The extended family..

It’s working, the bills are paid, the family are getting older, time to make homes for themselves, soul in soul out, the new members joining, how will we all get on.

The war hawks, glad for any conflict, it pays the bills, a new business in town, more to visit, more anxiety, more weapons to sell, the last minute thing, well, word is, with proofs, there are signs, and they are not from us, the intelligence chiefs look at each other, a threat like this, they never bargained on Jesus, and the truth of the Gospels, heady stuff, what plan can take care of that.

Draw the picture, a version of expansion where there is no where to expand to. It does not work. The family unit, or community, people united, common purpose, the core thought, peace, let the wars of old never be allowed to find roots again.

The disunity, there are those who are extreme, forcing their opinion, violently too, the means of war, false news, the tactic, turning people against each other, well, they know the history, it’s easy find someone to argue with, poison is easy to express.

The suitor is introduced, father does the checking, who is this, what are the past, what are your backgrounds, politically speaking, it’s easy to stretch yourself, people are known for going too fast.

Take your time, the voice says.


Bad Deal

Trouble, my neighbors, the FBI, the internal revenue services, my daughter won’t talk to me, what sort of gift did you give me, and you sold me access to everyone i wanted, I only gave you five says the other, well, five, you chose the candidates, the complainant continues with his rant, his face is reddening, I think you have heart problems says the other, what heart, he thought he was famous for his coolness, the arctic his next playground, he complains and complains, the other says, usually it’s straight to my compound, consider yourself very fortunate, I’m feeling generous today..

Bad deal bad deal, he is on the gangway, the world is free of him, bad deal, bad deal, the other says, it was you who made it, listen to yourself, and maybe…

Advertising and the Prophets

No, it’s not the name of a band, trillion, a number, the expectancy, advertising and the prophets, the reason, why did we have Holy Messengers in the past, why were certain people em bowed with spiritual power, why was it necessary, the advertising and the prophets concept. The two young people are talking outside a cafe, they are interested in the U.S. elections, the bible and the babble, their confusion apparent, neither of them sure of their own sexuality, so they have a common interest, same as those who have encountered terror in their lives, the connection, advertising and the prophets, who said it was necessary to get back shopping after the 9/11 tragedy, why were consumers thwarted in their normal routines, why do the nations over react when a person of renown passes away, is it not perfectly simple, the same reason, stress is the most common cause of illness and disease, and with knowledge, we know, that there are those that intentionally make others ill.

The ticker tape is on the up, the seats at the desk, checking their retirement bundles, over joyed, the ride is getting higher, they imagine their dreams, their fantasies come through, those things they could never imagine, their heads all over the place, like a hungry child in a sweet shop, what else is there to try, advertising and the prophets, that’s the issue, it gets in the way of consumption, lack of inner well being, leaves you needy, and there are those that exploit it willingly, and well, the more there are involved, the more secure the feeling, the gathering of polar bears on the block of ice, cheering on, while the ice beneath them melts, the feeling does not last, but try telling the polar bears out of their heads on all sorts of excess, and if the bears have demons in them anyway, it’s the same as those that care nothing about anyone, but have sufficient resources to buy everyone off, have you done this yet, the story written, why was there the picture of Jesus and the Sacred Heart on display in most houses a long time ago, it’s because advertising works, reminders, even if those doing the spiritual guidance in those times, were acting in the opposite way, a segment of them, who were barred from revelation on account of dreamed up laws, some for the best of reasons, but abused the way a lawyer seeks legal ways to thwart the law, while doing what the lawyer does, advise the individual not the population, or in the case of the selfish individual, helping themselves.

The way it works, the turn around, love is a front issue, the up front, honest enterprise, the reason I like you, not what I can expect from you, it’s the reason, our material worries often cloud our thinking, or the reason you have doubts, well, is it me you are liking. Advertising works, the movies tell this story, the blockbuster, the big return, the thrill, what happens when it disappoints, the use of other means to acquire success, and this is not about decent ordinary folks, but those who go to any source to achieve their goals, while telling themselves it’s just a thing or call it something, they take home from the experience, those cling on matters, that give space for other callers to find refuge. Jesus in fact tells us in story, this truth, advertising works.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the day was a great day, the today is now, there is that feeling, the best is still possible, the feelings that peel anxiety from the thinking, like a great warm clean up, the time spent listening to music, the effort, timeless, as the future improves the more you put in. The days may have been difficult, but the outcome glorious, amen. To imagine, 2,000 years ago, they lead a man up the hill, they jeer and taunt, while the women mostly weep, their man gone up to the end those before him faced, but he is still remembered, and even more so, the words and wisdom’s are now the live giving force, that endures forever, despite the efforts of some, to use that reputation, amen.

Steroid Living

What are these for, the treatment. The life expectancy is cut short, the quality of life matter, how do you want to live, the choice is yours. The patient is considering the options, struggle and hope for a miracle or take the short term option. The choice. Faith tells you to hold on, the story is a common one. Faced with difficult choices, what do you do. The Expert or the expert son, who is used to praise, has lived on it, enjoys the thrill of it, finds out, that as you get older, things do not work that way, becomes sullen, jealous, weird inside, hides it well, becomes devious, sets off in life, with that danger inside, ability matches his contempt. Does this describe a mindset, and when the emotions are missing, what sort of void does it leave inside, or do you need the answer to that?.

November souls, the children ask, the parents ask, we don’t wan’t to be reared on steroids, they are for sick people, we want normal and no more experiments on us, that is a demand, the prayer requests are in the mail bag of the returning soul, Santa Claus time for the outpouring of blessings. The schemes of the narcissists implode, their associates with them, a butterfly emerges from the casing, the new world begins, the children smile, well, in that book they say, what book, the book they are told to read, the questions, well, when in trouble, or need, you turn to your eternal father, and it’s not rocks you receive, unless it’s a foundation your are creating, it’s bread.

Steroid living, what is this they plant in the minds, that money and power is all there is, what about the “Eternal Spirit”, what about that. The voice is all quite, well, there is no money in that, well, you can’t sell it, or you can’t store it, well, the child looks at the loving Father, (for Joe), I want to go with you, the love in the heart, it wasn’t money or power the child was interested in, amen.

Anxiety and hyper children went hand in hand, a modern development, the experts were being called on, to present their reasons for it, did the pace of life overcome us all, amen.

I never got a greeting like that, the child rushes to him, a friend is after appearing, little one in toe, the action of the child, surprises him, well, what is it that we encourage…


Our Teachers

Do one thing for God each day and he’ll remember you, this I am certain of, I’ve seen so many great happenings, all based on the theory of love and giving, it’s the story of the widow in the bible, she gave a small amount, but it was important to her, Jesus you recall told the story, I don’t assume, but he only used stories filled with wisdom to educate not to persecute, it wasn’t a rule thing, you could interpret it as you saw fit, and there was no such thing as a specific religious practice, the point being, if you gave with the heart you were giving to his Father, how simple is that, too simple, or as some would say, that’s too simple Mr Bee, as if our lives depended on the welfare of a humble bumble Bee, what’s a flower anyway. But going to church to stand up for your faith, is faith giving to others, it’s similar to those great movies, specially the Clint Eastwood ones, a parable in everyone, haven’t we been blessed from the most amazing of sources, the inspiration given to so many, from the great song writers as well, the new saints, prophets, teachers,  as I call them, now that’s what God Most High would call friends, amen.

Finding Space

accommodation is the issue, space, the relationship needs time, the head needs space, so much energy about, the ideas appear out of nowhere, darn, finding space, where do you go. The Golf professional, don’t blame him for playing golf, blame him for trying to teach it. She is on the back swing, stop, stop stop, she looks at him, horrified, I’m paying him for the lessons, now he is trying to take charge of me, she is used to getting her own way. That scowl she wears, he is used to it, same as any teacher, once she gets it, she will be praising him later, like the prophets of old. Space he says, you need to have space for the swing to come down. imagine your sweeping the kitchen he says, and.. kitchen she thinks, i have a maid to do all that, he wonders what to say next, finding the words, space.

The stuff, it’s so much to chose from. The teacher recommends this, the parents expect that, she has her own ideas, it’s confusing, she wants to please them all, or not to offend them, they all do their best. I’ll dwell on the moment, she remembers the film, the pretend surgeon who is asked for his opinion, he defers of course rather than risk harm to the innocent patient. Films and stories, what a great idea. She makes a list of great films of the older era, where character was built up, not bought, there must be lessons in them all, she smiles, she will never have a dull thought again, and she has worked out how to find space, or fill the vacuum in other words.

Later she reads a report, how the career changes up to eight times in a lifetime, it makes her think, general education, then the specifics, the maturity that comes with it, the matter solves itself, patience.

Solomon was in the temple, talking with a friend, very deep into the pilgrimage, the need to stretch the interest, so Solomon thought. Jesus told stories to explain things, and writers have been doing it ever since, learning with story. The lesson he said, is to watch the film,. not to critique it, that will come later. Many were afraid to look beyond their own gate when it came to understanding God Most High, in short, they were undermining their space, limiting their understanding, as if east or west, north or south was fixed; it only appeared fixed, it all depending on your starting position.

The preacher smiles, another way to explain things. he was trying to keep the teaching fresh, amen, space in other words, to express the divine word. The Gospel of John he sighed, as he turned out the light, amen.

Qatar 2023

World Cup Football, a merging of cultures, a chance to sample, the differences. Who reaches out, who is your neighbor.

Saint Francis was granted permission by the sultan to speak to his people, on the issue of Francis and his faith, and why the people should convert. The lesson is simple. Years later, with time and experience, we have examples of men who were of different geographical worlds, but were not that extreme, that they banned outside influence. Lessons in time.

Awareness of Jesus

There is hardly anyone alive on the planet, who is not aware of Jesus. There are many, who live the words, the words of Jesus, are living, they are alive, as in, you practice them, it’s not complicated, and the image, that accompanies these words, were the results of, well, belief is a gift, and when you are ill, or under duress, you move from the lower spirit to the upper Spirit, immediately you begin to feel better. Jesus does not curb ambition, Jesus points you, to life giving ambitions rather, amen.

Jesus on Piety

Beware he said, it’s not always what it looks like. The warnings were issued 2,000 years ago, not yesterday, but those who influence people in that “Spiritual” sense, seem to have hijacked the Spirit in others, by chaining a lot of good people to rules, that are not healthy. Same as divorce, and other things, 2,000 years ago, Jesus issued reminders, in short, not all marriages worked out. Perhaps it was advice for those in the “Spiritual” advice service, to think of ways of helping the marriage or the conflicts therein,. to come up with a fair way of dealing with the break ups, rather than imposing fear on the lives of children, trapped in violent relationships, be it mental or physical.

One Bet that made it?

It’s the will of God the preacher said. It was her third time in the asking. Meanwhile, her children were being made vulnerable to so many threats, many impossible to overcome, habits passed on to others, self harming, amen on a global scale.

But so and so said this?… What was the Pharisee’s name asked Jesus.


The healer wakes, light is showing, the curtain slightly off, a bar of sun runs through the room, five minutes the healer says, then time to get up. Stretch, thought, the day, what’s in store, the to do list, a run through of what is basic, before the serious business of healing. The kitchen side board is cleared, the area cleaned, the mixture assembled, the cake, so many ingredients, once together and in the right oven, the results are assured. The cook prepares the cooking tray, greases the base, the implements are cleaned a few times, after each use, the cook is busy until the area is cleaned again, while the cake matures in the oven. Two hours later, the oven door opens, a plume of smoke escapes, along with the sweet aromas of cooked fruits, a prick with a needle, ten minutes more. Three hours later, the cake is sliced while the tea is poured, then everyone digs in, the cook just smiles.

Healing sighed Solomon, you need to be prepared. You would not attend a wedding looking like a tramp, in the same manner, when you seek healing, you must prepare and believe from the start, amen.