end of times warnings, the prophets, revelations, the words put down a long time ago, there will be a time, when decadence and all that is ugly will appear to be beauty, have we come to that point, are we near,why the signs from above, why the corresponding numbers, the results, why are we warned, and as for those who speak evil against the Holy Spirit, are there severe warnings for such as those, seriously yes.

Jesus in his limited times on earth, had to deal with spies regularly, those who undermined the inner well being, and tried to turn people away from God, so he issued a clear warning to those who would dare offend God or His servants. 23,000 dropped dead in the desert when Moses returned from the mountain, why 23,000, a sort of 11th hour warning if you want to see it that way.

It don’t come easy He said, to those who found the teaching difficult, but with God on your side, nothing is impossible. In a nutshell, the fact that Jesus complained of the lack of faith shown by those in his home district for the fact that he found healing difficult, should serve as a call and a warning to all. Fortunately, we live in times where ancient prophecy is coming to fruition. Are you compassionate,forgiving, kind, emphatic, cause these are the basics expected of you, well, if you believe you strive, if you don’t believe, you try to harm,amen.


Your thoughts matter, your inner well being too, the unwanted stuff, those resentments, the dark feelings, those enlightened, already know this, but who knows why? Recent science informs us, of the power of thought. Jesus confirmed this 2,000 years before. In these times of mistrust, and weird news, conspiracy, who can hold a thought for long, before one is made to doubt. If you look at the last five years, it’s been a roller coaster, of bullying news, it’s all lies, i never said this, all Mexicans are, i never said that, well, when you hear so much contradictory news, almost daily now, who believes in anyone?.

The big noise, will he get off the TV, he is noisier than before, can’t believe he said that too, is the wig real or fake hair, does everyone in America live in a gold plated house, did Jesus go around waving books in the air, confusion. Meanwhile new science has found the God Particle, and with it, the science world has admitted, there are invisible sources of energy, which they can’t measure, but only identify. This admittance of consciousness, the combined power of thought, gives further meaning to the teachings of old. Apart from this life being a stop only, not an end to the journey, it should waken up those in Spiritual matters, as to full meanings of Jesus, and the power of the Spirit,from above.

Fear, Jesus reminds us, there is nothing to fear, no one, only the One who can transform the fate of the soul, after passing. Outsiders winning everything, wisdom from so many sources, signs, revelations, no wonder so many are speechless, amen.

Science God and Ourselves

So many uncovered items,finds made in ancient world locations,teaching us more about ourselves, meanwhile,there are those who plan for many futures, ignorant of the ways of the Prophets, paying no attention to old disasters, or the fate of those who fell out of favor with God, so with all the new stuff what is it that is being reinforced, and why, which is another matter altogether.

Jesus tried to explain to the apostles,it wasn’t easy, he had to do the unbelievable, you are Gods he said, made in the image of the Father, there is power in your Spirit, fear not, eventually Jesus passes on, while his teachings remain. Keep your thoughts upwardly mobile, aim for Heaven, there are eternal rewards, it wasn’t difficult to understand, but difficult to maintain, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit, the eternal guide, who will explain further.

What does physics reveal in these changing times, as everything seems to be. Socialism is now seen as being wise, less of the greed more of the concern, your actions matter, exploitation as we know it is dead, there will be those who will ignore anything that mentions God, too poisoned by the academic postulating, why, perhaps it curbs the imagination, can’t go there they say, pity it wasn’t the nuclear energy debate of fifty years ago, too late now for that.

Our conscious thoughts create our world, ideas, plans, imaginings, our habits, our thrills, the queen wears green, the world wears green the following day, we are not that clever. Science, God exists, and they have proof of a new power, and this power is making subtle changes, so what you ask, my breadboard is empty, I can’t afford medical aid, I live today,alive tomorrow if lucky. Well, the good news is, the positive thoughts that are needed to bring about change of the living kind, are in your head, the more we encourage it, the sooner we fix things. As for all the paranoia about, who profits from it all, the question everyone should be asking,amen.


Conspiracy theories, it was only the government that created all the mistrust. 1% control the other 99%, those making decisions to-date are so removed from reality, and there is an expected showdown, according to all the Holy Books, and they point to now, these times. Signs appearing from the skies, children seeing angels, light and revelations, while the words of the prophets are being made real.

If there is doubt, it’s the silence of those in power. lets hope Mr Biden and his new team, have the gravitas, to see to the core of the issues, how so many have been played with, for such a long time. A new world in the making, kindness not oppression, a fare distribution of wealth, and less of the babble of celebrity noise, when the facts are rarely researched, but that fulfills the junkie media needs, of faces before their offerings, as if they are offering help, while climbing the greasy pole. Whom do they serve, almost entirely themselves, amen.

My Refuge

Cold dark night, the street lit by the occasional lamp, an old man tarries at a doorway, dressed in worn cloth, hunger about his face, he turns from the door of the B’n’B, rejected, he paws his way down the narrow path, exhausted, a bed for the night, or death in an alley, it’s bitter, the wind is cutting. It’s terrible when you have to depend on someone taking pity on you, in order to find relief.

He bumps into a Samaritan as he exits through the small gate. It’s a well to do neighborhood. Ten minutes later he is in a warm bed. He found his refuge.

Solomon is having an emotional moment, sprouting off on the blessings he is receiving. The weather is turning dank, the sky darkening, there is a lot to be thankful for, ignoring the weather. He enters the sanctuary that never fails, the holy place. it’s wise to remind yourself of who is in charge. No one will steal this, and the comfort you find,particularly in a storm, whatever the storm is, there are many ways of describing one, a failed life, a great loss, or fear, inside this sanctuary there is never any fear, even if those of the demon sometimes try to intimidate those inside;they are never successful, while marking themselves in the eyes of God.

The wind blows, rain batters the roof, but the air inside is calm, stronger than any rock. Solomon sits, there is always things that need a mention. In times of trouble the apostles only had to ask Jesus, the harm runs, the waters calm, the wind fades away, it’s written. The howling intensifies, its nearly closing time, the kind face of One of God’s chosen emerges,a glad smile on his face. He has to close up, its late in the evening. The weather outside is bad, wait awhile he says, then retreats to where he emerged from. Thoughtful man sighs Solomon. In a minute or two the weather will ease, as sure as sure is, the Most High God hears the prayers of this humble community.

Five minutes later, Solomon emerges into the night, the wind calm, the rain gone. He walks the street, wondering where to get a takeout. She is behind the counter, a neighbor, has a peaceful countenance. How ordinary people do small things that make a great difference. The refuge that God provides sometimes goes ignored,but it’s always there for those who actually believe, thanks.

Back to the old man, next day he is having breakfast in the kitchen, regaling another of Gods chosen with stories of old. Is it not wonderful, God never forgets those small acts of goodwill, amen. on the other side, what does He think of pure meanness.


Was it Moses in the tent, man, there are stories. 23,000 fall dead in the desert, buildings crumble, pilgrims are frightened, and shown the evidence if they open their mouths, well, if you see a row of people hanging from cross’s while you make your way to town, it triggers the fear factor. A father has a very dark secret, most of them in fact, they are tough on law breakers, they put up a front, they don’t want anyone to dig, their habits, well, that was on holiday, we are home now, that was then, of course we all need to be forgiven, otherwise we destroy everything, eventually it’s down to one, then the eureka moment, what if we learnt to forgive. Apart from Jesus and his wise words, Only God is perfect.

12 months of covid restrictions, time to examine ourselves. Our habits restricted, the sickness moves through the air, and our hygiene habits the major part of the solution. In these times, all that free time, a chance to consider, the higher options, the signs appearing, the convergence of so many anniversaries, from the biblical times, the words of prophets. our Spiritual well being, how we treat others, the lack of rush in the morning,children enjoying the drama, children always do, man have we learned anything.

A man is crushed inside, he is lost to the world, his life journey overturned, a single moment of madness, she invited the pitiful soul to live with her, he killed her afterwards, the risk she took, he’s dangerous they all said. A preacher goes to the assistance of a woman and child, both neglected emotionally, a chain of emotion is created, it’s impossible to love with a cold and empty heart. The words are easily said, the actions are a more difficult thing.

2021, so much baggage, so much uncovered, the salacious gossip, the old ways quickly become us, all those thoughtful sentiments, forgotten, same as what happened when Moses came back from the mountain and found them worshiping a gold calf. Man, stories are told to remind us, while those who judge from seemingly high positions in society, ought to remind themselves, how they judge is how they will be judged.

Solomon sighed; there were children of God and children of the demon, written 2,000 years ago; who do we follow in these times, who do we want to be Man?


The number of subscribers, insinuates power, high on power, the cachet, A lady of the Spirit takes a seat at the table, her network is in the Sky, above all mankind. Her thoughts are heard as sure as Isaiah and his prayer, as witnessed by Jesus no less, who would have thought, that an ancient old script laid out clearly, what was required of those who sought the supreme hope, possible eternity. No need for space travel, none at all, you will find God when you turn to him.

Worry away the day, why, allow your head or mind to be interfered with, same as the thug who sends his minders around, to remind you. Networks, the cross contamination of evil in some cases, share the horror, your network has extended, marvelous, it’s an imitation of the Knights Templar’s of Old. You can blame it on that business consultant.

The Great Networks of old, TV, Studio, Newspapers, all fell, they morphed into the new electronic world, hoping to find their space again, or usefulness. Those of faith, have the ancient buildings to remind them, they stood too, once, so is this stretch of the network into cyber space, the last space there is, or will we return to the natural world, just in case the network fails.

Do you imagine spending eternity holed up on a distant planet, afraid to leave the capsule, with all the books and music in the world to entertain you, {you tube does that already}, will you spend it in permanent remorse, a shadow nothing else, {the standard is the same}, or among the happiest people alive, where today is always new, {the earth was paradise in the beginning}/


REASON IS HOLDEN FABLE — Marlovian… re blog.. worth reading…

Geoffrey Chaucer was possibly born in 1342/43 in London, but then again, no one can be certain, and died October 25th, 1400, in London, and received the singular honour at the time, of a commoner being buried in Westminster Abbey. He was the outstanding English poet before Shakespeare, and has always been described as “the […]


Red Hot Chilies For Fear


I am still young…..

On the streets, she is in her twenties, she is young for sure. Watching it all, for ever aware, it’s how she feels secure, getting over it has not been easy, she is trying to play it safe if safe is possible. The memory of that night, the lasting impression, not the one she wanted to store, it has forced itself inside her like a thief, unwelcome, but there. In her side pocket her hand, which is wrapped around, a small bottle of hot chili pepper spray, a concoction she prepared herself, by adding a few heavy peppers to the original spray, she wants it to stop a horse, she has tried it on her cat, and it worked. The cat stayed away for a month, sorry puss. The sudden noise of a car startles, she recoils from any loud noises, her inner calm, she was strong she thought, not strong enough to fight the pills they gave her; she has nightmares wondering what they did to her, the only scars, a large bruise spot, the real scar, the fear they left behind. Was that the reason she joined the pioneers; never going to trust alcohol again or anyone using the stuff. Who knows why, it happens, the therapist told her she’d get over it, words that came all to easily to mind, experts are supposed to know. Paddy, so polite in the beginning, never wanted much, was it all an act, years later, perhaps it was she doing the acting, she doesn’t enjoy the thought, he might have been happy with a go to woman, mentally he was never a challenge to her, is it all about my life, is the today me the real person, or is it a return to who she was before. Dreaming, did she dream. When did it stop, was it the bout of depression, no she sighs, that was after the first beating, at least she saw it coming.

Her head in her hands, she twists her vision towards the bottle, a sly glance. You, she reaches for it, examines the label, her vision is improving, she can read the small print, she lets out a laugh, what a sense of humour, she imagines God to be a comic somewhere, taking the piss with us, allowing us thrash the party, then like an absent father, returns out of the blue, not as a rich man, but as an extremely happy man, who wears a permanent smile, takes a can from one of the party goers while exclaiming, there will be a clean up she, or he says, to which all at the party nod approvingly, relieved to hear, that while the party is over, it’s not the end of all parties, a break in the contagion, slowdown time, as if the jet that is carrying his baggage is about to come into land, presents for the children, stiff warnings too, behave yourselves he says, play safe, a phrase everyone smiles at, especially Amy, who had her first close encounter of the intimate kind, with her boyfriend, love connection with play safe top of the priority list. Well, if you are provided with the means of spiritual well being in it’s fullest, you have to take into account the assets you are born with. Is that wishful thinking, she is young, how else can you survive, doom and gloom ignores the beauty of art, not everyone went to Amsterdam to view available women and cheap sex, not forgetting the other; there are museums as well.


The year 2020, the world needs rest, the populations on the move, internally if not physically, where to turn, can I, the questions, the world turned upside down, the news dramatic, the reactions chaotic, the mind full of the dread, what is happening, is this all in my head, turmoil. A mini version of a strange new world, it was going in one direction, then all of a sudden, change, how has it happened, what are we going to do now. Young artists, new ideas, the ideals they shared, the chance to put it in words, the cynics of the past, this will never change, those getting their wish, could we have done it any better.

Solomon wondered, the world stops, the ease of movement halts, a scene from a war movie, the unassailable march of the JUGGERNAUT, the sighs in the hearts of the oppressed, what does it mean, is there a message in all of this. Solomon read the story of old, how they harped on, about the unseen power, and the threat that existed, when we took it to be ourselves, our existence. The child sighs, the mother holds the hand tighter, she is nervous, they can’t escape to the country, it’s closing down. The knock on the door, the rattle of guns, the panic inside, everyone tries to hide and run, is this the end, the sighs, the nods, open up, the scream, the door comes in, boots on the stairs, it sounds like a Spielberg movie, only it’s real.

Solomon was applying the thought of the dramatic to the current chaos. In olden times, old stories, we get reminders, the ways of the oppressors, and what it usually means, are these those times, and what about the end, the light, there is always light. The Hope arrives, every civilization has the same story, the voice, the giant, the helper, who teaches the new generation, how to sustain life, the qualities needed, compassion, being aware, doing what is life giving, without trying to take over the world. In the papers he read the story of the Nuclear Space, the effort to control the world where the satellites roamed, the great new war field of the future, the destruction of our means of global communication, does this sound like today, are we being warned, the new direction, an easy way to teach us perhaps, this way of life can’t sustain itself, we better try another, just an idea…Solomon smiled, He always sends the Helper, hang on.