The Exit

The bags are stuffed, the face is all sweat, the panic, get out of here quick, what if they find out., another sheaf of papers hit the fire, the fire erupts, hurry another says one eye on the gold bullion stored in the chest, can’t we take it with us. The revelation came to pass, the news, we have to leave no evidence. A young soldier enters the room, the usual formality ignored, the sight before the young man, has never seen such disorganization, is used to being ordered.

Hurry the man shouts, another soldier carries a box, hurry’s past. What’s up an officer asks entering the office, impeccably dressed, they are coming he says. The exit is blocked by the arrival of another man, he tries to squeeze in, the floor covered in sheets, reports, unbelievable.

A group of women are outside the office, relaxed, easy, smiling. They watch the men rushing in rushing out, no longer interested in anything but escape, the women still smile. A young girl joins them, the women, all smiles. What’s the surprise she asks?

“the revelation of Jesus, has got out, great news for us?”


twilight in the making

The duvet is rumpled, one leg hangs over the bed, the breathing calm, the dreamer, in the middle of a story, thoughts running through the head, the excitement of the times, has there ever been such a time, not since, the body twists, trying to gain traction, the head is spinning, what if, he thinks about the woman, the mood is changing, how do we live, are we in the head all the time. A moment of fear, the dreamer stops, mentions the holy name, the fear vanishes, doesn’t like the name of Jesus Christ, reminds them of something.

Has anyone figured out, that the head is a tapestry of thoughts, that are threads that some mess about with, by confusing them with other thoughts, that disrupt the sleeper, therefore misleading them, sending them in all directions, Solomon sighed, keep it simple, think of the Divine Spirit, imagine having that inside you, amen.


This is how we see it, the voice is calm, the discussion, the roads to enlightenment, who is correct, how can we amend and made one of our faith, what is it, there is so much confusion, all the old arguments, mostly within, the pompous and the ego, of course we all are right, who climbs the mountain using the same set of steps, it’s about timing, where did you start the climb. The scholars are listening intently, news of divine revelation permeate the minds, a vibration, where does it come from, no answers, the heads are sky bound, where else do you look.

The street is busy, the bodies ski through the traffic, many colors, my wife he thinks, my partner she thinks, husband wife, the normal thoughts occupy the mind, the chores of the day, what will we have for supper, ordinary stuff, another turns the corner, the eyes look up, the gaze, they follow the form, all thoughts of the other half having slipped the mind, the cause and the affect, how easy it is to be distracted, how some rules imprison us.

Our God, the voice begins, another voice, Our God too, another voice, what about us, the voices begin to merge, the wisdom is lost for awhile, everyone tries to gather their thoughts, the conversation begins again.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the many communications people have on a daily basis, trying to distinguish themselves from others, as if there were a slew of God’s waiting to be satisfied, when the prophecy is clear, One. The voice opens up again. This is going to take time to understand, a body passes by, the heads turn left, the old sage shakes his head, can’t they concentrate, he continues.

One Heaven, the way, the beginning, the middle, the stream of wisdom, how are they all connected he says, the others listen.

The revelations, the hidden meaning, brought about by a greater understanding of the Gospel, Jesus in a nutshell, connects the streams of divine revelation. The Green goblet of wisdom, the understanding of Jesus, the roots, the first books, are all connected, and designed to bring us into a relationship with the eternal God. Once this is made clear, why the arguments over who is this or that, as you can only follow in Spirit, by having the Space inside, amen.

What are you saying they ask, their heads shaking.?

Ours is the same as the others, it’s the practice that is missing, read about Jesus, listen to the teachings, all praise to God, amen.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit…

s…o…s…. s..o…s…, the news from the angels, looking on, they whisper to each other, look, look, look what they are trying to do to the son of God,… the arms outstretched, a soldier with a hammer, the blow about to be inflicted, the thud. look what they are doing to the holy one. The woman is drugged, the men are waiting their turn, the angels sighing, this will bring about divine intervention. The Spirit cannot be harmed under any circumstance, there are precedents, and whose alive are hearing the souls of the dead screaming at them, screaming, please they plead, will you start doing good and stop your evil ways, you are destroying our chances, the constant call.

She wakes in the morning, what day is it?.

You won’t talk?

She is handcuffed, tied, tortured, beaten, you won’t talk, he owns her, you won’t talk, he screams even louder, her face one of terror, he is trying to break her, he screams, another blow, he holds up the cords, another whipping, her eyes slips, bruised, swollen, her mouth, audible sighs, her face all red, you won’t speak he screams, he begins to tire, looks at the others, giving them the nod, the sigh to ..

The angels look on; sentence, the conscience marked for life, the mark, the fear ends; the schemes of the evil ones and the demons implode on themselves alone, all the fear they sowed, rebounds on them, they now fear only God, amen.

Fear not those who can kill the body, fear not them, Fear only God, who has dominion over the soul, in life and after the passing, and can do anything, amen.

Offences Against God..

The charges are being read, the bailiff saint laughs, his eyes rise to the heavens, more of that. The Prince of truth, the warnings, what was their trick, trying to confuse. The Mighty God sighs, as if they could upend the universal truth, amen, next.

Domestic Freedom

From behind, the ribs, she feels the pain, falls over, he kicks her on the ground, she tries to cover herself, wants to scream, the children, she fears for them, his face flares, he is all red, the intend meaner, he is getting his kicks, has a, then the door bursts in, caught red handed, he looks at the uniforms, we have him cold they say, while she whimpers in a heap, am I saved she thinks.

The charge sheet, the daily rounds, who has been at it, the fear some try to sow, is about to rebound on them, the eternal chief is not surprised, it’s been a long time coming, freedom from domestic violence, and fear ends, good night.

Solomon sighed, what a boat full of news, what a delight, this is wonderful, apart from the heavenly truth, the Gospels shown to be the map of discovery too, proof of Jesus and the Holy words, imagine those who will inflict harm on the Spirit, let the righteous be successful amen.

We need more love cries a voice, the crowd looks around at itself, love, where is it gone, gone shouts another, what shouts the others, Love, only a sneering man laughs in the corner, love he screams, then his voice cracks up and he falls over, a woman shouts, I found it, they look, a light filled Jesus comes down the path, amen.

My Pedestal

Be my idol, the praise, the trust, he is the living truth, she dreams of the man, the pedestal, he’s on a plinth as regards her emotions, thoughts of him make her high, her mood lifts, no gloom when he is around, both a drug and a rescue in one, someone you can trust in, he commands respect. The higher the achievements, the awards, his standing grows, others join in the praise, the success overwhelming, his emotions a magnet, almost controlling, she follows every action, the plinth grows higher.

The effort to discredit Jesus is a lesson to all, not that those who tried to discredit Him, did themselves too many favors, they only confirmed the greatest of truths, and possibly felt great despair, at what they were trying to do Him, they were in truth doing to themselves, denying their own belief, amen. As for those they assumed to be friends, they soon found out, a truth many have to endure; there are many who are deceived and are glad to be deceived, and they then find themselves, trying to get back to their roots.

The tree and it’s fruit; the truth of some, our faith, our way, we lead you to God, we are true; these words on many lips. The river has flowed, the waters mix, and years later, the great understanding is reached, through the gospels of Jesus, that reveals the great truth about God; you can only be of God by worshiping, in the Holy Name, by living in deeds, amen. How so many are put on a pedestal, and while they inspire us for a time, inevitably, they are replaced in our emotions, for very few endure to the end, love that is. Therefore, says Jesus, worship only God, who is and will always be the same, and so in trust, you can believe in Jesus and have no doubts, and in trust your deeds show, amen.