Trust Me

Small, enquiring, inquisitive, little eyes peering out, darts left and right, doesn’t feel hatred, never encountered bias, just feels loved, mischievous and curious, the way a little boy should, amazed by your smile, wants to play all the time, plays with the water, imitates what he sees, brushes his teeth, looks approvingly into your eyes, reaches for your arms, never has to fear, God looking on, the way life ought to be, well, I lived that occasionally, wept tears of total joy, couldn’t believe it, the way children affect us, when we allow them to grow lovingly, and without any fear, purely amazing, greatest drug there is, Love. When you see stars in the eyes of a child, you begin to realise the wonders of God, how such emotion can be created, and it’s so simple to do, when you shelve your personal interests, for the interest of Love, amen. You wont do it alone, even if your alone, the mighty God sends helpers, they will make their presence felt, but the moment you cross that river, which parents in particular understand, which mothers will get, is that your children are the ones that matter, and who but God Most High proved it the best, when he sent along Jesus, and the lessons he left us. When we understand him, we understand love, something that we all have to learn. Your higher regions work when your thinking of others, it’s why mothers have that extra bit of love, cause their toll is greater, and so is their reward. I’m just a man, boy do I have a lot to learn, amen. A man who admits that women are the tops, wont try to sexualise them, abuse them, put them down or control them. Things you learn along the route of life, make sure you keep on learning and loving, that way your life will never end, believe me!



Teachers of God’s word

God is not an angry God, but a very loving one. The fact that God is all powerful does not create fear, but one ought to be fearful if you upset God. Many teachers of God’s way, use fear and control in their methods. If God is light, there is only one way to teach God’s way, Love. God did not burden us with books of regulations, he gave us a simple set of principles. He gave us wisdom, that everyone can use. Wisdom is passed on, not withheld. The teachers of God’s way, are servants, not leaders, amen

Our Colour

Colour of love

It there a shade, a hue, a specific colour, is love colour blind, is love supposed to be blind, why was Moses, Abraham chosen, St.Paul, what was there to it, why the multiple religions, all supporting and praising the One God, what about the other prophets, Joan of Arc, men or women, they were all chosen by God, why the discrimination then, between men and women, if forgiveness is a prerequisite in achieving God’s Grace and intervention, why the hostility then, who pushes the agenda of hate and mistrust, why is there so much written about Love’s failures, is there something going on we don’t have a clue about, why was the water turned into wine, in order that we throw it away, if every plant is supplied for a reason, why the obstinate rules, do we blame God for our failures, what was meant by free will, does anyone understand it. There are so many rules and regulations that are contrary, against God’s will, it’s written in the Holy Scriptures. You don’t suppose the wisdom of God stopped over a thousand years ago. It’s given to us every living day, the colour of our understanding of God needs to change, we are supposed to be using all the wisdom given, not selecting the bits that suit us, or help us control the loves of others. We are at the time in all creation, when a common book of prayer is not just a wise idea, but just might provide us with paradise on earth, amen, what’s the colour of that? If you chose to be deceived, who are you going to blame, when you are aware of the abuse of women children boys and men, and everyone is, and don’t do anything about it, there is no point pretending you didn’t know, it’s everywhereIMG_5757, amen.

Fading Situations


Fading situations

forgotten victims of conflict,
why should we matter,
always the same result,
from the streets of London,
New York to New Delhi,
buy a woman everyone,
commodity makes trade,
there are so many,
makes them disposable too,
sexualise them fight over them,
control or patronise them,
lot of trading goes on,
with women and children,
shipped to the bordellos,
a man needs his service,
organisation wants your cash,
steal them deceive them,
naked or just confuse them,
desperate and vulnerable,
young easy to victimise,
100,000 refuges show up,
another orange juice honey,
get me a coffee as well,
forget that life is a gift,
was the intention of it,
a long time ago,
putting words on a scene,
a fading situation they say,

Stand with Grassy Narrows July 29-31

one little protest, one mighty consequence, the story is the story of our lives, do we pass on it, and wait for the next to happen?

The Harbinger

Join Idle No More in Toronto on July 29th – 31st, as we stand with Grassy Narrows to bring attention to their continuous struggle for clean water, and their inherent right to protect it. The mercury discovered in the fish has poisoned and destroyed their main staple diet as well as their primary source of revenue. The devastation of Grassy Narrows continues to this day with clear cutting and the termination policies of the Canadian state, which result in the loss of  traditional lands and waterways. Canadian policies and legislation regarding Indigenous lands that backs the oil industry will adversely affect our communities from coast to coast.

The Anishinaabe of Grassy Narrows live everyday with the devastation that mercury poisoning has done to their land, food, water and most importantly, their bodies.

Grassy Narrows River Run 2014

Steve-Fobister-SR-Grassy-Narrows.jpgFormer Grassy Narrows Chief Steve Fobister Sr. is on hunger strike to call…

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This is a Cut and Polished Chinga Meteorite



Seen here is a 773 gram polished Chinga meteorite. The quarter-cut specimen was found in Turvinskaya, Russia and has been cut and polished on two sides. The rest of the meteorite retains its natural light brown crust, creating a dramatic contrast. This particular specimen, which was offered by Arizona Skies Meteorites has been sold, but more of this meteorite can be found online.

The Chinga meteorite is an iron meteorite and its total chemical composition is: 82.8% iron, 16.6% nickel, and the rest mostly cobalt and phosphorus. Fragments of the meteorite were found in 1913 by gold diggers in Tuva near the Chinge River after which it is named. [source]

[Arizona Skies Meteorites via Proteon on reddit]


cut and polished chinga meteorite (3)


cut and polished chinga meteorite (2)


cut and polished chinga meteorite (1)

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The Age of Love

Love is ageless ,ghandhi
doesn’t stop,
doesn’t start,
it’s passed in,
it’s all around us,
have to realise it,
the Gel of God,
what binds us,
keeps us together,
welcome to the new world,
It has no colour,
you can’t hold it,
just pass it on,
the wisdom of God,
the will of God,
doesn’t have a vote,
all custodians of it,
it’s a reflection of us,
we shine in it,

When Media Coverage Of Gaza And Israel Becomes The Story (Video)

propaganda is alive, even when the vulnerable are dying


info-pictogram1 When it comes to news about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the media coverage itself often becomes the story. Here’s a look at how the U.S. media got it wrong and right during the latest violence in Gaza and Israel.
Watch more on Israel and Palestine…

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