The extended family..

It’s working, the bills are paid, the family are getting older, time to make homes for themselves, soul in soul out, the new members joining, how will we all get on.

The war hawks, glad for any conflict, it pays the bills, a new business in town, more to visit, more anxiety, more weapons to sell, the last minute thing, well, word is, with proofs, there are signs, and they are not from us, the intelligence chiefs look at each other, a threat like this, they never bargained on Jesus, and the truth of the Gospels, heady stuff, what plan can take care of that.

Draw the picture, a version of expansion where there is no where to expand to. It does not work. The family unit, or community, people united, common purpose, the core thought, peace, let the wars of old never be allowed to find roots again.

The disunity, there are those who are extreme, forcing their opinion, violently too, the means of war, false news, the tactic, turning people against each other, well, they know the history, it’s easy find someone to argue with, poison is easy to express.

The suitor is introduced, father does the checking, who is this, what are the past, what are your backgrounds, politically speaking, it’s easy to stretch yourself, people are known for going too fast.

Take your time, the voice says.


The Impostor

The pied piper, the tune sweet, always enriching, something original, they catch the cloud. The light thoughts bring light and light opens up the opportunities. The study of the man, reveals more, they follow the piper, who knows the tune, the crowd is bigger, or the changes become more obvious, others decide to sneak into the group, there is capital in this, or a drifting soul needs rest, overhears them plotting or learning, it’s for good purpose, joins the other group, safety in numbers, easier to hide among the wolves, so the story goes, the impostor, learns, the impostor finds rest, when the impostor becomes the “real thing”, the impostor then tells the story, of how he or she made it, and explains the story, of the great troubles, the “Spirit” had in holding it together, while informing the world, of the lesser ones, who tried to claim ownership of it all, amen.

Solomon sighed, Saul was on the road, Damascus, the blinding light, the voice of the Almighty, why are you doing this, Paul is now Saul, he turns it around, and starts doing the real work, it was just a case of direction, amen.

The foreigner arrives, the air of suspicion, one of us, or, is he like those who betrayed us before. It takes awhile for the trust to be earned, and then he becomes a better version of those he chose to be like; a real conversion, from outsider to the inside, amen. Judging, be wise, amen.

Sexual Identity

rights, this is me, the clock bounces forward, the time for the divine evaluation arrives, compulsory, it’s how you leave the body for the next destination. The form does not have any sexual identity question, some are confused. A button is pressed, eventually an angel arrives, the voice asks, you forgot to put in the sexual identity question I’m before she has time to finish the sentence she is cut off. The angel tells her, it’s not that kind of place, your identity is how you treat others, amen.


The sight of the first snowflake, the child in her, smiles, the last time one landed in the palm, a awhile ago. The story of snow, how it covers the landscape, takes us to a different world, the new times, this is now the past, how long will it last, that peace filled feeling, not worried about the practical, leave it to others, the snow, the shepherd comes down from the mountain, the change in living arrangements, everyone puts on a new garment, there is that time in the heart, the last time, old loves, the friends, family, that’s the feeling, the fire is lit, the warmth in the house, the listeners, the start of that time, amen.

The signs pointed to changes, the reality of the Gospel, what a revelation, at the time it was most needed, amen.


it’s our time, the children think, our time, another voice, our world, what do we want in it. The freedom from violence, no one taking advantage of us emotionally, the baby looks over, and says, no adults trying to take control of our minds, that’s so blinding says another. The angel in the company, a newly arrived soul listens, the crevices that need to be guarded against, too much of this mind stuff, that’s a complete no no, such schemers, not always friendly, the role they play, trouble.

Really, the actions that lead to happiness, the class of offenders against the Spirit, are being given a lesson in amending, the tasks are set out on a board, some of it fairly obvious, the other stuff, the place where you don’t want to go. Hospital visits, what’s that got to do with offending asks a notorious offender. Those that became sick because of your dealings.

They all get the point, the intentional harm they caused, it’s not a subject they want to sink into, really. if only we knew in advance?

The children walk the street free of those attempting to preoccupy them in short term release from issues, using the vices to wipe the mind, temporary that’s all, it’s not that filling, really.

Can one person make the difference, the name that attracts, and reminds, Jesus, amen.

Friends in November

The fallen, the brave, those that open their heart to the world, the brave men and women, who stood up to tyranny, are never forgotten. In the book of Ezekiel, the prophet is told this, the visit from the angel, Aerial, and much of what was written, has come to pass, the good souls, all souls, they are not forgotten.

Solomon sighed, today, the actions of today, can assist those gone ahead, as the old prophets prayed.

An old friend passes in difficult conditions, an open heart, her deeds mighty, her troubles, many visited on her, by some demons, she is remembered today, May the good Samaritans of the world, take this in heart, your good deeds are not forgotten, think of Esther, how she came to the assistance of her people, saved her people.

Those that assist the angels, those people they meet along the way, think of the reward waiting for you, amen.

I Am

Joe Biden, the new Leader of Israel, the Mexican hope, the deliverer of Hope, Pope Francis, The Russian President, I am, all these people, I am a Thought, she dances before the mirror, relaxed, a good nights sleep, ready to face the world, I can be anybody, the mantra she repeats, the newspaper on the side table, it slips to the ground, a page exposes itself, like, she sighs, i had a few of those nights too, but where is your head gone, the Icy Cap on the glacier is missing, and it appears to be getting worse, clear eyesight, she reads without lenses, what, am I in a day dream, she stops, the face before the mirror, I better do something about it, she decides to become Mother Nature instead. She changes her dress, something more restrained.

The notion enters her head. Green or blue, should have bought the other one, before the mirror, she thinks, The story goes like this. Mother Nature, the Spirit of God, the seven Spirits of God, Wisdom, the rescue plan, it’s a working model, the options, it all comes down to cost. Nuclear testing, what has been the cost to the environment, who has been heating up the oceans, where are the real hot spots, what nations are accountable, time to ask the difficult questions.

So who are those who poisoned the earth with their nuclear dreams, well, the experts say, and the cancer patient knows, that radiation is toxic, and destroys, so who are the countries that have tested their nuclear devices in the Sea of all places. What has been the cost. You can dump sewage and hope for the tide to take it away, you can travel to places, where certain matters are allowed, but no where else, but when the interest spreads, and the same intent reaches home, it’s usually a case of instant alarm, not some spin doctor pointing to a war zone, while trying to hide their own S…T?.

Do they ever ask the neighboring country what they think about, in war time scenarios. Or more pointedly, do they ask those with resources their advice, the same as a child will approach a parent, knowing they will be granted some request, do the honest people ever get asked their opinion, well, rarely, cause they are honest. So who Am I today, the sycophant, the opinion generator that tries to please, or just a person who offers truth, amen. Well Uncle did pay the bills, so we have to listen to him?… Mother Nature is surrounded by leaking toxic drums of nuclear waste, and swimming in it, the fish she used to see, are halved in number and size, and she needs a dramatic intervention, the children, all children, like to swim in the sea. So Who Am I?.

Solomon sighs, great wonders appear in the Sky, the divine intervention, in short, the proof everyone needs recalling, there is a Heaven, after all, relax. Let those with soul work to amend, get down to the task, and let God’s people enjoy the spectacle. The strange reversal of story, you don’t have to imagine it. Picture the Spielberg Movie, Schindler hosing down the cattle trucks, laden with people, no room to piss or shit, for days held in such atrocious conditions, beasts for the slaughter were treated better, while the oppressors looked on, laughing at his efforts, a waste of time to them, pitiable fellow..The ocean clean up continues, as does those who work on anxiety development, no shortage of opportunities, amen. The Month of November, the time to recall the souls…pray for the lost too..


Our Teachers

Do one thing for God each day and he’ll remember you, this I am certain of, I’ve seen so many great happenings, all based on the theory of love and giving, it’s the story of the widow in the bible, she gave a small amount, but it was important to her, Jesus you recall told the story, I don’t assume, but he only used stories filled with wisdom to educate not to persecute, it wasn’t a rule thing, you could interpret it as you saw fit, and there was no such thing as a specific religious practice, the point being, if you gave with the heart you were giving to his Father, how simple is that, too simple, or as some would say, that’s too simple Mr Bee, as if our lives depended on the welfare of a humble bumble Bee, what’s a flower anyway. But going to church to stand up for your faith, is faith giving to others, it’s similar to those great movies, specially the Clint Eastwood ones, a parable in everyone, haven’t we been blessed from the most amazing of sources, the inspiration given to so many, from the great song writers as well, the new saints, prophets, teachers,  as I call them, now that’s what God Most High would call friends, amen.

Qatar 2023

World Cup Football, a merging of cultures, a chance to sample, the differences. Who reaches out, who is your neighbor.

Saint Francis was granted permission by the sultan to speak to his people, on the issue of Francis and his faith, and why the people should convert. The lesson is simple. Years later, with time and experience, we have examples of men who were of different geographical worlds, but were not that extreme, that they banned outside influence. Lessons in time.