Clever people!, Just Wondering

stressed and depressed fed up hardly able to cope abandoned ignored bribed regularly, pacified, put off, made feel guilty, fed devices and games, new drugs another day, just keep them occupied, for as long as it takes, just wondering, if anyone had any idea of the stress so many children are under, just wondering, amen, fed the adult world, every vice, so much so, the abnormal normalized, just wondering did anyone notice anymore, or were the all building ivory towers, amen, and so many parents at their wits end, trying to deal with it all, and the useless slogans tossed off, like garbage onto a dump, they’ll soon forget…..the world is full of clever people, right!IMG_5757


Solomon’s Reflections

if you ignore the words of the heart in the young one’s waiting for it to fill, it’s the same as playing roulette with the future of love. Solomon sighed,

everyone wanted to be loved but love seemed to be so far away, as everyone was so concerned for their love there was no love left anywhere.

she’s young and immature but understands how they all view her. she’s got a sure way to get their attention and it’s playing their game not hers.

God Most High was looking on at the strange goings on almost everywhere. Did they realise the outcome in

a world devoid of real love.

He’s seen so much for one so young he’s a bomb waiting to explode. can’t express emotions can’t talk to anyone world is just too busy for him.


the usual suspects

the victims us

the over reaction

the consequences


peaceful overtones

the winners us

wisdom the reaction


The Machine

when it gets organised

you always rely upon

the good old machine

when they want something

it’s always working

what would we do

without the damn machine

war is the ancient machine

there is so much profit

when the machine is working

damn that ancient machine

the world needs surgery

immediate bypass surgery

for the old machine

Is Today

Mutilating female body parts,

marking the parts below,

what are they stating,

there’s a problem there,

and we wonder about example,

where do they learn such things,

is is is,

two is



three is



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