Our moment, lets tare down those images those people of yesteryear, they only remind us of our suffering. global reminders of injustices past, and those who feel most hurt by the reminders, lose another opportunity to remind the global community of what happened to them. You can’t ban history; dictators have been good at denying the truth, but for those who want to burn down the memories, what are they saying. Do they not realize, that the very thing they wish to be known, their actions abolish, amen.

Treasure Box

In these confused times, there are many taking advantage of the hurt suffered in the past. At least those statues stood as reminders,of where we don’t want to revisit again.


The shopping experience, miles away, the comments, the heart felt prayers, as forgotten as Monday is come Tuesday. Apathy hadn’t a close relation. Vanity takes over the world. My vain opinions of myself, the effort to impress, mind blowing. A Chief of the Church, clueless, the ability to communicate, absent. This does not augur well for the future of the Spirit or those he represents. It’s simple to explain; the addicted nature. The day your born, you gather the experience the way a squirrel hoards nuts, religiously.

Addicted, how can your appearance be so important, well, more than important,all there is. If a minutia of that same effort was put into Godly affairs, to think before you shop,can’t do, have to shop. Addicts. We don’t do that drug, we have been institutionalized instead. Emotionally addicted, to those you work with. The cursing, the talk, their habits become yours. Break the chain, seems impossible, they are the people I work with. Concentration camp inmates have more freedom; at least they think for themselves.

She won’t allow herself forget; she hangs onto hurt the way others hold a baby, she refuses to let go. It’s easier to deal with oneself when you have a grief; what, if I forget it, what will I do then. The meth addict loves the high too. The mention of the drug, or the hurt, the brain opens, the voice is clear. Well, if we say nothing, we have to deal with it, addiction.

Jesus enters the courtyard; what he see’s is horror. The Holy Place is a business stall. Outraged, do they know the Father at all. Outside, a man of the church organisation, sighs, when he is gone, it’s back to business, as he tries to assuage the traders. He doesn’t want to lose the commission.

2,000 years later, mercy is sought, the signs from old, point to the eternal truth. Meanwhile, storms and sudden changes have many on edge; those remote places,no one feels safe. If only they turned to God,as the prophet Isaiah wrote, and whose he, Isaiah. Just the one Jesus referred to regularly, amen. What is eternity you ask?.

Human Cost

A father takes a risk, the education prospects never good, you need quite and patience when your young and learning. It’s hard to concentrate when there is background news and those who are wanting to distract you. Sean are you coming out. The friend is stuck in a book, he likes history, likes learning, likes the potential, that could be me one day.

The father gets two years for a little theft, he is not on big money, and his family live with all that advertising too. He didn’t intend it to go wrong, insurance, the industry is a racket in itself. The child watches his father,down and tired, going away, the boy is downhearted, he will miss his great defender and friend. A rich man steals, he has a mental condition, was suffering from stress, lost a family member,so argues the barista. The rich man walks free, the judge does not see him as a threat to society.

The boy is alone, in a world going mad. There is a yellow lunatic on TV, calls everyone liars, when the boy tells a lie, he gets a clout, while this yellow fella, only gets richer. Where do I stand, the boy hasn’t a clue, just that, they are all madly stupid, and he hasn’t even grown up yet.

Solomon sighed, if only they saw the cloud, amen, they’d think very differently, amen.


The light, the light, He thought he was dying but he was only waking up. Faces, welcome, how do you explain it, the truth, how do you explain the dance of the Spirit, how do you teach young hearts, who can ride along in your heart. What’s in there, lose the guilt, it will only weigh you down, do something about it, change your ways.

The tiny baby with the knowing eyes, he knows he is getting used to this world, can read the anger in those close to him, tries to cheer them up, just a baby, the first cries, those in attendance, sigh, new life, nine months of growth, you’d think it would be enough for anyone, making an imitation of yourself, yes, an imitation, and those habits that took you over, where would you get a gift with such substance, yourself.

Floods in many places, fires, strange leaders, unstable, the word that would describe it all. Written a long time ago, recall what the prophet did, he prayed for his people, the good neighbor, new hearts he pleaded, and now, 2,800 years later, there is quite a coincidence.

Find you faith, get to the core of yourself, as Jesus says all those years ago, the 11th hour promise, the workers in the vineyard, it’s put in writing to help us. Prepare the space inside you,for the Spirit of God to exist, amen, live and see through you, amen.

Push the buttons

The trolls find a target, filled with hate, they call themselves concerned, when the see the signs from above, they quake inside,there is a lot of that stuff, the hatred the trolls hope to create, is now imploding on them, ad it’s only worse it will get. The blame, they blame God, they blame anyone or anything, just an argument to justify their ways. push the buttons, how Spirit is destroyed, how more hearts make it home, now the Most High is pushing the buttons,game up for the trolls, amen.

Solomon encountered the Spirit, the wonder of the whirl, only birds could move like that. Who would try to annoy the light that is connected to the Heavens, pure madness, think before you press the buttons, amen.

Sunday Afternoons

Who can disagree with the Sunday drive, time set aside to bring a feeling of togetherness to life, more than words,deeds. Solomon recalled, the wonders from above, how the sun appeared every time, he and his baby accomplice went of their Sunday drive, receiving the blessing from above each and every time; who’d try to compete with that power. who would try to dampen the Spirit, in other words. If human kindness can create this reaction, who are men to disown such wonders.

If we turned the world into a mini version of Babylon, my life my worth my pleasure, without thought for the eternal gift given, what are we to expect, if we fail the Spirit, amen. Sunday afternoons, the chance to dream, amen.

Solomon had to under go, spying, AND much that was fake, while the Spirit poured out, who would want to offend God, amen.


that which we think we can control, the fear we hold, the reminders, names, did they ever look to the sky, or did they read the ancient words, in an instant any world, can be turned upside down, and now they see it happening across the world. Powerful because you control a corner, how long will that last, leaders in high places, not issuing rational words,their followers chanting,what exactly. Madness, did he really believe that, others afraid to open their mouths, the boss doesn’t like a challenge, fear, the end of advice, and we wonder why things go awry.

I’m in control of this, my land, my conquest, they forgot that God exists, they forgot about the army of invisible light, fear, do they understand the meaning of the word, amen.

Solomon saw the signs,coming for the last ten years, heavenly messengers, angels trying to assist, there is only one word for this; divine intervention. The heart baggage loads up, the pain intense, the magic number in reach, then the tip over, and the start of the new regime; how will those who oppressed God’s people fare; they will be liquid with fear, unable to walk, powerless, it just takes a thought. Amen.

The Baggage of Saint Paul

What, baggage, Saint Paul, he even changed his name, why, there are wonders that are yet to be explained, what is important, is the word, baggage. Paul would have been a hate figure today, judged on the number of crisis’s across the world, based on their past performance, Paul boasted to his former colleagues, how proud he was to kill Christians, or for want of simplicity, how he, Paul, when named Saul, was only delighted to tell the pharisee’s, how devout he was, how inspired he was, to do what he was doing. God can do anything, turned Paul’s zeal into an instrument of God, man of fear, becomes man of light, his zeal didn’t change, he just got the direction right; Follow in the steps of Jesus, amen.

The world is full of people, fired by the inner fire, they get involved in so called new style religious groups, who give a presentation of God, they get involved in groups, that claim there is nothing you can do, to impress God,even though it’s written. There are those who want to claim ownership of your access to the light, there are those who construct rules, to make you feel totally unable and unworthy, with the language they use. Only God is good, as Jesus said, but even today, you have the insert of words,such as pure virgin, virginal, words associated with women and their chasteness, words few if no one understands, barriers. Men own women it seems too, all right if your a man, bad luck if your a girl, and it goes on and on. As for the mixing of the wine and blood, the water and the blood, there are lessons in there too. It’s very simple, loose the brand. Paul changed his name, Saul, he didn’t want to put fear into those he previously persecuted, amen. Baggage has many meanings. Lets not hear about violence, we need air and space, not more baggage, amen.

So what happened to Saint Paul, internally that is. The baggage that Paul had accrued before his conversion to God, through Christ Jesus, was lifted off him, God absolved him, under stood his error, so the light stayed in him. The lesson for all who want to believe, is to take the faith test, the internal jab if you want the pun. And what is that you ask, what is the key, there are those who seek, there are those who seek understanding, others just want to pass the test, they will do anything to get the certificate, they will cheat if it’s possible, it isn’t, the demon has tried and failed, amen. So the test of a believer, where do you start, does the test ever end, when do you celebrate, can you think of the options on this, proving your faith.

The celebration begins when you pass from life, not before, there are exceptions though, those taken straight up, but in a nutshell, while on this planet, space overhead too, you live the life of a believer, amen, no cheating mind you?.

Toned Abs lean thighs

Have to build exercise into the daily routine. We need to work the muscles, we need to push the lungs, the heart, we want to look our best, nothing controversial. The well being, that inner feeling, fits nicer too, the clothes. It’s good to be happy with your shape, good for the mental health too, lean, toned abs, nice thighs, attractive to your sex, it’s all connected. The outward and inner feeling, the effort is worth it. If only we had such an attitude towards our spiritual selves.

Why is it so vital that we improve our connectivity to God. Help, without making ourselves worthy, we put the existence of the planet on a knife edge. The heat, the changes, the abs might look good in the mirror, but that won’t make the Spiritual impression so badly needed now,amen, appearances are not everything,even if many think, that’s all there is, along with money.

Frightened Child

She turns weak when she see’s him, the memory of him, his cruelty, etched into her heart, the fear so damning, she prays for help but can’t pray a full one, she had been made to feel guilty,will I ever escape him. Has your body ever lost all it’s function where the muscles refuse to work, can’t stand,cant sit,afraid to do anything, it might upset him. She looks at the holy medal, the reminder she was given by the kind lady, she places it in her palm, will sleep with it all night.

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Solomon smiled, help was on the way, the schemes of those who served the demon were imploding on those who gave their loyalty to the evil one. The ability to pass harm from person to person was over, the Holy Spirit was flowing like breath from the mouth of God, the toll of the broken hearted had forced the door, the pressure of love lost, too much, a step too far.

To see it live, the murder of your child or the child of another, who could forget the memory. Are you committed to evil, do you want to know how to control the mind, do you really?. Solomon understood the power of forgiveness, how it relieves the mind and heart all at once. No longer afraid, the words of Jesus Christ, fear only the One, who has dominion over the Spirit in life and in death, and don’t allow your demons or fears to overcome you. Remember this, when the Spirit comes from above, it’s the power of the prophets at work, hold on, eternity means all the the time in the world, amen.

As for those beasts that chase you around in the head; say the lords prayer out loud, you will be calling the angels to help,amen.