The Temple Door

He watches them enter, he has been waiting a while, there has to be one who understands, the words have to have meaning, not simple acknowledgement, there is plenty of that, who doesn’t need water to drink, an acknowledged fact, yet so much of it is poisoned, when it gets rare, suddenly things hurry up. Solomon reflected, why were the prophets necessary, why were they sent around. Reminders, there is a destiny, that even the demon acknowledges, were we supposed to be working towards that, making it possible. He is hungry, it’s a place where the worshippers gather, they are told to imitate Jesus and the prophets, he seeks a sign. Has been living on a bench, not a tramp, far from it,. he comes with divine authority, there is one among them with the faith Necessary, he continues to wait at the temple door.

The wonders of the stories of old, the constant rebuke of those in charge, repeated so often, no wonder he said it was great news for the oppressed and the poor, those moved out of societies view, it’s ugly having to admit the downside. Get them out of my sight, who needs reminding of that.

Solomon smiled, his Mother held the door open all her life, didn’t suffer the views of those who waited on society, to deliver. In her heart, in her family, active in your faith, and you will be delivered. How many times had the helper arrived, every time, and what was the response of the organised religion, the same as political parties trying to recruit a candidate?


Brothers and Sisters

How can we make peace with them, after what we did to their cities, after what we said about their women, how will they ever accept us, they are so different to us, the food they eat, the number of differences are impossible to bridge. The Christian Preacher is answering a student, the words of Jesus are the ones that matter, forget the rest he says, the preacher repeats and repeats, the sudent listens, afraid to open his mouth, lest he upset the preacher. the student raises his hand, the preacher frowns, what is it this time, he is annoyed with the student, ideas in their heads, where do they get them, we didn’t ban enough books.

Jesus asked us to ask questions and not to put anyone of a pedastel apart from God! The Preacher is getting red faced, where did this idea come from, he frowns. What about the story of the Good Samaritan, and his criticism of the Pharisee’s at the time. Many said the words, but few ever practiced them, Jesus said it ought to be the other way around. The Preacher is annoyed, where did he get this idea from.

Solomom sighed, there were so many willing to point out our differences and faults, as if they were reading from a book, how rare when they spoke of what we have in common. Somthing like that, sighed Solomon. Encourage the bridge builders he prayed, amen. Nothing worse than a bad man with a good reputation, amen.

Troubled Man

It’s not easy to cope with it, the stuff that you are exposed to, the tired mind and the stuff that has been fed into it, and the experts and what they have been doing about it, the troubled man is young, he has seen so much, puts it into his sounds, rousing the Spirit, hoping to hit those who caused the mess, remind them of the disaster they have visited on the world, one day they will listen and sit up, he gets his guitar, gives it a rip, the noise screeches, the sound of a child crying out, a troubled man, who came up with this, where were all the experts, asleep.

Solomon was imagining what it was like, your young, too young, the stuff you see, it can’t be human, what strangers came up with this stuff, a question a lot of people want to ask, and what are they going to do about it. They call about the environment, the ice melts, the polar bear screams, the roar, what are you doing to my world, calls out to his creator, same as the one who made life possible, the vineyard tenants have been asleep, chances are things are going to change, raise the Spirit and become part of it.


It is time to shake the cobwebs, and to stop putting the head in the sand, ignorance or fantasy is not going to sort this, clean water, what, and you are worried about putting on a little weight, get real, who wants to worry about fitting into a coffin anyway.

Demons and Angels

Solomon sharpened the sword, words. His mental exercises went well, it’s only a matter of time, when you appear weak, they appear, when you are complacent they always do, so you are warned. The Spirit came to him, before they realized it, the last saloon, he knew what was expected. The trouble arrives and they are sent running, good night. Be strong in Faith, hold firm, and if you have troubles, don’t be alarmed, your just like everyone else on the planet. As for Fear, remember this, when the Spirit is with you, it’s the same as turning the lights on, everything is in view, so don’t worry. The demons have been caught, and that’s a contagion, same as those California fires. Amen

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