Holy Spirit

The spirit, gets you out of bed, it helps you see, it opens the heart, it is the part of you that you can’t live without, the inner part, the will. That energy. Compare; The dark influence leaves the room, everyone relaxes, the air is better, you can think again, the father who comes in the door, tries to own everyone, through fear. Why did Jesus make direct statements about those who say anything against the Holy Spirit, and why was he so determined, in his no appeal answers, to those who try to drown it, why does a football team with spirit play better as a team, why is the Spirit so vital, and what are the consequences, when we diminish it, what happens.

Solomon sighed, the Holy Spirit is God’s Holy Messenger, and the Spirit from above, was pouring into the world, great news indeed, amen.

Treasure Box

Compassion Ukraine Children

The politicians, the voices, the residue issues, the welfare of children, the attachment to all hearts, the pressing issues, how in the 21st century can this happen, the cries of politicians, the raising of voices, the strain on so many hearts, do something about this, then, the movement of people across the globe, the immigration trail, the time of the global changes, the object view of women, can we fix this, and then the anarchy in the eastern Europe world, rebuilding, after many years of communism, change takes time, then the knee jerk reactions, the effort by extreme politicians to get in on the act, seeking sympathy for their cause, using the emotional baggage, hurt from the past, mowing the lawn of emotional thrash, to gain even more influence, in a world besieged by social media influence, as if we have’t had enough. Its time for reflection, the world is changing, it’s written, the prophesy of the ancient prophets, this is foretold, how are we going to treat our fellow world citizens, the challenge.

What’s on the mind, the welfare of Afghanistan is now back page news, if they are lucky, the other outrages, that have continued, the unfiltered access allowed to anyone, towards the adult world online, children the victims, while ego’s preach their new manifesto, it’s madness. Jesus reminds all, hold firm, the prophet Ezra is visited by the Holy Angel, the times of the great change, describes uncertainties like these times, how are we to prepare, what attitude should we adopt, what should we focus on basically.

Solomon sighed, the changes were withering, the pain and suffering, in the minds of many, meanwhile, there were those, trapped like slaves in many places, imprisoned, whose cause had been overtaken, they now left overs, the cast off causes, that get disregarded, when a new cause comes along, but the good news, and there is good news, the extremists are in a big hole, and the more they dig up trouble, the deeper they suspend themselves, there are no distractions, when it comes to God, as God is the same, then now tomorrow, and forever, the radar is on, but how will the human race respond.

Then there is the movie, the fake president, it’s a romantic comedy, the press gather, there is a big news statement, the cameras flash, something of national importance is going to be revealed, “dave”, (substitute for the real president who dies) the name of the movie, so when the time comes, for the public appearance, the cold hearted man, from those who know him, see a miracle, when they see the cold hard politician, takes time of to consider, the welfare of a child, who is not part of the group, (they are at a shelter) and begins to interplay with the socially challenged child (the world is now filling up with socially challenged children, and getting busier by the hour, reminder to all the voices reporting on anxiety today, the headline disappears, but the issues remain), as Jesus says, what do you do in private, how you really think of others is known by God, regardless of the spin people put on the issue of the day, so in this frame of mind, lets hope the concern so many express today, about the troubles for those in very dark places, extends beyond this crisis, amen.

Political interests always try to take advantage of a crisis, the same way, charities advertise their need for funding, while there are major disasters happening, amen. And no one does it better, than narcissistic thinkers, who manipulate the public mood, remember Germany, the 1930’s, amen. And this trend in evil thinking, has spread into many normal lives today, well, taking advantage of the vulnerable, goes back to the times of Jesus, 2’000 years ago.

Check out the picture, amen.

Baby steps

Changes, there are so many issues before us, not all can change at once, the chaos it would cause, the room given to extremists to exploit the change, and take a role in lives and society, where their only plan is to undermine, may we be wise, and take baby steps, so wisdom might say.

Solomon is on the street, the child is not co-operating with it’s mother, refuses to move, what a defiant child, who wants to remain seated, on the ground, while the mother tries to cajole it along, nothing new you might say. Stand back, forget the past, money can’t solve this issue, otherwise we could print it until..the mindset has to change. The relationship at home, how women and girls are sometimes given roles, that deny them, the chance to shine spiritually, is this vital you ask. The harvest is spiritual, the others you inspire to look up rather than look down, what happens when males are lead to believe, that woman and girls are inferior, or lesser beings in the eyes of males who live around them, what attitude does this mindset encourage. God can only be worshiped in Spirit, so if you raise children, to look down on the female race, what sort of spirit are you encouraging, food for thought, with divine revelation everywhere today, amen.

Baby changes, the past is the lesson, the future, may it be the road that leads to Heavenly spaces, as Jesus says, the words life giving, men and women, are equals, even if they have different abilities, amen.

The Lady loses her creativity…

Where does it go, the inspiration, the ego, stop thinking too much, pause, it’s just a break, stop, the world is just a day, one starts up, it’s going to happen again, do you need to cure depression, are you too much into saying, nothing will ever change, what will i do with life, it’s too much, the head is full with darkness, to whom do i go for help. Feeling lost at times is being normal, you lose yourself, you find, the little upsets, stop, how do you cure mental unwellness, can i help myself. Here, begin with a story, meaning, start to listen, amen.

The day is only a lesson, your the pupil. The mood fills the head, help you want, listen, by the time you read the lesson, you will begin to think, another thinks of me, that’s empathy, become emphatic, you will start to listen closely without prejudice, thinking of others basically.

The more you listen, the easier the self feels, your helping another. There are many days ahead of you, practice the habits that bring life internal to your spirit, the darkness does not live in the light, it’s practice, amen.

Breaching the Trust

Israelite’s, the early believers, the first chosen, the arc of the covenant, respect and courtesy, this is after all the promise of the eternal God. When with you, how can you lose, they go to war, their trust deep, the arc of the covenant with them, they defeat armies, much larger,overcome the impossible, in their path, they ignore the power that holds them together, their arrogance overcomes them, the sly among them,try to seize power, the breaching of the original trust.

History sighed Solomon, history, the ancient wars, the fall and the comeback, the repeat of the circumstances, the tooing and frowing, the exile to Babylon, the return, the prophets sent to assist them, the ones we read about today, are there lessons in all this. Solomon sighed, the Spirit arrived, the signs, the clouds, evidence of the divine, a great need to think clearly, amen, everyone judged fairly; how you treat others.

Solomon smiled, good news for those living in slave like conditions, amen. Others cried, we better improve ourselves rapidly, amen.

Vow to serve the Almighty God

Man offers up his life, the promise, to serve the will of God. Many have made this promise, that this man makes this day, how have they fared, what has their harvest achieved, did they serve man or God. Solomon was watching the signs; words of prophecy of the ancient scribes, Isaiah, Ezra, Daniel, and others, on many minds.

The will of God; Jesus told the early believers, sacrifices they offered, animal sacrifices, no, it’s compassion that is sought, kindness, the work of the Samaritans, not the brand you wear, it’s deeds that count, amen. How many put the organisation ahead of all other interests, not unlike the pharisee’s, who preferred the approval of men.

Whom do you serve?

The Value

The need for homes, the intervention of the welfare services, the accountant and the investor, the prize, long term promise of money, safe cash, the plight of emigrants, the opportunity, what sort of return can we get from them, they do the sums, the returns, the capital value, the brochure,the doubling of rents, government guaranteed, the money lost, the poverty, the mental health services that can’t be financed, amen, how the sly spot the opportunity.

The value, the woman or the child, the economics of the situation, the room, the number of visitors, the return, the property, it’s easy to fill them, with all the needy emigrant women, the opportunity, the human cost, what does it matter, the poor will always be with us, why worry about them now.

The value, the corrupt, the chances of getting caught, negligible, the precedent, lawyers will produce the paper, the accountant will do the numbers, one expert supports the other, it’s how they work, senselessly, then the authorities, to be seen to be doing good, point their arrows, at the small people, dressing them up as ruthless, while waiting for the next partner to arrive, the value, power.

Solomon sighed, power or value, look to the sky, the changes, this is prophetic, don’t be fooled, the signs are coming from above, in the changes, the signs, the revelation of the secret words, the cloud, and many other signs, why have they been so quite on this wondered Solomon, this is news to remind all, or those that might choose to repent, that the Power of the prophets is at work today. The value, who wants to be reminded, that life has to be accounted for, amen.

What’s Happening

So much about identity, what am I, where do these emotions come from, who is trying to confuse, can I just be allowed to be, the drama, the day begins, the wonder of what my life is about, what am I, the lord, The story of Jesus, the healing in private, don’t say anything, this is news, and the people have been starved of hope for a long time, yes, God does exist, so if challenged, ask, find a quite spot, and explain it, you’ll find respite. Not everyone has the ability to know what to do in crisis, but we understand the emotions, not always how they are interfered with, that’s another days story, but the charged world, the energy that we meet, the pace that is frantic at times, the rush, the need to stay in touch, up to date, trying to sound okay, afraid to speak up at times, we all need encouragement.

At times, the world feels unnatural, and how you are supposed to react, is often how you do, without understanding it. We all want to fit in, but we also need space. Where do you find time, free time, that does not intrude on your life, free from too many opinions. The old books give insight, they are slower, they don’t move that fast, they paint a picture without overdoing the emotion, the modern overdoes the emotion, often forgets the story, and then attempts to focus on the juicy parts of life, the stuff that everyone appears interested in, thus, painting a lie, for a story begins, has actions, then moves on, it’s not dessert without dinner, amen.

Solomon sighed, the crisis in faith, the need for clarity, the intrusions, slow down he thought, there is so much going on, how do you find peace, the answer, the solace, the ancient words, Be Healed He said, the cripple got up and walked, who needs to have doubts, amen, when the same spirit is about, amen.

Solomon revisits the past…

Solomon Dreams

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The signs were everywhere, the divine presence real, the opportunity to heal, the reality of God’s Holy Spirit, the many blessings, the dreams, Solomon was ready, he needed to push the boat out, he’d ask wisdom for help, a prayer was required, the hearts were healing, love was growing, it was all changing, there was real hope, but he remained grounded, it was his job, to hold it together, and help the process along. Helpers were arriving, there was joy, and it was a full circle. The faith had to remain strong, no doubts, like unconditional love. What was occurring was sending tremors into the hearts of the deceivers, God Most High was real, proof that was needed to change everything, visible in the sky, the great events, ancient scriptures, and the picture from above .