Part 1

The human race has fallen a long way short of the standard, to merit the positive intervention of the Divine. Some say, we have abandoned true faith in God Most High altogether, and replaced him with materialism, idol worship, and things, stuff as you call it. Faith meaning pure love, active belief, not armchair belief, but doing it. The rulers of the earth, those that currently control the fate of so many, be it through policy or the non enactment of policies that ought to be enacted, to them faith is an inconvenient truth. It’s only an opinion. But as the saying goes, you get out of the well what goes in. The heart being the well where the love is stored, is under constant stress.

When you act for the self all the time, meaning, the ego, the well dries up. You then struggle internally, and your will becomes victim to other influences. It’s why there is often a national out pouring of grief when someone of standing passes, not that it lasts. It’s why people over react during emotional and testing times, or go overboard as they say. It’s purely a release of the emotions they have been unable to deal with, cause they lost the ability to be empathic with themselves. Put another way, we have understanding of situations that need our intervention, but we shy away. We deaden ourselves a little more each time we do that. It’s why we are glad to leave it to charities to deal with the issues. It feels good that someone is doing it for us. Allows us to use the mind more freely, rather than the heart.

The heart can be smashed to pieces emotionally, while the mind can only be disturbed. It’s why soldiers going into battle zones are often medicated beforehand. They won’t cope well with all the brutality if in a normal state of mind. Why do Vietnam veterans, and so many others returning from war zones, have so many problems. We are not programmed to hurt, we are born to love, the polar opposite. The will of God Most High, is love.

The war zone issue raises the ugly issue of child rearing in the 21st century. How many children are going to grow up mentally normal today, very few indeed, unless there is a turnaround in the direction we are heading. While we may be heading in one direction, we should be going in the very opposite direction. So much for boy bands.

I had this dream twenty years ago, so did many others, of fighting my way through the crowd as they headed one way, while I struggled in the opposite direction. They were all falling into the sea, being led blind, the exact way things are today. Pornography is mainstream, idol worship too, second homes deemed a necessity by many, while others have no homes at all, not forgetting those that starve daily, this is factual, no one can question this reality. Saving the situation should be our goal.


Collection of words

Inside, good feeling, words, they send you somewhere, bill, who do i owe this time, the bell, what time is it, the words, great to the mood, poison to another, mood, words, the birthday, presents, well being, me, words,all about myself, words, the feeling, putting words on it, words, did i arrange them, words, do i really feel them, the meaning, the luster, deep seated, so deep, the words, words, the power of them.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the Gospel of John, and the living words of Jesus, amen

Open the heart a little more…

gently, the water flows down the stream, it’s not in a rush, the drops, they are all going somewhere, out to sea eventually, the journey perpetual, but none of the drops know this, they just do. The heart and all the drops inside, the tears we release at times of emotional security, the fear gone, the hope remains, the last relationship a shipwreck, how many years did it take to recover from that you ask, the emotional investment, the secrets they were trusted with, how do you get back to go and start again, when will you find that easy feeling again, or do you worry, the reminders of times bad, and the emotional bank robbery, that you try to recover from, what do you do…

Open the door a little bit more; he is used to sleeping with the light on, but with time, he decides to use the door, leave it open, allow in the light, the heart will adjust, you will get over it, the fears of the darkness. He seems nice, the old fever returns, a longing, is it for me, the trusting that’s involved, then you think of the inside feeling, that’s the reminder of old, where does he come from, Solomon sighs;

Trust in the eternal love, don’t leave it to doubt, the one true power that Unites all love. The door opens in the heart, small steps, the first step on the new born child, who is not afraid of falling over, even if those watching the little steps worry, everyone knows you will fall over dear, it’s just that, we get up again. The Man on the cross, the story, it didn’t seem good at the moment of capture, when your betrayed, but 2,000 years later, the story remains, hold firm, open the heart a little more, amen.

A bed for the night

My head, space, freedom at last, sleep, rescue from the night, a secure place to rest, the stress, how can I explain myself, the inside burns, my limbs ache, and I need to see a friendly face, one whom i can trust, everywhere there are doubts, the niggling anxieties even when it seems right, the stories, some made up, but they frighten people, is it true or not, can I afford to take the chance, will someone, just give me a bed for the night. Solomon sighed, the peace of sleep, the freedom spot, the cares of the world dissolve, the body recovers, daily light,I can face the world. How dark thoughts can control the world.

Solomon was praying peace for the tortured soul, the part of you that tries to remain united to God, the space there is always security, where no doubts exist. The thump at the door, the sudden alert, the anxiety returns; there are masters of anarchy who know how to press the buttons, Solomon was reminding the eternal One, the children need help, cut those of the extreme off from any harm they can do, they fill the world with doubts, while the anxious are shaking their heads, asking, where do we find peace. Peace sighed Solomon; look up at the Sky, see the changes, in God you trust, with God you rest, amen.

Her head on the pillow, she breathes in breathes out, harmony in the heart, no fears, true rest.

too much too much

Identity, extreme, normal, abnormal weird, normal anxious, male, female, trans, gender issues, slimming plans, the gym, the shape of me, the issues, male, the female, identity, is this fake, the wars, photo shopped, real or not, the identity crisis, the seed, can we doubt this, extremists, taking advantage of it, the super smart, we can fix this, the fish need clean water, the tree’s need space, the birds need tree’s, while a lot of people need to eat, we can fix this, too much, the diet, the job, the lesson, can we trust this, the push, towards extreme behavior, as if fished in the mind, too much too much.

Solomon sighed, clear straight forward ideas and thinking, so rare these days, and to hold spirit inside, with such doubts being sown, a travesty, well, if the Spirit finds it difficult, it’s just a way of saying to God, we need help, and with the Spirit spreading, why have any doubts, the one news you wont have difficulties with, God is real today, just believe, amen.

My Community

Healthy the hope, not taking advantage of people hopefully, setting down the seeds that are life giving, not thinking of exploitation, not trying to harm, not encouraging addictions, not hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable, some of the ways to help the community. Solomon heard the sighs of those seeking social justice; now they demanded, end the harm now, we want peace now, the community is under attack, the influences that need stopping, can’t anyone help, the continual prayer, Solomon sighed; The Higher Spirit was spreading, reaching out, changes were coming, the righteous were having victories, evil was being suppressed and ended, the heavens were speaking, stay firm in your Faith in God Most High, all credit to the one who passes out the talents, for without newness what is there, amen.

extremism was trying to anchor itself to normal daily issues, on top of a people, weighed down with the worries of the day, and the influences from outside, that were difficult to deal with, the anxieties that were adding up daily, some panic, what do we do they ask?.

Jesus is the living word, the gospels are true, hold your faith, it will all be okay. The man in the boat, the storm is about to overcome them, the sea calms, the weather eases, what power can do this they asked. Jesus said to them, have you any faith?.

My community, under threat, our minds under stress, our thoughts fear filled, the prayer constant, Jesus sighs, look up, this life is just a stage in the process, Heaven is real, stay the course, it will always work out, amen.

Leadership and Jesus

It’s the moment, the school is over, the test begins, what is your relationship with Jesus, do you follow the life giving words, what is it, that encourages you to act, is it personal, is it others, is it the example you wish to pass on. The signs appear. The cloud appears, the results, cosmic changes, leadership and Jesus matters. When you are ready to leave this life for the next, what is your highlight, what is it that makes you smile. Jesus and leadership; now that the gospels are shown to be true, it’s wise to remind oneself, of what Jesus says about leadership, amen.

Can you own love?

That’s the issue, someone steals your love, well, can they steal it, someone takes the attention of another, is it real, what does an open heart do, but open, what is a closed heart, one that does not listen, can you own love, well. The strain inside, the comfort that happens, you paint it around a person, but what is it really; it’s the loving spirit you are attracted to, loving spirit, makes you feel good, can you own it, usually, you pass it on, well, this is the affect it has on me, it’s loving. Can you own love, Jesus sighs, imagine the scenario, what is love you ask, Jesus points to the flowers, the water, the happy children, the animals in the field, those in need, the outcasts, then says, you love me, well, go and love what my father in heaven loves, then I will know that you love the Father.

Can you own love, the pillar of support, the one person who wont let you down, who can you rely upon, whom do you trust. The question is posed, the person wonders, who can you depend upon, what is everlasting, who is the go to person in your life, the question goes around the head; not many to trust in, whom can you rely upon, the teacher sighs, the pupils wonder, the bell rings, the class is dismissed, the question will be answered tomorrow, the teacher gathers her bits, home in an hour, a walk, rest, the late evening work, the teacher arrives in the next day, writes the question on the board, can you love love she writes.

You can only pass it on, the teacher writes, just practice it, amen.

High recognitions . . . But friend, the soul cannot be destroyed. — Purplerays

.“But friend, the soul cannot be destroyed. It is stronger than anything else; for it comes from above. It knows about God, but it can only speak to you of Him if you listen to it.” (Buddha – a Portuguese translation of the life and times of the Forerunner mediated in The Grail Message […]

High recognitions . . . But friend, the soul cannot be destroyed. — Purplerays

Women in time

I found a husband, the family celebrate, the extended family, the concerns, normal, the year 30 AD, life is simple, the sharing of duties, each person knowing their skill, their ability. The time, simple, the attractions simple, life expanding, the dreams, mostly eternal, the wish, the loving protection of God Most High, healthy family, and a peace filled community, sounds simple. The mega stores didn’t exist, credit rare, the sweat you spill, the food you eat, unless your a writer or artist perhaps.

2020, the energy is not the same, there is pressure, expectations, the sexless person does not appear to exist anymore, while the media runs stories, what is your sex anyway, children confused, do we believe the news, didn’t they say it was fake anyway. Issues with men, few women escape them, the dress code, being male minded, tough, you do want to get along don’t you. the habits you have to adopt, life you suppose.

The energy is strong, she feels it around her, great at the start, but who wants the attention, its’ too regular, and to complain, that’s like taking offence to it. Women in time, the first casualties of war, in every war, apart from truth, the issues with men, and this energy, this male energy, almost demanding, the woman, she doesn’t feel comfortable around it, wants to work and be left alone, her privacy respected.

Women in time, the needs of mother nature, what happens when she weakens, are those signs not written about, a reminder, that all is not well in nature. May the men, focus on the needs of mother nature, the needs of those who are in need of help, not the needs of men, that appear to be perpetual, social media, how it ramps up the trouble, perhaps a warning to all, amen.