A Mother’s Despair

Desperate for her child’s safety, is there any place safe anymore, is there?. She looks up at the Sky, and says, did I raise her for this. She is just one of many millions. She despairs, while others boast about their wealth,teasing anyone within hearing distance. The mothers sigh, what am I supposed to believe. Leaders everywhere, stash as much as they can off shore, shoring up for their futures, sad fools, had they not seen the signs everywhere. Not surprisingly, those that report the news,never mention the prophecies of old,afraid they will upset the viewers. How much more can they take, they only see their lands on fire, while the planet heats up. What Mother wouldn’t feel despairing.

Millions willingly sacrifice, so many you can’t count, no accountants for this, kindness is not part of their job description. But there was a time when there was working hearts, but now they are few. An elderly holy man sighs; will there be any faith left when the return happens,and right it is, that he should wonder. He shares the mother’s despair.

Light, the Spirit of God, the names of the prophets, on some lips, hurry up Lord they pray, we can’t take anymore. The Lord through his Holy Prophets, has warned, times such as these must happen,while the weeds are separated from the harvest, amen, do not despair mothers.

Those who live the libertarian lifestyle, avarice, selfishness, and all that is base, have a hold in positions of power, but have no power, when faced with the power of God,and this is there time,to be judged. One word, can turn them into baffling fools. So Mothers, do not despair.


Spying and Jeffrey Epstein

The devious minded spy, and there is no way of knowing, how many people Jeffrey helped to blackmail either, but there are national governments who used his services, amen. Sadly, before the full account came out, Jeffrey passed on mysteriously. The devious minded are not all like Jeffrey, but they do have one thing in common. Under mining the common good. Jesus too, had to endure spying. So remember the words of Jesus. Those that undermine the work of the Holy Spirit commit the unforgivable crime in God’s eyes. amen.

Mental Destruction of the world…

Sexuality, a shopping experience, confused, the first seven years, the foundation. The little eyes, imitating, their confused parents and their failing relationships, record breakdown rates, while the parents argue, the child insecure,grabbing at anything firm, how this has been allowed to happen, we did this to our selves, and now with prophecies on the radar,the anxiety many feel, why you wonder, did we thrash the world our children and mother nature with it, from a distance, so it seems.

Rivers clean, run like muck, sludge on the floor, where no one can survive, then the misinformation wars, the deliberate harm, while those in position hid their misdeeds, while their sycophants said yes, and nodded, never able to question their boss, why you ask. Truth will be hidden, then when the revelation of God is made read, all the truths come tumbling out,yes, all those horrid habits, known to the Most High God, yes, all that weird shit, all known, and now, we all have to account for it, maybe.

As those on the edge for a long time tried to say; you are all being duped, but you eat it up, whatever it is, just to survive. Well Solomon encountered the Spirit, the real one, not imaginary,and once you realize, that as sure as Heaven exists, so does hell, who needs reminding, when you see it nearly every single day, amen.

Ruination of souls, what is their fate, those that allow themselves to be used….

Harm, God’s Kingdom, there are those who try every day, to destroy the spirit of all those who believe in the Most High God, it’s a daily experience. Now that the signs from on High are visible to all, matched by the efforts of many concerned souls, who daily try, to improve the lot of those most disadvantaged in their communities, so what is their fate? Tampering with the will of God, surely they didn’t think it would be allowed to continue, the inner bullying, the fear spread, so what is their fate, and are there any precedents to refer to?.

The condemned are always given a chance to improve their prospects, Jesus, and the 11th hour promise, there is time, if you amend before having to. No Father can send another to do their bidding either, yet, its written, by the prophets of old, you can assist the fate of those gone before you,by your good works, so the prophets of old said and prayed. Is there a future for those who intentionally offend God or His servants. Thinking about it, could turn your thoughts to jelly, just imagine it,the eternal power, who would dare offend it, amen.

Man versus God…

Man, how many lives make up your life, how many influences do you have, the words of Jesus, you can’t serve money and God. The material landscape is over coming you inside, where is the space that I can grow and live inside you. Isaiah says, If only, if only, if only, you sincerely turned to Me, {Isaiah means God Most High}, if only, imagine the wonders I would do, have you seen the butterfly transform. I sent the prophets, but did you ever listen, so few indeed.

Solomon sighed; those addicted to the purely material, how could they reach out to what is eternal, if all you dream is material. The prophet Ezekiel and the angel, the angel says, there are so many blessings waiting to be poured out, if only, you were able to receive them.

Solomon sighed; It wasn’t a happy love relationship the company had. But if you don’t love in the first place, if you put yourself first, where is the love that reaches out, where, Man versus God, how we put barriers in our way, amen

Every time, when things go wrong, there have been warnings and reminders given, but so little is ever listened to. And you mock the Holy Servants, how patient is the Loving God, of Abraham and the Holy Prophets, amen.

Refugee International Day…

Neighbors, the lesson of the refugee, fool yourself but you can never fool the Almighty, it’s inside you, same as those refugees tonight, waiting for someone to show mercy to them. If we are sincere, well, if your reputation is all that matters this does not apply to you, caring for others, demands less of the self and more of the we, it’s not important the group your in, many are misled, but your ability to have empathy is something we all need to put work into and fast. The prayers of the oppressed are heard,and with the signs from above, and we all know this, making it a safer journey for the refugee, is important. Jesus lived as a refugee too, and it’s to Him you will have to make your appeal, so if we have a chance to help the oppressed,and they are in every news story today, we can’t claim ignorance anymore, that excuse is done and dusted.

World leaders, living in five course meal and avarice company, listen to the words of old, as Spoken by Jesus Christ. Those in positions of authority, will have to account for themselves, and if Jesus spoke it, well, it’s gospel, amen.

Jesus has very harsh words for those who mislead the people and lead them astray, and while he spoke words such as these when speaking of the pharisee’s, he included those in positions of authority, as the Children of the Father, and their eventual inheritance was being endangered, as was the harvest itself, the return of the Spirit to the Father.

So, the issue has to be addressed, and it’s not for under the carpet anymore. The attempt to hide atrocities does not work either,as revelations have shown, so what are we going to do about this, how can we improve the focus, on our caring ways, that actually achieve and are not more spin stories, that is dead too, as social media has shown. Do we need a move away from nationalism to a more generous mind set. If there are those who want to be extreme when it comes to their borders,remember this, the owner of the vineyard thinks different, amen.

A more thoughtful attitude, might be helpful in so many ways, amen. The pictures in this blog, were the result of a prayer for assistance from the Most High. amen


Fashion, the habits you acquire, how others do it too, the influencers, celebrity wears yellow, the next week, more yellow on the street, influences, it used to be mainly money, but that has altered some, maybe there is more out there, career changes, the family feeling, time with those you care for, long time since you felt that, long time since your last drink.More quality time, even women are been given maternity leave as a right, children need time, now the fathers time is needed, they get time off too, to look after the new born, only right of course, we are fragile emotionally.

Real emotions, do we fake what we used to admire, do we grow old, laden down with health issues, who has time to think of anyone else, another funeral, more tears, after awhile the loss eases, what was that for, then a celebrity with esteemed reputation, and they are crying for weeks, not even related, but you claim ownership, well, it’s only right, their dreams yours too perhaps, you watched their career like they were your children, in a nutshell, you invested your emotions in a stranger, one you wanted to live eternally,then gone, the grief hard to overcome.

How did they do it, can you hear the wailing, the women crying silent tears, their Messiah on the cross, and the reaction of those nearest to Him, they only killed a prophet of God at the best anyway, and since, the number of wars fought trying to enforce what was based on eternal love, as if it would work.Then the emotional downturn, as hopes are beaten back, a descent into the emotional cavity.

Now, busy, over worked, stressed, any number of health risks, you will get reminders of them all, there is always another trying to profit from your fears, well insurance issues are growing, as if we had enough already, cyber security with a broker now, another reason for a sleepless night, are we safe,the thought next morning, another worry to add to the regular list, then a crazy world leader, who gladly incites, it’s better to share by the way,it makes you feel better, it wont turn you into a tiger and reckless lover, but it will bring inner calm, worth it you suppose.

Real emotion, how many times we see the figure first, we judge,was it really a terrorist act or was it random, another reason to worry, and we wonder why the spirit sinks, we just drown in with your stubborn natures, and then we wonder where our emotions went, or how we used them.

Why does our emotional heath matter so much, the question many ask, then the news story, the mad uttering of so called rational people, who when they lose, will cause mayhem, regardless of the affect it has on everyone else. And its on TV most nights, amen.


end of times warnings, the prophets, revelations, the words put down a long time ago, there will be a time, when decadence and all that is ugly will appear to be beauty, have we come to that point, are we near,why the signs from above, why the corresponding numbers, the results, why are we warned, and as for those who speak evil against the Holy Spirit, are there severe warnings for such as those, seriously yes.

Jesus in his limited times on earth, had to deal with spies regularly, those who undermined the inner well being, and tried to turn people away from God, so he issued a clear warning to those who would dare offend God or His servants. 23,000 dropped dead in the desert when Moses returned from the mountain, why 23,000, a sort of 11th hour warning if you want to see it that way.

It don’t come easy He said, to those who found the teaching difficult, but with God on your side, nothing is impossible. In a nutshell, the fact that Jesus complained of the lack of faith shown by those in his home district for the fact that he found healing difficult, should serve as a call and a warning to all. Fortunately, we live in times where ancient prophecy is coming to fruition. Are you compassionate,forgiving, kind, emphatic, cause these are the basics expected of you, well, if you believe you strive, if you don’t believe, you try to harm,amen.


Your thoughts matter, your inner well being too, the unwanted stuff, those resentments, the dark feelings, those enlightened, already know this, but who knows why? Recent science informs us, of the power of thought. Jesus confirmed this 2,000 years before. In these times of mistrust, and weird news, conspiracy, who can hold a thought for long, before one is made to doubt. If you look at the last five years, it’s been a roller coaster, of bullying news, it’s all lies, i never said this, all Mexicans are, i never said that, well, when you hear so much contradictory news, almost daily now, who believes in anyone?.

The big noise, will he get off the TV, he is noisier than before, can’t believe he said that too, is the wig real or fake hair, does everyone in America live in a gold plated house, did Jesus go around waving books in the air, confusion. Meanwhile new science has found the God Particle, and with it, the science world has admitted, there are invisible sources of energy, which they can’t measure, but only identify. This admittance of consciousness, the combined power of thought, gives further meaning to the teachings of old. Apart from this life being a stop only, not an end to the journey, it should waken up those in Spiritual matters, as to full meanings of Jesus, and the power of the Spirit,from above.

Fear, Jesus reminds us, there is nothing to fear, no one, only the One who can transform the fate of the soul, after passing. Outsiders winning everything, wisdom from so many sources, signs, revelations, no wonder so many are speechless, amen.

Science God and Ourselves

So many uncovered items,finds made in ancient world locations,teaching us more about ourselves, meanwhile,there are those who plan for many futures, ignorant of the ways of the Prophets, paying no attention to old disasters, or the fate of those who fell out of favor with God, so with all the new stuff what is it that is being reinforced, and why, which is another matter altogether.

Jesus tried to explain to the apostles,it wasn’t easy, he had to do the unbelievable, you are Gods he said, made in the image of the Father, there is power in your Spirit, fear not, eventually Jesus passes on, while his teachings remain. Keep your thoughts upwardly mobile, aim for Heaven, there are eternal rewards, it wasn’t difficult to understand, but difficult to maintain, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit, the eternal guide, who will explain further.

What does physics reveal in these changing times, as everything seems to be. Socialism is now seen as being wise, less of the greed more of the concern, your actions matter, exploitation as we know it is dead, there will be those who will ignore anything that mentions God, too poisoned by the academic postulating, why, perhaps it curbs the imagination, can’t go there they say, pity it wasn’t the nuclear energy debate of fifty years ago, too late now for that.

Our conscious thoughts create our world, ideas, plans, imaginings, our habits, our thrills, the queen wears green, the world wears green the following day, we are not that clever. Science, God exists, and they have proof of a new power, and this power is making subtle changes, so what you ask, my breadboard is empty, I can’t afford medical aid, I live today,alive tomorrow if lucky. Well, the good news is, the positive thoughts that are needed to bring about change of the living kind, are in your head, the more we encourage it, the sooner we fix things. As for all the paranoia about, who profits from it all, the question everyone should be asking,amen.