Pain Relief

Too much to endure, the reminder, pain, some can be psychological, we don’t allow ourselves to forget, or we are surrounded by those, who constantly remind us, this is your pain and don’t you forget, a bit like the roman enforcement in old biblical times, you only need us, we will protect you, we are what you need, you reach for two more tablets, it’s the time, says the doctor, four hours later, another two, and the pharmacy is open all night, your in safe hands, thinking about the pain, it controls you, and while there are excuses, experts in pain, there isn’t enough pain relief, why would they point to the heavenly healer, that heals. How is it possible, you are in an exam, the weather is not important, your current mental health, can you answer the question, did you try the healer.

Treasure Box

The thought in the bed, is there anything to take me out of this, have i made pain a feature of my life, why not do something with it, what, is that possible too. The effort is made, pass the idea on, the new thought, you are walking with the healer, he only has to touch you, there is excitement, feelings of freedom, are you brave enough, to accept this, she goes further, thinks of other times, less effort, no ailments, happy thoughts, when you could stride out normally, the walks you took, the lingering feeling, happy times, then the next day, the first morning, your away, the dreams are awake, what is this pain thing, momentarily forgotten, back, is it time for the medication, you stop. The more you feel good, the less unwellness you feel, is there a connection, why do the living words of Christ work so successfully, the prophet replies, give it a chance, you won’t have any regrets, amen.

Who was on the phone she asks, hearing him hang up.

Solomon asked, what is the attraction of Jesus. The class pause, thinking it out. Anyone, asks the prophet. A time passes, the class pensive, this is a serious question. Was it the healing, the wonders, the signs, the fearlessness, what was it, so many events come to mind, they continue to think about it. Finally Solomon replies, when in the mind, Jesus takes control of the situation, you just want to hear what he has to say, amen.


Happy Christmas

The way to the happy moment, think of the all time great, think Christmas, the number of children who bask in the joy of the coming season, their hopes rising, their hopes swell, the little actions, small kindness, charity, thoughtful, mindful, real, those innocent eyes, they want to buy everyone a present, so delicate, those hearts that want to give, if only, why not, more reminders, why not celebrate it more often, the days can be long, and the way things are changing, more kindness is called for, happy Christmas.

We will of course, the feelings are all kind, no one goes short, there is fine tuning, the little bits are shopped for at the end, the icing on proceedings, the hearts gather, In Jesus, the name that changes outcomes, that heals, that makes the dark go away, heaven.

Solomon was thinking of the old friends, the way some went to extremes to get presents for aged relatives, old ones you saw only once a year, the visits, as rare as a visit to the dentist, but not forgotten, the watery eyes, the glorious well being until the next Christmas. The signs were appearing, the results Heavenly, keep that hope inside you, don’t be star struck, do it daily, this Christmas mood, amen.

The Strings of Faith

Where does it come from, how does it arrive, is there a code I can use, what makes it that way, why is faith faith, why do we call it that, can you catch it easily, what work is involved, how many strings do I need to make a sound, why did the pickers pick, what was the other strings doing, paying the rent somewhere. Where who why when, how do you catch it.

The memory, where to start, the motives of people, their choice, the higher goals, their choice, what about faith, do they make plans for it, the unexpected. A man turns his life around, goes from doing harm to doing good, brings about the forgiveness of many ill deeds, the simple step, the turn around. We all have the moment, the paper and the preacher who turned from crime to giving, the story of the friend he recalled, trouble no, the journey of deeds, her deeds, how they awakened the soul of many, and the long trail of hope that was laid.

The 19th friend, the example to others, the amount of times, thinking of others, the downfall of herself, but not the downfall of the soul, those times, the efforts to be kind and non judgmental was an inspiration at times as much as it was perplexing, trouble, it was like water on the dry soil, you ignored it, and tried to block others doing harm, what a lesson you left, thinking of others, yes we all need an outstretched arm, that’s the feeling of support, how you are recalled, my 19th friend.

Solomon recalled the old lady who gave the two bits, a widow in biblical times, Solomon assumed aged too, to think that her effort is recalled, no deed forgotten, how it reminds us to give, amen.

Inside Space

Messi, the weave of the body, the movement, the space is created. The crowd wonders, how did he do that, the car reverses out the drive, long low back truck body, the bicycle on the path, the cyclist ducks, weaves around the tail of the body, cycles on, as if it never happened, a second early or late, the ball is gone, or the bike is under the truck, how does it happen.

He is trying to explain to her, she is restless in the bed, always wants to control, it’s her mind, it finds hard to shut down, the medications she is on, she is also giddy, space inside, she tries to listen.

Space inside, she still does not understand, space he says again, her eyes focus, trying to take it in, find her pitch, how can i steak his attention, space he says, you have to have space inside. The session lasts forty minutes, when he glances at the clock she knows it’s time. He leaves his desk, walks out the door, she puts on her shoes, expensive Gucci’s, goes well with her designer outfit, a deep intake of breath, he returns, hands her a prescription, everyday he says with a smile on his face, she looks down at it, not again she says, the word exercise on the note.

Later that night, he is doing his daily review, he does not like to over subscribe. He counts the number of times he gave out the exercise prescription, almost them all, the exception being a 100 year old man who didn’t have legs. Space I created, he rises from the chair and desk, makes himself up the stairs, the toilet done, exercise, think of all the space I created instead.

Solomon sighed, the word space, what did it mean. If the head is full of the old stuff, where do you make space for what is new and lasting.

Question, what is space?

Heavenly Gates

stop, the car comes to a halt, the driver opens the window, hands over the papers, the sentinel examines the document, gives a signal, the gates open, inside the car, the new arrival smiles, I’m home at last, feels twenty years younger, and hops from the car, that he was an old man in, not five minutes earlier, a new being, alive, effervescent, excited, full of the inquisitive nature of the child.

The car arrives at the gate, no security, the car passes through, the gates close behind, it’s war torn, smoke and small fires, a battle scene, the bodies scrub past, they gather at the gate, the gates don’t give, they hold, the crowd turns on itself, the occupant of the car asks the driver in the front, is it always this way.

Treasure Box

Inside the heavenly enclosure, there is festive music, the people look purposeful and happy, they have something about them, as if it’s a wedding they are about to attend, a hand reaches out, passes over a fresh juice drink, says it will keep him healthy for as long as it takes.

Can anyone get me a drink around here, the sweltering heat, the handkerchief, soaked through, sweat dripping, can anyone get me a drink, a voice calls out, you have to wait until tea time, that’s another six hours sir.

Meanwhile in Heaven, there is a concert by George Harrison about to start.

The travel agent ends the sales talk, so which tour do you want to take then?

Solomon smiled, words and how to use them. There were those leaders thinking about the heavenly signs, there were children in states of discomfort words did not do justice to, there were those in situation able to make good decisions, and for the wise, there was Fear of The Almighty, what path would you take, if time was limited, amen. What key opens the heavenly gates, a Christmas thought.

The Queen’s Table

The svelte surroundings, the guests, a servant to attend to each, the entertainment begins, the playwright, a confidante of the queen, her privilege, her husband away somewhere, another country to invade, well, in her private world, she puts on the show, the play, living entertainment for her friends, and her rebellious spirit, that she hides.

They laugh and blush, the chuckles of laughter, they respond to the entertainment, images of themselves in truth. Imitation sighed Solomon, one nation says this, there is going to be this, the others usually think, how will it affect us, the sands have shifted though, though it’s not bad news, the usual influence that one had, has shifted in time, the lessons you were handing out, you never practiced them yourselves, can’t you see what has been happening, or are you living in the past.

The covenant between God and His people, the different times, the relationship breaks down, the prophets tell us this story, then time and humanity repairs the situation, and so we get another chance to fix things, while the blessings return. Maybe you lose your influence, when you refuse to take on board the higher teaching, and same way, nations lose their privileged position, when they go beyond the norm in order to impose their opinions, amen.

A friend comes up to the prophet, something askew the pupil asks. The cursory shake of the head, not at all he replies, just mussing over the way we think about ourselves, nothing more.


The sight of the first snowflake, the child in her, smiles, the last time one landed in the palm, a awhile ago. The story of snow, how it covers the landscape, takes us to a different world, the new times, this is now the past, how long will it last, that peace filled feeling, not worried about the practical, leave it to others, the snow, the shepherd comes down from the mountain, the change in living arrangements, everyone puts on a new garment, there is that time in the heart, the last time, old loves, the friends, family, that’s the feeling, the fire is lit, the warmth in the house, the listeners, the start of that time, amen.

The signs pointed to changes, the reality of the Gospel, what a revelation, at the time it was most needed, amen.

Legacy Issues

Getting older, perhaps regrets, the issues, what was it you did, was there anyone you left in the cold, did children clam up with fear at your approach, would you be so brave before the Almighty, did you ever reckon on a time like this, those nagging questions, the night visits, angels or your future, did you really see that, the wonder, the next night, the movie from the past, scrooge, the wonder, this christmas thing, so you get the excitement, feel good, cheer, those lights didn’t exist 2,000 years ago, the only Inn, wasn’t the holiday, so you slide into that state of mind, people are kinder, children hope filled, should be the way for them, all in truth, a time to be young and excited again, wasn’t that the feel at the approach of Jesus, that excitement, wonder, why the lack of it at times, you slide into the festival mood, this present stuff, great, you get up a list, the old friends, the next party, your getting into it, then the moment, it happens, the penny drops, all this stuff of old is real, it’s how the stories are told, then you reminisce, the old times, the happy thoughts, then the legacy, those that are past, and how you will be, with your legacy issues, as you reach over to your book and glasses, age having dimmed the sight, you left with the memories.

The tyrant sat up immediately, what am I doing to myself, suddenly there is peace, amen.

The New Field

There was talk, the women huddle, the expression on their faces, he is at it again, the stress on their faces, was it a warning, the prophet asks, the peace at this time of year and all year round too, freedom from fear at home, it was a never ending request, why did some of us have to put up with it, when would it end, this anger, the rage, where does it come from they ask. Solomon sighs, they are talking about it, that’s news, that’s help, the voices listen to the anxious, it’s that time, and the witness to the gospels are right, it’s real, there is help, be calm the voices say.

Solomon was trying to explain the new meaning, or the “re understanding” of the old words, not in their meaning, but in their application. The argument, was an old one, what was it we had to do, to gain the approval from on high, or steps leading to that way of thinking. It was a fair question, how would you put it, it began with the spirit. It’s like the parable told of the pharisee’s, and their application of the rules, the double speak, that left you confused, on account of their private ways, it was not that we get it wrong, it’s that we continue to mislead, and that applies to the home feeling, the wellness of home, it’s where it all begins, home.

They wondered, how big is home, in short, the new pharisee was themselves, and how they lived their faith, was their actions, in short, time for the new field to show some green, amen.

The G Matrix

The mind is memory boarded, the links are widespread, the gamers try to figure it out, the next set of instructions, like software reading the market, they re play the affects of the algorithm, any gaps, the gap, the gap, an opportunity to insert a false step, they jump at the chance, here here, uncertainty, they make a grab for the space, got them sighs the Spirit, when will they stick to healthy habits, amen.

Magoo woke up, the plane had left, the chosen on board, I’ve missed it. The evening news tells a different story, life goes on, amen.