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Good job! Well done. Thank you. Music to our ears. All of us enjoy–even need– to be acknowledged, our own efforts rewarded with a bit of praise. All too often people fail to give these loving words– a stinginess or envy drying them on bitter lips. Listen well, my brothers and sisters. Our words hold […]

Praise — Source of Inspiration

Lazarus and Jesus

Lazarus features quite a lot in the life of Jesus. He is in Heaven, he is deemed to have passed, he is brought back to life, and is called a friend of Jesus, lucky Lazarus. Why does it matter, what today. The plane recovers after loosing an engine, those on board prepare for the so called end. The plane lands safely, no injuries anywhere. It’s as if we are being told, never give up believing.

News gets out, Jesus can do what no other can do. Many try to touch his cloak, energy is flowing from Him. Meanwhile, the local religious people are upset.Their complex rituals can’t compare with the simplicity of His teaching.

2021, the year, after the 2020 year of clear vision, so how should those of the religious behave today, in relation to the wonders of all the revelations, that have been coming, like a woman in the throes of child birth, what attitude should they possess. Should they try to force their opinions by stealth, as they tried to do all those years ago, or try a kinder approach,given the Power of the Father, and the need for mercy, on a universal scale.

Would harming the Spirit be a wise activity to engage in. And if so, how would Jesus categorize them. In a nutshell, what sort of Spirit would encourage that activity. Hardly from God, but from man, seems the correct answer.

The Harvest

Somethings on, suppose it’s the Harvest of the Spirit, being interested in a spiritual blog, the term should be, clear, what we bring with us from this life, in a nutshell, the well being, the joy, impression, it’s not hard to imagine. The fork in the road, left or right,did you live a worthy life, how did you deal with the challenges life dealt you. It’s not a bank account, it’s the affect your life has had on others.

Many would be glad to hear, from the guy who tells them, your all fine, great, you made it. That’s a lie of course, but come the time, many will follow the guy who gives the soft answers, amen.

Don’t deceive yourselves, amen


Tap on the shoulder, she is in the line, has been selected, everyone knows what that means, this life is over, the others look on her with pitiful eyes, hoping not to draw attention to themselves. Head down she joins the others selected, their figures,waif thin, not from dieting or the model runway, this is the real stuff, no food, starved, over worked, and then finished off like a wounded animal,when no longer useful. Is this a description of euthanasia you wonder, the fate of caste women and children, it could be the last war, it could be the martyrs, whatever, how would you feel, tap on the shoulder, amen.

Humans do horrible things, it’s been going on a long time. So the angels come every generation, hoping to fill us with new ideas and hope, raising the awareness of the Holy Books, while some get visions, warnings. Another fruit cake, you throw the paper down, where is the coffee, you hold out your cup, your on the stock pages, you never think of what the end will be, it might usurp your confidence,reign in the ego and stuff, you know what I mean.

Here is another load, the welcoming committee, death is never the end, something that is undeniable, why though, do we ignore it though. Hand back the Mercedes, the house, the pension fund, the paintings, you can’t lug it into Heaven if your called. well…

What will you do, amen


You have all heard the stories, every now and again, a woman escapes from slavery, all hope gone, her family having given up, law enforcement too, so many simply disappear, the voiceless, Solomon had the feeling they were all going to be released, while the demon fought to stay alive, knowing that doom was around the corner,every given day. The signs from above, the numbers repeating, revelations,and miracles, while the Holy Names are on the lips of many. Something is happening, and those who were beyond normal decency with no conscience’s at all, were having the modern day nightmare, their greatest threat had arrived, while the Spirit of God traversed the earth, amen. A light that can never be put out. The eternal flame as some call. Time to be somewhat humble and repent, as the signs say.

Solomon had the gift from above, that is only possible from divine favor, nothing else. He hoped those in the Spiritual influence bracket, were reflecting on the Holy Words, and how those who mislead and use the Holy Name to over power others, those who genuinely seek the light of Hope, are often taken advantage of, by those who are well taught on how to take advantage of the vulnerable. He hoped they were acquainted with the words Eternity, all those old books were not a publishing exercise,there were no books, no agents either, amen.

How can we help those trapped, and how can you turn the tables on all that is evil. Getting to the nub of the issue; Create the space inside, seek wisdom, and even if you love the earth, tree, birds, and all the rest, always give first thought to the One who made it all possible.


The sugar plum fairy and the story of the lenten habit…

Sugar, sugar, where are you, barefoot, wearing her PJ’s. the morning having just arrived, Flossy McDonald stood on the back porch, her pet dog poodles hadn’t been in the usual spot, the kennel that he usually lived in. Sugar, sugar, where are you. Down at the neighbor farm, sucking up to old Mrs Murphy for another slice of chocolate, stupid dog, you’ll be a diabetic before we reach the end of lent she sighed, and i don’t have pet insurance.

Her Mother arrives into the kitchen the same moment.

“did i hear shouting, I was in the middle of a nightmare, another reality TV star had won ..”

“Sugar, poodles s cavorting down in Murphy’s again”

Don’t worry replied her Mother, pointing to the pancakes on the table. He’s cheaper fed there than here,let him stay there, all he does is ear, how he moves at all surprises me.


After a tough lenten diet, Sugar lost thirty pounds, and rN off three weeks later. On his way out the gate, his labrador girl dog beside him, he scoffs. The food I have had to eat, Lent they said.

Try To Understand……

There are those who will plot to steal from you,and some will succeed,but don’t allow their attitude to become yours. The signs are appearing in the Sky, I have witnessed so many, and much more. So, in these troubling times, try to be understanding. Rushing to Judgement was a regular exercise in the past, and in many cases, it was a grave mistake in many cases, try to understand.

A lot is spoken of racial division, and there is underlying hurt, and that is not easy to deal with. But if you honestly look, with open eyes, and not using the opinions of those who comment, they are mainly full of prejudices. Their own bias informs them. However, when you see what TV exposes, I mean TV of the thirties and forties, when many people were denied their rights, if you watch closely, you will see how minds were programmed to get many to assume, that white was the color of choice for all that is good. Minds absorb what is presented to them, particularly, when young. We all have a need to belong, amen.

Educational awareness works, and in these times, we have all the time to understand, why we think the way we do. When you give in to the opinions of others, without seeking the truth, it usually ends up in a mess, try to understand. Amen


when Moses led God’s first chosen to freedom, it wasn’t an instant deliverance, they wandered for forty years. While on the Journey, they were provided for, Moses intervening for His people. Today we are going through what seems a difficult experience; but have we forgot the suffering of others, recent victims of genocides, the enormous numbers of people suffering in perpetual slavery, the number of women worldwide who had had to live oppressed lives, while the world just rolled on; we will deal with that, we will form charities, we will, we will, did we ever consider the patience of those who had to needlessly suffer, while the so called leaders, fought with their vanity and the media, cocooning themselves in gold, with fortunes stolen and hidden off shore, why would they bother to do anything to inconvenience themselves.

Jesus reminds us, treating your neighbor as you wish to be treated yourselves, words spouted by this campaigner and that, mostly hollow words in all truth. Did we get too high in ourselves, did we gladly allow ourselves to be fooled, quietened by the arguments of slick minds, that had no compassion in themselves, but whose words sounded cool, or actions. Furthermore, how is it we are judged; according to how we judge others. So failing in our actions towards those who called for help, didn’t we judge them.

As esdras explains, God isn’t afraid to act. Why the two worlds, that come after we pass, why two, why one with few places, and one with endless space, do we consider the words. As The apostle wrote,words matter. Why the continuous reference to Isaiah, by Jesus, words written by the powerful prophet. Is there meaning in the constant referral to this man of God. Why the reference to the deceiver.

Patience, it takes time and patience to acquaint oneself with the ancient teachings. However, since eternity refers to time perpetual, having patience now, will have great benefits in times forward, amen. Did Jesus give us advice on prayer? What is the gift of the Holy Spirit, what are the qualities that come with it. Does patience get mentioned?

Failure to Forgive

Ignore the personal cost, we all carry weight, but what has been the cost to human kind? It’s lead to the development of chemical weapons, wars,bio terrorism, and atrocities of such horror, spoiled the environment, ruined the hope of fellowship, and you wonder why Jesus said it repeatedly. Obviously, if you expect God to forgive you, you ought to try.

What’s hidden is being revealed across the world, and while we might be angered by the tantrums of Donald and company, He has given you all a get out clause, a paradox perhaps, but God uses all of us, as instruments when He has to, amen.

Of course, forgiveness is free will, the choice, you make it every day. And when you don’t forgive, you gravitate towards those who don’t, leaving you deep in the resentment zone.

God never forced anyone to forgive; Ever hear of the sins of the Father, and what it means; those habits we pass on, it’s that simple, amen