AT The Brink….

It’s fair to say, many of us are at the brink, choices ahead of us, a new opportunity if your optimistic, but has there ever been a time such as this, colossal the change, uncertain the future, no matter what blurb you are sold; human nature tells us, we run from what we fear being tarnished with, we create rules in order to reign ourselves in, and rules we enforce, with penalties too, even if there are those who wrangle their way around it.

Confused sexually, men trying to sound correct, the media presenting the choices, to be odd as they called it years ago,was no longer the case, as more and more individuals had lost or felt they lost, their own sexual identity. Boys treated royally by parents who favor them over girls in some places, a heavy burden for the girl, your existence predetermined for you.

Am I male or female, why do so many chase the very young, why do we do what we do, why does one part of society feel as if it’s unaffected by the laws, why do so many strain to find clean anything, why is it so, while so many claim, to be believers, can it be so.

Solomon encounters a highly strung woman who has one idea; change him, the man, Solomon, into someone like her, godless, someone with faith in the material, nothing more. Under the banner of help, how often do the perverted do the very same, using assistance as a way of getting involved, the woman puts a perceived great principle first, integrity, as Jesus tells us, gifts from the Real Spirit, are accompanied by certain characteristics, control is not one of them. Those whose aim is control, are not divinely inspired,amen.

The ears, the legs, the eyebrows, the hair, the knees, all areas of excitement, whatever your taste, man woman, woman woman, man woman man, the larger the better,the range of ideas that fill the head, while the zealot pretends to dislike all contact, well, the very mention of purity, it could be alcoholic spirit, it could be clean water. Meanwhile an army of righteous commentators are waiting to jump on whatever crisis arrives,hopefully one that fits their school of expertise, their voices so valuable considering the descent of Airplane Earth, at this near the brink moment.

Meanwhile, there will be the same as before types doing the same, success their only guide and whatever it takes as the saying goes, just in time to take advantage of the dire situations arriving, they having read those books about opportunities during times of despair, their plans laid out, while different parts of various economies suffer, its sweet to know, that as Jesus warned us, the vultures never disappear.

So on the brink, what sort of individual should you appear to be. Imagine the ship, staved in the ice, a rescue not possible unless you have the luck of a captain smith, is it too late then, or what about the new industry called data mining, a fancy term for using your interests to fish for your cash or your ideas, or was data mining a further warning point in the entire human journey; perhaps there are those who can steal from the mind, cults do it all the time,while those under the tuition of demons, Jesus tells us to be careful, demons exist, unless of course you don’t believe Jesus, but does data mining point to the fact, that all this data mining is bringing about our total destruction unless we have a major change, of course.

She loved him, gave into all his fantasies, he has a very professional job, the high IQ leads to a rather perverse brain when it comes to privacy, especially if you can’t socialize, where do all those go, the volcano has to burst somewhere. We are at the brink of change, some might imagine we are in it now, so what sort of person should we be, are we given clear instructions, written ones, yes in fact, from the long past, we are given warning, as to the signs, the conditions prevailing, what to expect, but we are also told, that God will come to the rescue of His People, hold firm, there is no point joining in with schemers now, those of the demons know their prospects, the more of you among their number, the safer they will feel, as we get closer, to the brink.

The children showed signs of anxiety, was it exacerbated by the actions of those around them, what would the reputation mean later, all the big talk of his would mean nothing unless he got rid of her, he makes a plan, with another weird friend, if she is under great stress, it will even be easier,she will do it to herself. an unbelievable bonus, she seeks comfort from others, he thanks his luck, he will store the details to convince her family and friends, isolate her, well, in Opus and church circles, he is a cunning thinker, and since he is well got in ecclesiastical circles, everyone will believe him, perhaps.

Apart from all these moments, too much truth in them and warnings if you look deep enough, you have to get over those times, when you only wanted the juicy titbits, we are far beyond the sound byte generation, over explanation is now taking over, did they use Swiss water or french water in the production of the vaccine, does it matter, does it work should be all that matters, amen.

So, on the brink of change, what sort of future do you envisage?, as Jesus told everyone, it’s in our hands, how we care for the world and it’s constituent parts, our free will.

Sounds too far fetched, well, place yourself in south america during the sixties and afterwards, how many social democracies were spoiled because of interference from afar, by those who only understood wealth creation and nothing else,yes it’s a toll when you have to deal with reality,and it’s heavy on the shoulders too for many, but as all those so called experts state with professional clarity,the truth sets you free, well, that’s only for the ordinary people, keep on scheming.

Does anyone have an idea what will happen when we go over the abyss, or have we gone over already, and hanging on with our finger tips?

Comedy moment, Jesus and his pals watch them gather at the highest point, is that what it seems….

My influences….

Not someone trying to sell me something, not a busy exchange, not a website, something simple, my likes and dislikes, i don’t have to think anymore, the electric mood changer provides all the interests i’ll ever need, my personality type will be lumped together with others, it’s as if i joined a cult, no need to think at all, just follow the leader, which one you ask. But lets not think it’s all bad,we have been warned, Jesus of course set it in words, how the blind leading the blind leaves everyone in the toilet, well, my influences, they only want to satisfy my wonder lust. An interest in south american history led me to the rather sad conclusion; how those with the resources and means, join up with any authority that provides armed help, in order to sustain the imprisonment of millions of people. My influences, i now get invitations to watch the under life in many impoverished places, as forms of entertainment. Young girls who sell themselves all day, while millions online can tune in and watch it. Well, it opens up the life so many have to deal with, so what are your influences….Pride of place seems to be the off shore bank account that allows so much inequity to continue, as usual…

Trials, the Cross, all those hardships, is there more….

So many died in this war, so many died in that struggle, blood, misery, loss, the growth of hatred, racism, the color bias, your standing in society, your economic clout, corrupt leaders, lost minds, babbling leaders, women seeking justice, color now another war zone, extremists talking up hatred, the electric highway a free for all, news at the ready every hour from every space on the planet, an environmental crisis, children beginning to recover from a very stress filled existence,many people confused as regards their own identify, a cartoon character president, while there are those who blind themselves to any issue that disrupts their focus on success, while others dream of life millions of miles away, while many on earth struggle to eat, does that sum up the current state of our creativity, the mess we all created, which the current health crisis tells us, is not a local issue, but a global issue, is there more?.

New horizons, we need to move forward, there is a lot of baggage to park, and dump safely, not like those rust buckets they send to third world countries,where there are no environmental laws at all, legally correct might look good in an audit report, but that’s all, in the new horizons, won’t the different environmental reports be now the new standard, or will it be more of the past, while waiting for the next wave.

New Horizons, will we commemorate war and death,or will we gather to remind ourselves, that war doesn’t work. There is conflict, it’s very Jewish in action, eye for an eye, the get even principle, the antithesis of Peace, amen. AS the Russians would say, such a policy leaves everyone blind eventually, is this what happened, all the stuff we can’t forgive, why do we set it up so,

Solomon sighed, even the apostles found the teaching of Jesus difficult at times; forgiveness especially, but Jesus also told them, that when they had the Spirit with them, there were wonders they too could perform, even doing the miracles to ease their minds, rubbishing the fear that had a hold over them….So why is there suffering, some have suffered for centuries, some are still waiting, why we ask. When do we appreciate love, its usually after it’s fled, the contrast, Jesus was and is a paradox, no idols he stressed, while we made an idol of him, while he points to the Father. So, what is the lesson. As the smiling doctor will tell you, it takes so much energy being miserable, while light never burdens. In a nutshell, as we shed light on all these old horrors, we release the hurt stored inside, while freeing up space for what is light bearing, just a thought…

Pictures from the clouds….

If you think God has forgotten us, it’s the greatest lie ever told, same as those who worship the demon, why,the demon doesn’t exist, that’s if you believe their blurb, they usually have interests that are very ungodly, why allow a little Spirit get in the way of their business, its our network, our territory, the good news, they have to deal now with the unthinkable, the all powerful God, who can do anything, a worrying thought,same as the anxiety about the atom bomb during the second great war, and as they say, we just about escaped that one, just about, even if we fight that threat daily, in a very unstable world.

So it’s the story of the vineyard, well, the messengers are sent, prophets appear, accompanied by signs. Jesus asked for miracles because he knew the hearts of men, they are children who need reassurance, so the miracles came. We still recall them.

Solomon was speaking to a fellow believer, how are those without faith coping during the crisis, what have you left when it’s yourself you are dealing with, is there a hiding place from yourselves; it used to be the office, the busy life, the thousands of jobs you have to deal with, mostly distractions, busy, no time,busy can’t do that, busy,can hardly think. A tiny substance, as invisible to the eye as a sperm cell, or womb cell, but it turns into you and me, not bad for the invisible, all the life it provides, in normal times, as in really normal, not this normal, it ought to be enough to convince anyone, but it comes with conditions, for those seeking to overcome the inner battle between light and dark. A letter in the post turns the mood to gloom, another bill, a call from the phone, worse, they know where you live, a knock at the door, are you afraid to answer it. A relation rings you, good news, all the doubts vanish, we change mood quickly, we are delicate regarding the conditions around us.

So the signs, what are they, why do we need them? In nutshell, when you make time for God, God makes time for you, and you feel it, your attitude improves and you deal with tough situations, without too much fuss. With the peace that only God can send {God does not need to spy}, it fills you with a resolve, that overcomes the darkness, and as for those friends who try to upset you, they don’t have long to find out, trust me on this one, these eyes have seen it. Amen. Same as those clouds, amen.

Velvet Legs

The hours of preparation, someone new is calling. The bed is a hill of dress’s, she is excited, her father looks in the door and smiles, it used to be me, he can see the excitement in her eyes. In times of old, there was always that fantasy feeling, when a visitor came from abroad.

The hairs on the legs, under a microscope, they are everywhere. On human animal or insect, hairs grow from everywhere. The tiny worker spots a flower, chances good, he will do the shake, wrestle some pollen from the flower, while those legs become sticky with pollen, how unusual is that.

The door bell rings, the final check in the mirror. She takes a deep breathe. The voice sounds foreign, adds to the intrigue. Same as those velvet legs.

Solomon listened to the storm outside, it was an easy day. Did they forget the sunshine, what makes them so stubborn he sighed. The signs had arrived in quantum, so intense they were impossible to avoid. When they mix with prophecy as well,it’s time to take notice,same as those velvet legs, amen.

The Fear Makers…

What dread they must feel, those who incite hatred, the horror of their deeds visible to all,the confusion in so many hearts, women attacking men, color fighting color, race wars, the chaos in so many lives, few knowing whom to trust, while predators take advantage of any vulnerable souls, the mayhem the fear makers created. Hate Russia,hate china, hate this and that, then the truth comes out, and it’s a certain group taking advantage of it, amen

Off shore they hide their stolen wealth,helped by vigorous servants of greed, always ensuring the trial ends with them, yes, helping to keep the poor even poorer, who would rate their chances before God, as no lawyer will be able to represent them, the fear makers,amen.

Solomon encountered the cloud, the sign he asked for before he set out on the mission. The old man warned him, they will try to turn you, they will do whatever, Solomon listened. Wasn’t that the reason the Spirit from above came, it could out do all threats, while reminding all of God’s Great Power, so it has proved,amen.

Yes, in the beginning,they laughed at Him, what’s love got to do with it, it’s money you need.Eight trillion later and counting, money doesn’t hold the same cachet anymore. Well, if the stuff can be printed or mimicked with paper,what’s there to it. Just stating the facts.

The Pope and the Ayatollah

Men, leaders of Spiritual growth,finally meet, why wouldn’t they, it’s the same Boss they have, and given so many years of discrimination, it’s about time. Jesus complained to his apostles, who complained when they saw others doing the work they did. If it draws people closer to God, that’s what you do. White blue yellow green black red, it’s only a color.

Women are missing though, and since both men hold Jesus in such an esteemed position, it’s right to remind all, that it was the women, and through stories about women, that Jesus pointed out the mountains that had to be climbed, if the Heavenly peaks are to be reached.

May they be brave in these forward looking times.

The Children’s Shelter

Man, all that love talk, where does it go, we children, have you any idea what we have to put up with; some men treat our mothers like dirt, they don’t even recognize us as children, so when they speak of all that’s wrong with children, they seem to be talking of a different planet.

A politician hears the words, none of this is true,berates the child for speaking this, such childishness the ugly politician or activist says, who can’t wait to get back to more important stuff, like hating those who don’t agree with them. Children do need shelter.

A day later, the child who made the remark is a national figure, the kid speaks sense, at least he isn’t doing it for his ego or cash. Another kid chirps in, where is Jenny gone, jenny being one of the group. They look at each other, the knowing nod, her mother is seeking shelter again.

Eight trillion spent on a virus thingee,and women still have trouble getting into a shelter, darn bad use of resources. And if your an immigrant and anyway good looking, well, they have no trouble finding you shelter, just is, but you will have to share your bed with the neighborhood, while they give you pills to ease the pain, what a shitty management system, another kid adds, they even use cocaine in government buildings too, whats surprising about that adds another kid, guess what you find near all these buildings too, the others frown, we all know. Another kid chips in, do they drug test politicians since they seem to make so many erroneous decisions. In one voice, the assembled children say, we need protection,amen.


Her hands are in the sink, it’s the only job that doesn’t require a CV. Sixteen hour days, but it feeds her children. Born in the wrong country, if she had been from latin America, Donald trump would have called her anything, and most of the world would have remained silent,he was the Big Man when he spoke so hatefully, about those who tried to cross the border, Donald didn’t listen to the words of Jesus on that one either, what were those Nasty remarks, we don’t need to hear them again. Yes,treated like toe rags, once you outlive your usefulness, goodbye, then again, when wife number three looks like wife number two, and number one, there is a pattern.

Treasure Box

Washing dishes, she could have earned more swinging the hips, WHY, she didn’t want her children following her example,she is a believer. Her Faith will sustain her, and like the widow who gave two coins in the collection over, 2,000 yeas ago, she will be remembered too, unlike many who are simply forgotten.

By the way, what does it mean to wave the Holy Book at the mas of reporters, while ignoring the contents of the said book. Another parable from Jesus, be wary of those who profess their faith in public, making a big show of it, it’s usually to deceive, well Jesus tells us, that there are those who proclaim the faith but only deceive everyone.

Time For The Spirit

Pandemic, has anyone considered the other side, meaning,the revelations of old, and the current times. Demons were aware, its their only fear,God’s Holy Spirit, it is why they try to interfere with the growth of what is life giving, in the eternal sense, as there is no cure for evil ,it’s why so much doubt and confusion is being sown. Where do you look for help, whom do you trust, when you see chaos everywhere, you grab the first piece of sound advice.

The sheep are rounded up, they run to the first place they find comfort. However, there are lessons written, over, 2,000 years old, about times such as these. There will be doubts, there will be chaos, and false leaders of the Spirit will present themselves, as chosen messengers, hoping to draw the interest of those who truly believe, hoping to lead them into a state, whereby, their Faith in the one true God will be replaced, by a God of the demon’s making, don’t be fooled, hold tight to the truth revealed by Jesus, God’s Kingdom lies inside you, the clean space, where the Truly Loving Spirit, resides. It’s why your habits become you.

Time for Spirit,what does it mean, or how do you make time for the Spirit, can evil dwell in God’s Holy Place, or put in a nutshell, it is written, that strong men will try to takeover the hearts of all, however, it’s written, they are guaranteed to fail, amen. So create a life style that is in rhythm with the divine plan, one of compassion, empathy, this is a basic, and never forget, Love does not have a color preference, those who say otherwise, deceive everyone.