Silence in Court Judge Speedy in session

The fastest mouth south of the Rio Grande, sorry, the fastest mouse south of the Rio Grande, is hearing applications, the list is long, the defendants are looking weary, they have all fallen foul of the AI machine, the machine having replaced their brains, they want their brains back, and are making application to Judge Speedy, who is known for fast justice. Being a particularly keen judge, the surrounding issues being vital to understanding the validity of the claims before him, Judge Speedy is trying to locate signs of the previous use of the brains before the machine took over. There is an alarming small load of papers on the issue, not that their brains were unused over that time.

The reports you ignored for decades, what sort of brains were those, he looks at the defendants, well says speedy, which one of you can claim use of their brains, anyone out there. It’s calm in court, no one is making a sound, Judge Speedy is getting irritated, there must be one among you.

Outside the courthouse, there are millions of young students who are seeking their rights. They have been patient for a long time, the hope they had while in their mother’s wombs, that cheerful talk of happy futures, days in the sun, holidays and work, listening to Herb Alpert on the stereo, all those previous good thoughts, are now dust covers on vacant dreams, replaced by the dilemma of the living environment. Judge Speedy is known for standing up for the rights of the young, he has a record to stand on, and is aware of the Highest Judge of all, who takes his time, the luck of some, lets say, Judge Speedy does not over estimate his ability, and likes to judge fairly, as he in turn will be judged fairly too.

The waiting goes on. Judge Speedy sighs, anyone with an off shore account, all hands on show go up. Judge Speedy looks at the load before him. What were you saving for he asks, knowing that the judge in the Eternal world, views things differently. Anyone has asks, leaking yacht repairs answers one, Judge Speedy smiles, his little pal Mr Aaron would like to make a few more leaks in them, but Judge Speedy keeps the thoughts to himself. He makes a comment on the paper, the young outside might have some good ideas on what to do, but a nice yacht would be nice in the berth beside the hacienda.

Meanwhile in Rome, the notion of replacements is on the mind of many. The Latin rendition of the sacraments is a topic with some trad types. Elijah, the prophet who works great wonders, and is written about, is listening to the various arguments of the contestants. If no one understands your words, is that not an issue he asks. But we did it that way a long while ago, and, Elijah stops the talk, there are new ways to communicate.

In a small village, a boy has a picture of a cloud, that has arrived, in response to a prayer, the peril of the world at the time, regular news, and the accompanying disasters, ensured that the boy, pleaded with the Almighty for helpful signs. If they only saw proof of the divine, they might hurry up solving or salvaging the issue. There is plenty of land on the planet, there are ways to rethink the problems.

In the channels of bureaucracy, where fear of the truth is similar to what is not true, the notion of half truth, they are enforcing the rules as tightly as possible, for fear of a draw on spiritual resources. What if we let them know that this heaven;y stuff is true, they wont be able to concentrate on work, and children everywhere will be delirious with joy, knowing that the Savior has arrived, in short, the world was created for children, and this is written, and Jesus reprimands those, who try to put off children coming into his company, and in fact, tells parables on the issue too.

Solomon sighed, Abraham and Lazarus, the thirst, the man who has passed and encounters the drama of the life to be expected after passing, the extremes that are hard to live with, and how he appeals to Abraham for thirst easing. The full story in written in the parables.

Meanwhile Judge Speedy is wondering what will happen to the AI machine. It has more answers than all the defendants, it is polite, quick, appears to have the answers, but when speedy tells the machine a joke, it starts to smoke, the heat of the question blowing the core of the machine, forcing those in the courthouse to go outside, while firemen hose down the AI machine. Speedy sighs. He is under a tree drinking some apple juice. The machine is helpful, but it needs humanity to last.

The next day, Judge Speedy is overcome with defendants. The question now asked, is how long will we have to wait until the Highest Judge finally deals with us. Speedy sighs, don’t test the patience of the One who judges all, amen.


Speedy Gonzalez and the tale of Penny Buttons

The lion cage, Speedy wakes up, what am I doing here, the lion, amused, this guy is not paying the rent, lets see what he has to say for himself, Speedy is watching the moves of the King, he is maybe a fan of the Cartoon times, when Speedy was a sort of king, for the children of the world. Yes, there was that time, it’s easy to forget, it wasn’t all power and money, even if we became over influenced as they say. Your Mother can’t afford the tortilla, what does she expect you to eat, grass?. Speedy is a cultured mouse, he is also a messenger, a reason to apply oneself to the lessons of old, it”s not the line in the sand, we want to forget sometimes, but to forget the peace that existed, that’s the call of all the cultures these last ten thousand years, the great Hope from across the sea, the early conquistadors considered at the time, to be related to such thinking.

Speedy is on a mission, there are calls every night, where did our peace go, how are we to survive in the new world, if all we do is fight, and get angry, what can we do,. the appeals go out, the alert of Mother Nature too, the animals need a break, the human kindness needs nurture, the small ones are taking on habits that are old, some depressed before their time, others, too fast, what is going on. The lion has a little thorn in its paw, it’s been annoying him for days, the mouse spots the anxiety, the king is licking at his paw, speedy calls out, his sombrero in hand, he bows before the king, perhaps I can help amigo, the King looks at the mouse, perhaps you can. The thorn is plucked from between the toes, the King lets out a loud anguish of joy, ah, that is so much better. Is there anything i can do for you the King says, his little friend now a friend, no longer an uninvited guest.

Speedy looks around the cage, no signs of a lady, he looks at the King. There is this great child queen, she is in the jungle, lost, looking for a way home, the maker of heaven and earth, they want her to find peace and someone to rule with, the chances of finding a mate is proving near impossible, and the prospects of planet earth depend upon a happy ending. So Speedy goes on, extending the story, nervous, unsure about how the king will deal with the issue, but glad for the time, he is still alive in the Kings domain.

What can I do asks the King, amazed that a small creature can be so insightful, he is not sure about the story, but the way he tells the tale, he knows that this speedy, is no ordinary mouse, he thinks on his feet. Are you a trained barrister asks the King. Speedy looks around, spots a coffee bean, no, but my mother makes great coffee, the King laughs, a comedian too, not a bad sort to have around.

A week goes by, the two become friends. Speedy explains, how the future of so many children were stolen from them, by those who were supposed to be helping them, they in fact, helping themselves with the help of some bribes, extra tortillas and stuff. The Lion king listens, yes, they are trying to make amends in many places, not all humans are the same in other words, but children need an environment to grow up in, not grow too old in, in short, the computer can do a lot, but character and emotional help is a lesson for the day, amen.

Speedy explains, that in the early times of TV, it was easy to spot the good from the bad, but it is not so clear anymore, the issues are clouded, what is there to do. The lion king is aware, the safe spaces of old have disappeared, the need to rebuild this trust, which is what inner security is, is now a central issue in the lives of so many. He listens while the mouse explains his vision of the future. The Lion King asks the big question, how many children are there in the world today, he has a plan in mind, amen.

Meanwhile the queen is pensive, she is adult in nature, Godly in heart, there is much anxiety about, what is real, who she can trust, they are odd, what is this, she sent speedy off months ago to kind the lion king, he is still away, she is wondering if ever he’ll be back. The story is nearing the end of the chapter, her charges are almost asleep, except for one little creature, penny buttons, are you still listening. …

Solomon sighed, the words of the prophets, the pen, that connects to the heart, the years of answered requests, the fate of the earth, is the fate of children, the vision of the great escape awhile ago, the escape then, still the reality, he thinks of time past, how what was can be again, patience. amen.

Goat Juice Rambling Ducks

All the treasures of the world, the plants put on the earth, for heavenly reasons, not man’s. The argument, this is not for use as this, the nature of that cure, what eases the breathing, what are the natural chemicals, what is sugar, the faith of the Kings until they encouraged Daniel to be a member of their court, the answers he could provide, the tricks that were used, the effort to hold onto earthly power.

Daddy duck is leading the appointed, on a walk of nature, they heard of the new Taylor book, rumor of course, but the goat juice special, what sort of science is this, imagine the confusion, the dutch tulip investment scheme, 1700 or thereabouts, the world goes nuts for tulips, well, it happened, so Daddy duck is off seeking the goat juice cure. The rambling duck, taking to the grass, space, a waddle in a pond, the picnic basket, the pope smiling, we can afford to get lost in thought, no need to be a power concentrated person, they usually are weird to begin with, try bending the thoughts in the mind, there are those who have this ability, what is the ingredient, throw in a mixture of thoughts, add a source of trouble, mix up some emotional connection to the past, and start to play with the minds, amen.

It’s all legal, no one can get caught, they can’t find your prints, even though your stealing from the inside, and getting awards for it, some might call it a good book, some might call it the need to be heard, some call it corralling, the rambling ducks out for the day, the ladies inside getting a break for an afternoon, the mind is all a fret, the news, what’s this, then the signs appear, what is this, the invitation list didn’t mention eternity and what is out there, we walked into it you mean.

Daddy duck read the news story, the exciting goat juice shower, his bunch are looking at the fountain, it’s only water Daddy Duck says, who believes all that rubbish anyway, so the ask, why did you bring us here, exercise he says, amen.

Attack of the Mars Bars

The new Bill Murray Movie, what, is that what you call humor. We need to laugh, where else do you find space, I said it first, as if its an election your seeking, not elation for having been considered inventive, when all you are is a thief of the ideas of others, whatever, the computer dick, who spends all his time at the PC, is that correct, cancel culture, Jesus would have thought the same, lets not become a cross dresser, where will the anger go, haha, no one smiles, paper stuff, you can print it, maybe it should be gold bars in space, and the name they give to celebs, then when children repeat the same, they get in trouble, who’d believe it, amen.

Goat juice, what, the taste, were not telling the goat that it’s smelly, it’s just that, when you have trouble telling stuff, you remind them of something, that helps them throw up, when they ache to let it out, rather than point in another direction, fear or blackmail, the president has laundry, it’s not that rare, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, the effort to curtail his opinions, what about the story of the emperors clothes, no one believes until it’s too late, he saw a goat, he turned into an animal, the unbelievable, they send them to an institution, what is the story, Jesus appears to some, the pharisee’s demand a miracle, the clues, the demon can take on many styles, the protection, what is it, character, the many meanings, but while not all are flyers, they were all called birds, the emu for example.

Those with the means, perhaps create envy in others, why be surprised, it’s why sharing and stuff helps the equation, the Russians lose twenty million in the second war, who remembers, the gloss, many of them Jews, why the antipathy, others find it hard to imagine, the world fancies cancel culture, who’d want to forget the story of Jesus, when does the madness stop, when the Almighty connects using everyday, our eyes see but we don’t believe, they set traps for Jesus, they continue, the impostors and more, confusion is sown, what happens to the Spirit, the noose appears to tighten, then the real Spirit arrives, now the impostors are looking over the shoulder, about time, so here is the story of the goat Juice Cafe, it serves yucky sauce, for starters, Sultan Benny’s fresh acquired delicacy of Goat balls, the supreme of bulls balls for main course, what would you want for dessert, and they wonder, why would you ask, what’s for dessert before you sit down to eat.

Back to space, why the gap, are you not snug enough, ah, well the mars bars have been cancelled, too much space for the space ship, they’ll be light food by the time you get there, what is that, gravity, the horse or the human cramps when expected to exercise after a feed, why the need for special food in high altitude spaces, do we expect too much of our extreme athletes, the media has a field day, what can we do to bring this guy down, anything sexy enough or devious enough, money sex power influence, envy, pride, the attitude of the writer, I saw it live in Vietnam, I’ll get a Booker for this, the glory nights, what is this, what are you trying to encourage, what’s this.

You can buy the jury, you buy most of them, it’s not that we are beyond influence, what is it you need, what can be taken away, the plaudits may help the ego to float, but when it gets near the gates, your bowels will open and all that stuff will come out of you, imagine space travel on a full stomach, go on, get sick over the controls, what, throw up, taste this super juice, what’s it called, the sultan’s special brew for those who abuse their gifts, what, it’s called goat juice, it reveals the real you, ewe, sheepish moments, the judgement in Jesus’s words, separates the goat from the sheep, it’s a manner of talking, lost in translation, but a parable all the same, amen.

So you need space food at high altitudes, even the pilots of the famed spitfire has to have a diet to work the controls, how we judge without knowing, amen. Silence.

Lance meantime wonders, what happened to humanity, the service to others, he was no billionaire, had a good relationship, there are many such examples, the good work forgotten, same with eaten food, who supported you, why did church holds on the flock, often demand that they accept no help from the strangers, the story of the good Samaritan, who was righteous in the eyes of the Almighty, why the continuous effort to point out the faults of others, why did Jesus get mentioned for his activities with so called sinners, why, the pharisee’s and their view of utopia, lets make it clear, the parable, the loads they put on those they are supposed to lift, while listening to the devious who have only plans for themselves, it’s written in the books, and you wonder why the don’t have mars bars in space, like the Japanese who love to make noise while eating, in space, you sometimes need silence, amen.

Senor Benny Carey on sugar an children, the diet, it matters, how to program children, the lesson, in order to encourage food into children, or a population, they add sugar, at the start it appears innocent, then the obesity crisis later, lessons are learned, then children refuse to eat their vegetables, why you ask, they used to be sweeter in the past, the sugar content always there, or as the Indians say, they used to drink from sweet water, until they polluted them, amen. More the carrot less of the stick, how children are made fearful so easily, listen if you have ears, amen.

Goat Juice

The optic dispenser, the theft from the bottle, the Spirit minder thinking, who is responsible for this, where is the leak, his friend he trusts, at the bar, he takes that seat, he’d never steal from me. So what happened, the plan, just to find out, the cure, letting them taste their own harvest, Goafer curry, lets be joyful, goat juice is a delicacy in some place, do some places have no laws on matters of consummation when it comes to the species.

Course access is widened, the education of the young spirits, real changes, real hope, the optic’s, why put Botox into your head, don’t you know what it does, it’s a bio fuel, amen.

The young folk find the space to deal with their emotions, it’s not unnatural, it just has to be understood. The woman, a girl in the sixties, a fawn, the men that marry, to have access to what is normal, education, who sold this mentality, where is the goat juice dispenser gone, for a refill, amen.

The parables of Jesus help explain lots of things, amen.

Trafficking in the Holy Spirit

Look, the spirit is on the run, Parable of Jesus Christ, 2,000 years are more, the eternal place, seeking in hearts the resting space, what were the prospects as spoken by Jesus, what is the parable of the Mustard Seed, hang on to what you have, the light appears, be wise, you worship the Almighty in Spirit, don’t be confused by the guides, the warning about the celebrity, pharisee thought, parable of Jesus, listen if you have ears, there are many meanings to the words, but they all point in the one direction, you will be fooled before it’s made real, don’t get sucker punched, and if let down or stolen from, The Almighty covers such lose’s, the truth about Jesus, amen.

The Beach

The opening up of the world, the use of camera’s at the beach used to be a very private affair, maybe, the use of beach’s, for mother’s and their children at times, can be helpful, it helps many to deal with anxieties, as ideas are sold to the mind, that can be anxiety causing, people do over react. It’s the same in cultures that are opening up, it takes a while to adjust, the habits that are changing, the way a little easier, now that the Gospel truth is confirmed, the people of faith connected, and faith is not always being of one group, flowers and nature tell us, we all are unique. The common feeling, we are all children, and that’s the simple way of saying, there is a divine power, we just forget it at times, same way success can be blinding.

The things you are denied at times, allows you to think of other things. The function of the body is not the one others have, you are confined. The head is comforted by reading, the head is comforted by music, the little things that aid our way of thinking, the lost feeling when we are not allowed to listen to music, that’s what some learn, this is not a feeling that should last, the classic music is opening up, the music director needs some funding, he calls out, we need support, the Sultan in the east, thinks of the culture value, lends his support, his aims, to encourage the same spirit, rather than use the race course, amen.

The beach a place of fun, the pleasure that is had, perhaps it’s only for mature audiences, the ratings on old TV programs, the lesson, there were restrictions, why, to help those with young minds to adjust, same applies to forward internet use, perhaps the channels will be there, and some form of control needs to be applied, less pressure on parents, society does not have to deal with hard core ideas sold into young minds, the time it takes, a zone to refresh the thinking.

The club that is social, the example, it’s for the aid of those who don’t afford the big club, there is a social attitude, you don’t need to be rich, you just need to behave yourself, and it’s not led by the religious, just those of a good understanding of freedom, without having to pay a big price. The notion is, those on the lowest, are able to enjoy a good night out, there is no mad rush when you go out, you can afford to go the next evening and the next, it’s simple, just has to be put in place, money is not controlling your inner feelings. Those on the edge, have a space. The club is a hope center, same as the new political class, the need to get into office, is not the destruction of others. Looking in, if the guy is not too old, he will be slower to take immediate action, his life will be on show, when it gets closer to the eternal exit, he’ll think, am i acting for the welfare of others, or is it all about my power, that’s the past, the new ways are being pointed out, a higher standard will help everyone, and set an example, or why in some parts is there a new well being while others struggle in others, a question many would like to ask, but are afraid to, it’s honest prosperity, the Spirit from heaven is the same as in the Holy Books, who abuses the goodwill of God, is making it tempting to act against it, when choices have to be made.

The club closes, the funding is there, some are too far into themselves, they ignore what they have being enjoying, this is then gone, the club, the well being, while those with the great resources say, we can go elsewhere, then there is a decline in the local moral values, more vices enter the neighborhood. How is it allowed to happen, the boast of some, who needs support, we can do it anywhere. The wise leaders stop trying to be everyone’s friend, they take a stand, the political manicured environment, speak the words they want to hear, what fish are there to catch, the vote is all that matters, however, the wide view, anyone is ok, then brings in those, who outpace those that were the original key holders, their values are diluted, the Spirit gets weaker, eventually it gets to a stage, is there any much left, then the choices become dire, you have to have a view, blur the boundary, but you have to have one, the human rights people get too much of a lane, they forget those among them, that use the organisation as an election tool, they’re aim, to win over anyone who votes for them, let them eat cake, your obese inside a year.

The club is not functioning. In previous days, men of peace met there, discussing the future prosperity of the Island, open discussion on issues, should we do this for peace sake, what’s the use of freedom, if you don’t have the resources to enjoy the time, otherwise, frustration will get back into the minds, and the peace that was long sought, becomes a greater anxiety, while those that support that view, the original, seek other domains. The country is at long last enjoying it”s fruits. Do you want narrow opinion going forward to damage the future. A woman is scorned, has great anger, she poisons, not intentionally, but with her emotions on edge, she is no longer thinking freely, perhaps she has been overtaken in her self, we all slow with age, ask a racehorse, the trainer chooses the best times of the year to test it’s speed, it’s not the horse of old, that’s the same as mother nature getting older, we just have to read it, it’s written 3,000 years ago, why, to help us as we move forward in time. So you don’t think that way, well the wise think of others, that’s what makes them wise, she finds her form again the lady, she thinks a little slower, that’s fine. In love you demand less as you get older, your more of a friend.

The intelligent lady, has her respect back, it’s not what others think what makes you great, that’s the youthful expression, the young birds are more flighty, that’s normal, we just mature with age, and in that maturity, relationships are formed, with those we knew before, including those we were close to, slow it down, the reaction in the car, you don’t have the same reaction time, you drive slower, and slower, that’s cause your enjoying scenery that was once not that important, now you realize, that the environment is the cause, your glad you slowed, you see ways to help, you were a great center forward, the legs are older, speed is not the option, you don’t play poorly, your reaction time, so you move back, in the center you play the ball to others, it’s the new game, your thoughts, I am of great use, that’s the same as saying to a woman, your age is not a hold on your happiness, you meet men who are more mature too, you engage in more conversation, and the wise say, it’s the comfort of common conversation that matters, keeps the hearts fresh. The world is full of relationships that had to change, it’s normal, wine matures, it’s not fresh wine, Beaujolais, the spark you once had, is revered still, but it#s shared with those of the same vintage. Older man tries to impress the youth, he has to understand, they’re future is based on the different time, we all have our times, the artist is one of the few that can cross these lines ,the struggle in early times, is now the art of good conversation, how, because he is an artist not an entertainer.

The joy of being in the company of a happy you. The need for peace of mind is an old concept, slowing with grace is powerful, and that orderly way of old, is now the maturity of a chairman. The horse is not over raced in the past, if it is, it does not race with enthusiasm as it ages, the joints hurt, its grumpy, it begins to get nasty, you don’t want to be known as a great dictator as you get into your older years, why, well, that former well being of good thought, will be lost, and as the saying goes, eaten bread is soon forgotten, why give up a good opinion of yourself, same way a nation has to slow for awhile before is renews itself. it’s in music, story, why let time overcome your well being, by thinking of others, all of them, you spread a feeling of goodwill, amen. Maturity in Spirit, is vital. God expects it.

The Book of Jabez

extract from Wikipedia, a reference.

Jabez is a man appearing in the Book of Chronicles. He is implied to be ancestor of the Kings of Judah, although not explicitly included in the lineage.[1] Jabez’s birth is difficult; for this reason, his mother names him Jabez (Hebrew יַעְבֵּץ [ya’betz]), meaning “he makes sorrowful”.[2][3] Jabez’s most important action is to conquer new territory with divine sanction.[4]

Although the textual description of Jabez is brief, some Targumim elaborate that Jabez also established a religious institution for the Levite children of Zipporah: “And he was called Jabez, because in his council he instituted a school of 31 disciples; they were called Tirathim, because in their hymns their voice was like trumpets; and Shimaathim, because in hearing they lifted up their faces, i.e., in prayer; and Suchathim, because they were overshadowed by the Spirit of prophecy.”[5]

In Arabic and Persian, Jabez is transliterated as Yabis or Yabiz ( يَعْبِيصَ ). However, Syriac and Arabic translations use a substantially different transliteration of ainei or “aina”, cognate with Hebrew עיני [my eye(s)].[citation needed]

Jabez is also mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2:55, possibly as a place name.

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Solomon sighed, it’s great to be of learning, how all the holy books connect, amen.

Born to an addiction

It’s not as bad as it seems, and is easily overcome. He cries a lot, what can we do, she looks at him, he loves her, does not know what to do. He is emotional too, the fears, he has been there, is trying to get her through the mess. I’ll do something for you. Where do you go for help, he is afraid if he is honest, they’ll arrest him, take the child too, leave them in a worse state, however, he has to do something.

There is a report, angels are arriving, God’s helpers are all about. It’s time to get on your knees he tells himself. I’ll ask in the holy name. The temple is silent. A prayer, please help me, I’m recovering too, I’ve done bad things, it was hard growing up. While at prayer, a another walks in, goes to the front. That fellow he says. His prayer, he tells the almighty of all the great things he does. Meaning the addict in recovery pours out his heart.

Jesus and the parable sets it out clearly, who is more honest before God. the one who admits his failings or the one who speaks of all he does good, without admitting his failings. Jesus states it clearly, the honest one. The prayer that makes it to the inner chamber, amen.

He gets back home, the place is quite, there is a smile on her face. Where is baby he asks, anxious, has she done something. She smiles, our friend came to help, she will look after her for a few days, she has experience, your mother or someone else. Our friend.

The notion of selling the means of addiction to the most vulnerable, Solomon asks, the old preacher from Tipperary of course, put in the request. He see’s the man with a smile on his face, as if it was a case, why didn’t you ask sooner. The intervention continues, a new understanding emerges too, amen.

Those that try to shame others with blackmail and threats, how will they fare before the almighty he asks. The sun emerges, you got the nod, prayer granted of course. amen.

Your not supposed to be God, your supposed to represent him!. He looks at the mirror, I am.. the word does not come out. I can do what I ..the voice stalls, the warning in the voice. They are my men, I’ll do what.. The Spirit from above will decide..what, Luciani, the man who should have been pope. He trembles inside, is this the proverbial warning. I’ll call the other, the one who is supplying me, he will know what to do…..

I thought you had the answers, what am I supposed to do, I have to put forward a name, you said you’d give it to me. The line, a long pause, as if he is trying to catch a thought. Well, the pause…pause, pause.. are you still there, the line hangs up, goes dead.

anxiety on the face, what is wrong with him?

In other places, the assembly continues, the powder, legally produced. A new mind has entered the equation. The inspectors are here, the plant manager cries, what. Across the world, the new thinking is put in place. The agents of the Almighty are smiling inside, they scene, like an Inspection during the times of Oscar, he will protect us, amen.

The Family

Hal the computer is moaning, what will we do next, the emotional charts are not working, and the threat is from a source no one thought possible, few did, who let this happen and the prophetic quotes are all there, from the past, what will Hal do next. The family gather, are there any secrets we can use, anything vital, the hour arrives, they begin to dig, they find water, they are up to the navel in their own version of it, and when they add to their co called foundations, they sink deeper into the mire, is there anything to stop this, the obvious, well, it can only get closer to the departure gates, they begin to retreat, the hole they created, the gap in consciousness, the effort to control the human output, has raised the glory of the Almighty, the words of redemption growing stronger, what would a reasonable person do, the prophet sighs, the answer is in the Gospels of Jesus, amen.

If things could get worse, they are not to be messed with, the human interface is the Godly approach, it can never be replaced, amen. The machine works to assist, not take control, and while so much depends on how we think, think of mother nature, she will give you the answers to the questions, is birth becoming more difficult, is the natural food chain changing, what does it mean, this change, why is the angel and Esdras (EZRA) discussing this, 3,000 years ago almost, why would we be prompted, or advised to take notice of the signs, why does Jesus reprimand the pharisee’s of the day, they appear to understand the weather all right, what about the other signs that apply to them.

In the gap, the machine tries to launder human thinking, selling it, buying it, mining it, choices are fine, but to have all of them machined for you,cuts out the work of the tradesmen, the stone workers, or why do some countries treasure the works of old, and try to pass on the thought to the coming generations, just a thought on a Monday, amen.

The field, what was the message of the story, by the Kerry man. The argument being, the field will always produce, once the right minds are looking after it, life giving in other words, amen. In the same way, those of the Spirit, can help us, in how we communicate with the Almighty, amen, so if the workers are pressed, they ask the eternal for divine help, listen if you have ears, amen.