Great Grand Father

A smile on his face, aged with years and experience, near the journeys end, he sighs, and says, it’s Grandfather he says. The others wonder, they know the soul in the bed, they know his strength of belief, I’m going he says, then he slips away, taken to the world above, by his eternal grandfather, amen.

Solomon sighed, what a beautiful way to move on amen. Then he thought, what is it that awaits us, are our deeds enough, room for improvement he said, then jumped up out of the bed, work to be done, amen.

Don’t be complacent, Love until the end, wait for the wonders that wait for you, don’t sow any dread, amen.


Habit Forming

Threat, fear, violence, intimidate, the example, the entertainment, the harm to the Hearts that truly love, crimes against the Holy Spirit of the eternal God, the daggers, those acts that, that continue to pierce, the gnawing, how the hearts bleed, the breathing startles, the horrid reminders of a previous fate, and they do this in the sight of the Holy sentinels that report to the Most High God.

Solomon sighed, why be alarmed, much confusion and chaos was written about a long time ago, unstable leaders, truth near extinct, before the revival and the birth of the new earth, amen. Habits, what is it that they want to encourage, what sort of fear do they have in mind, don’t they know that the Almighty God can turn their schemes on those that plan and carry them out, have they not seen the cloud.

Isaiah wrote about how God wished for all who wanted to be saved and healed, just to turn towards His ways, while Jesus regularly quoted the same Holy Prophet, so those words of Isaiah, ought to be listened to, amen.

Is every act against the Almighty God a needle, a challenge to the divine authority, the Egyptians were stubborn to the end, the roman empire was defiant to the end, and while these Kingdoms have disappeared, the Kingdom that Jesus taught about, is the one and only, and still being discussed today, amen. What habits are you passing on?

A world seeking direction…

The rocket is off course, circumstances,a correction, a boost in a new direction, what happens otherwise, the fear of more of the same. The signs appear, hoping to re direct our hearts, towards what is life giving not destructive, amen.

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Solomon sighed, he was reading history, and about the great loses. What if it was only a change in direction. In these times of uncertainty, the certainty of the truth of Jesus Christ, was revealing itself, what was better than that, amen.

My Ideas

Where did you learn that, the ideas, where did that come from, the habit, the needs, the reminders, perfection, the impression made on you, the drive, the fear that is pushing you, the desire to love, the feeling within you, amen.

Solomon sighed. Little wonder Jesus needed to do the miraculous. There were competing spirits, vying for control of the earth, while Heaven was a thought away. But the amount of news devoted to the material was so overwhelming, that Spiritual renewal was vital. Ever wonder why, the stories the wars the upheavals, the effort to change our thinking, as if a dark force had grabbed us, and taken control of our very lives.

In bed, the thoughts, the worries, the dread, the sleeping tablets, the growth in addictions, the need to slowdown, the time to find ourselves one more time, amen.


Clean hands, lucky to have water, food, the stomach no longer growls, the world on a spending spree, and hopefully charitable too, black Friday, special offers, the rush to purchase, bargains, they are everywhere, maybe we are lazy, maybe we need convenience. The parable of of wedding feast comes to mind, who has the time to attend. Busy doing things, busy looking after this and that, busy getting older, busy planning for it. Time.

What you put in you get out of it, amen, time.

Emigrant Issues and the Environment

If you can’t fix the small issues how can you expect to solve the major issues. The teacher is perplexed, words from a school boy, sound perfect, the simplicity. The boy watches the evening news, a human catastrophe, police cars, the voices of politicians, concerned news anchors, the child listens. People on the move across the world, fleeing from regimes, fleeing from terror, if they can’t solve this minor problem, how can they solve the environment issue. The boy hears about the endangered species vanishing, the poor water quality, is interested, he is a child of the world, and wants to enjoy it. But here on TV, he watches, as the same scene is repeated, again and again, while men in power taunt each other on how they are better at leading than the others, while the boy and millions like him watch and wonder.

Jesus told parables about responsibility, the giving of talents, how they are to be used, how those good in small ways and given more, while those who are bad managers are given nothing. While Jesus was talking about the Kingdom, the parable applies to each day, and what is expected of those, who want to enter that Kingdom, amen.

Sweet Child in Time

The wonder, the open eyes, the hope filled surprise, that amazing moment, when your looking into your own eyes, the wonder of a mother, the hopes of a father, yes, those are mine, those eyes. The arrangement of the habits, she got them from you, that stubbornness, does she remind you of granddad, all those traits, that are recognizable in us.

Imagine this, imagine being created in the image of God, imagine those habits passed on, or traits. all of them. Jesus spoke forgiveness for a variety of reasons, in particular, imagine the harm we pass on, those malicious thoughts, that grudge, the deep seated hatred, do you remember the war, it was over a hundred years old, but the scars remain, even the children are named accordingly.

Treasure Box

In the image of God, in the thoughts, what are we passing on, if we don’t forgive, what you ask. She hears the wrong words, shuts out the news, I only want to hear what is good for me, so she thinks. Jesus explains clearly, how it’s tough, shows us how its tough, but also showed the wonders that could be made real, when trust in the Father is absolute, amen.

So what habits are you passing on then?

We Advance Ourselves by Advancing Others

thinking of others

I love the Psalms

Reading: Psalm 35:26-28
May all who gloat over my distress
be put to shame and confusion;
may all who exalt themselves over me
be clothed with shame and disgrace.
May those who delight in my vindication
shout for joy and gladness;
may they always say, “The L
ORD be exalted,
who delights in the well-being of his servant.”
My tongue will proclaim your righteousness,
your praises all day long

img_20211007_1153044 Bracket Fungus — Photo by David Kitz

Psalm 35 draws to a close with this warning against schadenfreude: May all who gloat over my distress be put to shame and confusion; may all who exalt themselves over me be clothed with shame and disgrace.

So what is schadenfreude you ask? defines schadenfreude as satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. It is a compound German word: schaden harm + freude joy. In other words, schadenfreude is the…

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Emergency Room

I can breathe, I can breathe, the young nurse is after her shift, the time out for her cigarette, a break at last, the hours surrounded by those hanging onto life, the no time for myself moment, the needs of others, all that is on the mind, no time to breathe, the pace frantic. She is outside in the cold morning air, she watches the early morning workers on their way in, it’s a roundabout that never ceases. The beds fill, then the care, time, and hopefully you leave by the front door. Room to breathe she sighs while she stamps the butt out. Every day is an emergency these days; who could see it, the load from the virus overwhelming. She re enters the building, there is stuff to collect before she heads off. Hi, hello, the quick remarks of colleagues, all busy, has it always been this way.

The papers are filled with news that is depressing. More illegals washed up, if that is what you call another looking for a home away from home. Why do so many want to leave their homeland, any underlying reasons. So we hear of torture, too bad, oppression, wrong continent, suppression of opinions, it’s the same everywhere, the trail to the off shore hideaways, the reason behind most of it, the same everywhere.

Solomon sighed, opportunities to show compassion don’t arrive every day.