The Soldier’s Cross — Words of Life…… re blog

Poem – The soldier’s Cross. The poem is about a canvas painted by a soldier who died at Gallipoli. The painting is of Christ on the Cross.

The Soldier’s Cross — Words of Life

Well being

Since science knows the power of thought, why has religion taught about a very vengeful and angry God, considering, they could have taught love, compassion and all the other good stuff,without teaching total damnation and hell. The very existence of Heaven should have been enough to convince anyone. All they did was teach confusion, amen.


Your thoughts matter, your inner well being too, the unwanted stuff, those resentments, the dark feelings, those enlightened, already know this, but who knows why? Recent science informs us, of the power of thought. Jesus confirmed this 2,000 years before. In these times of mistrust, and weird news, conspiracy, who can hold a thought for long, before one is made to doubt. If you look at the last five years, it’s been a roller coaster, of bullying news, it’s all lies, i never said this, all Mexicans are, i never said that, well, when you hear so much contradictory news, almost daily now, who believes in anyone?.

The big noise, will he get off the TV, he is noisier than before, can’t believe he said that too, is the wig real or fake hair, does everyone in America live in a gold plated house, did Jesus go around waving books in the air, confusion. Meanwhile new science has found the God Particle, and with it, the science world has admitted, there are invisible sources of energy, which they can’t measure, but only identify. This admittance of consciousness, the combined power of thought, gives further meaning to the teachings of old. Apart from this life being a stop only, not an end to the journey, it should waken up those in Spiritual matters, as to full meanings of Jesus, and the power of the Spirit,from above.

Fear, Jesus reminds us, there is nothing to fear, no one, only the One who can transform the fate of the soul, after passing. Outsiders winning everything, wisdom from so many sources, signs, revelations, no wonder so many are speechless, amen.

The opening of the Eye – the artists eyes — The Silent Eye, re blog

We continue our retrospective of past School events through Sue’s eyes… Astral Eyes-Painting by the companions, image rendered by Matt Baldwin-Ives Looking around the assembled faces as we sat waiting to begin the first of the lectures on the Saturday morning, it occurred to me how many artists of all types were sitting there. From […]

The opening of the Eye – the artists eyes — The Silent Eye

Science God and Ourselves

So many uncovered items,finds made in ancient world locations,teaching us more about ourselves, meanwhile,there are those who plan for many futures, ignorant of the ways of the Prophets, paying no attention to old disasters, or the fate of those who fell out of favor with God, so with all the new stuff what is it that is being reinforced, and why, which is another matter altogether.

Jesus tried to explain to the apostles,it wasn’t easy, he had to do the unbelievable, you are Gods he said, made in the image of the Father, there is power in your Spirit, fear not, eventually Jesus passes on, while his teachings remain. Keep your thoughts upwardly mobile, aim for Heaven, there are eternal rewards, it wasn’t difficult to understand, but difficult to maintain, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit, the eternal guide, who will explain further.

What does physics reveal in these changing times, as everything seems to be. Socialism is now seen as being wise, less of the greed more of the concern, your actions matter, exploitation as we know it is dead, there will be those who will ignore anything that mentions God, too poisoned by the academic postulating, why, perhaps it curbs the imagination, can’t go there they say, pity it wasn’t the nuclear energy debate of fifty years ago, too late now for that.

Our conscious thoughts create our world, ideas, plans, imaginings, our habits, our thrills, the queen wears green, the world wears green the following day, we are not that clever. Science, God exists, and they have proof of a new power, and this power is making subtle changes, so what you ask, my breadboard is empty, I can’t afford medical aid, I live today,alive tomorrow if lucky. Well, the good news is, the positive thoughts that are needed to bring about change of the living kind, are in your head, the more we encourage it, the sooner we fix things. As for all the paranoia about, who profits from it all, the question everyone should be asking,amen.

Bird social networks — Tough Little Birds… re blog, well since only 7% of the UK woodlands is fit for purpose,making it easy for birds to thrive sounds wise?

Facebird. Instagrebe. Tikstork. Linkedpenguin. Twitter. Only one of these is real, and I’m pretty sure that even on Twitter the number of actual birds participating is negligible. Birds do have social networks though—the old-fashioned analog kind, made up of flockmates and siblings and reproductive partners and rivals. Some species, like the Black-capped Chickadee, have tight-knit […]

Bird social networks — Tough Little Birds

Spiritually Blind…

Is anyone out there giving clear insight to these times,have they lost their tongues,so many who used to have an opinion on everything have lost their voices, surprising, when so many were ready to sound byte on anything, just wondering, all those media experts, is my hair right, I have to be heard, why the silence from so many who used to torment us with their opinions, even quoted in the U.N etc…

The Gardener

Quarantine, will it ever end, how many times do I have to go through this, the question on so many lips, along with the Holy Names, is what’s going on real or imaginary, did the world really close down, you are not going crazy, it’s as real as those Miracles are. Does it feel like a load, who did this, what might Jesus say, well, if we are required to be as forgiving as the Father is, not once, not twice, not three times, how, no, many times, it’s not recalling the words and repeating them like a child in school doing a recital, we are asked to be like the Father, who is depicted like a gardener, why, the garden needs tending regularly. Maybe in hindsight, when you look back, you will appreciate the time you have all been given, to adjust your former lives. It’s ironic to think, that in the mad rush of the past, we dumped our rubbish and moved on, leaving it to succeeding generations to fix the problems, the previous lot made for them. Now that we can’t escape all this time on our hands, cough a few times, yes, the gardener wants us to do it better, amen.

There are great tragedies, unfortunate accidents, and intentional hurts every single day, and it weighs on our consciences, interfering with the well being of Loving Spirit, guilt in other words as Jesus would put it,does, and this tempers the power of the Spirit within. How is it possible, how is it living, well, the very fact your thinking now, should be reminder enough, amen.

What a Day / Co za dzień — re blog, light words, read on…

What a day – the day of epiphanyTo rely on razor sharp intellectAnd appreciative heartWith authenticity and inner harmonyLoving myself and others Co za dzień – dzień objawieniaBy polegać na ostrym jak brzytwa intelekcieI pełnym wdzięczności sercuZ autentycznością i wewnętrzną harmoniąKochając siebie i innych 4/18/2021 Courtesy of Ludovico Einaudi “Experience”

What a Day / Co za dzień —

The First Best Actor Oscar Almost Went to a Dog (Allegedly) — The Avocado.. re blog from woof woof…

One of the biggest movie stars of the 1920s was Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd. He was born in France and was rescued by Lee Duncan, an American soldier who saw him in the middle of a WWI battlefield. Duncan saw potential in him and trained him and got him in films. Rin Tin…

The First Best Actor Oscar Almost Went to a Dog (Allegedly) — The Avocado