The Aged

Getting closer to the check out, the mind plays games, the thoughts so long submerged, the welcome at the gates, room for thought.

The younger set

The statistics don’t lie, the habits are there before you, the stuff that tickles the heart is rare, while the below stuff is common enough

The deniers

The rate of interest in that which is godless, those huge statistics, not the strange stuff you hide from, get with it.

In olden times, the believers, were extorted from, forced to flee, threatened with death, and all kinds of other things. When Jesus came back, the fear of death was cancelled, God being the God of the living not the dead, never forget it.


A New Clear Vision of The World

A mixture of words, not the doom so many think of, a planet on the way to recovery, the unity of the hearts, a new level of understanding, understanding the past, not interpreting it as a valley of hurts, but a lesson, in how to redevelop our relationship with creation, while understanding, why our differences make us stronger, even if some wish for a sense of sameness.

The view of the world, using the lens of Jesus Christ, to awaken our understanding, the compassion, that is so vivid in His teachings, that so many are aware of, but need more time to practice, not the eye for an eye teaching, that creates angst and fails to recognize, the uniqueness of our characters, and leads to destruction.

Islam and the increasing awareness of the feminine Spirit, so long depressed in many places, the role of men, as guardians, not as overlords, of those they live with, and the need to realize, that with new invention, there comes a new way of looking at the world around us, the value of culture, as a means of communication and art, not one or the other, and the practices that came into being, on account of the savagery of the human race, as seen in past conflicts, and the meaning of the second great war, and the human tragedies, that some carry as a cross, rather than as a change in direction of human understanding.

How to view this new clear vision of this dynamic world, is also an awareness of the past, and the misinterpretation of God’s way, as in, failing to recognize our differences, as source elements, in our own understanding of ourselves.

The benefits of this new vision is a world filled with peace, where the strict interpretation of the rules, as set down in many teachings, frees the soul from the weight of expectation, that is in conflict with the physical, as explained, by the earth itself, and the great suffering it has had to endure, in short, regaining the confidence of the Almighty God Most High in creation, and those who are custodians, all of us, amen.

The loss of confidence in the human way, has led many into the clutches of dark thoughts, that spreads like a bad dose of the flu, if left to itself, it only covers the earth. The second understanding of the teachings of Jesus, is also, the prophecy come through, that brings into the conscience, along with divine signs of approval from on high, that tell those in positions of authority, and influence, that failure to adhere to the teachings of Jesus, bring about great troubles, to those who ignore such truth.

The ways of the Most High God are hidden from men, so in order to put yourself right, in terms of the Holy Possession, the teachings of Jesus, not only bring us closer to the Almighty, but help those who came before and after, to find new ways of understanding each other.

To begin, start looking up for your influence, by that, meaning, be driven by the Heart first, while understanding, that the lower flow, is the means of our succession, amen. A man or woman, the coupling is a matter for interpretation, but the coming together of two souls in unison, brings about the creation of the Field of Thought, that is a wave of new growth, that is life enhancing for all who encounter it, and not the ghetto mentality many feel forced to live with, amen.

Solomon prayed, the anxiety of the world needed calming, the Spirit itself was being torn and tossed about like a ship at sea, the crew hanging on, where to next, what drama’s do we allow to overtake us, or what new drama will arise next week, as time has shown to be the case, in short, how can the Spirit survive in such circumstances, where is the safe harbor, when there are those that sell short term solutions, like politicians eager to continue their works to the completion, but compelled by the rules to abandon the middle and short term, for their survival in the field, in short, too much fertilizer makes the field less productive and confuses.

Solomon continued in his thinking, by the word, with the assistance of the word, we make things better, while containing the evil threat, amen. If revelation through a deeper understanding of Jesus, has brought about the revelation of new meaning of the Islamic code, which in itself, is a way to God, i.e., the container is well strong, and the water needs to be sweetened, while confidence is showing, in that a sense of equality is developing in those parts, while the threat of the extreme is being held in, to allow the new understanding to develop. In the same way, those of the “Christian way”, now have no doubts, that to affect themselves more to the ways of the light, a practice of the truth thereby professed, also needs practice and understanding, while in the Jewish community, the reality, that Jesus, God in the Spirit of Man, is not in doubt, and more importantly, has been shown to be true in these times. Does Jesus and his reminders need to be made clearer, amen.

Back to the title, a new clear vision of the world, and not one that is lost in a failure to understand the words, amen, words that have been used by extreme thinkers, to distance the true believers, from the Almighty legacy, amen, or just the translations, that are misinterpreted, accidental in other words, amen.

My Faith My Soul, where has it gone…

Spirit crushed, the friendly voice, the hope, where has the voice gone, the consoling tone, where has it gone, the lids heavy, the gloom, where is the Spirit gone. The door opens, her heart opens up, the yellow skin turns a light pink, the doctors look on, Jesus Spirit, the wonders of light, worries set aside, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, there is on one to fear, amen…

A QUEEN LAYS HER CROWN AT JESUS’ FEET — re blog, the Queen and her years of service, passing the faith on…

Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday I must admit, I didn’t tune in to the Queen’s funeral. For the past few months, I’ve been trying to stay away from current events and the news. Our world is filled with so much bad reporting, false news and stories of hate, violence and crime, that it’s […]


Advice, Illness, Service, Queen Liz….

The pain is hard to set aside, the sickness invades the body daily, the mind withered, the hope for the spirit, what spirit, i’m full of pain, I worry, it’s daily, you could be talking the language of Liz while she reads the spent news of her family, that the press were only too glad to use as toilet paper across the earth, under the assumed virtue, one they themselves made up. The length of service, it wasn’t all cake, and with your privacy at a loss, every action recorded, the time for inner moments of peace, were found in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, her greatest solace, the words she read, the living words of the Living God, the peace she found in them, giving her peace, along with the outside pursuits she enjoyed, a remarkable lady, despite the politics that she was surrounded with, like a mother with many children, trying to give attention, in the face of media storms, which at some times, must have been so distressing.

Pain, is internalized, when there is no place to turn, the weight it puts on the inside, the very place you need the room, as Liz found out, the Faith that sustains the Spirit, can also heal, and so she ventured, for seventy years service, an example many women across the world, found so inspiring.

Treasure Box

So in the dark moments, when those come to visit, that look in the eye, the feeling as if you are on the way to the next destination, recall the words herein, the writer having encountered the power of the Almighty all through the life, allowing words to flow like honey poured from the jar, seriously, there is the Almighty, there is the throne, and eternity lasts forever. Jesus conquered fear of death, a fear that grips young hearts, as they see their future cut short, when they think of the lives they could live, but take hearts, set aside that feeling of wastefulness, and don’t be surprised, when you find yourself back on your feet…

Charles dear, what is this organic farming thing your talking about what is it dear…

Mother, there is water, there is nature, we need to protect it for coming generations, it’s our duty, that’s what we are hear for, custodians, and we will have to account for it so says that little bible of yours…

Liz smiles, he hasn’t given up on faith,


They are not like us…

The first neighbor moves in, the comments, they are not like us, the next neighbor arrives, they are not like us, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth sets up a restaurant, a month later, the neighborhood is eating together, and the opportunities continue to grow.

Jesus made comments, 2,000 years ago, on the eating ways and customs of others, those unlike you, and made it clear in those words, 2,000 years ago, maybe we need to read about it closely, what Jesus said, since the gospel truth has been shown to be true, amen.

Quantum Physics

When a consuming energy meets a rock that it can’t consume, there is a redirection of the energy. Saint Peter was called the rock, cephas, because he had the strength of The Almighty with him, with which to defend the Holy Truth, and so sustain the truth about the Almighty, as presented by Jesus. After that, the consuming energy, spends it’s energy destroying itself, relax, God always wins at the end, cheers.

Solomon sighed, the wonders of the Almighty were showing, and there is growing contentment and resolution in many hearts, amen.

Into my head….

Where did they come from, the aliens, he shakes his head, the thoughts that plague my mind, how do i get rid of them, a foreign entity has entered my air space, and it’s doing me in, the only respite, when i go off track, or change my mindset, then i find peace, what is happening to my airspace. Air traffic control, what is going on, the noise in the head, how do i clear the space. The controller replies, we got you, over, here is what to do. The thoughts in our head, what do we do with them.

Filling the void as Gaga sang, the amount of drama we are indulged with daily, the comments, the crisis, the flattering thoughts, it gets very buzzy in there. Who is real, is this the way I think.

The gap that has to be filled, the need for space when in the middle of a migraine, the thudding of the head, the sheer torture, it’s doing me in, stop, you just have to think, how do you provide space inside, or what sort of stuff do you want to recall later. Stories, books, the words of Jesus, think it through, the only real worry, the thought of the Eternal world. What,

In this world of daily crisis, the emotions pulled left and right, we need stabilizing thoughts, that lead us to the lightness we need to feel in the head. He loves me, she smiles, they think well of me, I’m doing something good, I am reading or listening to engaging stories, in short, I’m allowing healthy thoughts to surround me, that’s what I keep on doing, and I’m getting better everyday, as for fear of the next life, I only need to fear the Almighty, these fears we are drenched in, they are all in the head, relax.

Feeling loved, the head is on the pillow, sweet thoughts come into the zone, the weight and the dread has disappeared, it feels good to be me, amen.

Arc Life

The group assemble, the challenge, the destiny, the prayer, the action, it’s done, the years pass, the same is repeated, with Emmanuel, God with us in other words, their actions pointing to their promise, well, if bestowed with talents, know what they mean. Years later, the tried and tested way, is sidelined, pride and ego, power rushes to the head, then, Emmanuel, is ignored, we can do it ourselves, we need on one, so the Israelite’s found out, when they ignored the arc life, amen.