Part 1

The human race has fallen a long way short of the standard, to merit the positive intervention of the Divine. Some say, we have abandoned true faith in God Most High altogether, and replaced him with materialism, idol worship, and things, stuff as you call it. Faith meaning pure love, active belief, not armchair belief, but doing it. The rulers of the earth, those that currently control the fate of so many, be it through policy or the non enactment of policies that ought to be enacted, to them faith is an inconvenient truth. It’s only an opinion. But as the saying goes, you get out of the well what goes in. The heart being the well where the love is stored, is under constant stress.

When you act for the self all the time, meaning, the ego, the well dries up. You then struggle internally, and your will becomes victim to other influences. It’s why there is often a national out pouring of grief when someone of standing passes, not that it lasts. It’s why people over react during emotional and testing times, or go overboard as they say. It’s purely a release of the emotions they have been unable to deal with, cause they lost the ability to be empathic with themselves. Put another way, we have understanding of situations that need our intervention, but we shy away. We deaden ourselves a little more each time we do that. It’s why we are glad to leave it to charities to deal with the issues. It feels good that someone is doing it for us. Allows us to use the mind more freely, rather than the heart.

The heart can be smashed to pieces emotionally, while the mind can only be disturbed. It’s why soldiers going into battle zones are often medicated beforehand. They won’t cope well with all the brutality if in a normal state of mind. Why do Vietnam veterans, and so many others returning from war zones, have so many problems. We are not programmed to hurt, we are born to love, the polar opposite. The will of God Most High, is love.

The war zone issue raises the ugly issue of child rearing in the 21st century. How many children are going to grow up mentally normal today, very few indeed, unless there is a turnaround in the direction we are heading. While we may be heading in one direction, we should be going in the very opposite direction. So much for boy bands.

I had this dream twenty years ago, so did many others, of fighting my way through the crowd as they headed one way, while I struggled in the opposite direction. They were all falling into the sea, being led blind, the exact way things are today. Pornography is mainstream, idol worship too, second homes deemed a necessity by many, while others have no homes at all, not forgetting those that starve daily, this is factual, no one can question this reality. Saving the situation should be our goal.


How the Spirit Heals…

Surely you care about those you love, surely you are of compassion, surely you are not the type to take advantage of others, surely you don’t read the rule book when another needs a friend, surely you forgive, if you are really a believer in God Most High, surely all that high talk is not wind going nowhere, surely you have substance, it’s not all for show, surely not, and most importantly of all, you are not a narcissist who tries to take credit for it all, not even Jesus did that, and surely since you believe, you have made yourself acquainted with the words he preached, surely you understand why he had difficulty healing where the Spirit was very weak, surely you didn’t allow man made rules to control the Spirit inside you, surely you didn’t build a kingdom for yourself without thinking about others first, lest you lose the Spirit, surely. Surely by now you have figured it out, how the Spirit heals, amen.

Solomon listened to the preacher; He was calling out for Healing Help, asking those assembled to pray for those in need, he had a particular soul in mind, the Preacher, a soul of great worth, who needed the Healing Spirit to comfort and ease.

Peace in the heart, death does not exist, open the heart, allow the pain of healing rush in, recall the words of Jesus, recall the 72 he sent out on the mission, who came back praising God Most High; we cast out demons in your Name Lord, and they obeyed, we Healed in the Holy Name. Imagine the sigh in the Heart, this is real, the power of the Holy Spirit. Raise the Spirit of Love, and remind all,God does not live in hate filled hearts, doesn’t cause anger to rise, and hates violence; How can love be real unless the hearts are real. You have heard of the Healing Power of Love, well, it’s a case of practice, amen.

You Don’t Own Me!

walk in my shoes and lecture me afterwards…

I own you, she had just come in the door, a new dress on, that had attracted the attention of a visiting friend, when afterwards he pulls her aside, you don’t own me, she looks at him with terror in her eyes, she never encountered this sort of response before, what had got into his head. Ownership sighed Solomon, where do the ideas come from. He was reflecting on the Holy Spirit, the living Spirit that Jesus continually referred to, living, in that in lived inside you, words he repeated to his apostles, the Pharisee’s, to  all that were listening. The Father resides inside you, In Spirit, so how can you own that, if you believe, you can only provide a safe dwelling. Solomon encountered many who climbed the mountain as he called it, from many different starting points, not everyone was lucky at their start. Given that the world and it’s welfare demanded new living arrangements with regard to how we looked on our neighbours, it was wise to reflect on the life giving words that led to eternity, as promised, amen.

Modern Day Fascism

How do you define the word fascism, what does it mean, is it the open hearted feeling of joy and enlightenment we read in a stirring novel, is it the wonders of people of all colours living happily together, is it a garden full of flowers of all type, or is it the picture of sameness, that so many seem willing to accept

5 October: International Teachers’ Day — words and music and stories.. re blog

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5 October: International Teachers’ Day — words and music and stories

Woman in the Faith

What you learn when listening to the radio, what you learn when you listen, what you miss when you keep your ears closed, what you miss when you ignore the words of Jesus, lessons for everyone alive. We follow the words of Jesus, the role is not important, plumber, baker, teacher, father, female, male, girl or boy, there was no distinction in the Heart of Jesus, yet so many of Faith, close their minds to the words of compassion while ignoring the value of the words themselves, same as lawyers warning the public about the regulations while working out ways to get around them, same as those of religions who state they believe in the words of Jesus, yet enact laws that are a contradiction to those words they claim to honour, leading to a lot of confusion and distrust amongst so many, and the mistreatment of women everywhere, on account of the failure to put in practice the words Jesus preached; in other words, how can you claim allegiance to the Holy Words, and then