Undermining the Spirit

You better listen, the lesson Jesus said, there is only one crime that goes too far, undermining the Holy Spirit, he warned them, that is a step that is too far. Solomon wondered, if all those who had taken advantage of the vulnerable and poor, had any idea of what they had done. If you put children off, curb their spirit, be warned, the harm you have done. Tyrants everywhere were having it hard, the usual business as usual no longer working, the people no longer afraid of them, as a power far greater than them had entered the world.

It was years ago when those words were spoken; there were those who coveted power who were trying to undermine the divine will, and causing havoc. So Jesus issues a very stern warning, don’t go there he said, its’ a total no no. Why thought Solomon would Jesus be so critical of those who undermined the Holy Spirit; in a nutshell, they were trying to usurp the Power of the Father.


Heavens rewards

As Esdras and the angel spoke, wisdom flowed into the world, the prophet who had gained the trust of the divine will, was re assured as to the destiny awaiting those who had held to their faith, the blessings that awaited for those able to accept the divine blessings. Solomon sighed, he was outside the temple and met a friend, they chatted, she told him of the story of her close friend, who had passed some time before. After she passed, the lady had a visit from her friend, re assuring her, that Heaven was real. Her friend came to her in a dream, seven times she told him.

Five minutes later, Solomon encountered the re assurance too, and soon afterwards, the sun bursting from the sky, it’s going to be fine. He heads into the shop, the heads turn, as if he is being escorted by angels. Solomon had indeed been blessed many years before, and stayed within the zone, as he called it. There is space inside you, you are a vessel, what you put into it, is your own doing, your choice. Jesus said it wasn’t easy, but if you persevere, the blessings will flow. Its’ a question of space sighed Solomon, can you provide the healthy space for love to grow, it’s that simple.

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I felt like a fool after the breakup. I wondered how I could have been so blind. Why did I make so many excuses for him? Why didn’t I listen to those around me? Hindsight is always twenty/twenty. After that particular breakup, I saw the relationship for what it truly was—a disaster. God was so […]

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A moment, getting tired, days weave on, the models in the pictures look so young, perfect skin, the hair, perfect, the teeth pearl white delights, the dress excellent, how do I compare thee, the look away, I must do something about it, everyone wants to look that way, perfect. Solomon sighed, it’s how you carry yourself. The sports car with the smooth lines, an hour down the highway, it breaks down, no back up, the owner has to wait for the parts to be imported, a deep sigh, something simpler next time.

Grace, style, eye catching, life is a moving experience. How many really catch your eye. Horse trainers, spend most of their time watching how the horse moves; it explains the well being of the Horse. Remember, the Spirit is a living thing.

It’s Impossible….

Where does your light come from, how were miracles made happen, why do you pray, why are we here, the questions we ask, the days of old, young minds no baggage, the days continue, the accumulation of experiences, the collection of opinions, the rules you set for yourself,  the breakdown of society, the retreat, how is it happening, where have our leaders gone, where is the voice of calm, is it everyone for himself.

Solomon was listening to the vibrations, the shock waves, news, more news, the revelations, the feeling in many hearts, nothing like this has happened before, how is it possible, it can’t be real. Then he imagined the days of Jesus, the first time around, when concerned persons, the local authorities of the times, the Jewish leaders, called to see his mother and family, and wondered, “He has lost his mind, he is possessed by demons, he needs help, will you go and see him!”

So there you have Jesus in a room, with some friends, and those seeking healing and consolation, listening to what he has to say, a sense of wonder on their faces, in awe at the prospect, this is real. A pharisee comes in, your mother and family are outside, they need to talk to you. Then Jesus turns to those in the room, and explains to them, who is your Family.

It’s not easy following in the ways of the “Holy Spirit”, when the world around you is devoted to power and the material. There are many who will try to talk you out of your faith. In these times of much confusion and fear, its easy to retreat to the safety of numbers, in among-st the crowd, where you wont stand out. Hold to your faith, trust in God, was the message given all those years ago, the same applies today. The Demons have no power when it comes to the Power of the Holy Spirit. Let it flow, amen, let love escape from inside you. Jesus performed miracles in order to give confidence to those who had any doubts, amen. God lives inside you, don’t have any fears about it.

Memories, Seven Years to the Day…

Would they believe it, he looks up, and watches, as the cloud passes over, it’s the clearest of blue sky days, where did it come from.

Memories, a sweet morning, the light so intense, forced Solomon out of his very comfortable bed, grasps the moment, they start singing early, he wanted to hear it for himself, the Spirit had arrived, the tide finally turned, Solomon was lending his prayers a little energy,  he is in the car, on his way to listen, after all, the gift of words is a rare Gift, it wasn’t about writing best sellers, it was about writing petitions that got the Heavenly ear, Godly approval. The wonder of it, patience has been rewarded, he passes through the large gated entrance, the driveway is smooth, he pulls in outside, the sanctuary, dismounts, enters the temple, the voices already drifting through, he is inside, greeted by a choir of Holy Men, he takes a seat, being early, six in the morning, he had it all to himself, and they sing their prayers in a heavenly harmony.

It was like listening to the birds at dawn, such commitment, their time on earth dedicated to the praise of God, so empowering. Years later, he is listening to another heavenly choir, a Norwegian assembly, singing some of his favorite tunes, simply amazing, there was three of them in attendance, the hour a little more humane, a Sunny summer afternoon, it was as if they came to sing straight to the hearts of those wishing to listen, and surprisingly, and still he wonders, why weren’t the little nuns who lived nearby not invited to attend, how their hearts would rejoice, regulations he frowned, sometimes they are too stiff, need to be stretched, same as Jesus and his fondness for the sacred feminine, and then he sighs, the ones who stayed with him while he struggles on that cross, how ironic. It wasn’t a complaint, it wasn’t anything more than an observation through the heart, we all need a lift, the Spirit wont rise itself; memories, how they lift the heart when we recall them, thanks all.

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Wednesday is Jesus and Mo day, and today’s strip, called “awesome”, is a resurrection, so to speak, from 2008. Once again we see the fundamental inconsistencies of the central Christian myth, inconsistencies that have provided employment for theologians for several hundred years.

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