Beautiful cactus

life can be a desert sometimes!,

Rethinking Life

Chicago Botanic Garden

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All Things Must Pass

wisdom for a monday


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
― Alan W. Watts

Today out of the blue I lost my job. It was a job I was quite comfortable in and I felt settled. Based on the fact I thought I would be in this job for the foreseeable future I started making plans for the future. One of these plans was to sort my own transport, I spent a good chunk of money on purchasing a motorbike to get to work and do a little adventuring in my spare time. Within a week or two of buying this motorbike I was let go from the job.

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World War two?

transports to the death camps,

far more that death trains,

far bigger than anti-Semitism,

far greater than you could imagine,

the penny dropped for Solomon,

he saw the biblical references,

years before,

the transports represented,

the direction of humanity,

wasn’t a Jewish issue,

though they suffered greatly,

was the ultimate warning,

to a world gone wrong,


A thousand anti war movies wasn’t the issue, the death of humanity was at the core of it. Solomon had a dream, he was a character in a real love story, and dreamed and slept sweetly, despite the angst his brothers and sisters were feeling, as his mother fought for her life, she wasn’t going out of business, her spirit would never die, like her Father before her. But the wisdom that flowed answered all the issues. The death of humanity was presented to him on a plate. Society treated everyone as simple cargo, were you worth something or not. His eyes were teary he being very human, but the revelation confirmed what he’d always believed, it was all about dehumanizing society. God Most High was rooted in his spirit, the same one that his mother and grandfather filled him with, no one else no other, he was 100% sure and he knew it.  regardless of the depth of his worries, not that he was worried, when his mother passed whenever the day God chose, one of the finest souls of the generation, would pass from the earth, and it wasn’t cargo, it was gilt pure and so very loving, the quality that the world was missing. If …had they any heart, trying to change his Spirit into one like their’s, not in his lifetime he sighed, never, amen.

my mother passed away two hours after I wrote this, after a long well lived love filled experience, and to Heaven she is heading, of that i have absolutelyche2IMG_5757ghandhi no doubt. but when there was need anywhere, like her Father before her, a man of the Spirit, she was first to help, and it was a legacy that has bore fruit everywhere, the real mc coy as they say.

and she approved of marijuana too!



get him off the scent,

peace is doing harm,

can’t sell those arms,

sales down everywhere,

when’s the last good war,

damn it he’s meddling,

get rid of that love,






IMG_5757they all flowed,

from the decisions,

of a select force,

wonder about it,

the man in the sky,

marking them all,


Freedom from the Press

freedom for the press?,

press ahead with news,

stories bought sold,

what is freedom,

expectation of truth,

where’s the freedom,

when it’s sold,

to highest bidder,

freedom from the press,

not freedom for the press,


SolomonIMG_5757 was reading the tabloid headline, a horrible story, splashed across the page, Hollywood style,

thought of the number of children, in stores across the nation, reading the same news.

he sighed, a tabloid tax would have solved the issues years ago….

Long, long ago~by rldubour

do you want your heart to flicker?


Long, long ago

Once upon a time long, long ago

Lived a little angel with pure wings of gold.

No one has ever seen her; this is what I’m told.

Seen this little angel with her wings of gold.

Deep inside the forest is where she did call home

She was the angel in the chorus, she never felt alone.

She would spend her day, spreading dewdrops on the ground.

As she flew here and there and never made a sound.

The animals they seemed to know her each and every thought.

Of the peace and happiness that she always brought.

Then one day she saw a light, flickering in the trees.

She flew up to investigate, to see what this might be.

She found another angels with pure wings of gold.

This is how the story goes; at least this is what I’m told.

She slowly did approach and…

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Moles & Malignant Melanoma

advice for those with moles

SwittersB & Exploring

Today at work, I noticed a young lady was wearing one of those support boots one wears after surgeries or sports injuries. I asked the usual ‘what happened to you?’ She hesitated, then offered an interesting story with flags for us all…she was bitten by a hobo spider on the ankle. Her leg swelled up and she headed to the ER. The ER doc looked at the bite and was concerned, but when he looked at the mole on her ankle, he was more than concerned. This young lady had noticed that odd mole on her left ankle for some time and was a bit annoyed with the occasional itch. A followup to a skin doc and tests confirmed the suspicions of the alert ER doc: a malignant melanoma. Invasive surgery resulted and so far they do not believe there was any permanent nerve damage or cancer. Time and rehab…

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Cry of the Decievers

Demon spirit desperate fearful,

Holy Warriors thriving joyful,

attempts to defeat them futile,

signs written in the sky,

to strengthen and re assure them

gestures made to steal them,

olives dropped to bribe them,

attempts made to conceal them,

can’t be happening,

we used to control everything,

it’s getting worse,

they face the wrath of the Great Lord

every time they refuse to cease

the more trouble they harvest,

wisdom is overcoming the odds,

hopeless no longer powerless,

Great God of Heaven smiles,

spirit souls action minded,

sacred heart is beating again

in the lives of many believers,

thought we had it all fixed,

the cries of the deceivers,

no need to fear the evil one,

his type heading to the abyss,

where torment will be permanent,

a slow train coming,

has arrived at last,


if words created the world, words would also end the torment of manyIMG_5755, so Solomon believed,

once written