The Impostor

The pied piper, the tune sweet, always enriching, something original, they catch the cloud. The light thoughts bring light and light opens up the opportunities. The study of the man, reveals more, they follow the piper, who knows the tune, the crowd is bigger, or the changes become more obvious, others decide to sneak into the group, there is capital in this, or a drifting soul needs rest, overhears them plotting or learning, it’s for good purpose, joins the other group, safety in numbers, easier to hide among the wolves, so the story goes, the impostor, learns, the impostor finds rest, when the impostor becomes the “real thing”, the impostor then tells the story, of how he or she made it, and explains the story, of the great troubles, the “Spirit” had in holding it together, while informing the world, of the lesser ones, who tried to claim ownership of it all, amen.

Solomon sighed, Saul was on the road, Damascus, the blinding light, the voice of the Almighty, why are you doing this, Paul is now Saul, he turns it around, and starts doing the real work, it was just a case of direction, amen.

The foreigner arrives, the air of suspicion, one of us, or, is he like those who betrayed us before. It takes awhile for the trust to be earned, and then he becomes a better version of those he chose to be like; a real conversion, from outsider to the inside, amen. Judging, be wise, amen.


The Book of The Living Heart…

Interesting concept, idea, enterprise, the thoughts, why do you recall a dear auntie or friend, what was it that they did to you, the door opens, there might be tension in the household, the new arrival, the mood changes, a space arrives in others words, there is lightness, as in the feeling of the living heart, possibilities, the door bell rings, the mother sighs, the visitor, just when she needed company, there are many ways to rouse the loving heart. You don’t burst in the door and feel assaulted internally, am I doing it right, how about the regulations, tension, none of that stuff lives in the loving heart, it’s quite the opposite, there is light everywhere, where do you begin to show it.

I have to feel good, how else can I live happily. The struggle of the impossible quest; Jesus in the name of people arrive, happy types, this is not the doom of the narcissist in charge, regulations, which ones did I break today, what are the consequences, the teacher in the class, all pupils know the difference, they understand, and are easy to approach, friends in other words, not superiors.

Solomon sighed, why the notion of the Living Heart, or your internal book of the living, those happy thoughts that are a safe passage when in doubt, why. In short, imagine an AD campaign, a repeated slogan, that gets’ into the head, the use of words that are banned, because they cause unease, who wants to be recalled on account of all the kind things they are associated with, a silly thought, childish to many, but as you age or go the distance, you discover, that, that approach of wonder, is the one expected of you, when you encounter the divine, worth thinking of, the impression you make on others, well, imagine the believing soul, arrives at the station for transfer to the next resting place, the official, call him saint Peter or Saint John, they read the soul, see the influences on your life, and when it happens at a time, when the Gospels are not in doubt, how calming the feeling, to be considered, of good opinion, in the heart that matters, all of them, amen.

Later, she is feeling up to reading, her interest sparked, the words, she wants to explain her life, she has abilities, there is much she needs to announce, but she is tied, has relations, family, the expectations of others to consider, quite a lot of complications. what does she need. The old story, the struggle, those that got through their difficulties, and those that live in their difficulties, which others won’t allow her to escape, imagine Saint Brigid, it’s not how you start that matters, more how you dealt with it.

It’s my island and I’ll do what I want with it?

Sounded good when you didn’t have to account, her life with him was an Island, and she a prisoner thereof. You’ll behave like this the wave machine was set in place, he gave the order wanted to see, that look on her face, she’ll fall into my trust and will be my whip, I’ll tell her the consequence if she dare not, my children children that emotion that is forever, that’s the impression dear of your disorder,. the visitors limited they appeal to her senses, like a princess cut off but with unlimited resources, she thinks they think they agree she releases, that’s my Island, then it all changed.

The boats arrived, the cargo human, led in chains, they dismounted slowly, amazed, where are we the look in their eye, a mixture of hope their childish faith hard to undertand, were these the great whites they were told to understand, written in all cultures, the story of salvation told over generations, one day there will be a great return, was that a mixture for interpretation or was it, let me explain said the chief to the youth that did not understand, the meaning of a title or the length of a rein.

Her age is not a secret she holds it in, how ungracious she thought after all she has done, to put that thought into the eternal fold, how your time is used against you as you get old…

Solomon sighed, it was the end of winter as per the calendar, the hope, was real, and the changes hard to understand, no times like these, he thought of those off shore havens, how limiting they are, they store up resources for the well being of all, well, why would you do the darnest thing said Jimmy Stewart in that western movie, he is leading the trouble back into their pen, he being, Jimmy, the god fearing type, could not understand, so Solomon imagined, the signs appear, that’s that, the revelations occur, that’s that corner done, the alignment of the stars, another peg in the ground, the argument for religious wars, undone, amen.

For the angry. imagine Mother Nature, and her charges, the creatures of the entire earth, complaints, she has heard them all, a break, tell her something positive instead, amen.

The Quiet Room — Studenterpræsterne i Aarhus. AU, VIA & Navitas….re blog learning calm

At Aarhus University there is a room available for all students to find calm and quiet in a busy day of studies. It is called The Quiet Room – Stillerummet – and it is a soundproof room which students may use at any time. Students use the room to catch a break or calm their […]

The Quiet Room — Studenterpræsterne i Aarhus. AU, VIA & Navitas

The Womb

On the run, space, they are on high pursuit, she is tiring, ducks into a shed, holds her breath, no fear, no fear, they can smell that, the hounds pass by, she waits, waits, the space she found, in the womb, Overnight, I’ll over night. The morning, peace calm, she is relaxing, has not had that feeling in ages, a weight off her back, she decides to wait longer, the peace. The day follows into night, more peace, no one seeking from her, finally, finally, I have time to think.

He is in his office, his warden of horror at his side, where is she he demands. He has sold his soul, it seemed like a good idea, he inherited an army of undesirables. The only way he can survive is too keep them busy, pursuing the angels, the divine sentinels. A button is pressed, in walks a clique version of a look alike diva of another age.

In a harsh voice that is belying her looks,

“no signal, no signal, we can’t access her Sir!”

In the womb she is at peace, no harm can touch her, Christ Jesus, thank you, amen. She looks about for a distraction, she is regaining her strength, the mental abilities she needs to defend herself and others, from the thought police, those that insert into heads all sorts of vile thoughts, based on an algorithm, devised by a deranged drug riddled genius of old who is now quarter dead.

This is a sanctuary she says.

Back in the office, his head steaming, the thoughts waiting to plunge into a life, those in his head, he summons the slave.

Well, any signal yet

In other places, the walls are falling. While she is free they have no protection from the One above. It’s now a permanent condition.

Is the space ship ready he asks!

Solomon sighed. The struggle, the thought might have been ironic, but on this day, when the effort was made to eliminate the earth of it’s Jewishness, a day that is down in history, the worst of efforts to machine the human to death, and the dependency now on the machine, who’d believe the savior would come and deliver God’s people, amen.

It’s not exactly Babylon but it’s close…

The gloating smile of the entertainment manager, who is about to make another large slice of the greenback for the services he and his organisation provides for some out of townees.

Business, they only have a week at best, he gives them a list of some attractions. For those types he points there, for afternoon stuff, he points there, Oh Hi, nice he says, the heads twist, this is fun town, all you might want in pleasure in this small neat area. over there, and we have exotica too, the glee on his face, the previous night’s memory, she was nice. The collected souls, used to having it, as Clint would say, any which way they like up down over or under, are not people you should disappoint, all those doors they can open for you, their power, that influence, every dream imaginable, he continues with his initiation tour, well, some of them have been there before, but you have to abide by certain formalities, like if one does harm to oneself, where do you go for help. Not exactly Babylon but close, the tour, he points to a door, a small door, half hidden, secrets he says, that reminds him, he’ll have to use more restraining medication next time, absolutely no emotion in his thought, he is zombie refreshingly cold, like a beer on a very hot day. if only they knew he thought, all the places under the camera, in case of accidents of course, so the excuse goes.

The boy wonders, what has become of the normal person in these times, and what warped minds led us to such excess’s, he shakes his head, looks up. Behind a cloud, the sun appears, his thoughts on the divine radar, a tracking device for the eternal, amen.

Can I send my lawyer to negotiate?

The penitent, penitent now there is no choice, and the certainty of Heaven exists, by words of prophets and great signs and revelations, for ever trying to control things, the penitent asks again, the lawyer, no answer, the penitent asks again, is there any lawyer I can call, no answer, the sound of water, the penitent asks, room service, no answer, the penitent asks, what sort of place is this, no answer, the penitent asks, is there a phone i can use, no answer, when it’s too late is too late, when it’s eternity it lasts forever, amen.


Spirit Leader, trying hard, the heart, it bleeds, what can I do, rest, please, they are at the gates again, trying to force their way in, she calls out in desperation, please, the angels, where are they, some have converted, gone the other way, like traders playing the market, please, the voices in her ears, all those fears, anxieties, the hurt, they are pouring it out, she is on her knee’s, please make it stop, the pain, the worst migraine ever, she is haunted, they hear her, laughing out loud, we got her, please, please. The angel is watching in silence, the reverse thrust is ready, wait wait wait, the closer they get, the heavier the net when we pull them in, you mean she is acting, the angel sighs, acting classes, how else could we get them out, like hyena’s chasing a tiring lion, their vengeance and hatred is legendary, wait. They wait for their leader to appear, the evil one’s, a triumphant return, the boss one not to miss a big opportunity, he is flying in to chaperone the event, as if to say, he was with them all the time. He jumps ship like a flea when things don’t go his way.

How close are we, the captain replies, is he ever satisfied he says to himself, a loud bang, then a second, two of the four engines explode, the plane takes a dive, the cabin shakes, the confidence disappears, he prays, I wish we had sully at the wheel, who doesn’t reach for a life raft, saved, the plane lands at Guantanamo Bay, so this is what water boarding is like, creating the feeling of instant death almost, really, amen.

And Solomon sighed, yes, there are those that get real excited at the thought, sadly.

Peace Awards

News Flash… the protesters are at the wall, the soldiers are not stopping them, the wall is down, there is a new feeling on the ground, old friends who haven’t seen each other for years, embrace, they hug, the women weep, we are one again, while the soldiers wipe tears from their eyes, a new beginning for humanity, the hawks complain, why didn’t the Russian leader intervene, this is unprecedented… so the story goes, the years of isolation end, the story continues, today, a rather different mind set, the day also, a reminder of previous times, when the notorious death camp was attempting, the beginning of the end of the Jewish population, the gypsy population and all those they felt were different to them…

What would the prophets ask, some would point to the apostles, who complained, to Jesus, when they saw others do as they did, point others towards the eternal truth. (The gospels are proved true in these days, and that’s not a peace tip, it’s called, guess who is in charge).

Jesus complains to them, stop this bickering among yourselves, the harvest workers have always been scarce, and if worried about being contradicted, count all the types of flowers there are, imagine yourself among them, what sort would you pick for yourself, well. A small hand is raised, can we choose the color we like, or do we all have to have the same…

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize to Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union, for his leading role in the peace process which today characterizes important parts of the international community

The survivors, all of us, but those closest to the hurt, don’t forget, there were many with differences to the then regime of terror, who also suffered, many trying to change the direction of the then war, but the survivors, they recall the horror, it happened, the recall a painful memory, why why why, the question on many minds.

Solomon saw the mass of immigration trails, many fleeing regimes, many seeking release from constant enforced thinking, the refugees, the great acts of courage some leaders have taken, the German chancellor, Mrs Merkel being a leading light, she drops the barriers and invites in, over a million, while the hawks, who live on conflict anxiety, swore she’d have trouble, there were none, just teething problems, while the EU space, remained a haven, where does the modern human being find space in all of this, I’m confused says many, who would not be, last week it was environmental stress and the hope that the leaders of the world nations would finally act, children and their anxieties, news stories, have to deal with this lack of doing as far as peace is concerned, surely we have learned, they said that after each great conflict, the current situation, to some, biblical prophecy, to others, a step towards our own destruction (death is the train station that leads to the eternal connection).

Testosterone fueled, hero worshiped, pride at stake, words harsh, no call for peace, the extremists enjoy the moment, they have at last got a chance to imitate all those war games they have being dieting on for years, (they forgot there is “G-D”), the rush of blood, two sides of opinion, while the ordinary folk are forced to duck and dive, amen.

Then Gorbachev emerges, October 1989, change that is dynamic, a bridge between the East and the West, great hope, the spirit moving, the feeling, There is someone up there watching all this.

Solomon sighed, the prayer, don’t forget the peace makers. There was an Iron curtain, there is no Iron curtain today, why allow the triumph of that era be wiped out, by today’s tragedy. The skies opened each time there was great need, Allied war support, the weather, so many examples, as for those who try to take control of G-‘d’s planet, you are seriously undermining yourselves, Moses and the 23,000 come to mind, set aside your vanities, show respect for love and peace, (Jesus has words for this and what you ought to do), he also has advice for those who attempt to import dark thoughts into fertile minds, serious warnings, do we listen to them at a time when all that Gospel stuff is true, or wish we had done different, knowing that, eternity lasts for ever, in short, it’s hot down there and the water carrier has not been seen for ages, amen. Does geography teach you anything, well, I’d prefer to live there, says the young girls who are drained from being measured by the pleasure they give or others can achieve, etc etc… do angels..

No, they smile with delight knowing that others are getting a great joy from their presence?.

Saint Francis and the Sultan

Eight centuries ago, St. Francis of Assisi took a risk when he crossed the battlefield between Crusader and Muslim forces near Damietta, Egypt, desiring to meet Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil and preach his faith in Jesus Christ.

At the time – 1219 – Christian forces were in the midst of the Fifth Crusade, which was eventually repelled by the sultan’s superior army near the town that was a centre of trade and commerce on the Nile River where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

The future saint readily put his life on the line so he could witness his faith to the famed Muslim sultan, and in doing so both men came away with a new respect for the faith of the other

800 years ago, or thereabouts, the celestine report, the appeal by the then Pope to all the people of the world, all of them, acknowledge the world belongs to The Almighty, never forget it.

Solomon smiled, the convergence of the divine truth. Through the words of Jesus put to life, by living them, revelations come into the world, with revelations in the Talmud and the Koran, leading to the light of “Jesus Christ”, the savior of the world. The title, Jesus Christ, is shared by all the main faiths, while the truth of the gospels has been shown to be true in these times, played out live, with no doubts whatsoever, making the words of Jesus, the living word of the Almighty, how great it is when we reach out, amen.