Healing Nations

So many voices, talk of wars, unrepentant losers, guns in every home, the poorest finally had enough too, their very existence, a lesson in endurance, there will always be the poor some say, but when policies devised on foreign shores become their life model, no one thinks of the innocent victims when fighting a war,they never have, and now, when the planet needs everyone to contribute to the healing of nations, how is it possible, where will the will come from, or will it be, for yourself until the end, and see what happens then, have many given up entirely.

Heat few can live with, weather changes no one can measure or plan for, water wars, they have always been going on, it’s why the great cities are built on rivers, water is not a choice, ignore the half news filling the heads and the lack of trust in everything it has caused, the doubts continually raised, should there be another effort same as the covid lock down, that gets the focus on planet saving issues rather than on empire building issues. Germany after world war two, the old currency worthless, then hear the echo of Liam Neeson, when he acts the part of oscar schindler, as he pleads for his wealthy friends to do more, then picture the suitcases of bank notes, billions, days before of value, today, toilet paper, the choices.

How do you create compassion; where do you start, it’s usually a role model of some sort, like that person, why is there less of those people in the world, and then you think, there was more compassion then, more Spirit at work across more sectors of life, then you imagine, the little changes, the steps, the monetization of everything, the feeling of being a number, then the death inside of Spirit. For Compassion to exist, there has to be God Love, amen.

Healing nations, the TV anchor wonders, where next, the crisis, in all directions. If you thought Donald Trump emptied the closet while in the big office, it appears now, that the world, including Mother Nature, is venting its rage at the tiniest incident, like tinder waiting to be set alight. So how do you heal nations?



Close the door, the outside world, a stranger. She takes a deep breath. What form will he be in today. No noise, she heads for the kitchen. I should not be feeling this in my home. But she is unable to open her mouth. The threats he made were just words, but they turned around her inner peace. Debilitating, that feeling of fear, turns your limbs to jelly, unable to walk almost,that ugly feeling, caught.

The sanctity of Home, and those who intentionally make it a prison for anyone living there. The affect on the inner well being. Forced to hide your feelings,you don’t recover health that easily. After awhile, the Stockholm syndrome, as you get used to it.

Solomon smiled, his prayers were heard,same as the Heavenly Spirit that came to him. It would be an anathema not to make the request. He was asked to pray occasionally, it worked too. God had given power to his requests. Ask in the Name,direct, you can all do this, practice, fill your heart with all that is good and let it go, pour it out, and once you do, you will be refilled with joy, and you’ll even have a smile on your face. The Spirit from above is above all spirits down on earth, and is a link to the power of the Almighty, amen.

Heart Patches Doctor

What, his glasses slide down his nose, did he hear correctly. He looks at the patient record in front of him. He is a big fan of John Grisham and Lady Gaga, but he has never heard of that request before. Well he says after a pause. Her eyes are droopy, baby pout on her lips, she isn’t feeling great, he wants to help, he is a doctor after all. About to write a prescription for an anti anxiety drug, he remembers a tune Leonard Cohen sang, probably wrote too, the cure for love, at that moment he looks her in the eye, cute he sighs under his breath, as if he is trying to come up with a one liner,that will put her at ease. If it was Saturday night, he might have something else on his mind,but ethics still matter,and he doesn’t over prescribe.

Treasure Box

I don’t feel good doc, can’t you do it for me, the new York drawl only makes him heady, he visited the place once, she is cute, he can’t find words, he begins to sweat, she sees his perspiration, she naturally passes him a tissue, what is that for he asks, while sitting back in his chair, her perfume is tickling his nose, and he feels he is losing control. Let me get a glass of water she says. What he thinks to himself. She is at the water cooler before he can stop her. Taking over the office, this isn’t happening. She places the glass of water on the table, there Doc, I think you needed that.

In a nutshell, she leaves the office a little later, a smile on her face, feeling swell as they say. Her heart patches have been found; When you do good for others regularly, that inner pain will disappear. Why you ask, it’s simply this. The inner Spirit has to be fed regularly, amen. The smile, after the deed, feeling good within. As Jesus said, and says, works of Loving Spirit, are the best forms of work available to those seeking entry through the pearly gates, not knowing about it, and doing nothing about it, Jesus tells all, its not knowing me that matters, but doing the will of the Father, that’s what matters. Amen.

The Returning Hero’s.

The reality of war, the 20% or more who come home mentally damaged, the reality, war destroys from all angles, apart from the woman and child, who fear those who will use them, the other reality, those lives, they never seem to matter in the planning,winning doesn’t count the cost of collateral damage,it just accepts it. So we know all this, does this mean,and as a thinking man, there must be so many potential legal claims, against those governments that initiated wars, knowing the collateral damage; where is Johnny Grisham, they need a book John, you great social crusader,amen. Any idea what the financial is here, yes, as in law,those who undertake actions that they knowingly, will harm so many innocent victims, there has to be a legal mechanism out there, and many billions in claims too.

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It starts with a phone call, another is abused, a half message passed on, how they hide their arrogance, no surprise, he had the same call before. A political party, the arrangement of people, does anyone out there understand, all the mentions of mistrust in the press, the reactions of men and women of sound mind before, acting as if hypnotized, or in a cult or otherwise. He listens to the madness,its’ madness, makes plans, gets on with life. For reasons he understands clearly, it’s not for mention, the strange going on’s

Jesus warned everyone, in his group of followers, there will be man fakes,and as regards demons, they are plentiful, but hold onto your faith regardless of what great promises made, for the Kingdom is inside you, amen.

Solomon read the words of an esteemed teacher; the subject being, the well being of Spirit,and how a dulled spirit affects you. It will be tough says Jesus, but once you make the grade, you will be eternally rewarded.

An email from an unknown source,will you trust it, can you trust it, feelings you’d imagine an old lady would have when opening the door to a stranger late in the evening, that doubt, how it can slip into other aspects of your life. And you wonder where doubt came from, amen.

AT The Brink….

It’s fair to say, many of us are at the brink, choices ahead of us, a new opportunity if your optimistic, but has there ever been a time such as this, colossal the change, uncertain the future, no matter what blurb you are sold; human nature tells us, we run from what we fear being tarnished with, we create rules in order to reign ourselves in, and rules we enforce, with penalties too, even if there are those who wrangle their way around it.

Confused sexually, men trying to sound correct, the media presenting the choices, to be odd as they called it years ago,was no longer the case, as more and more individuals had lost or felt they lost, their own sexual identity. Boys treated royally by parents who favor them over girls in some places, a heavy burden for the girl, your existence predetermined for you.

Am I male or female, why do so many chase the very young, why do we do what we do, why does one part of society feel as if it’s unaffected by the laws, why do so many strain to find clean anything, why is it so, while so many claim, to be believers, can it be so.

Solomon encounters a highly strung woman who has one idea; change him, the man, Solomon, into someone like her, godless, someone with faith in the material, nothing more. Under the banner of help, how often do the perverted do the very same, using assistance as a way of getting involved, the woman puts a perceived great principle first, integrity, as Jesus tells us, gifts from the Real Spirit, are accompanied by certain characteristics, control is not one of them. Those whose aim is control, are not divinely inspired,amen.

The ears, the legs, the eyebrows, the hair, the knees, all areas of excitement, whatever your taste, man woman, woman woman, man woman man, the larger the better,the range of ideas that fill the head, while the zealot pretends to dislike all contact, well, the very mention of purity, it could be alcoholic spirit, it could be clean water. Meanwhile an army of righteous commentators are waiting to jump on whatever crisis arrives,hopefully one that fits their school of expertise, their voices so valuable considering the descent of Airplane Earth, at this near the brink moment.

Meanwhile, there will be the same as before types doing the same, success their only guide and whatever it takes as the saying goes, just in time to take advantage of the dire situations arriving, they having read those books about opportunities during times of despair, their plans laid out, while different parts of various economies suffer, its sweet to know, that as Jesus warned us, the vultures never disappear.

So on the brink, what sort of individual should you appear to be. Imagine the ship, staved in the ice, a rescue not possible unless you have the luck of a captain smith, is it too late then, or what about the new industry called data mining, a fancy term for using your interests to fish for your cash or your ideas, or was data mining a further warning point in the entire human journey; perhaps there are those who can steal from the mind, cults do it all the time,while those under the tuition of demons, Jesus tells us to be careful, demons exist, unless of course you don’t believe Jesus, but does data mining point to the fact, that all this data mining is bringing about our total destruction unless we have a major change, of course.

She loved him, gave into all his fantasies, he has a very professional job, the high IQ leads to a rather perverse brain when it comes to privacy, especially if you can’t socialize, where do all those go, the volcano has to burst somewhere. We are at the brink of change, some might imagine we are in it now, so what sort of person should we be, are we given clear instructions, written ones, yes in fact, from the long past, we are given warning, as to the signs, the conditions prevailing, what to expect, but we are also told, that God will come to the rescue of His People, hold firm, there is no point joining in with schemers now, those of the demons know their prospects, the more of you among their number, the safer they will feel, as we get closer, to the brink.

The children showed signs of anxiety, was it exacerbated by the actions of those around them, what would the reputation mean later, all the big talk of his would mean nothing unless he got rid of her, he makes a plan, with another weird friend, if she is under great stress, it will even be easier,she will do it to herself. an unbelievable bonus, she seeks comfort from others, he thanks his luck, he will store the details to convince her family and friends, isolate her, well, in Opus and church circles, he is a cunning thinker, and since he is well got in ecclesiastical circles, everyone will believe him, perhaps.

Apart from all these moments, too much truth in them and warnings if you look deep enough, you have to get over those times, when you only wanted the juicy titbits, we are far beyond the sound byte generation, over explanation is now taking over, did they use Swiss water or french water in the production of the vaccine, does it matter, does it work should be all that matters, amen.

So, on the brink of change, what sort of future do you envisage?, as Jesus told everyone, it’s in our hands, how we care for the world and it’s constituent parts, our free will.

Sounds too far fetched, well, place yourself in south america during the sixties and afterwards, how many social democracies were spoiled because of interference from afar, by those who only understood wealth creation and nothing else,yes it’s a toll when you have to deal with reality,and it’s heavy on the shoulders too for many, but as all those so called experts state with professional clarity,the truth sets you free, well, that’s only for the ordinary people, keep on scheming.

Does anyone have an idea what will happen when we go over the abyss, or have we gone over already, and hanging on with our finger tips?

Comedy moment, Jesus and his pals watch them gather at the highest point, is that what it seems….

Comfort Zone

Safe opinions, no out of the way comments, they love gossip, stray, get back in line, the world and it’s picture of itself, far away fields, the images in the head, what are you doing they ask, if your up there they want to aspire, if your down there, they want perhaps to change you, if your career choice isn’t outwardly rewarding, they want to warn you, and if you have lofty expectations, they want to drown you, what is the comfort zone.

Choices are tough, and making ones that are outside the comfort zone, it’s even harder. In the unrealistic world that was, the over consumption of resources that are finite, the wasting of an environment that was struggling, it’s easy to hide among the crowds, and believe there is nothing you can do about it, your just one person, fall into the line, do as told, you don’t expect us to help you, do you?

The early martyrs faced the same predicament, and chose to believe in the God of Jesus, he did miracles after all, and taught wisdom with authority, not as a mantra of prayers, rather simple, the Spirit inside you, don’t let it become depressed, and don’t let your conscience over power you.

Times of great difficulty, there are changes afoot, everyone is being asked to think before they act, unusual advice, consider others, don’t be critical. If you read the parables of Jesus, this is explained clearly, your brothers and sisters of faith, don’t attach themselves to religions, they live the words, and leaving your comfort zone can help. When the Spirit is with you, you are never alone, despite the skepticism of friends and those that think they know you, sometimes they are too anchored to the past, amen.



Frustration, we can get through this, the stock market is falling and the traders are falling like flies, the investors are not so easily bought, and those phone calls no longer work, they have other matters on their minds, what a lot of grief, can’t pump the stock and convince someone anymore.

Religious barter, wars and indifference, there has to be a solution to all this. Well I am not willing to share, lets get a third opinion. They buy the opinion of the expert to give them the opinion they want. They know it’s all lies, but the expert gave them the nod, and his testimony is on record. At the worst, they will blame the expert, and they will try another way, determined to get their way, one way or another.

The approval of the religious gave the fanatics the licence for war. Who was going to disagree, the weight of the opinion, you’d be a fool to go against him. Solomon sighed, the replacement of the opinions that went against the trend, same as the spoiled child, who always had his will done.

Solomon sighed, men went to war, given the licence to kill, and when they needed rest, those that led them, gave them licence to pillage, enslaving women, well boys, you need to let the weapons down, go help yourself, those women can easily be replaced. This is not a diet of behaviour that can last. after a while, places became institutionalized, became places, where no spirit dared enter.

Paradise, Solomon smiled, what a dream. One, then two, then three, when we want to make it happen, we will start on the steps necessary. The world might have reversed into a cul de sac for awhile, but there wasn’t anything stopping a reversal of policy.

Jesus gave us fair warning of the efforts of those who held sway, who would try to stop all forms of change, that did not leave them in charge, he even laid out the steps. Eternal truths don’t come often, but Solomon could testify, the Spirit had arrived, and after wards, those of the other Spirit arrived, and tried to remove the inner peace, that gave the Spirit space. He had news for them, those who even dared attempt interfere with the Holy Spirit, it wasn’t forgivable to begin with, so says Jesus. Know your roots, amen.

Focus in times of virus….

Laid up in hospital, nothing to do, hopefully you will recover, the advice of the physician, the nurse who comes when your buzzer goes off, time to eat, time to take your medication. She is on a visit to see her grandfather. Down the corridor and second room to the left, she breezes along. A big smile is prepared before she enters the room, she wonders what form he will be in, he is a grumpy sort, but kind. Doesn’t fire but straight.

Hi she says, big smile on her face, she is wearing the obligatory mask, she pulls it aside while she bends to kiss him on the forehead, why are you wearing that he remarks, wheezing, nearly out of breath, the lungs not as strong as they used to be. He is approaching ninety, has been through the second world war, Korea, Vietnam, an army vet as the experience tells you.

We all have to wear them now, it’s the law.

It takes your mind off the other stuff he replies.

What do you mean by that she says. …

He drifts off to sleep, she leaves him to have the quite moment, she waits. He is in a dream, it’s not dreaming, he is a boy again, on summer retreat with friends, the two week camp they used to have during the summer break. Climbing walls, chasing cows, trying to climb the neighbors apple trees without getting caught, playing cowboys and Indians. She watches the expression change on his face, the array of smiles, what gives him the thrill, he is old, the life he lived, she can only imagine. Suddenly he wakes up, he is shocked to see her still there.

you must have been dreaming she says.


You have a smile on your face, I was watching you.

Oh that he says.

there was a time when…

Children played, they slept in the same bed, teenagers, went about together during the day, no anxiety, no stressed parents, no one anxious, no one concerned with predators, no thoughts such as these existed whatsoever. He rambles on. and water you could drink from the tap, that was till they modernized it all. He looks at her.

She thinks, old man, what does he know.

I think it’s time to go she says. She pushes her mask to the side, tips his forehead with his lips, see you soon she says, whatever he replies.

later, she retells the story of the visit to her sister, how was he she says. He will live to a hundred, but I didn’t like the creepy stares of the male nurse, he scared me. What do you mean.

Solomon sighed, the difference in the ages, and the imaginings in the mind. The stuff that is fed into them, and the anxieties that last forever. The virus was a topic of conversation all over the world. It refocused the minds on the living.


Sea Rescue

Hold on, don’t loose your faith, help will come. How those who struggle to survive hold it together, the stress each day, the hours of labor that bear so little fruit. From afar we read these stories, some of us wonder, some of us pray, some do something extra, the needs of others push us to extra lengths that we would not ever dare to tread. Struggles, the mother sighs, she is brow beaten, her little daughter looks on, knows her mother struggles, vows to do all she can do assist as she gets older, doing housework is all she can muster now, it’s her Mother after all. She watches while those without care pass by all day, the dress, the confident eyes, how they look down on her, it’s all stored inside. We need inspiration to hold on.

The news that two young women survived a trauma that was dangerous to say the least was uplifting for many who heard the news, and it was of course fishermen who came to the rescue at the death. Solomon sighed, there are those who are under the stress of the virus, and the warnings, while those who have had the means, just read about it. Nothing knew here, the gap between the least and the most is a ravine few will ever fill in, and those with that we call real power, will read reports from experts, and act on them, those who have a bit of a conscience will, hopefully more will recognize the signs. In this time of great trauma, there is the Spirit of God, it’s pouring out across the world, hang on, put your faith in the fisherman.

Solomon encountered the Spirit that brings great gifts, heaven sent, but as with all gifts, it requires a little sharing. when you have real proof of divine intervention, there is no human force that can ever overcome it, read the pro

phets, amen.