The healer wakes, light is showing, the curtain slightly off, a bar of sun runs through the room, five minutes the healer says, then time to get up. Stretch, thought, the day, what’s in store, the to do list, a run through of what is basic, before the serious business of healing. The kitchen side board is cleared, the area cleaned, the mixture assembled, the cake, so many ingredients, once together and in the right oven, the results are assured. The cook prepares the cooking tray, greases the base, the implements are cleaned a few times, after each use, the cook is busy until the area is cleaned again, while the cake matures in the oven. Two hours later, the oven door opens, a plume of smoke escapes, along with the sweet aromas of cooked fruits, a prick with a needle, ten minutes more. Three hours later, the cake is sliced while the tea is poured, then everyone digs in, the cook just smiles.

Healing sighed Solomon, you need to be prepared. You would not attend a wedding looking like a tramp, in the same manner, when you seek healing, you must prepare and believe from the start, amen.

Solomon revisits the past

Purely for love and no other reason I do these things for you without condition I humbly ask you my dear lord To open the hearts of all those closed Purely for love and no other reason
I told her I loved her she asked me why I tried to explain she started to cry Her tears were real we both embraced Purely for love and no other reason
I humbly ask The Lord for some direction, I remember the hearts of all those broken,The families split up, children are crying,Purely for love and no other reason
I started to sing my song went like this,Keep us together forever may it last, Stay with me and make me strong, Purely for love and no other reason
The days unfold like sheets of wind, Blowing across this difficult world, Soothe the soul and make us kind, Purely for love and no other reason
My health is weak but my heart is firm, I try my best I believe in my Lord, Sometimes it works sometimes I cry,Purely for love and no other reason

Solomon smiled, the rhythm is alive, as is the Heart inside, the changes in this world, like the cloud, they come, and then they depart, may we listen to the old words, and slow it all down, this ambition we call life, amen.

Western Movie Thriller

Custer is out on patrol, hunting the red skins, the Indian savages that are holding back progress, and they get such bad press in the dailies of the day, that everyone thinks them to be the worlds cruelest, including Custer. The white man leads the column of men, in the distance, a haze of sand, they spot a few outriders, obviously the enemy, they take off when the cavalry are seen to approach, a few scouts follow the renegades, checking to see if they are alone, or is it just another trick. The scout comes back, they have news, a small camp, two or three miles, and they are unseen, so the scouts report. Custer decides that since it’s early in the day, why not give the enemy a surprise attack, he plans the venture, for the next morning.

Tycoon, with numbers in the head, has old school connections, doesn’t like the new ways, but since it’s a new frontier, he can’t afford to stay out of the game. takes the advice of those that cling to him, well, they got the links, and the links have clout. What is the trend, the direction of this new world, the tycoon listens, has to listen, it’s not his area of expertise, money is. The venture into the new world, the target figures enhanced, the bigger the number, the future, more of a certainty. However, the sycophants are the same as all sycophants, in a nutshell, like the money, they only think of themselves, and use the lack of knowledge of the tyrant, to gravy up themselves, in his eyes anyway. A ….

The Indian chief, understands the thinking of the White man, has seen how he reacts to any form of wealth, gold, there is plenty in the hills, the chief is only concerned with clean sweet drinking water, the rest can come and go, but water is the essential. Never ignore the needs of mother earth. Behind in the hills he has assembled his forces, plans on telling the white chief, enough is enough, time to change this. Arrows, and hearts of steel, they are not afraid of death, they understand Great Spirit. Another set of scouts, another decoy, the trap is set, Custer charges in, glory on his mind, the rest is history as they say, the battle of the little big horn.

Devilish thoughts give some the feeling of impunity when it comes to accounting for life. Some are so big, there will never be consequences. Others use whoever they can, others steal whatever they can, and for an awful long time, it was with impunity and great connections, bought mostly, that allowed this devilish mentality to grow, like a cancer across the earth. The pursuit was no different than a hunter in times past, seeking the hide of a now extinct tiger, to add to his trophy rack, no consequences, the species that have disappeared, amen. How at the end of the chase Custer and his pals must have felt so isolated, when they saw the massive army prepared to destroy them. Today, that feeling of isolation, is being felt by those who undermined the Higher Spirit for such a long time, in the lives harmed, and the spirit within stolen; to see the power from Heaven at work today, is joy to those who struggled and stayed firm in faith, while those who never gave it a thought, can only wonder, what does it mean for those, who intentionally harm the Spirit from above, amen.


Our moment, lets tare down those images those people of yesteryear, they only remind us of our suffering. global reminders of injustices past, and those who feel most hurt by the reminders, lose another opportunity to remind the global community of what happened to them. You can’t ban history; dictators have been good at denying the truth, but for those who want to burn down the memories, what are they saying. Do they not realize, that the very thing they wish to be known, their actions abolish, amen.

Treasure Box

In these confused times, there are many taking advantage of the hurt suffered in the past. At least those statues stood as reminders,of where we don’t want to revisit again.


The shopping experience, miles away, the comments, the heart felt prayers, as forgotten as Monday is come Tuesday. Apathy hadn’t a close relation. Vanity takes over the world. My vain opinions of myself, the effort to impress, mind blowing. A Chief of the Church, clueless, the ability to communicate, absent. This does not augur well for the future of the Spirit or those he represents. It’s simple to explain; the addicted nature. The day your born, you gather the experience the way a squirrel hoards nuts, religiously.

Addicted, how can your appearance be so important, well, more than important,all there is. If a minutia of that same effort was put into Godly affairs, to think before you shop,can’t do, have to shop. Addicts. We don’t do that drug, we have been institutionalized instead. Emotionally addicted, to those you work with. The cursing, the talk, their habits become yours. Break the chain, seems impossible, they are the people I work with. Concentration camp inmates have more freedom; at least they think for themselves.

She won’t allow herself forget; she hangs onto hurt the way others hold a baby, she refuses to let go. It’s easier to deal with oneself when you have a grief; what, if I forget it, what will I do then. The meth addict loves the high too. The mention of the drug, or the hurt, the brain opens, the voice is clear. Well, if we say nothing, we have to deal with it, addiction.

Jesus enters the courtyard; what he see’s is horror. The Holy Place is a business stall. Outraged, do they know the Father at all. Outside, a man of the church organisation, sighs, when he is gone, it’s back to business, as he tries to assuage the traders. He doesn’t want to lose the commission.

2,000 years later, mercy is sought, the signs from old, point to the eternal truth. Meanwhile, storms and sudden changes have many on edge; those remote places,no one feels safe. If only they turned to God,as the prophet Isaiah wrote, and whose he, Isaiah. Just the one Jesus referred to regularly, amen. What is eternity you ask?.

Human Cost

A father takes a risk, the education prospects never good, you need quite and patience when your young and learning. It’s hard to concentrate when there is background news and those who are wanting to distract you. Sean are you coming out. The friend is stuck in a book, he likes history, likes learning, likes the potential, that could be me one day.

The father gets two years for a little theft, he is not on big money, and his family live with all that advertising too. He didn’t intend it to go wrong, insurance, the industry is a racket in itself. The child watches his father,down and tired, going away, the boy is downhearted, he will miss his great defender and friend. A rich man steals, he has a mental condition, was suffering from stress, lost a family member,so argues the barista. The rich man walks free, the judge does not see him as a threat to society.

The boy is alone, in a world going mad. There is a yellow lunatic on TV, calls everyone liars, when the boy tells a lie, he gets a clout, while this yellow fella, only gets richer. Where do I stand, the boy hasn’t a clue, just that, they are all madly stupid, and he hasn’t even grown up yet.

Solomon sighed, if only they saw the cloud, amen, they’d think very differently, amen.


The light, the light, He thought he was dying but he was only waking up. Faces, welcome, how do you explain it, the truth, how do you explain the dance of the Spirit, how do you teach young hearts, who can ride along in your heart. What’s in there, lose the guilt, it will only weigh you down, do something about it, change your ways.

The tiny baby with the knowing eyes, he knows he is getting used to this world, can read the anger in those close to him, tries to cheer them up, just a baby, the first cries, those in attendance, sigh, new life, nine months of growth, you’d think it would be enough for anyone, making an imitation of yourself, yes, an imitation, and those habits that took you over, where would you get a gift with such substance, yourself.

Floods in many places, fires, strange leaders, unstable, the word that would describe it all. Written a long time ago, recall what the prophet did, he prayed for his people, the good neighbor, new hearts he pleaded, and now, 2,800 years later, there is quite a coincidence.

Find you faith, get to the core of yourself, as Jesus says all those years ago, the 11th hour promise, the workers in the vineyard, it’s put in writing to help us. Prepare the space inside you,for the Spirit of God to exist, amen, live and see through you, amen.

Push the buttons

The trolls find a target, filled with hate, they call themselves concerned, when the see the signs from above, they quake inside,there is a lot of that stuff, the hatred the trolls hope to create, is now imploding on them, ad it’s only worse it will get. The blame, they blame God, they blame anyone or anything, just an argument to justify their ways. push the buttons, how Spirit is destroyed, how more hearts make it home, now the Most High is pushing the buttons,game up for the trolls, amen.

Solomon encountered the Spirit, the wonder of the whirl, only birds could move like that. Who would try to annoy the light that is connected to the Heavens, pure madness, think before you press the buttons, amen.

Sunday Afternoons

Who can disagree with the Sunday drive, time set aside to bring a feeling of togetherness to life, more than words,deeds. Solomon recalled, the wonders from above, how the sun appeared every time, he and his baby accomplice went of their Sunday drive, receiving the blessing from above each and every time; who’d try to compete with that power. who would try to dampen the Spirit, in other words. If human kindness can create this reaction, who are men to disown such wonders.

If we turned the world into a mini version of Babylon, my life my worth my pleasure, without thought for the eternal gift given, what are we to expect, if we fail the Spirit, amen. Sunday afternoons, the chance to dream, amen.

Solomon had to under go, spying, AND much that was fake, while the Spirit poured out, who would want to offend God, amen.