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I woke up this morning with an earworm. Not your normal earworm. Mine was a 1920s earworm. It was a song my mother sang often and for once, she actually got the words right. Ask any member of my family and they will assure you: my mother never ever remembered the words to any song […]

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The Passing of a Legend — words and music and stories.. a re Blog, Harry Houdini…


October 31 is sometimes called Magic Day, to commemorate Harry Houdini (1874–1926), one of the world’s best-known magicians. He died on October 31, 1926, at the age of 52, and one year after his death his wife presented a trophy in honour of him, on that day. After that, the Society of […]

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Chaos Theory

Mum rush’s in the door, she is running late, good chance to upend her and get what I want, she is busy, there is a dinner to make, won’t have the time to ask me questions, have to act fast. Linda is having a stay over wants me to stay, who is linda asks her Mum, hadn’t heard that name before. A fast decision, same as those pay day loans, over the phone, instant decision, your fate soon known.

On the stand, she has been grilled, by her lawyer, the payout depends upon the tears she spills, how long has the pain in your shoulder been there, she counts the years, damages, the new car, the holiday, a whole lot of cash for a good act. There are others waiting to be heard, she is one of many, they have all claims waiting for the chaos.

Foreign regime uses spying techniques, men in shady quarters record in secret.  We had to do it they say, we had to defend ourselves, so they destroyed the hopes of other nations in order to enrich themselves.

Solomon sighed, everything about us is known, the only chaos is in the human mind, amen.

Hope For Artists

artists gain fame when others perish

the way everything is dealt with in time

people are nervous these days

experience the freedom of it

the meter is clocking faster than an Olympic gold medalist.

experience can be had for the price of a fashionable shirt

thoughts of reckless self exploitation forgotten

many people we encounter as we travel, most we forget,

Too few are worth remembering

The only solution was a total rewrite of the rules

how the holy land is continually a land of war

the battle of the Spirits rages day and night

the sight of women crying over the remains of what

total rewrite of the rules of human kind,

while the most endangered of species of late on the line,

the loving human heart.


A hundred years of a plague, an unstoppable flu, it happened, not your imagination, the history of the dark ages, Popes far from holy, removed from the teaching of Christ Jesus, dearth of loving Spirit, demons, and then the recovery, the reformation, the renaissance, Leonardo Da Vincii

, others, don’t be alarmed, it’s true, Michelangelo, and a host of great artists, commissioned, to resurrect the reputation of The Holy Roman Church, and to inspire faith in God Most High.

Do we raise the Spirit today, when we ask, have we done what we said we would, or is it wishful thinking? Is it the old thinking, we will get away with it, is that the message we send out, are we chancers, great pretend artists, hoping to get away with it, hiding our own stuff, then pointing elsewhere, do you assume you can fool God, because you got away with it for so long, are you impressed when someone with clerical power tells you your fine, as if it’s an absolution, didn’t they say the same all those years ago.

Why is God called merciful, Patient and enduring, do some assume more of the old will suffice, do they assume God is silly, history tells us otherwise, don’t be alarmed, but it’s better to play cards with all the deck in play, at least you have a decent chance, how many lives have been stolen by under the table ways, do you assume it’s wise to undermine Spirit, you can’t possibly assume it will be allowed to go on, and as the Spirit strengthens, the words of the prophets  sharpen and seriously accurate, it’s not written to fool anyone, it’s written to enlighten, the numbers, Moses and the desert, Ezra and the trumpet, Noah and the boat, the warnings of Jesus, do you all assume it’s wild talk.

Do church people assume a safety net, it’s deeds it’s actions that denote you, cover ups fine, will admiring the objects on the mantel piece give you any comfort when you face your last days, will you admire them and smile, and say, they are mine, what good is it, they will be someone else’s as soon as your gone, like a door that closes, gone, and when you realize it, will all those great ideas mean anything if all they did, was stay in your head, every race has a conclusion, and it’s 2,120 years since the time of Jesus, Spirit in the form of a man, 2,800 years since Ezra.

Instruments for the fulfillment of the prophecy — From guest writers..


We should consider Christians and Moslems as instruments for the fulfilment of the prophecy that the knowledge of God will one day spread throughout the earth. Whereas the nations before them worshipped idols, denied God’s existence, and thus did not recognize God’s power or retribution, the rise of Christianity and Islam served to spread among […]

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Mind The Mind

Dogma, theory, religion, belief, the wisdom of the sages, it’s grey matter underneath, and it’s there to be filled everyday, the thrash we collect, the stuff we soon forget, the memories that won’t go away. The Head is lead when it’s filled with dread, the hurt, the harm, the insecurity, the blame, the head, how light it feels when we feel all good, no one to bother us, like birds we feel free. Going places sighed Solomon, how many are on the road, seeking that peace of mind, somewhere that is not a head butt, somewhere safe for the mind.

Addiction, seems to be the sport of the world, how can we exploit this, is there something that will upset her, lets try this. The spying games, the actions thereafter, it used to be espionage, now it could be your partner, playing mind games.

Solomon encountered some devious intelligent persons

, those who were always taking advantage of others, and those that were not like them. She’s a toe rag in a bar, she is a mother in the morning, so long as they don’t get caught out, well they cover for each intrusion. Mind the mind the preacher says, the battle is fought there, the effort to upset you, to set you off course. Old scripture refers to well being, while the modern world is full of those trying to undermine, we see it in politics, even in children’s games, but imagine this, and this is no boast or a lie, to see the Holy Spirit in action, brings only tears to your eye, your not alone, you just forgot to make room for Love to reside in you.

It’s it great to know, there is a power in existence, and it’s Heavenly, fear only God, and the demons that pursue you, will vanish, amen.

I SHALL WAKE IN THE MORNING AND TRY AND START LOVING AGAIN — Marlovian.. Bob Dylan fans, read this, a re blog


Often times becoming rich quickly can bring with it an after taste of guilt; the daily struggle for money to pay the bills, the scrimping, the bitter taste of seeing something you desperately need – not want – pass you by; and if you possess a mind of intellectual athleticism and flexibility, a mind that […]


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My sister is a spinster. While at forty that isn’t that unusual these days, with careers and all. And it isn’t that she’s attractive, or that she doesn’t date. It’s only that her relationships never seem to last more than a few weeks before she is dumped or the guy just “does a runner.” Recently, […]

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