Jesus Didn’t Wait….

He could never imagine Jesus sitting there, wondering what to do, it never happened that way, that was the way of old roman empire, and that was gone for ever, he wasn’t going to wait either. the power of words were in his realm, and so much had been lost on account of inaction, it was not going to be one of those cheap repeats, never now or ever again, it didn’t work that way, and no amount of argument was going to alter that way of thinking.


It was time to set the fire, and not stop, there was too much at stake, and he was the one pushing the boat out, comfort zones were fine, but when the list of misses continues, and demons active too, it was unthinkable, even if the highest authority in the world was involved, it was a step too far, and Solomon was not going to be coy and afraid, do it and take the risks, it was not a question of wondering if it was going to work out, the signs were from heaven, the real ones, and the signs were plastered everywhere, everywhere, it was not going to be an assuaging effort, those days were dead. It wasn’t successful because he sat there waiting.


The fact was simply this; he wrote it so often it could not have been missed. Apart from those who collude with the religious, what was that going to do, nothing in essence, just more of the same. Solomon had to qualms about putting it as clear as possible, this was not going as he had hoped, and that was the end of the matter.


His actions were pointed in one direction, and he was dealing with eternity, heaven’s way, the death of evil, and the change so promised, all those years ago. Soothers were for children, no one else. The point was being reached. He saw what happened in the past to others, and they drip drip method was not going to suffice anymore, those days were over for all time, amen. He saw too many cover ups, it was not a negotiation, amen.


Isaiah The Prophet

Who was this prophet, who was he, Solomon was wondering what was known about Isaiah, apart from the power of his prayers, they got heard too, amen. What would Isaiah pray if he wanted the demon thrown into the abyss, what would he pray, how would he put chains on the demon. If he had lived in the time of Jesus, well he did, in that his words are still alive to this day in time, but how would he “frame” his request. He’d find a place where there was peace and nature side by side supposed Solomon, sit on it and think it through probably, the way Solomon often did, being in nature, you are in the borderless world, no one can claim the skies, no one can lay claim to the clouds either, or the oceans. Solomon had time to spend and he wasn’t going to waste a moment, and it was wise to add to his growing collection of petitions, there were those too weary to pray, and how many others voiceless, he was the Spiritual vacuum filler, ask wisdom, ask the others gone up, to help with the suggestion, as it had to be divine.

Dear Isaiah, old friend, you have been to heaven, my request is a simple one, a good prayer is called for, the demons are on the run and they need to be finished off, amen. I need your advice, the religious fraternity are as always, stubborn to the point of stupidity, nothing new in that dear friend, and in the face of divine intervention too, so I can’t expect them to be helpful, and I have the news that many need to hear also, which they are supposed to be making clear to others of all faiths, of God Most High’s great providence and mercy, so, in a nutshell, apart from thanking our Great God, I have need for a new prayer. Amen.


That ought to work wondered Solomon, would certainly get heard, being made for all the right reasons.


Words made it happen, and it was a tablet he was using, the modern version, the electronic news board, where all could see, especially those in his circle of trust.

The Boy

His Spirit is regularly under threat, there are those with those habits, the stuff you catch online and everyone is afraid to mention. He’s beginning to show signs of depression too, and it doesn’t augur well where it’s all heading. The fate of the entire world could some day come back to this time, and what they did for the boy

, he’s got connections, is being closely watched by Angels, watched by God. If the human race is going to advance, his chances are going to improve, there is no question about it, he is marked.


Come on mammy I want to go to the beach, do you remember when we went last year. He turns his head, looks up at her, his eyes are urging, please.


24 trillion off shore, a budget, a farce, Solomon was putting it to God Most High, do you not think it’s beyond belief, seriously.

A different Sunday Roast…

The men in charge, perfect wives, mannerly, children learning piano, tutored, Sunday lunch a must, children well behaved, sent to their rooms if insolent, but always loved, smiling family portraits, perfection almost, until you gaze over the garden wall, the tall chimneys used to burn the children of others, a rather different picture than the Sunday lunch routine they wanted their own to believe.

There were many contradictions, many, and what had gone on in the past, is a mirror of the future, and what could happen, unless the hearts changed. Wisdom was to be found in many places, even the most inhumane, like the

Sunday roast


Playing with the emotions and it’s not a remote event, the cue card of the articulate with the demon as their mate, use ridicule, praise and dishonor, ply it with the heart and it’s needs, eventually they create a powerful withering tool. And they think they will get away with it, amen, poor suckers the damage they have done is pilled high in the book of the dead, no cleansing agent left but when did they care about anyone, sure, we didn’t do that, blame the others, tears don’t even create a stir, plan in progress to remake the world, exit the evil vultures their spin doctor advisors and all there supporters,


I’ve seen the golden city and it’s just as the good book states, shiny bright and full of light and delight no dictators no tyrants therein, women vastly outnumber the men and it’s within reach, open your hearts.

Light and Dark

A storm is turned back,

They can’t believe it,

Sun replaces hurricane,

Can you see the light,

Happens again and again,

Divine help has arrived,

Evidence is all around,

Can this be true,

One God created all,

Nothing he can’t do,

Faith of a mustard seed,

All that’s required,

Titans feeling blue,

Can you imagine it,



Turn the dark into light today, it’s not that difficult.

World Behaving Strange! (WBS)


Abnormal was the new norm, centered abnormality, maybe, it made sense of the signs, reform needed, no doubts, and no spin was going to change that one. Men behaving as women, women boasting of their sexual prowess, in a nutshell, a crazy world, demons laughing, for a awhile but not laughing now, aware of the gravity of the situation, fixers doing their utmost, cash thrown around to find solutions,

Solomon shook his head, did they see the signs, reform, all of them,

Many were turned into babbling fools, secrets exposed, off shore and everywhere, the Holy Spirit pouring out, opening hearts and consciousness, a well executed plan, the shields of deception full of holes, sudden changes, strange results, the closing of the gap between east and west, ancient cities uncovered, miracles, sudden weather changes,



and all they could come up with,


the ways that failed everywhere,



Man arrives on planet mars, doesn’t understand, being there, meets local aliens, the welcome crew, greetings from our leader, God is amused, who is this man, I’m an atheist, the man says, I’m God, man smiles, really, prove it then,  God turns him into a woman, man laughs, a surgeon can do this, God is laughing, what’s so funny enquires man, you have no hands, anyone can do that replies man, man suddenly acquires an itch, jumps around can’t stop, God starts laughing deliriously, man does not understand, what’s so funny,

God answers,

I told St.Peter we’d have jumping jack flash live on mars,



And life is an accident, and the earth provides clean water by chance… seriously.

A New World

Always push never relent find fault dig and dig and surely you’ll find it, the head gamer’s have been put in their place, bygingo, God Most High acting widely, their plans in free fall,

welcome to the new world,


promise of God,

who can see all,

judges fairly,

and acts accordingly

Did you ever doubt His P1060580love for you,


Christmas wish List

Christmas list of the voiceless, an ear that hears a heart that acts, nothing big just some actions, easier land a bus on the moon, Christmas wish list of the righteous, the exposure of the corrupt and evil minded, the destruction of their plans that deceive, Christmas wish list of a child, safe environment to grow in, no more exposure to stuff that’s soul destroying, parents that work through their problems as well, Christmas wish list of the loving heart, all of the above and space to love, room to be honest not fearful, Christmas wish list of the oppressed soul, presence of God Most High in all, the arrival of the Holy Spirit to inspire, and the wisdom to overcome all trials, amen.

Christmas wish list of all believers, protection from the evil influence and Heaven on Earth, just some of the things you can wish for, amen