdom if only they followed the wisest of them all, how easy it would all be for everyone living. The demon was always going to create disharmony, that was his way, but that would not affect the real faith of many. To forgive was to love, how simple was that, sighed Solomon, amen. It was only a blip what was going on, the forces of good were assembling, and building bridges, while those who were of evil sowed anger instead, wonderful!, Solomon encountered the Holy Spirit, and it was three years to the day almost since the cloud appeared, the one he sought as a sign, how things had moved on since. there was a real growth in the strength of the believers, and it was happening in many places, much to the chagrin of the evil doers, who would never succeed, amen.

Sensitive Mind

The stubborn child wont eat, wont stop till it gets what it needs, knows the difference, can only express it in behavior, the words not yet fully formed. Solomon was watching the actions of a dear friend, and witnessed the inner turmoil, and how hard it was for those hurt early to recover the lost ground. Trust in love was like that in the modern age, once lost hard to recover, as everyone was born with a very sensitive heart, well, it was the void that had to be filled. Too often the heart was being bypassed by the collective thoughts of many, it wasn’t a chosen cynicism, but a practical guide to surviving in a chaotic world. He then recalled the words of old, ask in the Holy Name, and saw how that had been thrashed by those charged with promoting the efforts of the soul, little wonder the sensitive soul retreated. Then, as if by magic, the sun appeared, glinted through the clouds, God Most High was always there, when the soul was allowed rest and time. amen. The demon on the other hand, found delight in every atrocity, as many tried to blame the Great One, amen. Say the prayer today, just ask, it was that simple. Three years earlier, almost to the day, he was lying in the sun in a golden field, alone with mother nature and the blazing sun, when a cloud passed over, it was the answer to his prayer. The value of a sensitive mind, priceless, amen. Being like children demanded we be sensitive. AS if affirmation was needed, the preacher that morning said as much, so much for the prayers that go unanswered, perhaps we were not listening he sighed.

The lady who was crouched over was walking tall, the woman who had difficult seeing, was getting better, the harrowed believer smiled, the old prophet was getting younger, and the world was looking kinder, all because of the sensitive minds, amen.


The child in his fathers arms, the rush from harm, the baby with the mother, the smile and surprise of joy, it all happened in a heart beat, going from moment to moment, Solomon observed the all knowing omnipotence of God Most High, protect the children they are the future. They carry the new love, the new souls.

He was on his way to a small appointment, it was a path of trust, he hear of others before selling worries and mistrust, he sighed, trust is trust, and faith is faith, and with real faith, everything was possible. We may be small, but we are huge in the heart of God Most High, amen. Little hearts were not cynicism for the making, they were opportunities to sow faith and trust, the demons on the other hand, did all they could do, to destroy that trust, Solomon had a prayer written, with the schemes of the demon in mind, were they in trouble, amen, as God Most High sent him the Holy Spirit, the real one, amen.


doesn’t rush, has time, waits a moment, lets them speak, listens, doesn’t moralize, or pass judgement on others, Solomon was listening to a friend, a few problems, passed on his concern, took a minute maybe two, how hard was that. In a busy world tenderness was not too obvious, then he met the lady who cared for an older friend, always smiling, never giving out, on the outside she looked rough, inside she was pure gold, and had a tenderness that was rare.

How To Listen

Stop, don’t press the button, halt, what is it, wait and be patient, did i wait till the end before forming opinions, did i jump the gun, was i ready with an answer before she finished talking, did i reply with the same old argument, was i listening at all. How was it possible to listen when my mind was already made up, why did i allow the views of others to poison my thinking. Somethings did not need to be said, a flower, a tree, a river, amen.

Wisdom Today

image, what is in the head, child imitates and learns, adults big children, they imitate and spend, image, this is bad, we form ideas about it, though we don’t understand, form bias that affect lives, the chit chat we pass on, comments about those we don’t know, big children we all are, in the eyes of God. amen.

Solomon saw first hand the power of imitation, his friend was fussy, copying someone he knew, Solomon knew immediately, it was imitation, it’s how most people learn. In the context of the times, imitation needed to be improved upon, when they forgive on top, it usually trickles down, and who better than Love was there to imitate. Wisdom on Monday, need a dose of it, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, take off Sunday, we all need a rest, amen, and if you forget the odd day, well get over it, we all need a break from the norm, for those are the days we learn.